Travel with us to Vietnam - COMPLETED

Travel with us to Vietnam - COMPLETED

Follow Allt om Trädgård to magnificent Vietnam and let yourself be captivated by the country's exotic plant life and beautiful flower gardens. January 15-25, 2014. FULLY BOOKED!

The adventure begins in Ho Chi Minh City where we get a tasteful introduction to Vietnamese cuisine during a cooking class with a professional chef. The journey continues with a soothing cruise along the Mekong River with Sa Dec as the final destination, where we visit a garden with bonsai plants. In Nam Cat Tien National Park, we go on a journey of discovery in the jungle to get close to the rainforest's unique flora and fauna. Another highlight is the boat trip on Krokodilsjön where we enjoy the bird life and the vegetation around the lake. We also visit large flower gardens, orchid plantations and local producers of tea, coffee and tropical fruits.

Facts about the trip

Date: January 15 - 25, 2014.

Price: For Everything about Garden subscribers SEK 24,850.

Regular price DKK 25,850.

Single room supplement: SEK 3,400.

All this is included

• Return flight to Ho Chi Minh City from Arlanda. Departure from Copenhagen and Gothenburg on request.

• 8 nights with part in a double room in a hotel (and cabin during a cruise) of a good standard.

• Excursions according to program including all entrance fees.

• 8 lunches and 3 dinners.

• All transportation and baggage handling in Vietnam.

• Flight taxes and security fees.

• Swedish-speaking tour guide.

Registration: Book via or call Lotus Travel 08-545 188 40.


Day 1

January 15 - SWEDEN

Departure with Finnair to Hong Kong via Helsinki. From Hong Kong we fly on with Cathay Pacific to Ho Chi Minh City. Meals and drinks are served on board.

Day 2

January 16 - HO CHI MINH

We land in the evening and are welcomed by our Swedish-speaking guide. We travel directly to our hotel and check in. Meals on board the flight. Dinner included.

Day 3

January 17 - HO CHI MINH

We start the day by visiting one local market where we get to learn about the basic ingredients of a Vietnamese meal. We return to the kitchen where we, together with a professional chef, learn more about the Vietnamese food culture and cook a meal together. Of course we eat the food we cooked for lunch. In the afternoon we spend a tour of the beautiful city. We visit the former The Presidential Palace, followed by Notre Dame Cathedral with its beautiful architecture built in the late 19th century, as well as the City Hall built by the French. We then walk in the crowds China Town and also visits the war museum. Lunch included, dinner on your own.

Trip on the Mekong River. Everything about Trädgård's editor-in-chief Viveka Ljungström accompanies the trip to Vietnam.

Day 4


After breakfast we travel to Cai Be, to experience the floating morning market where everything from food, to flowers and crafts is sold. The market is lively and colorful and the best time to visit it is in the morning when commerce is in full swing. We continue to a nearby village, known for its crafts and also get to taste exotic fruits that are grown locally. In the afternoon we go on boats to Mekong Lodge, an ecological resort located at Tienfloden. Here we see how the locals live and work, and we come just in time to see the lunch preparations that are in full swing. We board our cruise ship that will take us along Mekongfloden. We check in and enjoy a welcome drink before having our lunch on board. The journey goes from Cai be to Sa Dec via My Thuan, a quiet little town on the edge of the river. We enjoy the beautiful surroundings and make small stops along the way. Dinner is taken on board the ship. Lunch and dinner included.

Day 5

January 19 - MEKONG - SA DEC

The people along the Mekong wake up early and we eat our breakfast on board while we see how the inhabitants of Sa Dec begins its day at sunrise. Sa Dec, a city with just over 100,000 inhabitants is best known for its many greenhouse, where flowers are grown and then transported to Ho Chi Minh City for sale. Marguerite Dura's famous book "The Lover" was recorded here and we hear more about the film and about the author, who lived here for several years in his childhood. We're visiting Huynh Thuy Le Old House, Kien An Cung Pagoda and a Cao Dai temple. The special religion Cao Dai was founded in the 1920s, and has managed to unite ideas from Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Hinduism and Confucianism. We walk along the village streets and see the local farmers who grow rice and vegetables and we also visit a garden with bonsai plants. At lunchtime we return to Ho Chi Minh City by bus. The rest of the day is free for your own activities. Lunch included, dinner on your own.

