The art of playing with a jig - any fish to taste

The art of playing with a jig - any fish to taste

For a fisherman accustomed to fishing with a winter float rod, tackle for fishing with a jig usually causes an ambivalent perception. On the one hand, a fishing rod, consisting of a whip and a handle, a reel and a reel, the fishing line on a jigging rod is the same as on a winter float. On the other hand, there are only two parts that play the role of a float, a sinker and a hook: a jig and a nod.

However, the method of fishing with a jig is strikingly different from other tackle. Especially from the winter float. Because the nozzle on this fishing rod does not move (for example, caddis flies, bloodworms) or does not move for long (for example, a worm), which means that the fish can stumble upon it mostly by accident. In addition, when suspended, the bait does not vibrate and therefore looks unnatural, which, of course, can alert the fish. After all, she is used to seeing the worm wriggling, sinking to the bottom or being carried away by the current.

The essence of fishing with a jig is precisely that it must move continuously, thereby attracting fish. But, of course, move not at random, but, as they say, with knowledge of the matter. And for this, all the constituent elements of a jigging rod must correspond to this goal.

Let's start with a fishing rod. Ideally, it should be such that it is comfortable to hold in the hand: not very thin, but not very thick, not very long, but not very short either. The fishing rod must be reliable - it must not break when catching and playing large fish. However, an excessive margin of safety is not needed, since the rod has to be kept on weight all the time when fishing, and therefore the extra weight is completely useless. The most popular types of fishing rods are shown in Figure 1.

An invariable part of any jig rod is the nod. A good nod must meet three requirements. First, to give the jig as many small vibrations as possible. Secondly, ensure that the hook is sufficiently rigid without softening it. What is it for? The mouth, for example, of a pike perch (like many peaceful fish) is very bony, and the hook should be such that the hook of the jig sticks into it reliably enough. Thirdly, the nod should be universal, that is, it should allow you to successfully catch any weight with a jig. The problem is that for a light jig you need a soft, weak nod. If you tie a heavy jig to a fishing rod with such a nod, then it will simply bend and will not be able to provide the desired game.

Hence the conclusion: for such a jig you need a hard nod. However, this does not mean at all that each jig should have its own nod - it may well be universal. The design of such a nod allows you to increase or decrease its length. If the jig is light, the length is increased, if it is heavy, it is reduced. In any case, the nod should ensure that the jig is playing well. Several types of nods are shown in Figure 2.

Now, when we assume that the tackle is in order and the angler himself is ready to fish with a jig, we can go winter fishing. Arriving at the reservoir and determining the place of fishing, it is necessary, first of all, to clear the ice from snow in the place where it is supposed to drill holes. The area of ​​ice in front of the angler must be clean so that the line does not catch on anything.

When the hole is ready, you need to determine the depth. If the depth is up to two meters, the length of the lowered (working) part of the fishing line can be determined using even a small jig. At 3-5 meters, a larger jig is needed - about the size of a pea, and at great depths, a depth gauge is needed. The length of the fishing line lowered into the hole should be such that the nod during fishing is about 30 centimeters from the surface of the water in the hole, and the rod is in a slightly inclined position. This is necessary so that the wind cannot vibrate and bend the fishing line, significantly impairing the game of the jig. You should always sit with your back to the wind.

When the angler has followed these tips, a decisive stage begins in fishing with a jig - her game that can tempt the fish to take a bite. Actually, the game is a continuous movement of the jig along the vertical with one or another speed and with one or another amplitude of oscillations. And to put it more simply: playing with a jig is giving it a certain rhythm and tempo of movement - it must make a certain number of identical oscillatory movements or a combination of different movements per minute. At the same time, the jig should rise or fall to a certain height. Sometimes the movement is stopped, and the jig freezes or hesitates in place, not rising or falling.

It should also be taken into account that for more prey fishing, additional bait is put on the jig hook. For example: bloodworms, caddis flies, maggots, worms, pieces of fish and any other living creatures. The number of techniques for playing the jig, one might say, is truly infinite. I will cite just a few of them, tested by practicing fishermen or taken from sources that deserve unconditional trust. And the fisherman himself is free to choose what he likes best.

  1. From the bottom, the jig, twitching, is slowly raised to the height of the outstretched hand of the angler sitting on the box; then quickly lowered to the bottom and again begin its slow rise with twitching to the same height.
  2. The jig is placed on the bottom, and after a few seconds, the ascent begins with a slight twitch. From a height of 10-15 centimeters, they are lowered to the bottom, then they begin to rise again with a slight twitch.
  3. The jig is slowly lowered and at the same time slightly twitched. After it reaches the bottom, immediately it is slowly raised, also twitching slightly, to a height of about a meter. This technique, apparently, better than others allows you to determine at what depth the fish is.
  4. The jig is quickly lowered to the bottom, as if knocking on it several times, until a small cloud of turbidity rises, carried away by the current. The fish notices him and approaches the jig. The technique is called "wiggle the ground."
  5. Performing any technique, simultaneously move the line from one wall of the hole to the other. In this way, the jig is given another type of movement - horizontally. If the number of bites increases, the hole should be widened: as a result, the jigging will be longer.

And two more quick reminders. You cannot keep the jig lying on the bottom for a long time: this is unlikely to give a result, but the nozzle is almost always gnawed. With all the techniques of playing the jig, bites most often occur at the moment the jig detaches from the bottom.

Alexander Nosov

Red fish salad: simple and tasty with shrimps

For fish, "haute cuisine" recommends offering white wine, but if the situation, on the contrary, involves a meeting with friends and a bottle of delicious light alcoholic drink, you should think about preparing this salad.

  • any salted red fish - 150 g
  • unpeeled fresh or frozen shrimp - 250 g
  • rice of any shape and variety - 200 g
  • olives - 100 g
  • fresh lemon - 1 pc.
  • olive oil - 60 ml
  • lettuce leaves - 1 bunch
  • seasonings and salt - at your discretion.

Cooking: you only need to boil two components - these are rice and shrimps, moreover, after boiling, fry the seafood in a pan for 5 minutes. Cut the salted salmon meat into thin strips. The lemon is cut into halves. One remains for serving the dish, and the second goes to the dressing in the form of freshly squeezed juice. It is mixed with olive oil. Now you should start laying out the salad in the serving dishes. Lettuce leaves are placed at the very bottom, followed by rice, seafood, fish and olives. Put slices or wedges of the remaining lemon at the very top.

Tactics of searching and catching fish on a garland

You have prepared tackle for fishing with a garland, a fishing rod, equipment, bought a ready-made one or assembled it yourself - and a logical question arose: "Where, in fact, can you fish with a garland?"

The most optimal places, where in winter the garland simply shows a “brain rupture”, are all the pits. Pits without flow are generally superb, but it is possible to fish on channel pits. Moreover, the holes do not have to be 20-30 m. If these are small rivers with a depth of 2-4 m and there is a whirlpool in them, a bay 5-6 m deep is already a hole. Fish on a small river will still rise in the thickness and will stand there.

Also in quarries, places of sand washing - in all these places you can find fish and catch it with a garland. Until there were echo sounders, the garland was a supersport type of fishing. The fish had to be found, made to bite, and you did not know whether there was a fish or not. Echo sounders, of course, changed all this and turned her into a very prey (in the right hands) type of fishing.

But we'll start with the basics and figure out how to find fish if you don't have an echo sounder, as we have done for many years.


So, we come to the reservoir, knowing that there must be a hole. We drill a hole (first one) and remember that the holes must be large, since the devils cling to the edge of the ice and sometimes the fish will be large, and it will be difficult to drag the bream through the small hole. We unwind the garland, and there are two options. First: we lower the lower jig to the bottom (we have five jigs tied every meter and you can immediately fish four meters, plus during the game we catch the fifth meter), counting the swings (even if it is a little more than a meter, everyone has a different arm span, but this is important) ...

They lowered it, made three or four postings. We always make the wiring to the garland smooth and measured. It will not work to set a high-frequency game on a garland at great depths, the resistance of the jigs and a very long line will not allow us to do this. At the same time, there will be no hesitation on the lower jigs and devils, they will simply remain hanging. Therefore, only a smooth, measured game with a smooth rise to the top. At the end of each ascent, the so-called "control" is done: you lost, paused for a second, failed the nod down and made a control cut.

There are days when the fish does not really want to eat, but it is on the "control" that it gets hooked.

Don't confuse "control" with a brawler! The fish is not caught by hooking.

The most common option: we checked three wires - no one pecked, wound up five meters and again we make three or four wires. Again, no one pecked? Coiled up again.

There is one important point here: when you constantly raise the jigs up and have not counted how many meters you have lowered the garland, it may turn out that you are playing, and the top devil has already reached the ice. And when hooking it will be minus the garland, since it will break off.

The second option is to dive the garland: search in the opposite direction. That is, we lower the jig into the hole, when the last, upper devil plunged, unrolled the meter and start fishing from under the ice. The same three or four wires, only now unwinding down. We rewound five meters, do the wiring again, reach the ice, and then lift it up in reverse order.

