Rose petals

Rose petals

Rose petals

The rose petals, like the petals of other flowers, are leaves that have undergone a change and come together to form the corolla of a flower, in this case of the rose. Rose petals can have a different scent depending on the variety of the latter and are the most beautiful and attractive part of this flower. The lower part of the petals, the one inserted in the receptacle, is called the nail, while the upper part that develops outwards is called the lamina. Rose petals have different shapes depending on the species or variety; as we have said in other articles, the rose species are very many, not to mention the hybrids that have been created. The rose petals have the task of protecting the reproductive organs of the flower, the stamens and pistils and, through their fragrances, attract insects that give life to the pollination process.


Climbing roses: generally they are classified in Rambler and Climber, where the former have very abundant flowers both in number and in petals, but of small size that grow solitary or in groups; they are often used to decorate pergolas, walls, etc. Their flowering period is the summer season. The colors of the petals of these roses are many: white, red, pink etc.

Rosa canina: the flowers of this rose grow solitary or gathered in two or three, have pink or white petals that are delicately scented. They bloom from May to summer. Rosa rugosa: the flowers of this rose also develop solitary or in groups, are of medium size and the petals are white and are delicately scented. Many hybrids have been created with beautifully colored petals. Tea rose: the corolla of this rose is made up of five petals, often yellow in color. The flowers develop solitary or gathered in two or three units.

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    Over time, rose petals have been considered a symbol of romance, love, luck in matters of the heart, but other meanings are linked to the hue and intensity of their ...


In addition to being very beautiful and presenting many and wonderful colors, rose petals also have very important properties and can also be used in the kitchen.

Rose petals are rich in vitamins C, B and K, potassium, calcium, copper. Rose petals are very useful for preparing decoctions, rose water, etc .; or to treat skin diseases. Rose petals dipped in hot water will be very effective if placed in a cup in the bedroom of those suffering from flu and cough.

In the kitchen, rose petals can be used to prepare an excellent tea useful for fighting or relieving colds, sore throats, bronchitis, or very tasty jams, risottos, salads or simply to decorate your dishes.

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