Pan or Faun - Greek and Latin deity

Pan or Faun - Greek and Latin deity


Pan, Roman copy of a Hellenistic original

Pan Aphrodite and Eros, Athens,
National archeologic museum

Pan, sylvan and agricultural deity, in the Greek mythology he is represented with human features but with hooves and goat horns.

He is said to be the son of Zeus and Callisto or of Ermes and Penelope (or Driope).

With a cheerful character, he was one of Dionysus' favorite companions and delighted all the gods (hence some interpreters derived the name of Pan which in Greek means "all").

Pan enjoyed frightening travelers. In fact, all the inexplicable noises of the woods are attributed to him and the so-called "fear panic" derives from the terror it caused.

He loved the nymphs Echo, Syringe (see Myth of Pan) and the goddess Artemis.

He was revered by shepherds and hunters who attributed to him the fecundity of the legions (hence its phallic meaning).

In his honor the high school parties.

In Latin mythology, Panè identified with Faun, god of the countryside and the woods.

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