Information About Hemlock

Information About Hemlock

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Weeping Hemlock Varieties – Information About Weeping Hemlock Trees

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Weeping hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis "Pendula"), also known as Canadian hemlock, is an attractive evergreen tree with a graceful, weeping form. This article provides information about planting a weeping hemlock in your garden.

Hemlock Tree Care: Tips For Growing Hemlock Trees

By Kristi Waterworth

If you can get hemlocks to thrive in your landscape, you'll be the envy of your neighbors, but a hemlock in poor health will only make your home look sad and worn out. This article will help with growing hemlocks.

Ash tree, a soft-hearted hardwood

Apart from its very hard wood and its elegant ornamental appeal, the ash tree has long been used for its health benefits and therapeutic properties.

Key facts about the Ash tree

NameFraxinus excelsior
Type – tree

Height – 32 to 100 feet (10 to 30 meters)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – rich, rather chalky

Foliage – deciduous
Flowering – March to May (after 30 years of age)


  • There are many varieties of tall shrubs that grow in the shade.
  • Look for shade-loving plants that match your USDA growing zone and local soil type.
  • Most shrubs are low-maintenance if planted in the right conditions to start.

If you have a shady garden and love tall shrubs, take heart. You have many choices among the flowering, evergreen, deciduous, and fast-growing shrub cultivars out there.

Start by learning about your USDA grow zone and soil type in your garden. Then find the right shrub to match with one of the many shade-tolerant shrub varieties available online and at plant nurseries.

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