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Travel to Kenya

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After dinner with Zucchero we go for a beer at Come Back in Watamu and then sleep. It is Friday, a special day and I am very excited! The purpose of my holiday in Kenya this year begins today: dedicating my time to the children of the God Our Father's Children's Home orphanage. But I will see more, my greatest emotion is to finally meet the little girl who last year I decided to "support for studies", my Jane and to finally be able to spend time with her.

After lunch, Raffaela and I with other girls from the village aboard the "tuc tuc" (Apecar used to transport people), we leave for the orphanage. The slowness of our means of transport makes it seem even more along the way; after traveling along the provincial road, at the sight of the sign, we turn and take a dirt road and after a bit of jolts and jolts we arrive at the new structure of the orphanage.

It is very large and spacious, the buildings are light blue with cartoon drawings on the walls. We will not be greeted as usual by the notes of jambojambo singer by the children who are preparing to welcome visitors to the noise of the engines, because today they are all at the sea! We are greeted by a center manager who shows us the entire structure. Finally the children have their new home!

I already know that I will never see my little Prea again, the little girl who stole my heart in 2008, now happy with her new family; but I will see many of the children I met from past years and new arrivals. Entering the rooms of the little ones we are kidnapped by those big black eyes and their sweet smiles and the little arms stretched out towards us so that we find ourselves with a baby in our arms. It is wonderful to hold them between your arms, they hold you tightly and make you feel how great their need for affection is and a tear of emotion on everyone's face is inevitable !!

The emotions are not over yet, and from a distance you can hear the noise of the lightning that is bringing the adults back after their day at the beach, still a few minutes and I will finally hug my Jane. The meeting is very exciting! When they explain who I am she too abandons herself in my arms with her eyes full of tears of joy! I am immensely happy, I would like time to stop and not start again because it would mean that sooner or later the day of my departure would arrive. I give her a small gift and we spend the whole afternoon together playing with the other girls as well. Time has flown and it's time to go back, I greet you with the promise that we would see each other again the next day. And so it will be; one more whole afternoon in the company of my Jane and all the children whose presence you fill your heart with joy!

It's Sunday and I'm not going to the center today. Zucchero organized the excursion to Robinson Island where a succulent lunch and Marafa await us. These excursions such as the Amboseli safari are also new to me. Departing from Watamu, after a journey of almost two hours, if I remember correctly, we arrive at our destination. We reach the island aboard a rowboat captained by the legendary Charon who enlivens the short journey with cheerful songs, a truly crazy guy !!!

Also in this excursion Zucchero proved to be truly unsurpassable! The place, even if rather spartan, is very nice: a restaurant all in wood, with tables set in a very nice way, and at the edges, relaxing corners furnished with soft cushions. The only drawback: mosquitoes! We take a walk to the sea and then wait for lunch. We sit at the table and the legendary Zuccherosi presents with a bottle of fresh white wine, bought by him for the occasion, which will accompany our fish-based lunch: oysters, prawns, crab, a big fish whose name I don't remember , a fresh and tasty salad, rice with a sauce made with coconut and finally fresh fruit for everyone and the delicious ginger tea !! With a "full belly" we get back in the car, towards Marafa, where we will have the opportunity to dispose of our lunch!

Marafa or Devil's Kitchen looks like a sort of great American canyon. Once arrived Zucchero entrusts us to a guide who takes us through the creeks of the rocks. A stupendous spectacle that will increase its beauty at sunset, where the different colors of the rocks will stand out better. We return to the village in the late evening.

It's Monday. Today I will spend a wonderful day: with the permission of the director of the port my little girl with me at the Aquarius. She is over the moon because she will be able to spend a day in the pool and I am even more so because I was able to fulfill a great desire and we can also spend time together, and so I will also do the following the next day, however, where her older sister and little brother will join.

Monday evening is scheduled for the evening at the Rosada in Malindi where I will go with the beautiful group of girls known at Aquarius and of course accompanied by the super crazy animator Lilly, a real "burst of energy and vitality" !!! Naturally, I am also in agreement with Zucchero, which I will find directly there. The place is lovely, a disco on the beach but made magical by the beautiful moon that shines in the blue sky !!! I don't know why but in Kenya even the most banal and obvious things always have something magical !!! There are many tourists but also many Kenyan boys; luckily with us there is Sugar who, thanks to his presence, will keep the "local flies" away from us.

Let's dance all evening, happy and carefree !!!! On Tuesday morning we will get up a little later as we have done the small hours. After lunch I will go to the orphanage to take my daughter and her brothers and we will spend a happy day in the pool in the company of the other girls who are very happy to spend time with them. I will spend the rest of my vacation at the Gof. It is difficult to think that in a few days I will have to leave my beloved children. I will miss them immensely. How will I do without their affection, their smiles, the songs we happily sang every day. Unfortunately, the departure is getting closer and closer and I have to start thinking about my days without them, miles away.

Friday afternoon I go there for the last time: it's time to say goodbye. Thanks to Mama Sussy for allowing me to spend time with Jane outside the center; I greet all the children and other Italian boys I met during this wonderful week and finally I hug my Jane tightly and I promise that I will soon come back to find her, I kiss her and immediately I get on the tuc tuc which slowly moves away. Tears slowly fall from my eyes, they make no noise but they hurt my heart so much.

The greetings are not over. Arriving in Watamu, Raffaela and I meet at Spuntinocon Zucchero, Patrizio and Alessandra for the last aperitif of the holiday and then we set off towards the Aquarius where we say goodbye. I hug strongly my Rafiki Zuccheroe I thank him for making my holiday unforgettable once again and for being as always not only a great guide but the dear and very affectionate friend of all time !! It is difficult to have to leave this extraordinary land that every time gives me strong and indelible emotions but it is even more difficult to have to detach myself from all those people who have now conquered a place in my heart !!! Seeyou soon Kenya!


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