Checklist of the birds of the Molentargius system (Sardinia, Italy) 1850-2010 - Pacini Editore

Checklist of the birds of the Molentargius system (Sardinia, Italy) 1850-2010 - Pacini Editore

Book review:

Molentargius System Bird Checklist
(Sardinia, Italy)

by Helmar Schenk

with photographs by: Filippo Melise Stefano Perra


: Bird Checklist of the Molentargius system (Sardinia, Italy) 1850-2010


: Helmar Schenk


: Filippo Melis, Stefano Perra


: Pacini Editore


: Molentargius-Saline Refionale Natural Park

Publication date

: 2012

Number of pages

: 95


: Undefined

Type of paper used

: recycled or ecological paper is not used


: the book is richly illustrated

Bird Checklist of the Molentargius system (Sardinia, Italy) 1850-2010is a rich illustrated manual of the avifauna of the area of ​​the Molentargius-Saline Regional Natural Park (Cagliari, Sardinia) and of the area overlooking the Poetto (for a depth of 2 km) and the Terramini pond, for a total area of ​​3,350 ha of which 1,500 pertaining to the park.

It is a vast area characterized by wetlands immersed in strongly anthropized environments where an extraordinary animal and plant biodiversity is a rare example of balance and harmony of nature.

I was positively impressed by the rediscovery of this area of ​​which I had only a superficial knowledge. Learning how Helmar Schenk had studied for many years the life, migrations, resting, wintering and nesting of many species of waterfowl and discovering how many and which there were ... well it was surprising. It was also nice to learn that thanks to his work in 1977 the international value (Ramsar Convention) of the wet area of ​​Molentargius was recognized.

The book can be defined as an annotated list of the park's avifauna, complete with all species of resident and non-resident birds, which in some way have to do with this wetland. As many as 20 orders of birds have been observed and cataloged: from the extraordinary pink flamingo, sedentary, perhaps the most conspicuous pervia of its coloring; to the shinbone, a small regular migrant; to the very funny cattle egret that loves to rest on the back of our sheep.

The monitoring carried out by Schenk is truly extraordinary: a life dedicated to this biodiversity with which he was in love. Love that emerges from the punctuality and accuracy of the data reported.

This cataloging of the avifauna present in 3,350 hectares has allowed us and will allow us in the future to have a different approach with all the zoological heritage of Sardinia, with its so complex habitats and will allow us to understand more deeply all the biodiversity we are surrounded by.

Some would say: unfortunately Mr. Schenk is not with us today and therefore cannot see how his work has been appreciated with this publication as the book comes out posthumously. Well, I disagree. I don't know where Mr. Helmarma I like to believe that he observes us and is pleased with how those who have known him (and not only) recognize the authoritativeness of his work. Congratulations Mr. Helmar: Great work.

A particular appreciation I must also address to the photographers Filippo Melis and Stefano Serra who have given us some surprising scenarios, with truly breathtaking photos ... take a look and tell me if you do not agree with me!

For those wishing to have information on how to get the book, contact the Molentargius Park Authority.

Dr. M. G. Davoli

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