Have you caught a hole and no one has pecked? We move to another place, 10-20 meters to the side. If there is an old hole, then you can fish it, but in case of unsuccessful postings, we again go to a new place. So they always looked for fish when fishing with a garland.


After that there is a bite, hooking, playing, and here it is important to remember which devil or jig on the horizon the bite occurred on. If on the very bottom jig, and you are not at the bottom, it is clear that you need to rewind the garland two or three meters below the meter so that the horizon of the bite is blocked, and check what is down there. Perhaps there is even more fish layer below.

If the bite occurred on the uppermost jig, then, on the contrary, we wind up two or three meters higher, we do the wiring. Perhaps the layer of fish is higher than our jigs. Thus, we find ourselves in the "fattest" part of the flock and in the bite zone there may be not one jig, but several.

But there is another option, when the upper jig or the devil is lowered onto the horizon of the fish.This is done in order not to cling to the ice when playing, since the face of a fish appears first from the hole, and not four or five devils that constantly strive to catch hold of the ice.

It is clear that when you are looking for fish on your own, it is very difficult to find it. Even if you find a hole with fish and the bites have stopped, it means that the flock has left and there is no point in staying here. If suddenly you find yourself on a flock that is worth it - it's super, but this rarely happens.

It is more convenient to search when you are fishing with three or four people in one company. All scattered in different directions, drilled along the horizons, found, surrounded them and you can see where the flock is moving. On the one hand, the crowd is bad, but when fishing with a garland, if you do not have an echo sounder, it is always clear in a crowd of fishermen with a little experience where the fish is, what kind of fish it is and where it is moving. Just follow the rules of decency and do not sit directly under the box. We looked at how many swings your friend makes when playing, walked quietly and sat down, preferably at the old hole, so as not to drill a new one and not to scare away the fish. You counted six swings - measure six meters and check for fish. So the crowd is not only bad, but also good, the main thing is to behave culturally on the ice.


All this happened in the days of being and primitiveness, when there was no echo sounder. Yes, they are different, and I cannot name the perfect echo sounder. Any echo sounder makes it easier to find fish at times, the main thing is to use it correctly. Echo sounders that descend into the hole are miniature and have a tail. Their disadvantage is that this tail often comes off, and if you do not know how to solder, the echo sounder will not last long.

I fish with a classic echo sounder. Yes, you have to carry a battery to it in a backpack, but the big advantage of this fishfinder is that it can be attached to a plastic stick and twisted in different directions by the sensor, determining where the fish has gone. The rest of the echo sounders only show what is happening directly below you.

The most successful garland fishing is when you break away from everyone and use a fish finder to find a fish. Start checking the old hole, do not make noise, because any noise scares the fish, especially those located almost under the ice.


As a rule, fish of different species occupy different horizons. Under the ice, from the lower edge of the ice to a depth of 2.5-3 m, there are usually bleak and sabrefish. It is not always clear which of them is visible on the echo sounder, it is necessary to check.

The next layer, at a depth of 3.5-5.5 m, if these are large pits, is roach. It is elusive, but this layer is damaging. Below, under the roach, there will be silver bream and blue bream, somewhere up to nine meters. From eight to twelve - white-eyed, large blue bream and breeder.

If we rest against the bottom with the lower jig, getting to the exit zones from the pit, where the depth is eight to nine meters, then in such places large bream, large roach and pike perch will fall on the lower jig without a nozzle. Therefore, in such places, in the bottom layer, you need to fish longer. Well, look at the echo sounder. It allows you not only to find fish, but also to view it over the horizons.

It happens that the echo sounder shows a dense layer of fish, and no one bites. The first time I got into this was when there was a hamsa. It does not bite, because it is too shallow, but it creates density on the echo sounder. Or it could be the silver bream, which sometimes shows miracles of disobedience in winter. You make several postings, there are butts, but the fish does not pick up, although it is visible on the echo sounder. My advice to you: do not rest on the sky-fish, find another flock. We made ten postings, no bites - do not waste time, go fishing further.

It often happens that you enlighten with an echo sounder, find a flock, make three trips, and the fish do not bite. In this case, it is worth enlightening again, because during the time while you were unwinding the tackle, the flock could have left.

If you go down and someone is drilling a hole next to you, be sure to shine. There is a 90% chance the fish will escape.

If you did everything right and found your fish away from everyone, try to delay the invasion of other fishermen as long as possible. To do this, proceed as follows:

Do not throw fish on ice, put it in a bag or directly into your backpack.

Ideal if you find fish on the leeward side and everyone has their backs to you.

If you share fish and want to fish, for example, only roach, there is always someone who catches everything. It is important here to divert his attention. The way out here can be a temporary transition to another hole.

Why is it important not to advertise that you have found a fish? Not because you are a redneck, but because when fishing with a garland, the fish is afraid of noise. The flock will leave - and you will not catch anything either.

The art of playing with a jig - any fish to taste - garden and vegetable garden

My Figure is a reflection of my lifestyle, nutrition and movement

Illustrator Zoya Chernakova

Illustrator Zoya Chernakova

© Zoya Chernakova, illustrations, 2017

© Zoya Chernakova, illustrations, 2017

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By edition: Lissi Moussa "3000 ways not to hinder harmony, or make a figurine out of a carcass"

I beg your pardon, but there are no pictures in this edition - the volume is too large, and illustrations would increase it by another 15-20%

Consists of two blocks: Game psychological and Cleansing nutrition program.

I recommend that you turn on only the game part first - a week or 10 days. Usually during this period 3-5 cm in the waist is lost, 3-7 kg in weight - depending on the initial weight / volume.

Then connect the cleaning program. Not necessary. I will write large, because many especially gifted readers, without really understanding it, decide that this book is about porridge))))


But for those who have any problems with the skin, hair, painful PMS, headache, pressure, gurgling in the stomach, odor and sweating, and similar troubles, it is desirable.

Necessarily for those who have any chronic diagnoses - health is fully restored on the cleansing program. More on this in The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Skin, but it uses the same Lissy Moussa Wellness Program. only severe cases of diseases have been analyzed.

About porridge: this is not a porridge diet, it is not a diet at all!

If we talk about programmed nutrition, then at the end of the book there is a list of prohibited foods. BUT we can do everything that does not poison the body... And what is harmful, but very tasty, can be done once a week. If you want, we make a feast for the belly, called PIR.

About water: we have permission not to drink water 2 liters per day. You don't have to drink at all if you don't want to, because we remember osmosis from school, and we don't get into advertising propaganda - we know how to think and analyze.

About the text of the book: there is no introduction, preliminary part and other "water" that increases the volume of printed sheets: my task is to shorten as much text as possible, because the book is almost 600 pages, and I did not say everything necessary. Read carefully from the first lines: IT'S ALREADY STARTED!

How to read a book: best of all, with a notebook and a pencil! If you have a paper version, do not spare the paper: scratch and circle the necessary places, make bookmarks, and immediately write something like a diary: your thoughts, conclusions, reasoning. This is how you get the most out of your book. And if the electronic version, then just start a notebook and do the same. Or, if possible, make notes and notes in the electronic text.

When you read the book: there is Continuation - on our website

Preparatory Is the most obligatory part. Here we deal with our internal settings. You will see that there is a lot you can do at this stage without touching food at all! In any case, losing just 3-7 kg is easy!

The program itself - broken down by day, with a detailed description of what and how and when to do for a successful construction and recovery.

Participant diaries: Here are not the best diaries, but DIFFERENT ones. By age, by the perception of the world and yourself in this world, by character and temperament - everything so that you can find the maximum number of answers to your questions from someone like you.

Reference part and recommendations: the most frequent questions asked by the program participants, the order of adding products, junk food, recommendations - how to live further, the reference part.

About the program and about us

Do not neglect anything - every word and every detail is precisely verified. Nobody is playing tricks on you or making fun of you. Perform all the actions that I give in the assignments with precision. If something seems absurd or ridiculous to you, think: is it so important before the prospect of getting a brand new healthy miracle figure?

If you do not understand how what works, do not try to get to the bottom of the truth - just take my word for it, and I promise - we will DO IT!

Those who say that this does not happen, let them not interfere with those who do it.

Adherents of classical dietetics will be outraged to the depths of their souls: how is it so - to gulp, crack, hamster everything and at the same time lose weight? But what about the worldwide accepted calorie counting? What about proteins, fats and carbohydrates? Dr. Atkins glasses? The famous Kremlin diet?

Well, let's say the Kremlin diet is a pure myth. Remember them, the Kremlin ones: as soon as they got to the tables, they were carried a dozen sizes in breadth, and tight cheeks shone brightly from the Mausoleum on holidays.

Having come to the conclusion that the secret of completeness lies in the head, and not in the stomach, I conducted a series of experiments: first, as usual, on myself, then on a small group of vacationers, and then organized the World Slimming Marathon on the Internet.