Day 6


Early before breakfast we visit the lively flower market street - Ho Thi Ky here the commerce is in full swing and we see how the fresh local flowers are sold on.

After breakfast we travel about four hours north to the national park Nam Cat Tien. The park was founded in 1998 and consists of an area of ​​about 750 km2 with evergreen rainforest with its unique flora and fauna. We check in at our simple guesthouse and have lunch before we go on a journey of discovery with our guide the jungle. We are looking at 300 years old Bang Lan tree. In the afternoon we get some free time to explore the area on our own before we gather for dinner. When it gets dark, we return to the national park, where you can see different kinds of nocturnal animals such as porcupines and squirrels during the evening. Lunch and dinner included.

Photo: (c) Szefei |

Day 7

January 21 - NAM CAT TIEN - DALAT

We eat an early breakfast before our jeep drives us to Bau Sau or Crocodile Lake. Here we go on an hour trekking trip (about five km) before we board our boats that take us on a tour around the lake. In addition to crocodiles, there is also the chance to enjoy bird life and the vegetation around the lake. We continue our journey to Dalat- the city of eternal spring. Dalat is located in the central highlands and contributes to a mild and pleasant climate of 15-25 degrees all year round. Today we will also see tea and coffee plantation, with the possibility of tastings of both drinks. Lunch included, dinner on your own.

Day 8

January 22 - DALAT

We start the day with a jeep ride (about 45 minutes) to the top Langbiang mountain with a breathtaking view of the countryside. We're visiting the flower factory in Liangbiang where we among the greenhouses get to see lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums and other locally grown flowers. We then walk in byn Lat where we get to see how the locals who belong to a minority people, live their everyday lives. We get an insight into their local plantations with flowers & vegetables, hand-woven products and if we are lucky we get to taste their self-produced rice wine. After the visit to Lat, we move on to Dalat's celebrities flower garden, the park is a whole 7000 m2 and here you will find, among other things, different kinds of orchids, a variety of cacti from Africa and of course other beautiful flowers. We continue to Linhson Pagoda. The pagoda was built in 1938 and is to this day a Buddhist temple Lunch included, dinner on your own.

Photo: (c) Pargastone |

Day 9

January 23 - DALAT

In the morning we go to Robinson Hill, here we take linbanan and get a panoramic view of the city of Dalat. Below we see forests of pine & pine trees and beautiful fields filled with flowers and vegetables. After that we see the waterfall Elephant Waterfalls. The waterfall is 30 meters high and is beautifully situated among forests and caves. Nearby we also visit several local producers of flowers and tropical fruits. Then we go on to a winemaker where we also get to try Dalat wine. We also visit Anh Quynhs orchid cultivation. Lunch included, dinner on your own.

Day 10

January 24 - DALAT - HO CHI MINH

In the morning we go to the beautiful Golden Valley, a 10-hectare "artificial park" surrounded by pine trees. We soak up its nature, flowers, water and the calm atmosphere before we visit Lam Sinhs farm - known for its fine orchid cultivation. Today we take the evening flight back to Ho Chi Minh City, and then continue on home to Sweden, via Hong Kong and Helsinki. Lunch is included, other meals are served on board the flight.

Day 11

January 25 - SWEDEN

Arrival Sweden.

Registration: Book via or call Lotus Travel 08-545 188 40.

Åsa changed her life - became a teacher in Vietnam

Four years ago, she cycled as usual to the teaching job in Malmö. Today, Åsa Sarnus is speeding forward on a moped a thousand miles away. She is on her way to her job as a Swedish teacher at the UN school in the vibrant Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

By Charlotta Borelius, Published 2019-05-24 08:26

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Åsa Teodora Sarnus

Family: Roger Epworth, 52, daughter Thea, 23, Roger's children Georgia, 25, Olivia, 23, and Stuart, 17.

