Cherry varieties best suited for canning

Cherry varieties best suited for canning

Cherry tomatoes are delicious not only fresh, but also canned. 5 varieties are especially suitable for winter preparations, the fruits of which, even after processing, remain juicy and sweet, with a whole uncracked skin.

Yellow date F1

Refers to varieties of medium late ripening. The bush reaches a height of 1.5 meters. There are few leaves on it, and the fruits are arranged in spectacular clusters of 6-8 pieces. Tomatoes have a glossy yellow skin. They are very similar in taste and shape to large dates, for which the variety got its name.

Hybrid F1 yellow date is sown on seedlings in early March. It is best to germinate the seed at a temperature of 22-24 ° C. After the first true leaves appear, a pick is carried out.

In early May, ready-made seedlings can be planted under a film shelter or in a greenhouse. After stable warm weather is established, it is transplanted into open ground.

Swing Ting Grape

The homeland of this variety is the United States. In this country, it is very popular and Swing Ting Grape tomatoes can be purchased at any grocery and vegetable store.

The Swing Ting Grape hybrid forms bushes reaching a height of 2 meters. There are few leaves on them. Tomatoes have an attractive appearance. They are dense, oval in shape and bright red in color. Their skin is smooth and shiny.


The plant is quite tall and often reaches a height of 1.5-1.8 meters. On the brushes, there are elongated bright red fruits with shiny skin in clusters.

Tomatoes do not crumble from the bush and can be stored for a long time after picking. When preserved, their skin does not crack, and the fleshy flesh remains firm and juicy.

This variety is highly resistant to cladosporium blight and fusarium wilt.

Magic cascade F1

The variety got its name for its appearance - bunches with small tomatoes fall in beautiful waves along the branches of the shoots. It begins to bear fruit after 80-90 days from the moment of sowing.

The bushes are very tall and often reach two meters. Therefore, they need a mandatory garter.

The Magic Cascade hybrid can be grown both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. It has increased resistance to many diseases, in particular to bacteriosis, pillar, late blight, fusarium wilt.

Chocolate bullet

Tomatoes of this variety have an oval shape and a very interesting red-brown color. And although they are considered a variety of cherry, their weight is quite large and sometimes reaches 40-50 grams.

The fruit of the Chocolate Bullet hybrid is excellent for preservation. They look beautiful and elegant in a jar surrounded by snow-white garlic cloves, green dill inflorescences.

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Which varieties of tomatoes are best for canning

A popular mid-season variety, the fruits of which are well suited both for salting and for making tomato paste, juice or sauce. The "Gazpacho" variety is distinguished by small cylindrical red tomatoes weighing about 50-80 grams. The fruits of this variety have a dense peel, so they do not crack when salting and canning.

A productive and early ripe tomato variety, well suited for conservation. Junsky bushes do not grow more than 50 cm and have a consistent yield. The fruits are round, red, weighing about 120 grams. The dense peel of Junsky tomatoes allows you to preserve them as a whole, they do not deform or crack.

"Lady fingers"

An early maturing variety for universal use, also perfect for various blanks. Small, elongated tomatoes grow in clusters, ripening begins around mid-summer. Bushes of the "Ladies fingers" variety are undersized, and the fruits are pink-red, weighing about 60 grams.

Early maturing tomatoes "Valentina" are well suited for the preparation of various pickles, as well as for preservation as a whole. Bushes of this variety need to be tied to the supports. Fruits of the "Valentina" variety are small, plum-shaped, orange-red in color, resistant to cracking.

"Balcony miracle"

A variety of tomatoes that can be grown both at home and outdoors. The "Balcony Miracle" tomato is quite unpretentious and has a very short ripening period. Small cherry tomatoes weighing 30-40 grams are well suited for preparing assorted vegetables, a variety of pickles and marinades.

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Low-growing tomato varieties

Low-growing, or the so-called determinant, varieties of tomatoes stop their growth after tying a certain number of brushes, so the height of the bushes rarely exceeds 80 cm.Such varieties, as a rule, show resistance to major diseases, are characterized by amicable ripening of fruits, are easy to care for, but in comparison with tall tomatoes are less productive. Most often, determinant varieties are grown outdoors, but they are also suitable for polycarbonate greenhouses and film shelters.