My results are not sucked from the finger, behind each quotation there is a real person, the unbelievers can be convinced of this at:

Here you will find the diaries of participants with a detailed description of the passage of the program, all the sensations, surprise at the results obtained and the joy of victory.

More than 3 thousand people took part in the program, and everyone, without exception, got excellent results.

Many will insist that the program does not correspond to the opinion of science, but to this I can say one thing: the opinion of science is not the truth. And science can be wrong.

A well-known fact that ministers of science do not like to quote very much:

Aristotle wrote in his writings that a fly has 8 legs.

Until 1872 (!) In all biology textbooks it was written that a fly has 8 legs, students memorized this, people lived with it and died with confidence about an eight-legged fly. So far, there is one impudent type who has decided to go against the indisputable authorities in science - against Aristotle himself! - did not count how many legs the fly actually has. It turned out - 6. You count how many centuries this delusion lasted!

The hero's name has been erased over the years, but his example is infectious!

So, from the beginning of the program, we have done a worldwide feat: we have lightened our planet by more than 20 tons and we are glad - we succeeded!

Therefore, you, eating your favorite dishes, will also move towards your ideal appearance, and quite quickly. On the way, you will dispel many myths imposed on us by advertising, in which people in white coats from the screen tell you about the benefits of many harmful things, but after a while, the image of a doctor giving advice remains in your memory. And someone asked the dentist - is chewing gum so useful? I asked - it turned out that no, not useful, and even harmful with weak teeth.

The same can be said about 2 kilograms per month, more than which you cannot lose weight without harming your health. This is also a myth.It takes 8 or more, but health is only getting stronger! The program is a general cleaning of the body, and who said that you can't clean up quickly, and you can throw out only a small bag of garbage per week and only once a week - on Mondays? Said the one who does not know how to clean up ourselves!

Who fears for sagging skin - do not worry - there has not been a single such case, the skin tightens instantly, because from the very first days it becomes much more elastic and vibrant, and even with a loss of more than 60 kg in six months, the skin did not sag even once - read Amidala's diary in the archive! Amidala is a hero of the new time,

As for the water day and cereals, this is a cleansing program. It is highly desirable, but completely optional. Fat people have a greatly reduced metabolism, and therefore they have accumulated a lot of toxins in tissues and internal organs. Many diseases, especially skin diseases, hold on to these toxins. After all, what are skin diseases: these are toxins and toxins that the body tries to excrete through the skin, because the liver and kidneys are heavily clogged or overloaded. Therefore, by adding the cleansing part to the program, you will get rid of many diseases along the way, even chronic, chronic ones. This is also not a publicity stunt - the stories of getting rid of all sorts of diseases can be viewed in the same place - in the diaries of the participants.

The only thing you absolutely need is a sense of humor. You cannot complete the program without it. If you disgruntly dismiss our laughing-walkers: "What a kindergarten!" Because the Game.

In the Game, we are much easier and rebuild to new conditions, in the Game we can afford a lot of what we consider funny, stupid or inappropriate - after all, this is the Game.

Have you thought that playing is awkward? Is it indecent or unworthy of an adult? To play not in a casino and not to paint a bullet in a warm company with light drinks, but to play exactly as any child plays - joyfully and with pleasure, without thinking what results he will get.

Imagine a situation: a baby, wrinkling his forehead with zeal, moves a chip, into which a match is somehow stuck on top with a wrapper attached to it, towards the puddle.

At the same time, he diligently reflects: “How good it is that I have been doing small manual work for half a morning today - attaching a match-mast to the boat! Fine motor skills stimulate brain development! And now I'm squatting - working out the hip joints, and the ankles work well too. Only an excessive load on the knee joints, but then I will do a complex to relax the knees. "

Already parents consider the Game to be empty fun, completely unnecessary for the child, they even choose a kindergarten, guided by this delusion: “I will take the child to this (good) kindergarten, here they teach how to count and write, they even teach the basics of business, but only they sing and dance and play games. "

Go to the bookstore - there educational literature is replacing funny picture books with an alarming speed. The smallest kids from toddler age are offered material for work - for that Adult who, like the Child, lives in each of us, even in children. The modern bison of Russian children's literature has moved towards writing business textbooks, and albeit entertaining, but textbooks, that is, again towards the Adult. And a Child cannot do without a Game. Play is the main function of the Child. Both in a little man and in an adult. And one more thing: there is no Creativity without a Game, because Creativity is a Game.

There is such a famous American psychologist, the founder of transactional analysis - Eric Berne. According to his theory, each person has three hypostases.From birth to the last day, this trinity will not go anywhere, only the influence of each in different periods of life increases or decreases, but never disappears. In every action, in every episode, one can trace who is in charge at the moment: Adult, Parent or Child. By oppressing any of these individuals, we destroy ourselves with our own hands.

The qualities of the Child are openness, spontaneity, irresponsibility, the desire to play, insight. The child says: "I want!"

An adult is clarity, efficiency, responsibility, discipline, the desire to fulfill. The adult says, "Must!"

The parent is the one who teaches, observes, teaches, encourages and punishes, seeks to care. The parent says, "Do it like this!"

And when any person does something easily and with pleasure, he says that he does it “playfully”.

And for some reason we always try to wean ourselves from playing, to crush the Child living in us. We deliberately lock away "I want" and insert "must" and "must" everywhere. Play becomes reprehensible. But after all, the body responds with a riot to any pressure-suppression! After all, it is no coincidence that most diseases turn down their troops and crawl away, if you yourself honestly answer the question: "WHAT IS IT SO I DO NOT WANT TO DO, WHAT I PREFER TO EVEN SICK TO AVOID IT?"

That is, if you overdo it, repeating to yourself MUST, SHOULD, MUST, - your body will necessarily rebel and declare: "But I WANT to lie down and DO NOT SHOULD anything to anyone!"

And isn't that why it's so hard to pay off debts and so joyfully give gifts?

So, when you are on a diet - you are not playing, you MUST fulfill some conditions. And from this - sheer neurosis and fear of breaking loose.

And if we play, then the body will decide that it WANTS to do what we play for - and we will have a splendid slender Figurine, without any neuroses and disorders. At the same time, you will learn what it really means to love yourself. Because, I guarantee, you can assert as much as you like that you love yourself, but what it is - you do not know, otherwise you would not be dissatisfied with your appearance.

Your entire body - from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other - is your own thought, embodied in a form that is accessible to your vision. Having broken the fetters that fetter your thought, you will also break the fetters that fetter your bodies.

It’s impossible to think of a better epigraph for this book. That's right: we are what we think of ourselves, we are how we relate to ourselves.

The most common mistake that all newbies make is trying to cover the entire program at one glance, to say: "Everything is clear!" - and start acting in your own way.

As a result, you only confuse yourself. It is best to perceive our program as a Game - without passing one level, you will not be able to achieve anything on the next, because you have not developed the necessary habits and have not found the necessary tools to change yourself.

The program is divided into fifty stages, which are called "days" for convenience. Some of them are just playful and may seem to you frivolous or meaningless and therefore unnecessary and useless. This is mistake! You just forgot that we have a game psychological training and the Game is our normal state in the process of passing the program. Therefore, play and enjoy the Game. Try to get maximum pleasure at each stage - this is the key to an excellent result, which you will come to playfully, without stress and tension.

How is our program different from similar ones?

Such programs simply do not exist.

We differ from all diets, without exception, IN THE ABSENCE OF RESTRICTIONS IN FOOD.

Because our program is not a diet.

As part of the optional part of the program, there is a cleansing diet, which greatly narrows the range of products for several days, but this is only three to four days that are painlessly tolerated, because the amount of food is not banned at any stage of the program.

The main emphasis in our program is on relieving stress, under the influence of which overweight people are constantly being scolded and reproached for gluttony and intemperance and are constantly dissatisfied with their appearance, which, of course, does not add optimism to their character.

Whip policy: what usually happens on a diet: reproaching himself with every bite, scolding himself for the lack of willpower and showing in every possible way dissatisfaction with his body (oh, how I hate this fat!), with his appearance, his personality traits, a person sinks lower and lower without that low self-esteem, and what kind of self-love can we talk about here? Sheer dissatisfaction with herself, sometimes bordering on hatred.

This very dissatisfaction with himself provokes the fat man to punish himself more severely, and as punishment, all kinds of diets are chosen that imply quantitative and qualitative restrictions in food.

Is gingerbread a gingerbread: punishment cannot last forever, and after successfully (or unsuccessfully) torturing ourselves with another diet, we return to the very diet in which we so deftly gained our kilograms, and our weight and metabolism return safely to their usual places.

And again we are faced with a choice: either to feed our insatiable womb, allowing it to continue to grow overgrown with fats and diseases, or to get the whip-diet again, and choose an even more sophisticated way of taming the obstinate organism.

