Gazebo away from the neighbor

Gazebo away from the neighbor

Question: gazebo away from the neighbor

hi I would like to know before placing the wooden gazebo what should I do? I have 5.5. m of length available in the garden until when I can reach the border with the gazebo? my intention was to put a gazebo of 2.5 by 2.5

Answer: gazebo away from the neighbor

Dear Vito, thank you for writing to us and welcome to the expert column of our website. Before telling you whether or not your wooden gazebo must respect a certain distance from the neighbor, we must immediately distinguish between two situations: the gazebo without a concrete base and the gazebo with a base (and possibly also containing concrete walls).

We should also understand if his home is in a condominium, in terraced villas or solitary and bordering a road. If you have neighbors, you must make sure that your gazebo does not block the light from the neighbor and your property. The legal distance refers to article 873 of the Civil Code and provides for a distance of no less than 3 meters from buildings while if your property does not border on buildings, the gazebo can also be positioned at a shorter distance (1.5 meters from the border).

Other limitations are then provided based on the size of the gazebo; gazebos under 14 square meters must not submit a joint application while gazebos and structures over 14 square meters must have the projects required by the specific regulations.

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