Do: Swedish teacher at UNIS in Hanoi.

Åsa lived for many years with her daughter in an apartment in central Malmö. It was a wonderful time, but Åsa had a longing for the world.

- I have always wanted to experience new countries and meet new people, says Åsa. I was an exchange student in Egypt in the 80's and lived in Australia for six months in 2001. Now that my daughter has grown up, I felt that I had the opportunity to go out into the world again.

Åsa was ready to take a job abroad already when her daughter Thea was younger, but Thea absolutely did not want to move so the plans were put on the shelf. Today, Thea has turned 23 and lives in the apartment in Malmö.

Åsa found the job in Hanoi on the National Agency for Education's page for jobs abroad.

- When I got the job, I was very happy and started googling in Hanoi and Vietnam. But there were only videos about the crazy traffic so I stopped googling and thought that it should go as it goes, says Åsa and laughs.

No, Åsa did not know what awaited her on the other side of the earth. Fortunately, the stay began with an introductory program for new teachers. The school helped with everything - they fixed telephone subscriptions, bank accounts and brokers. In addition, lessons were arranged in Vietnamese and exciting excursions.

- We were 30 new teachers that year and many quickly became my friends, yes we were almost like a family, says Åsa. We kept in close contact and met and celebrated holidays such as Thanksgiving, Diwali (an Indian candle party), Yom Kippur and of course Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.

As a Swede, Åsa feels proud in Hanoi. Sweden has a long and warm cooperation with Vietnam. A Swedish school was started in Hanoi as early as 1983. When the UN increased its activities in Hanoi, it sought cooperation with the Swedish school to solve the school issue for its seconded staff. The collaboration eventually led to the formation of UNIS, UN international school, ie Åsa's current workplace.

Åsa not only made new friends in Hanoi. After being in her new homeland for three months, she met Roger Epworth at a Bia Hoi (a beer bar). They had mutual friends and Åsa fell head over heels for the fun and caring Australian.

- It was love right away and six months later we moved in together. Imagine that the perfect man existed after all. And that I found him on the other side of the globe! We are so similar and like the same things. We travel, laugh and have fun together, says Åsa and looks newly in love.

It is certainly not everyone's privilege to find true love in their 50s and Åsa feels very lucky.

Roger works at the Royal Melbourne Institute and Technology in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and is a professor of business and marketing. Roger has a very special background which has made him the positive and life-affirming man he is.

- In 1974, when Roger was nine years old, he was involved in the cyclone Tracy, which devastated the entire city of Darwin in Australia, says Åsa. His family lost everything and were evacuated to Sydney. A year later, his father died of a lightning strike. All of this has shaped him to take full advantage of every day.

Åsa believes that it has also made her do the same, something she was not so good at before. It really shines on Åsa and Roger. You see how much they mean to each other. The couple rents together a large, modern house in Hanoi. The houses here often have many floors. In the middle of the house there is a wonderful fish pond with two beautiful fish.

Dangerous air

They have no definite plans for the future - more than to be together. Åsa thinks about a few more years in Hanoi. She loves the city and the people.

- Vietnamese have a straightforward appearance and say what they think and feel without it being considered rude. At the same time, they have a wonderful attitude that everything resolves and they have big hearts. In addition, it is cheap to live here in Hanoi and I can treat myself to things like massage and other things that get me in a good mood, says Åsa.

But there are also dark clouds in the sky. The morning we meet Åsa, it is dangerous air in Hanoi and the school children have not been allowed to go out. Every day, the air quality is checked by staff at the school.

- But most people in Hanoi do not know this at all but live their lives just as usual. We westerners have air purifiers both at work and at home. I'm really worried about climate change. I have traveled a lot in my life, but it is not sustainable and I have to change my lifestyle.

Åsa and Roger have talked about living half the year in Sweden and half the year in Australia in the future. But they want to avoid flying as much as possible in the future, so now it may not be so.

- We probably want to find housing that is good for the environment. We want a garden where we can grow vegetables and live a simple life.

Where on earth this accommodation will be located, is written in the stars. But clearly it will be a new chapter in Åsa's varied life.

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