It turns out a vicious circle from which there are no exits. If you continue a restrictive diet and insist on punishment, the situation will worsen, which is most often the case. And it's not at all about willpower or lack of motivation - motivation can be as beautiful and strong as you like - it's about low self-esteem. “Such a fat and weak-willed Carcass is not supposed to be beautiful, happy and loved. She is allowed only covers from tanks, work for wear and not a full-fledged interesting life, but existence for the sake of others. "

It turns out that when choosing a diet - we choose the path of "stick and stick" - there is no smell of gingerbread here! - and does not lead to the desired state. Therefore, the most reasonable thing, in my opinion, is not to choose a new diet, which means simply to change the whips, but to choose a new way to achieve the goal.

The Gingerbread Way: what we give up right away - from punishments and restrictions.




That is, you permanently fire your inner gendarme, who controls every piece that you carry to your mouth, and carries always ready-to-use whips behind you.

No criticism and no comments, sarcastic or offensive to your own address! No remorse: your conscience has already gnawed at you so thoroughly that you are forced to defend yourself with real armor made of fat.

You wanted to eat and the choice fell on a cutlet with condensed milk and peaches on an endless piece of biscuit - give it to yourself! It is very likely that your body will be stunned in the full sense of the word from such happiness and allow itself too much. But as soon as he realizes that the restrictions and punishments are really over and you do not intend to humiliate and offend him anymore, your food will return to normal. Usually this period does not exceed two to three days.

Do not misunderstand me: to afford everything does not mean to devour everything that came into view, and many of our participants do just that - they turn into inveterate goblins. Therefore, we allow ourselves any food when we are really HUNGRY, and not when we are bored, or "want to feel the taste", or have nothing else to do.

And then you will only be amazed: despite the fact that you eat everything the same that you have always eaten, your "armor" will begin to melt and shrink, and in two weeks you will simply have to change your wardrobe, you will need clothes a couple of sizes smaller ...

Why this will happen: you have been waging a war with yourself for a long time, a struggle, or whatever you call it. During this time, your body has learned to react in its own way to all delights in the form of punishments and restrictions. It has learned to put it aside, foreseeing that at any moment it can be deprived of many things: from the necessary energy obtained with food, to the equally necessary pleasure in physical sensations, again obtained with food. And now, with the transition to a new path, your war is over, and there is no point in arming or defending. You have ceased to be an evil stepmother to your body, but have become a kind caring mother, or a kind caring dad, or simply - an Understanding Wizard.

When the war ends, it turns out that "one" who is not a warrior in the field. And not because it is inconvenient to fight alone, but precisely because there is no one to fight with. While you were making a confrontation - you and your body - there was a fight and there was an opponent to fight with. And as soon as the confrontation was over, you became with your body at the same time.

Toys of our subconscious

Surely you wondered why a slender person, absorbing delicacies in any quantities, does not gain excess weight, and among your acquaintances there is more than one such person about which you can say: "Don't feed your horse." Look closely at such a person: he eats everything with great pleasure, does not gain excess body weight, does not have zhora attacks and perfectly digests everything. Why? - Yes, because it DOES NOT BRAKE itself.

You can also pick up another word - does not restrain, does not limit, - the essence is the same: such a person does not give himself an internal command to slow down, slow down, restrain the process.

Official medicine explains the difference between Carcasses and Figures with different metabolic rates, different metabolic rates.

supposedly in slender people, these processes are accelerated. But in fact, the metabolic processes of slender people are not accelerated - they are NORMAL, unlike

metabolism of an obese person. That is, it turns out that our limitations are not a consequence of bodily fullness, but its cause.

Medicine does not take on the regulation of metabolic processes - it does not work. And if you think about it, then everyone is engaged in the regulation of the rate of metabolic processes independently, giving himself internal commands while eating. What speed can we talk about when the command "STOP!", "BRAKES!", "STOP IMMEDIATELY!" Is given with each piece?

These are the jokes our subconscious jokes with us. A lot of interesting books about the Games of the subconscious have already been published, and the words that the subconscious does not have a sense of humor - it understands everything literally and begins to perform without delay - are not new. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself: the words "Stop" and others, expressed aloud or mentally while eating, if they do not stop the process, then significantly slow down it. This is the kind of metabolism that turns out.

Why not limit yourself to food

These restrictions are waving the whip in front of your body's nose. As soon as you take up the whip, our whole Game goes down the drain... Eat as much as you need for a comfortable state of mind and body... Only in this state will you have a constant readiness to play, and this state is an absolute necessity for completing the program: you simply have to play and have fun!

Literally in the very first week, you will learn to understand the quantity and quality of food and the reasons for your eating habits - this, as it turned out, is completely simple and does not require any effort, regardless of whether you are going through the program with a cleansing complex or without it.

You will learn to understand the quantity and quality of food as you study. Nothing will happen by itself!

You should be full and feel comfortable regardless of the time of day, if you want to eat at night - eat and do not doubt the correctness of your actions!

In conditions of a slow metabolism and a dull metabolism, many of us have accumulated a fair amount of toxins in the tissues and in the intestines. To cleanse the body, an oriental cleansing system with elements of yoga and macrobiotics was selected and adapted to the program. It is advisable to include the complex in the program, but not necessarily - many of the program participants received excellent and quick results without a cleansing complex - only in the process of playing psycho-training. At the end of the book, several diaries of the participants are published, in some you can see for yourself - the cleansing complex was not applied.

I recommend this complex primarily to those who have problems with the skin, hair, nails - these sufferings stop in the first two weeks, even such complex problems as eczema, allergic skin reactions, warts, papillomas, chronic calluses, and pass without a trace.

The cleansing complex restores very quickly metabolic processes, due to which many diseases disappear, I will not even list everything - anyone interested can see for themselves by reading the diaries of the participants, of whom there are several hundred on our Internet Forum, and in almost every one there is a report on the state of health every week. And in each such diary there is a convincing positive dynamics, despite the most diverse diagnosis.

But even without a cleansing complex, the process of change for the better is going great, perhaps a little slower.

Statistics: from mid-April to mid-August, more than 3,000 registered people took part in the program, of which more than 500 wrote daily diary reports for me.

Participants in the program are from 16 to 72 years old. The starting weight of the participants is from 55 to 142 kg. Desired weight reduction - from 3 to 72 kg. Accordingly, the sizes are from 5 cm in volume to 75 cm.

On average, the appearance of our participant: a 38-year-old woman, overweight 16 kg, oversize - 8 (counted according to Russian: basically everyone intended to move from 54-56th to 46-48th). On average, this result was achieved in about 65-70 days from the date of the start of the program.

For very complete: I do not publish the diaries of participants with too large a surplus for reasons that such participants are still a minority, and it is better for them to go through the program when there is an opportunity to consult at any time, therefore I invite such persons to our Internet Forum: you start your a notebook where you write down more or less regularly your history of the passage of the program, and I track the correctness of the process and give answers to all your questions and necessary consultations, including. On the forum in the archive there are diaries of participants who started in 68 and more sizes:

The decisive factor in the process of passing the program is awareness of the process of eating as a process of eating, and not as a good background for pondering some thoughts or experiencing various emotions. This is exactly how Faye remarked after two weeks of writing:

“I suddenly understand one terrible thing:

I ALMOST DID NOT FOLLOW ONE RULE, which I myself set the goal of keeping a notebook - it's not enough for me to identify the reasons, I wanted to reconsider my attitude to food. AND SUDDENLY! I realize (I looked through the notebook - it is quite detailed) that at the moment of eating, at the moment of this sacred action, I was not only engaged in extraneous matters, I was also thinking about something completely different! Sweet - still remains inseparable from talking with girlfriends, partying, reading a book and surfing the Internet. All those rare times when I did eat sweets - all of them - as a side effect of another action. But the same is not possible!

I have now conducted an experiment - I turned everything off, poured a plate of borscht, cut a slice of fresh black bread and decided that I would focus only on the taste sensations. How difficult! From the very first spoon I thought: “So… in three hours the plane, and here I am stretching the pleasure.We must have time to meet ... and in the evening to work, I should have time to clean up! " Such a hive in the head! I had to put aside the spoon and not eat until I had all extraneous thoughts out of my head. The taste that I felt when I nevertheless ate a spoonful of borscht made my head spin. I closed my eyes and continued. I ate no more than half a plate (and a plate is my usual norm). And she took up my favorite rosehip jam - with the same success! Two teaspoons and two sips of tea - I mentally imagined how strength and satiety spread throughout my body and how the taste fills me completely. And that's all - no more. Nobody grumbled or asked for more! What a thrill!

One thing bothered me - I won't be able to concentrate so constantly. Although it's just that I'm not used to eating this way and you just need to develop this habit.

Therefore, from today I am looking for a new notebook - more beautiful, and I have already chosen a pen - a feast for the eyes!

