Taken on tap

Taken on tap

What are

Tap sockets are a device that is connected directly to the water tap. From this part then an irrigation hose that will be used to irrigate the entire garden. The tap sockets fit quite easily to any tap because they are universal sockets. Instead, to find the right solution for the type of threaded or smooth tap, it is necessary to search among the wide range of products related to this specific sector. The main convenience lies in the fact that the taps connect directly to the water source. They represent an excellent solution for those who have purchased a house with a garden where there is no irrigation system. In this way the problems are solved, the socket is able to lead the water into any space because it is connected to the pipe. The tap socket is made of a rather resistant plastic and is equipped with a system that allows you to screw the device directly to the tap. You don't need to have any particular knowledge in the sector because you just need to hook it up and the system is ready to be used. To have water available, simply open the tap. In this case it is necessary to make a small digression because the water tap, in addition to being connected to drinking water, could also be connected to the well water. This would save the use of drinking water. The tap socket is used to irrigate the garden, although in this case, compared to an irrigation system, it requires the constant presence of a person who not only has to take care of opening and closing the tap, but also to direct the sprinkler tube in the specific space.

How to choose it

The tap connector in the universal version will adapt to any type of tap. If you decide to buy a different and more innovative model, you will need to consider the tap to which it will have to be screwed. By choosing the universal model it can be easily removed from one tap and used for another without any problem. The plastic with which the taps are made is quite resistant and of quality, and there are also different colors. In the store, next to each product there will be a descriptive card that will indicate all the specific characteristics. Inside the package a handy leaflet will explain how to connect the plug to the tap. Should lateral leaks occur, it means that the socket may not be suitable for that type of tap or it may have some defect. In this case, you must return it to the dealer to understand the problem.

Where to buy

The tap socket can be purchased at garden or agricultural stores. This is a very popular item, which is why even the smallest shops are well stocked. The purchase could also be made on the internet, obviously always searching within sites specialized in the sale of items for the garden. The guarantees offered by the purchase made in a traditional shop are the same as those offered for online purchases. For this reason, the consumer who finds it more convenient to choose a tap socket on the Internet, can buy it easily because he will be protected by the same guarantees.


The tap connector can have different costs depending on the model chosen. It will be up to the customer to compare different models and buy the one that seems to him best suited. In any case, it is certainly much cheaper than an irrigation system. For those who are also familiar with online purchases, they can always take a look at what the network offers first to compare it with the costs of traditional shops. Using good quality plastic taps are unlikely to have defects and last a long time, although it is always advisable to remove them once used. It is a small tool that can be stored in any space and in addition the tap must certainly be used for another function and therefore be free from the socket.

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