Wild Rose Bach flower

Wild Rose Bach flower



The Wild Rose remedy of Bach flowers is indicated for those who have definitively given up and no longer have any expectation from life and live in a state of absolute apathy on a physical and mental level without any complaints.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Wild Rose

Common name in Italian

: Rosehip

Scientific name

: Rosehip(Family Rosaceae)


The Bach flower Wild Rose in flower therapy it is for people who have finally given up and are no longer fighting for life. They have resigned themselves to accepting things as they come, without any complaints, no longer any interest in life.

Unlike the Gorse state where despair comes from having long struggled and lost, in this case the person has not struggled, he is just completely passive, without any hope. This flower cures an even more passive state even than Sweet Chestnut where the person, despite having reached the limits set by human endurance, still has hope. In this case, however, everything is dead. He is not a person who has struggled, he simply has no interest in anything or anyone anymore.

This state of mind is, however, the result of long suffering, unexpected expectations, repeated sorrows that have lapidly canceled the person's ability to react, becoming apathetic towards everything and everyone. To this state is also added a physical and mental fatigue, a flat mood, an absence of emotions and feelings, a monotonous voice. The person no longer takes care of himself and therefore his appearance is also unkempt. The nothingness is so great that he proves that he no longer complains and does not think that something beautiful and positive can happen for his life. He no longer listens to anyone, asks for nothing, does not show any pain because in fact they are not people who suffer, which would already be something, they are people who, even if they live, have stopped living.

The causes that led to this state can be different and not very striking: a love that ended badly, a long-time job that has never been liked, an unwanted pregnancy, a simple negativity character of the person or problems related to situations of the childhood never resolved.

Edward Bach describes a Wild Rose person in this way: «For those who for no apparent reason resign themselves to everything that happens and are content to let themselves live, taking life as it comes, without making any effort to improve it or to find happiness. They gave up fighting without complaining ». (1)

However, this state can also be read in a partial way in the sense that it can be limited, for example, to the resignation of a couple relationship that is now finished but that drags on for example out of a sense of duty towards the children.


The Bach Flower Remedy Wild Rose restores the desire to start living again; makes it clear that it is not useless to fight again.

The remedy forces people to remember that they are alive and therefore to force themselves to feel emotions, to find reasons to live, to regain interest in the things they do or could do. Give back the hope that something beautiful and good can still happen.


If you want to prepare the Wild Rose mother tincture of Bach Flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, it must be borne in mind that this Bach Flower must be prepared with the boiling method.


It is possible to find the plant in bloom early summer.

It is a shrubby and bushy plant full of initially erect stems which over time become drooping and covered with thorns. It is widespread almost everywhere up to 1500 m above sea level.

The leaves are alternate, imparipinnate and composed of five-seven oval-shaped leaflets with toothed margins. The flowers are formed by five large petals of pinkish white color and slightly perfumed. The fruits are small hairy achenes enclosed in a false red fruit (rosehip) with an ovoid and fleshy shape.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

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