Birch mother tincture

Birch mother tincture


The mother tincture of birch is characterized by being a maceration of the homonymous plant which took place using both water and, above all, alcohol: it is a classic procedure that allows the extraction of the active ingredients.

The mother tincture of birch can be obtained from the wood of the plant which is not characterized by being resinous, but instead is extremely light.

As for the extraction process of the birch mother tincture, we must underline how the parts of the homonymous plant most used correspond to the buds and leaves.

There mother tincture of birch it is made following a determined ratio in weight - drug: in fact, the solvent must have a ratio of one to five and the alcohol content of the hydroalcoholic solution must correspond to twenty-five degrees.

When using

There mother tincture of birch it is mainly used in the herbal field to perform a stimulating action against diuresis and the lymphatic system.

Furthermore, among the main characteristics of this medicinal plant, we also find the fact that it is particularly effective, since it carries out its beneficial action avoiding any repercussions on blood pressure.

It is a particularly effective solution for all those people who have water problems and for all those people who must respect a slimming treatment.

In particular, the mother tincture of birch manages to be particularly effective for the treatment of those swellings that occur in the legs or feet and always related to water retention.

The mother tincture of birch can also be effectively used for the treatment of water retention and stones; moreover, it has a particular use for hyperuricemia, that is, it allows to dissolve and subsequently remove urates and urinary stones.

The mother tincture of birch is also particularly effective for the treatment of all those cases of gout, edema and digestive disorders.

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How to use

Obviously, the mother tincture of birch must be taken respecting the dosage that is recommended by the herbalist or following, instead, the indications received from your doctor which of course are different in relation to the subject who needs to take this herbal preparation and the disorder that must treat.

The dose that is used in most cases corresponds to about thirty to forty drops, which must be taken at a rate of at least two or three times every day, always strictly between meals.

The maximum mode of administration (daily means) can reach up to nine milliliters, which correspond to a quantity of about one hundred and eighty drops.

In order to have a substance that can guarantee a better anti-uric action, it is necessary to associate the mother tincture of birch with horsetail, juniper, nettle, bearberry and dandelion, in such a way as to also have an excellent adjuvant as regards a beneficial action that goes to treat infections that can form in the urinary level.

The mother tincture of birch can also be effectively associated with weed, butcher's broom, pilosella, corn and artichoke, to make sure to perform a more effective action against water retention, but also within slimming diets , since it tends to promote drainage and a purifying action that is carried out above all in the kidney.

When you intend to treat cellulite, you can also combine the mother tincture of birch with gotu kola, sea oak, asparagus and peppermint, to enhance their beneficial effects.


Birch has remarkable diuretic, antiseptic, astringent, febrifugal properties; moreover it has the particular characteristic of being able to effectively fight gout and allows to decrease the level of cholesterol present in the blood.

Inside the birch plant we can find a high concentration of active ingredients, among which we must emphasize the betulin (which, among other things, is the substance that gives the typical white color to the bark of the birch tree), but also betulalbina, as well as tannins and essential oil.

The mother tincture of birch manages to be particularly effective also for carrying out a typical anti-cellulite and draining action.

Mother birch tincture: curiosity

Birch traditionally represents the sacred tree of all peoples who have lived in Siberia, since it plays every role of the Axis Mundi, since it was considered as a kind of center of the universe.

Among the Slavic peoples, however, this fantastic tree was often linked to a particular legend, called the Rusolski, or those beautiful water lilies that were said to populate lakes and ponds.

From birch wood, for which it may be of interest, also the well-known vegetable carbon is obtained, after having been respected, however, an appropriate procedure that takes the name of calcination.

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