Now the process will surely go right! "

Best time to complete the program

Spring, of course. A fresh radish begins, very pleasant walks in the first sun, pleasant and cool douches. In winter, getting started is certainly more difficult. But for those for whom their own harmony has already become an urgent necessity, it will be easy for them - and winter is not a hindrance to them, and they will get a radish or a radish for themselves. I just want to add - do not forget: we are in the comfort zone all the time. If you find it unpleasant to add cool water to the pouring, don't do it. If lemon orange water is more pleasant for you - make yourself one. The main criterion for all actions is your good mood and pleasure, "purring".

There can be no irritation inherent in diets on the program. If it appears, you are doing something wrong.

Do not be confused by the strange names of our participants: one of the game tricks is renaming, and it turns out like this: it was Lena or Katya who was a fat glutton with an uncontrollable appetite, and the new Faye, or Zlata, or Mouse Mu is a charming beauty who succeeds easily!

The diaries of the participants speak even more convincingly about the program.

Diary and profile of Stuchki-Letuchka

It is enough to live in constant struggle. Pathetic pounds and I have been waging a brutal war for ten years - with Napoleonic plans, rematch matches, periodic surrender and other military bells and whistles. I want controlled stability!

Initial data - height 161, weight - 61. But I want 55. All in all ...

I want to weigh 55 kg by August 5th. Ready to plow.

So, in the evening: 1 sausage + vegetable salad + a glass of white wine (here's a set!) - I ate it for the company with my beloved, although I clearly felt that this was not hunger. I also pulled 4 French fries out of his plate. In general, I ate for the company. Apparently, I lack some kind of unity, probably, I am adjusting to him in this way - by food (all NLPers choked at once).

In the morning I was smart - I didn't forget to drink boiling water. I did exercises for priests from Shape magazine, walked at a brisk pace in the park for 40 minutes. I didn't remember the songs - just "have fun, my leg" ...

Then at home I kissed apple juice - I didn't feel like eating, but generally got used to having breakfast - I started with juice, it seemed like I was thirsty.

I drank more apple juice - for some reason I was delaying the transition to food, and then suddenly I made myself two bouters of bread with mayonnaise and smoked ham (!), And another cucumber, tomato, and one more sandwich with smoked ham, with two breads (and what? the main thing is to write in a notebook?). Well, coffee with cream (out of milk) and sweetener. Oh, I suspect everyone will pounce on me that I need to give it up - they say, chemistry and disgusting, I think so myself, just somehow got used to it ... I'll throw it out today - and the whole question!

I don’t understand anything! In general, I am somehow disoriented - what should I strive for?

Eat only when you are hungry, and drink when you are thirsty? And only water, not juice? And in general, give preference to what products? If I “got it” the theory - I’m empty there now - I need to download something new there! And then melancholy and confusion ... although I see - that "eat whatever you want and in any quantity, just write in a notebook", but somehow strange ... How is it - "eat everything"?

I got myself a file eASHA - I laid out my ideas about nutrition in the theses. Atkins & Co. Again, I don't understand - if I forget about calories and food compatibility, then I start to eat only sweet things.

In general, this happened to me today - a notebook in a bag, I can't get it - while I was driving to work, I packed a couple of kinder chocolate bars in the transport, 1 kinder surprise egg - got a caterpillar, 0.5 liters of orange juice, then - 1 chocolate medal (tasteless, but don't spit it out).

Anti-Lopa - how to do it? I even tried to find drawings of a fig on the Internet, but so that I could wear it on my finger like a ring ... People! Does anyone have a photo of their Anti-Lopa?

Another question - well, I can't hang pictures of brave fellows from magazines around my apartment - my beloved won't understand this humor, but I'm too shy to explain ... LESS THIS ... I'm already uncomfortable that I spend so much strength and energy ineffectively ...) Well, what are the possible alternatives? Maybe a special album? I will call him - MY BEAUTY.

Still, ooooooochen something resists the idea of ​​cereals - maybe I won't get to them, I will lose weight sooner? (Doubtful!)

How I am worried about public opinion ... Yes, yes, I remember - "think what they think about your kg" ... All the same, I will not tell anyone anything, otherwise I rang right and left every diet. Then she boasted about the results - if any. There were, of course, but for how long? Usually for a week ... And now I won't tell anyone. If I eat porridge - they will ask - I will say, I like it! Or, at worst, they are good for the stomach.

In general, the second day is a complete confusion.

Day two, evening. Really - it was him! Hunger. A careful attitude to the long-awaited and long-awaited hunger led to the fact that she ate less - 11 dumplings, a tomato and a cucumber, 1 glass of white wine. The hunger remained, so after half an hour I went, cut off a piece of cheese, wrote it down in a notebook, but while eating, I doubted, so I fed half of the cheese to my beloved.

The beloved is very intrigued by my notebook: Oops! Again she writes something! - and I play along with him: How interesting! Speak, speak! only slower, I write!

I remembered here, we already have a Martini calendar - there are such beauties and beauties! - so I’ll tell them about the store and the dance hall!

So, I slept through everything today, so I didn't walk or run. Maybe I'll walk 40 minutes in the evening ... In general, I still do the exercises every other day - however, I would like to have daily runs. In the morning I drank a mug of hot water - I can't drink in one gulp, I stretch it.

I didn't have breakfast at home, for some reason I didn't feel like it - even in the evening there was hunger - I remember exactly, a little bit remained even after the cheese, and in the morning the hunger disappeared somewhere. On the way to work, I felt it again, the more it was hot - as a result, I crunched ice cream in a waffle cone.

I rushed to work at about 12, to pour it into the work process, I made myself coffee with milk (without sugar substitute - I keep my promises!) And also ate curd with blueberries. In general, I was thirsty, and I wanted to chew the cottage cheese, and I also want something for unsweetened coffee.

14.30 - I ate curd with strawberries, because I had to do something ... and the time for lunch came up - and then I still have an appointment, so there will be nowhere and no time to dine.

19.00 at home, I was terribly hungry - I made an egg from 2 eggs + a cucumber + 2 tomatoes - I didn't finish the vegetables.True, then I came back to the kitchen - I grabbed a piece of rye flatbread with coffee with milk and 2 processed cheese - I also didn't finish the flatbread with cheese. The coffee remained, and unsweetened - I wanted something to go with it ... Good grandmother got me some small crackers. I ate about 30, but they are very small.

12.00 - I really wanted to eat and drink, and in general it was hot, stuffy and disgusting. I drank a 0.2 l bag of grape juice, then I bought a cone of banana ice cream - it was all smeared with it, I didn't like it already in the process, but I finished it anyway. In general, I bought it out of habit, I will not do that anymore - no pleasure!

In order to seize the nasty taste of ice cream, and the hunger did not go away - I ate half a package of salad Olivier, it became better.

13.00 - finished the salad + a cup of green tea, so - chew. Another - 1 nectarine. Om-Nom-nom!

14.57 - a piece of dark chocolate - treated by a colleague.

There is something wrong in the body, probably because of ice cream and Olivier ... ugh ... I want to throw something in there. While I'm holding on. Colleagues called me to eat sausages - I decided to wait for a while, so that a feeling of hunger appeared.

Today I went to the park, I was so carried away by rhymes that I got lost! Instead of an hour, almost two hours passed! I am very pleased, my pedometer showed 10 km and 500 calories, however, we do not count kcal - but this is not about food either.

Poured water with the addition of Magic water from a jug. Lovely!

I keep the notebook as a fan, however, yesterday I told about it and everything else to my beloved. I took it well. I consulted with him on what it is better to make Anti-Lopa, told how I would use it later. He even offered me help - he says: let me tell you these rhymes when you eat, - "chew chew, soon you will become a pig, I will buy scales for you!" What a shameless man! I need to eat at least something!

I love my little Magic Notepad - I caught myself kissing it from time to time. Still would! I regularly measure my waist-hips-legs - only for the last two days - 1 cm!

Weighed at a party - two kg was gone! Wah-wah! A small notebook - how it works! How it plows!

I found purring trousers in stocks - for the skeleton. We are friends.

I will try to make Anti-Lopa out of plastic at the weekend, I think it should work out.

I also really like to eat when I'm hungry - it's such a thrill! In order to really want to eat for real, you can wait - do not intercept! And I have become little - I will write it down in a notebook, and then I finish it - I have not finished it.

She also became very picky about food - and more attentive to taste. And somehow the attitude to the body, to the skin is changing - some kind of more accurate.

In general, everything is super! - I continue. Thank you Lissy!

Still continuing. I don't tell you the diet - it's still the same.

Composed rhymes. While I was composing, I laughed!

I dealt with all the enemies, now I eat exclusively from hunger (even if it is light - I will eat a little, and that's all - no more). There are two questions left:

First, I love beer! Especially on a hot summer day. I love it very much - even my body loves it - I don't need food - a bottle or two - what happiness it is! Adore! Lissy! Well, I do not believe that it is harmful! It can't be - it contains both useful yeast and, in general, a diuretic liquid. In a small amount, it is probably more useful than harmful. Again, the body loves.

