All Bulbs and Perennials at the Best Price - Florium Autumn Sale!

All Bulbs and Perennials at the Best Price - Florium Autumn Sale!


Florium online store has been operating in the market of planting material for 10 years. We are the largest online store selling bulbs and perennials in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of customers were able to get acquainted with the quality of our products and service in general. Every season we organize the biggest sale of plants in Ukraine.

Our advantages:

  • We work directly without intermediaries with suppliers from Holland, China, England and Ukraine;
  • We always follow fashion trends in landscape design and gardening in general;
  • We regularly visit flower exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad and choose the best new varieties;
  • Multi-stage quality control system;
  • Fast electronic assembly system;
  • Compliance with varieties;
  • Detailed descriptions of plants;
  • We work both on an advance payment and with payment upon receipt;
  • Attentive and polite Call-center;
  • Guaranteed for all plants.

Another advantage of our store is regular promotions and discounts.

Since it is the height of the autumn planting season, we offer big discounts on many items from our range.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the promotional offers below.

Sale of bulbous plants

Outside, the weather is now ideal for planting bulbs. Now the bulbs will have time to take root and give excellent flowering in spring or summer. They will give the maximum effect in the garden at the lowest cost.

All our bulbs are sourced from the finest farms in Holland.

At the moment, we offer a 20% discount for the entire range of bulbous plants, and when buying several plants of the same variety, an additional discount from 5 to 25%.

The best bulbous groups at an affordable price:

  • Tulips are the most popular spring flowering plants;
  • Daffodils - with flowers of various shapes and a delicate scent;
  • Alliums - with huge inflorescences and bright linear foliage;
  • Lilies are royal flowers that look perfect both in cut and in a flower bed;
  • Colchicum - decoration of an autumn garden;
  • Crocuses are miniature flowers that quickly fill the space;
  • Fritillaria - with rich flowers of the original form;
  • Amaryllis - with gramophone flowers up to 25 cm in diameter. (Varieties from South Africa and Holland)

Large packages of bulbs

What if you need to plant bulbs in a large area or in many pots, but the prices for certain varieties are quite high?

There are several options for solving this issue:

  • Buy bulbs in the market;
  • Buy bulbs at the supermarket;
  • Contact a wholesale store;
  • Buy large packs of bulbs at the best price in Florium.

When buying on the market and in the supermarket, the quality of the bulbs is not known, and, accordingly, you will not receive a guarantee of grade and germination. In case of a wholesale purchase, you must make a prepayment, and you can also order only a very large batch of a particular grade.

We advise you to take advantage of our offer and buy large packages of Florium bulbs with a 50 to 70% discount. We have selected popular varieties of bulbs with packaging from 20 to 100 pieces and will deliver them as soon as possible.

The best varieties in large packages:

  • Tulip Leen Van De Mark 50 pcs / pack - bright red tulip with a contrasting white edge of the Triumph class;

  • Tulip Quebec 30 pcs / pack - a family tulip that looks great along garden paths;

  • Hyacinth Sky Jacket 30 pcs / pack - pale blue hyacinth that lends itself well to forcing;

  • Narcissus Tet a Tet 50 pcs / pack - sunny yellow miniature daffodil for small containers on the balcony;

  • Ranunculus Tomer Mix 100 pcs / pack - a mixture of undersized buttercups with fragrant flowers and delicate foliage;

  • Crocus Botanical Mix 100 pcs / pack - a mixture of spring crocuses for the area under the crowns of trees;
  • Crocus Jeanne d'Arc 100 pcs / unit - white large-flowered crocus blooming in early spring;

  • Chionodoxa Rose Queen - early flowering small-bulbous plant with pink-purple flowers;

  • Stuttgarter Riesen Winter onion 1 kg is the most popular variety of onion sets in Europe, which has a pungent taste and is stored for up to 3 months.

Also on our website you will find a full sale of other very popular plants and flowers:

  • Tree peonies from China
  • Japanese varieties of ITO peonies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Roses
  • Perennial irises
  • Saplings of fruit trees and bushes (raspberries, currants, gooseberries, etc.)

If you have any additional questions about boarding or placing an order, we are always happy to help. Our qualified specialists will help you buy cheap bulbs and find the right plants for your garden and home.


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