Openwork. An early ripe hybrid variety with fruits of a round shape, dark red color, fleshy juicy entrails and a smooth skin to the touch. The weight of each vegetable of this variety reaches 200-260 g. A distinctive feature of Azhur tomatoes is their high yield and resistance to verticillium, late blight, powdery mildew and all types of rot. Tomatoes have a pleasant sweetish taste and are equally well suited for salads and for different types of preparations.

Bourgeois. A mid-season variety that tolerates low temperatures well and the lack of regular soil moisture. Tomatoes are large, round and flattened. The color of the fruit is bright red, the surface is smooth with a glossy sheen. The tomato pulp is loose, but dense enough. Due to the balanced composition of acids and sugars, tomatoes have an excellent taste. This variety of tomatoes is suitable for eating raw, cooking dishes that require heat treatment, and canning whole fruits.

Torbay. This variety has a high yield - if all agrotechnical measures are properly followed, about 5 kg of vegetables can be harvested from one bush. Torbay tomatoes tolerate hot and dry weather well, and also show resistance to fusarium wilt, top and root rot. Tomatoes are distinguished by a rounded, thin-ribbed shape, a bright pink color and an interesting sweet and sour taste. They are ideal for preparing all kinds of dishes and eating raw.

Denis. This standard variety is distinguished by its large size - the mass of one vegetable reaches 250-300 g. Fruits are resistant to most tomato diseases. Tomatoes are round and pinkish in color. They contain a lot of sugar. Tomatoes are versatile in use, suitable for both cooking vegetable dishes and preservation.

Lion Heart. Mid-season variety with rather large fruits and dense pulp with a high content of seminal fluid. The plant does not lend itself to the influence of verticillium and fusarium. Tomatoes of this variety can be used to prepare vegetable dishes, sauces, pasta and canned food.

The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

The greenhouse conditions for growing tomato seedlings are different than in the open field. When choosing seeds, it is necessary to be guided by such characteristics as the height of the bush and its compactness. First of all, greenhouses are suitable for those in which the bush is very high and requires a garter.

It is easier to tie up bushes in a greenhouse than when growing them outdoors, where you will have to build large trellises. But you can also grow undersized bushes in the greenhouse. If the bush is spreading, then it will need to be formed.

For greenhouses, early varieties are good, which are planted in the ground in March-April, when it is still cold outside and the greenhouse is best suited for these purposes.

Mostly early varieties, these are hybrids. The seeds can be bought in stores.

Several examples of popular species

Golden brush

It is an indeterminate (tall) variety. Ripens in 95 days. plant height 150 cm. Needs tying and pinching. Fruits are small, pear-shaped, dense, sweet. By application, universal.

Like the previous variety, it is indeterminate. Ripens in 90-100 days. Requires garters and pinning. The fruits are orange.

Tomatoes are tall, ripen for 100 days. It is formed into one stem, pinned and tied.

Sweet bunch

Tall tomatoes are classified as cherry tomatoes. They require garters, pinching and are formed into two stems.

Of other varieties, it is worth noting a hybrid Eupator F1.

These are early maturing and high-yielding tomatoes. You can get up to 40 kg of tomatoes from one square meter. The bush reaches a height of up to 2 m. In one cluster there can be from 6 to 8 fruits weighing 130-170 g. They are oval in shape, slightly flattened from the sides. The taste is sweet and sour. Used fresh, for juicing and canning.

Like the previous high-yielding ones, but in terms of ripening it belongs to the late-ripening ones. The height of the bush reaches 2 m. Up to 6-7 kg of fruit can be removed from the bush. Their weight reaches about 0.7 kg. Suitable for fresh consumption, for making ketchup, sauces, tomato paste.

Medium early variety, tall up to 2 m. Productivity: 5 kg per bush, 20 kg per square meter. Fruit weight reaches from 0.3 to 0.8 kg. They are flattened-rounded in shape. There are 12 fruits in the cluster. The pulp is dense, sweet and aromatic to the taste. Used fresh, for making juices, sauces, mashed potatoes, various preparations.