And the second is chocolate. At the sight of chocolate, the body loses its will ... I don’t need much, but from time to time it restrains me! And eat! So what to do? I pull as best I can so that it melts in my mouth ... yum-yum ... then it will last for a long time.

That's it. Today I measured it again, from the beginning of the program in the waist - 3 cm, in the hips - 4 (I measure it at the extreme protruding points of the back's ears) hurray - hurray - no ears!

Lissy: For the fact that "beer is healthy" - you learn the first chapter by heart, where is "Chalice". And to choose what you like more about yourself - beer or a slender Figurine - you will choose. And I am an artist, all your figures are good to me, I like to draw different ones, and Rubens' buns too.

Trick-Fly: Well, yes, I see ... What if instead of food?

Lissy: Here, instead of eating, you learn the parable of the Cup.

Today is a water day! Urraaa! The body is resting, we have a sanatorium-boarding house regime! - this is inside, and outside in the morning there were exercises, a walk in the park, douches, but - all the same, it's so good and calm.

We don't need an enema anymore

And the night before, the body was in a panic - they wouldn't give me any more food. or almost won't give it ... While I made an agreement with myself - I was leaving a bunch of different food ... Oops ...

The lesson for the future is not to let it go! - constantly give the body a positive attitude and carry out explanatory work about the fact that food will not end, and pleasure - even more so.

Today is the first day of cereals.

In general, I think that I will not sit on porridge for a long time. Several days for cleansing - three days. Because I am already satisfied with the figure - there is only a little left, and I will do it a little in any way - either with cereals or with a notebook. I decided that I would make cereals for several days to cleanse the body.

Yesterday afternoon I felt weak, emotions were as if turned off. I read praise rhymes to myself, but somehow they were not perceived. Although it was generally pretty calm.

I didn't sit at work - I went to the market to buy radishes and sesame seeds. Then go home. She went home like boiled, did all sorts of household chores, fried sesame seeds, like she came to life by late evening. I even made a Magic Ritual with a chair (I found it at the Forum) - for smooth legs, I had a lot of fun.

In the morning I woke up - that's it! I am a skeleton and I am dying, terrible weakness, my heart beating in an empty stomach - this was done in a very naturalistic way! But I realized that this is not such a theater from hunger, but from fear - the body was afraid that they would not be fed at all.

After boiling water, I felt better. As a result, I ate one and a half servings of the originally planned buckwheat porridge, 4 radishes and 1 parsley.

I wanted to drink, diluted the porridge with water - but I still wanted to. I realized that it was "from the mind" - like, after all, they won't give you any more drink! She calmed herself, explained that if she really wanted to, they would give me a little drink. Immediately relieved.

And contentedly she went on to sleep. I slept at work.

I prepared myself 3 containers - with buckwheat, rice and radish-parsley - I forgot at home. So what happens without lunch today ...

Yesterday everything went great - even without lunch, and nothing.

Surprisingly amazing - I do not want to drink. There is some new sensation in the throat, dry or something ... But there is no thirst - even in the morning of this day there was no! I was so amazed - I can drink boiling water, but I could, in principle, not drink ...

In general, although initially she promised the body to drink a little bit, if she really wanted to, but she didn’t take a sip for the whole day - she didn’t want to.

But from time to time I want to eat. It seems that I eat a lot of porridge. Yesterday evening I already sat down for porridge twice - at 7 o'clock, and then somewhere else at 10 - half a portion - rice + radish + parsley. It's okay, you can live!

This morning I cooked wheat porridge for myself. There was an idea to make a smudge (crushed groats) - while it was cooking, there was a lot of water. As I left it to languish - all the water was absorbed, and the porridge turned out to be quite crumbly anyway, not smear. Rice tastes better.

I want to see how it goes and what the results will be - and slowly get off the porridge somewhere around the 4th or 6th day.

Hello everyone and great mood!

It was a weekend, so I am reporting for three days at once.

On Friday, I ate porridge with radishes twice, once - just a radish, out of boredom. The famine was recorded with a notebook only in the morning. The rest of the time I did not experience hunger. I didn't drink water.

Saturday was the third day of Kashkin. Twice I ate porridge-radish-parsley, once - chewing gum (freshen my mouth). In the evening we were visiting - a laid table, all sorts of goodies, a lot of alcohol - and all this until the morning! The hostess cooked rice for me on purpose, but as it turned out - with salt. I had to refuse. I ate one and a half peaches and drank 200 g of white wine. I waited for the reaction of the body - everything went well, he did not swear.At 1.30 am, amidst general stormy disapproval, I went to bed - that's what I am - a victim of a healthy lifestyle.

On Sunday, the fourth day of Kashkin, all morning I was thinking what to do next. I decided that from this day on, porridge will be the basis and I will, as expected, add different products.

I had breakfast with half a peach, since we have it so proven.

I went to the market for radishes, at the same time bought blueberries and more peaches. They ate blueberries with my grandmother. The body has accepted.

Dinner - Chinese rice noodles made from pure rice without additives with mushrooms, fried in olive oil. Plus radishes and parsley. She obviously ate more than she wanted, it turned out very tasty.

Today, July 25, the fifth day with porridge.

Morning - boiling water, half a peach (hunger), another half peach (still hungry).

Lunch - rice noodles (half a portion) + radishes (hunger), the same thing again (an hour later, because I felt hungry again). Now the food is over, I sit, work ... I don't feel like eating.

What else do I do: walk in the park. I sing walkers. I send hot healing waves of love, joy and happiness through the body - it creeps through! I walk - satisfied, I sparkle like a polished penny! I pour myself cold water from a bucket. I charge some water in the Magic Jug. I do exercises for the priests. She began to spin and dance much more in front of the mirror, the Figurine is a delight! And what skin on the face and on the body has become! I have never had one like this - it shines directly!

And now the most important thing (I specially saved it for the end): I weighed yesterday! 55 kg! Urrrrrrrraaaa! A dream come true.

In two weeks on the beach - I'm ready! It remains a little bit to finalize.

I want to finally align the sides (where the "papy ears" were) and tighten the very top of the legs. The skin on my stomach is still loose - it often happens when I lose weight - it takes time and exercise - Lissy wrote everything. I usually have everything dense, and when I lose weight, at first it becomes loose, more flabby. Then he pulls himself up pretty quickly. The legs are already slender, long, as I sang in the songs - I will not stop looking at it! The beloved said the day before yesterday: “Wow! Your legs are so prettier! "

Bought a purring denim skirt - super! Sits like a glove! I plan to dangle a little. In short, I think now to stabilize, minus a couple of kilograms, I feel that I still continue to fold by inertia.

We discussed the future life with the body (I caught myself thinking that she seemed to me to be such a luxurious, languid Angelina Jolie, in a long red dress), agreed that we would introduce different products and carefully monitor their effect on the harmony of our system).

Professional managers have been appointed for two new projects - the first, Mr. Shevelura - is responsible for placing all hair removed from the body on the head and ensuring a healthy scalp and fast growth of strong, shiny hair (on the head).

The second is Mr. Cube (special in cubes on the stomach, but we have an order for a wasp waist + sexy tummy) deals with the tummy, waist and hips - burns unnecessary excess, forms the silhouette we ordered.

The body is personally involved in the processing and utilization of fat, distributing good fat during processing into the chest, and valuable material into the hair on the head. This is our production now. My body and I take daily reports during walks and supervise the process in every possible way. Very interesting, it is so addictive - and you can ask all sorts of questions - I really get answers!

We have yet another joint project being prepared, from the sensual sphere ...

Well, I fill out the questionnaire, everything worked out for me!

Thank you so much, Lissy! I'm happy!

3. There have been attempts to lose weight in the past: repeatedly.

4. With what weight - the size of the program started: 61 kg.

5. Associated complaints: in general, I was always very sad because of the restrictions. But what about the holiday of life. Why, then, is this figure needed at all? So I did not endure the restrictions well, and, probably, now too.Still byaki - irritation on the legs after hair removal, plus periodically aggravated seborrhea on the head.

6. How many days before water day: I did it on the 10th day.

7. How many days on cereals and additives: now 5 (I get off gradually).

8. What are the successes with the Figurine: minus 5 cm in the waist, from 3 to 5 cm in the hips - in different places, minus 3 cm in the volume of the leg on top, and the weight is 6 kg lower.

9. About hair and skin: there was seborrhea - it became much better, and still - in the process. Skin - I'm not overjoyed, it is cleared by leaps and bounds. Super readiness for the swimming season.

And in the light of the change in the attitude to the body and to the body in particular, I stopped itching. Previously, for some reason, I was sure to comb any unevenness on the skin (ashamed, but true).

10. If there were chronic complaints, then what and what changes occurred: very annoying mucus in the nasopharynx. And when I disappeared, I didn't even notice.

