Give flowers all year round - what to give in June

Give flowers all year round - what to give in June

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Dear flower for the holiday

The first summer month, June, is named after the ancient Roman goddess Juno, the patroness of women. The original Slavic name of this month was Izok, which in Old Russian means a grasshopper: this month their chirping is especially noticeable.

Another Slavic name for June is worm - according to one version, it is associated with the fact that red (red) berries and flowers appear this month, according to the other - with the fact that at this time the larvae of the worms were collected, from which they used to receive red paint.

May is joy, and June is happiness! This is the time of bright colors and rainbow mood. Herbaceous peonies play the main role here, symbolizing the awakening of life. According to legend, a person who achieved wealth and fame always planted a peony in his garden, which is considered a symbol of love, prosperity, nobility and courage. In ancient times, this flower was famous for its magical properties and was considered one of the wonders of creation. I am sure that even now it is difficult to find a person who is indifferent to its extraordinary beauty and aroma.

In June, the bloom of irises is in full swing. As if to justify their name given to them in honor of the rainbow goddess Iris, their petals are painted in watercolor shades of all known basic tones. In addition to this, there are varieties with white, brown and almost black flowers, with a variety of coloristic transitions and multi-color. Our most popular bearded irises also have a sweet aroma. Gradually, other irises - Japanese, Siberian, Louisiana, Californian, marsh, Arylbreds, chrysographs, spuria, bulbous (iridodictiums, xyphyums, junones) - are gaining their place under the sun in our gardens and interiors.

Summer warm bright morning ... and pearl dew drops on rose petals. A delightful sight ... During flowering, all eyes are turned only to her - the queen of flowers. She rules everywhere - both in the garden and at home in bouquets. The first, at the end of May, in the middle lane, the park roses open the flowering season. In more northern regions, this happens a little later. Their numerous fragrant flowers form a real fragrant cascade on tall bushes. It is a pity that this sight is short-lived. However, it is replaced by climbing roses that form flowering walls, arches, gazebos, pergolas. The classic forms of hybrid tea and remontant roses, as well as flowering hedges and borders of polyanthus and miniature roses, are already looming against the green background. In many gardens, this show continues until October.

Not only peonies, irises and roses are good in vases. A variety of perennial and perennial plants are capable of enlivening the interior with bright colors and filling it with wonderful aromas: cosmos, zinnias, mallow, sunflowers ... They are easy to grow and they stand for a long time in the cut.

Thanks to their natural charm and the ability to keep bouquets fresh for a long time, more and more herbaceous perennials are making successful careers as cut flowers. These are meadowsweet yarrow, peach-leaved bell, and purpurea echinacea, and delphiniums. From the shrubs in June, chubushnik, or garden jasmine with snow-white flowers, stands out for its harsh aroma. Florists have at their disposal numerous species and varieties, including those with very large or densely double flowers, with strawberry or practically absent aroma.

The positive influence of holidays on the emotional state of a person has already been scientifically proven. No other gift gives us as much joy as a bouquet of flowers. Florists also get great pleasure from the very process of drawing up bouquets.

The month begins with International Children's Day (June 1). A good gift for the heroes of the occasion on this holiday will be funny and cute figurines of animals (dogs, bears, kittens ...) made of flowers (usually chrysanthemums). This is followed by World Environment Day, or Ecologist Day (June 5), Pushkin Day of Russia (June 6), Social Worker's Day, World Oceans Day, International Day of the Housewife and Householder (June 8), International Day of Friends (June 9), Day of Russia (12 June), World Day of Blood Donor and Day of Migration Service Workers (14 June), World Day of Yoga (21 June), Day of Remembrance and Mourning (22 June, anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War), Day of Friendship and Unity of Slavs and Sailor's Day, or Mariner's Day (June 25), Russian Youth Day and World Fishing Day (on the 27th, although the first of them is usually celebrated on the last Sunday in June), Meliorator's Day (first Sunday in June), Russian Brewer's Day (second Saturday of the month) , Day of the furniture maker (second weekend in June), Day of light industry workers (second Sunday of the month), Day of the medical worker and Fathers Day (third Sunday of June), Day of the inventor and innovator (last Saturday m one month).

During professional holidays, corporate parties are often held, at which distinguished employees are presented with various bouquets and compositions drawn up by florists. On International Friends Day, each friend should receive at least one flower and a card as a gift. On the Day of Russia (the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR in 1990) there is a reason to give flowers to all your loved ones.

In June (less often at the end of May), the entire Christian world celebrates the Day of the Holy Trinity, which is better known as simply Trinity (this year - June 3). According to the Bible, on the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of Christ, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles in the upper room of Zion in Jerusalem in the form of tongues of flame, which proved the trinity of God (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit). This day is considered the birthday of the New Testament Church and has been solemnly celebrated since ancient times. Since this rolling holiday is celebrated on the fiftieth day after Easter, it is also known as Pentecost. On this day, temples and houses are decorated with grass, tree branches, flowers.

June 21 is known as the summer solstice. This date is the longest light part of the day of the year (or the shortest night - whichever you prefer). This is the beginning of the astronomical summer, and the pagans celebrated the beginning of the new year on this day. The shortest night can be celebrated with a romantic date in the open air at a table decorated with flowers, a beautiful tablecloth and dishes, good wine and light snacks.

Valentina Antsiferova,

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The fourth feeding I spend after the first wave of flowering - again with diluted chicken droppings, but with additives. In a 200-liter barrel I soak 1 bucket of chicken manure, add 1 bucket of superphosphate extract (I dissolve 500 g of superphosphate in 10 liters of water and insist for 2 days), 1 bucket of ash, as usual, Fitosporin-M and bring the total volume to 200 liters with water ...

Daisies and Aubriets

Daisies are flowers especially popular with gardeners. Their small stature, terry inflorescences and a wide range of shades turn this plant into the main decoration of the garden. Yellow-pink daisy flowers will bloom the flower beds in bright spots until October. With proper care, you can grow a whole flower bed of these sunny flowers from one bush.

And evergreen aubrieta is able not only to endure frosts, retaining its leaves and color, but also to delight you with a lush cap of racemose inflorescences. Each of her flowers - pink or any shade from purple to blue - is small and modest, but together they make up a lush, colorful pillow. This herbaceous, undersized shrub grows wide and leaves almost invisible under its flowers.

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