How to save a fir?

How to save a fir?

Question: how to save a fir?

Hi, I'm Luigi,

I bought a fir tree in a nursery, because I would like to plant it in my garden, but once I removed the net under the roots I realized that the large roots have all been cut, and only a few capillaries are present.

what can i do to be able to save the tree?

thank you very much


Answer: how to save a fir?

Hello Luigi and thank you for turning to the questions and answers section of our website, the site of those who love greenery.

Let's start the answer right away by telling you that from the description you provided there is nothing particularly strange about the fir you bought in the nursery. The large roots of plants are not important at the level of their survival and at the level of the acquisition of nutrients from the soil ... to be clear, the large roots of plants are not used to absorb the nourishment of the soil. We must not think that the larger the roots, the more they are able to assimilate water and nutrients from the soil but we must always remember that the larger roots have a mainly support function for the plant and are used to take root in the soil and increase the stability of the plant.

The roots that allow the intake of water and nutrients from the soil are the smallest ones, the so-called "rootlets", the finest and thinnest roots able to slip into the micropores of the soil and assimilate everything necessary for sustenance from it. of the plant. It is these roots that must be saved during an explant operation and it is to these roots that I must devote more attention.

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The mycorrhizal symbiosis

The rootlets are also the area of ​​the plant where mycorrhizae develop, a very important symbiosis between the plant and the fungi that allow both to obtain important advantages. The root through the fungus is able to assimilate and extrapolate from the soil more nutrients while the fungus, thanks to the root, obtains water and sugars in a direct and simple way. These symbioses, very important in terms of plant survival, however, occur in the smallest areas and in the parts of the plant that have smaller dimensions. We must therefore always remember not to cut and to preserve the rootlets and the fine roots of the plant as much as possible if we want to save it and facilitate its taking root.

Plant a fir red

Let's go back to our friend Luigi's spruce. As you will have understood from the previous lines there is no spruce to save because the situation is quite common. However, we recommend planting the tree and waiting for it to emit new roots in spring from those cut during the explanting operations. Very important in this case is the choice of the place where we decide to plant the spruce. A plant with a superficial and bundled root system like this must always be planted away from avenues, low walls, roads and buildings of any kind to prevent it from ruining or breaking these buildings with the growth of the roots. We also recommend in an urban environment with limited space to keep spruce away from homes or buildings.

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