11. (For drinkers): Have there been any attempts to take into account what you drink? How is the absence of alcohol tolerated? Yes, before the water day, I counted alcohol along with food - its amount decreased, although there was a case when I was ready to sacrifice food for two bottles of beer. The absence of alcohol is nostalgic. I miss, one might say ... But I noticed that now I don't need much - the number has significantly decreased - to the horror of the "drinking buddies".

12. What unpleasant sensations did you have to experience during the passage of the program (starving, suffering from thirst, freezing, something else): I was directly stunned by the restrictions of a hungry day - that was the most unpleasant moment. On the second day, she suddenly began to freeze terribly - with attacks. But I talked to the body, warmed it up - everything returned to normal. I hardly feel thirsty - a kind of dryness and viscosity in my mouth, but does not cause much discomfort (for example, there is no need to constantly lubricate my lips with balm and all that).

13. Have you had zhora attacks? But how! And sometimes it really is a feeling of hunger, and sometimes it is just very tasty. And now I give myself to experience the maximum of positive emotions from each piece - it helps.

14. How strong were the various sufferings? Everything went very easily, in one breath! Exciting and fun! I know that many women, sitting on diets, spoil the mood for themselves and others - there is nothing of the kind! I was lovely and the sun!

15. Your pleasant sensations (mental and physical comfort, lifting, cheerfulness, joy, something else): all of the above. Another wonderful new attention to yourself and your needs, your body. Another new experience of nature - thanks to daily walks in the forest - is somehow meditative. Waves of joy, happiness, such that right over the whole body, and already goosebumps!

16. Your new beliefs. How will you eat now? I don’t know yet - I’m waiting for what else Lissy will tell me, - for now, I have a vegetarian version, with a base - porridge. I introduce different products and listen to the body. In general, it feels like so far. In any case, I continue to keep a notebook and in the near future I do not plan to give it up - especially since there is rest and a buffet ahead ... Get the maximum buzz from every bite and every sip and focus on the needs of the body, here.

17. How has your attitude towards yourself and the world changed: I am a goddess, I just adore myself - funny! - this is so transmitted to your beloved! And then back - from him - to me!

My relationship with me went to the very first flank - the rest was pushed aside in importance - if I am in harmony and bliss with myself, then everything will be fine everywhere - my life begins here, here is the primary source.

New skills include meditative walks in nature. A charge of buzz for the day ahead! Body communication skills - cooperation, support, mutual respect. Well, let it sound strange, but I'm telling the truth! Whoever needs it will understand!

18. What stereotypes and myths were dispelled during the course of the program:

that you need to drink 2 liters of water

that dry skin is from soap and water,

that you can only lose weight in agony

that there are things that are not amenable to human influence.

Information Required for Further Reading

Literally from the first chapters, you will come across this expression: "This is MURRING to me, but this is not MURING." And the trousers will be "MURCHETELY". This concept got here from the lexicon of OXYUMORon fans - another game psycho-training aimed at a general change in life for the better. In order to figure out what kind of MURRING STATE it is, it is necessary to carry out some research.

We will need a tame, preferably non-scratching, medium sized cat. For the purity of the experiment, it is desirable that this pussy:

but. There would be no close friend of yours.

b. There was just a hearty meal.

in. I could sit quietly in my arms.

d. Was in good spirits.

Take the pussy in your hands, gently press it to you at the level of your heart. Do not iron or caress! The pussy should sit in your arms calmly, without making any sounds. Listen to this silence inside the cat.

Then, take the following steps one at a time:

scratch the cat under the lower jaw,

shake her along the back,

chase a piece of paper with a cat or chase a canary,

scratch the upholstery of the couch, wallpaper or neighbor's door with the cat,

go with the cat to the fish - preferably live carp weighing 1.5-2 kg.

At some point, depending on the fastidiousness, a "purring" mechanism will turn on inside the cat - a characteristic sound will be heard and the vibration of the cat's carcass will be felt. This is the desired MURRING.

Feel the purr, let it flow through you, achieve a state of resonance. Remember this feeling.

This, of course, is a joke, but in the future, whether choosing Magic techniques or analyzing your own mood, you no longer have to wonder if you are making the right choice. You will be guided by this very state - purring. At the same time, it is completely unnecessary to reproduce sounds and vibrations. It is enough to keep track of the internal state.

RMB - the Habitual Picture of the World - is the sum of impressions and beliefs with which we perceive the world. Most often these are facts that you have not verified, you simply took someone's word for it, or someone else convinced you. Mom said there are microbes in the ground. Dad said - from food - strength. The teacher said - there is no magic. Pay attention, they didn’t come up with it themselves - someone told them about it too. And they, just like you, did not bother to check. They just believed and began to consider it an immutable rule.

RMB is a collection of such rules.

For some reason, everyone is panicky afraid of breakdowns: at some point, the temptation of delicacies is so great that it is impossible to resist! And the unbelted participant rushes to all the bad, swallowing cakes-cutlets with enviable speed. And then he cruelly torments himself with pangs of conscience, torturing himself with hungry days.

One condition: if you feel the approach of an appetizing attack, you act with dignity: carefully choose those foods that delight you. Do not overdo it! Be sure to set the table as expected: tablecloth, cutlery, flowers. And feast for your pleasure! Realizing that you are human and nothing human is alien to you, especially such small weaknesses!

But! - in no case leave culinary excesses the next day! You can repeat such a feast without prejudice in a week, but I repeat: the feast lasts no more than 12 hours. Everything that you have not eaten during this time - give to the dogs. And do not eat for future use, if only the dogs do not get it. This is greed. And we are fighting with her, do not encourage her. After all, in a week you will make yourself the same feast.

Do not neglect anything - every word and every detail is precisely verified. Nobody is playing tricks on you or making fun of you. Perform all the actions that I give in the assignments with precision. If something seems absurd or ridiculous to you - think: is it so important before the prospect of getting a brand new healthy miracle figure?

If you do not understand how what works, do not try to get to the bottom of the truth - just take my word for it, and I promise - we will DO IT!

Greetings to all Donuts, Buns, and Soft-as-Pooh Girls! And also respectable overly powerful lords!

Anyone who wants to take off joyfully and easily, having lost kilograms and centimeters!

Anyone who has decided to change and become pleasant in all respects!

First about you: you tried to lose weight a hundred times.

Of these, 90 times - mentally, and 10 attempts were with varying success. But the weight returned, then overlapping the previous one, then a little short of the control, but you were ultimately unhappy with the result. You counted calories, separated proteins and carbohydrates, sipped 3 liters of water each, dried yourself with thirst ...

You ran and swam, twisted simulators and smeared on yourself kilograms of weight loss creams, especially gifted people bought themselves special pants for losing weight while lying down ... But the point, in general, is not in the recipes that you used to achieve your goal - all of you one thing in common: you are not happy with the way you look.

This is a source of constant sadness, even if your beloved strokes your bulges with admiration, you are still tormented by the thought: I am fat ... (usually this should be compared with animals or armored vehicles).

At the same time, you are a beauty. Or a slender hero. You know this for sure - you see it clearly in the mirror: it is worth removing this shield-armor, and you, like a butterfly, will vomit out of your kilograms, spread your rainbow wings and take off, and everyone will gasp with admiration ...

Now about me: I'm no different from you. Perhaps, from some only by the amplitude of fluctuations of the size range: at least 56 kg, the 44th domestic size or 36th Europe is in August-December, the maximum is 90 kg (once even exactly 101 was - I’m not lying, there is a film on television shot just at this sultry time) and, accordingly, the size 58 on the belly does not converge. This is in March - April. The rest of the time - demi-season: I keep two wardrobes - 46 and 56 sizes. At first, the clothes start to be big, then I fit with a bang into the one that is small, and by the fall it fits. These races are not a natural gift, if I do not take care of myself in the spring and summer - I still go through the whole year in a kolobok - my height is 156 - Napoleonic.

I can lose weight. I didn’t know how to keep one thing. Each time, again gaining weight, I exclaimed with pathos: “Oh, why there are so many temptations in the world. "And she took out her" big "wardrobe from the locker.

The problem of keeping the weight at the right level has puzzled me for a long time. Now it’s even strange for me that I couldn’t figure out how to do it for so long, because the decision lay on the surface. And the first hints on the necessary actions were made a year before - in the book "Here's a fulcrum, or OXYUMORon".

And finally, in early 2005, I fell off the couch screaming: EUREKA.

Of course, the first thing I did was experience it myself. The results were more than convincing - 8 kg in three weeks, cheerfulness and a sense of humor at a height, I want to enjoy life, but for some reason I don't eat.

But it's not even a matter of kilograms - I was completely shocked by some factors that I did not even anticipate: unlike all the diets I tried, this time I never had a feeling of hunger, there was no irritation, there was no worries about the inability to eat something that you wanted at the moment. That is, there was no diet as such!

I ate everything - day and night, and in any combination, regardless of calories and points. And she was losing kilograms, centimeters, dimensions!

And I gained only pluses - my self-esteem jumped up - I became literally proud of myself!