In addition to tall varieties, undersized or determinant varieties are well grown in greenhouses. In height, they can reach as little as a meter. After the formation of about 8 flower clusters, they stop growing. Basically, these are mid-season varieties, ripen in 100-120 days. To get a good harvest, the bushes must be formed into two trunks. They need support.

  • Crumpet
  • Spring of the North
  • Big mommy
  • Three sisters
  • Chernomor
  • Pink honey.

In addition to early varieties, late-ripening ones are also suitable for greenhouses, especially for regions with a short warm period. They ripen on day 150, mostly indeterminate. The bush reaches a height of 4 m. Therefore, a garter and formation are necessary.

Examples of such varieties are:
  • Wonder of the world
  • Cosmonaut Volkov
  • De Barao
  • Bull heart
  • Titanium
  • American ribbed.

The above varieties require, due to their tallness, rather high greenhouses. If it is not possible to build a large greenhouse, then for small structures you can take medium-sized ones for growing. The bush of these varieties is compact, reaching a height of 180 cm.

Popular medium-sized tomatoes:

Among the mid-season varieties, I would like to highlight the Golden Domes.

The shape of the fruit is ovoid, yellow in color. Up to 12 kg can be removed from the bush. The pulp is juicy and fleshy. The fruits can be stored for a long time.

If you are a fan of yellow, unusual tomatoes, for you Banana feet.

The variety is mid-season, undemanding to care for. Disease resistant. Fruits are yellow, plum-shaped, elongated. Weight up to 80 g. It tastes sweet, so they are used fresh. Thanks to their compact size, they are well suited for canning.

Early ripening for open ground or greenhouses

The growing season of early ripening varieties of cucumbers is about 40-45 days.

Goosebumps F1 seeds

It has been planted since the beginning of the last century. Zoning - for the north of Siberia. The flowering is female, pollination is not required. Up to six ovaries can go in one flower bosom, green plants ripen for 45 days, up to 20 kg of fruits are harvested from one meter of sowing. Not afraid of shading. Goosebumps F1 is usually planted with seedlings, the variety grows well in polycarbonate greenhouses and open ground. The color of the greens varies from the tip to the stalk, there are thorns, they are prickly and dark. Goosebump is suitable for all types of conservation, it will bear fruit before the onset of the first frost, susceptibility to diseases is very low. There are no special requirements for the type of soil, this is precisely why this variety is good for Siberia. But the better the air permeability of the soil, the higher the yield will be. The seed germination rate is high - about 98%.

Salting Prestige F1

Another persistent early maturing variety. The selection is intended for cultivation in the Central Black Earth and West Siberian regions. Prestige f1 is recommended for commercial cultivation. Zelentsy usually ripen amicably, long-term fruiting. Excellent resistance to diseases, voids almost never appear during conservation. Bushes are strong, powerful, grow up to 2 m in height, do not have excess lashes. The flowering is female, the growing season is 42-45 days, the ovaries are formed in bouquets of about 4 pieces. Fruit size - about 10 cm, weight - 80 g, yield up to 25 kg per square meter. Pickled cucumbers are not prone to overgrowth, they are normally stored after harvest, they are not afraid of temperature extremes and shading.

Siberian salting F1

A hybrid that does not require pollination. It is planted in the ground or greenhouses, seedlings or seeds. The optimum planting depth is 1-1.5 cm. Warm ridges with light soils give higher yields. Watering is carried out twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. This hybrid, like others, does not leave seeds. Fruit ovaries on the lashes are placed in a heap, the cucumbers are covered with small tubercles and are not prone to overgrowth, the average size of the greenery is 6-8 cm. From one lash you can get up to 10 kg of fruit, there is no bitterness in the taste. Ideal pickling variety. Ovary ripening is amicable, one can contain up to 3 cucumbers. Spray to speed up the growing season. You can read about growing tomatoes in the open field at the link.

Good to know. In order for the Sibirskiy Zasol F1 variety to bear fruit as best as possible, regularly feed and loosen the soil.

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