And so, after a little reflection, I decided on an experiment: to gain back these 8 kg and perform a demonstration feat, connecting everyone who wants to build with me to it! And for the first time in my life I DIDN'T GET A COOL! I almost went broke on delicacies, I tried to cram my favorite delicacies into myself, but I didn't want them!

“I propose to hold the World Interactive Slimness Marathon! Join my annual weight loss program. This is especially true for those whose weight exceeds the difference “height — 100 = weight” by more than 15 kg, but the results will, of course, be for everyone. Those who want to lose 5-8 kg will do it in 2-3 weeks without straining. No pills and dietary supplements, no Magic Pants and electric shakes are used. To complete the program, you only need trousers of the desired size and an unlimited sense of humor. Participation is free, all materials are available. "

I posted such an ad on the Internet, and within a week I had 1,500 participants, and in general, more than 3,000 registered participants completed the program in three months, and no one knows how many there actually were.

I want to say right away - THIS IS NOT A DIET!

Don't look for a grocery list, calorie counter, or any kind of restriction here! We don't have that. This is one hundred percent game psycho training, my author's development, which, by a lucky coincidence, turned out to be very effective and gives excellent results, as you can see by reading the notes of our participants. There will certainly be nutritional recommendations, but they are for those who want a quick and lasting result, or have problems with skin, hair, nails. And for those who have health problems ranging from a banal headache, painful PMS to serious diagnoses.

The program is absolutely free, there are no products such as dietary supplements, Kremlin secret materials, and there are no Magic Pants here either.

PThe program will allow you to save significant money, which you can safely spend on buying new clothes, because in a couple of weeks you will leave your current one irrevocably.

Do not try to speed up the promotion - you will begin to lose weight already on the third or fourth day, provided that all tasks are completed.

There are no jokes in this program - everything is absolutely serious here, and if you come across the phrase: "Knock your heel on the battery", it means that you need really banging your heel, but, of course, not necessarily the battery!

Do not try to get to a water (dayX) day as soon as possible. There are already a lot of people in a hurry who had to start the program all over again - and all because of haste. Don't worry - you are now in good hands and you will be slim! and slim! - with us, men grow slim easily! (For men in 2017 there will be a special book for men!)

Don't look for a familiar system or signs of any diets you know — they aren't here. Just trust with joy - and you will succeed!

Everything else is described in sufficient detail in the topic "DAY ONE"

For those who still stubbornly want to find a list of products here: IT IS NOT HERE.

The dynamics of nutrition is recommended as follows - 10-14 days on a regular diet, what you are used to eating - without restrictions. During this period, weight loss is from 3 to 7 kg.

Then - as needed - a water day.

This is not a fasting day - you will not lose weight on it.

This is to go to the cleaning program.

Further - porridge-malasha - three days.

Then there is a gradual selection of various products, first vegetables and fruits, then fish and meat.

Who does not need to lose weight, but only to clean up - on such a program, they will lose two or three kilograms.

Those who have a lot of weight - in two months - 15-22 kg, as shown by the results of the participants.

For the gifted I will repeat once again: THIS IS NOT A DIET. HERE YOU CAN LOSE EXCESS WEIGHT WITHOUT GOING TO THE CLEANING PROGRAM - read the diaries - everything is there.

Baked salmon recipe for March 8

No celebration today can do without such a noble and very healthy fish like salmon. Any dish with its use a priori turns out to be festive, even if there is nothing in the dish besides fish.If on March 8 you really want to pamper your guests not just with the traditional interpretation of salmon, but with a more original version, then this culinary idea can be adopted. It would seem that what kind of recipes have not already been invented with salmon. But this recipe for March 8 will definitely surprise you with its appearance, will delight you with its taste and captivating aroma. Well, the most important thing is that you can cook fish in a double boiler, so it will be possible to allocate time to prepare the rest of the holiday details. To cook fish for March 8 according to this recipe, you need the following products:

  • 4 medium salmon slices
  • 300 g broccoli
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon cane sugar
  • ½ teaspoon each oregano, basil and rosemary
  • a few sprigs of parsley
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • half a lemon.

The cooking process should begin with the preparation of the ingredients. First you need to take the fish, rinse it under water and dry it a little with a napkin. Rinse and dry the cabbage too. Place the broccoli fish on a parchment-lined baking sheet. At this time, mix melted butter with sugar, garlic and herbs in a bowl. Pour the resulting sauce over the fish and broccoli. Squeeze lemon juice on top, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Place a baking sheet with food in the combi steamer at 200 degrees and bake the dish for 15 minutes. As soon as the dish is ready, transfer it to plates, garnish with herbs and lemon slices.

Cod sous vide with vegetables: recipe for March 8

If someone did not know before, then cooking food using the sous-vide technique means processing food in a plastic bag with evacuated air. With this preparation, the products are as juicy as possible, have a rich taste and retain all the nutrients. Therefore, if on March 8 you want to cook not just an original dish, but also a very healthy one, then this recipe will be worth the effort spent on cooking. Guests will be delighted with the new spectrum of flavors obtained with a serving of such a dish. To prepare a festive dish, you need to buy the following ingredients:

  • 4 things. cod fillet
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • half lemon
  • 6 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and black pepper
  • 1 PC. zucchini
  • thyme and green onion
  • 1 PC. bell pepper
  • 200 g tomatoes
  • 1 PC. red onion
  • 1 tablespoon wine vinegar

Put the combi steamer on heating up to 55 degrees in sous-vide mode. Take the fish, peel it, wash it and send it to a vacuum bag. Add half the olive oil, garlic and herbs to the fish. Season the fish with salt and pepper, squeeze the juice from half of the lemon. Seal the grocery bag and massage it a little in your hands. Send the fish to a double boiler and leave there for 15 minutes. While the dish is cooking, cook the vegetables. Cut them into small, even cubes. Fold into a container, add vinegar and oil. Season with salt and pepper, mix everything thoroughly. Put the fish in presentation plates on a pillow pre-formed from vegetables, garnish with lemon slices and serve.

Fancy stuffed peppers: recipe for March 8

Stuffed peppers are a frequent guest on the festive table in any family. However, such a tasty dish has already become boring to many, and it does not always look festive. To correct this annoying omission, he proposes to prepare an unusual variation of such a familiar dish on March 8. This March 8 recipe uses bacon and cream cheese instead of the traditional minced meat. This combination can diversify the festive table, make it more original and solemn. The cooking technology of such a dish differs little from the standard one. Well, to embody the dish on your table, you will need to pre-purchase the following ingredients:

  • 4 strips of bacon (smoked)
  • 150 g cream cheese
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • a couple of green onion feathers
  • 4 things. bell peppers
  • 100 ml chili sauce
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 100 g parmesan
  • salt to taste.

Rinse the pepper under water, cut lengthwise and peel off the insides. Cut the bacon into small cubes on a board, chop the garlic and finely chop the green onion. Transfer the chopped ingredients to a bowl, add the cream cheese and mix well. Fill the halves of the peppers with the resulting mass. Put the food on a baking sheet, season with salt and sprinkle with Parmesan. Send the dish to bake in a combi steamer at a temperature of 185 degrees and leave there for 15 minutes. At this time, mix the suck and vinegar in a bowl. Transfer the finished peppers to a plate, pour a little on top with a mixture of sauce and vinegar.

Not sure what to cook for March 8th? This video will tell you another bold idea. Leave your comments and suggestions for the article.

Chum salmon in brine

Almost every family knows how to salt chum salmon at home in brine - this cooking method has been traditional for Russia for more than a century. The brine allows you to better control the softness and the degree of salting of the product, depending on the desired result.

Chum salmon in brine will require

  • a kilogram of prepared chum salmon fillet
  • four tablespoons of salt
  • ground black pepper, allspice peas to taste
  • two tablespoons of chopped bay leaves
  • water.


  • fillet is prepared without scales, but not separated from the skin
  • half a liter — a liter of water is brought to a boil in a small saucepan
  • spices (bay leaf, ground pepper and peas) are added to boiling water, mixed, boiled over low heat for five to seven minutes
  • the prepared brine is cooled naturally to room temperature
  • the prepared fillet is placed in a large container - preferably glass or enamel, an unprotected iron surface can convey a metallic taste to the dish. In a container, fillet is poured with ready-made brine at room temperature
  • the container is covered with a lid and placed in the refrigerator (medium or vegetable compartment) for a period of 10-15 hours
  • the finished fish can be separated from the skin, cut into slices and served.

  • 2 fresh frozen mackerels (800 g)
  • 1 kilogram of potatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • ground pepper
  • salt
  • a pair of bay leaves
  • vegetable oil
  • parsley

There is a category of dishes that, after preliminary preparations, all you have to do is put on the fire and wait for the finished delicacy along with the side dish. This is how the fish baked in the oven with potatoes is made in a home-style way.

At the same time, the type of fish used for baking does not really matter: noble red or relatively inexpensive white, river or sea. True, it is advisable to use fish fillets, since removing bones from a finished fish will not be an easy task.

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