Garden of my dreams

Garden of my dreams

What desire, fantasy, and exquisite taste can do

Guidonia, a small town on the outskirts of Rome, has many beautiful houses, but it is impossible to pass by this house indifferently. It stands out for its brightness, festivity, due to the fact that it is decorated with flowering plants all year round. As a beautiful fashionista, he constantly changes his outfit.

No, it doesn’t rebuild, but it changes its decorations: flowers, vases, pots, “invites” to visit - a snail, gnomes, a fairy. In terms of architecture, the house is the most ordinary building typical of Italy. Three floors with balconies-loggias and a tiny courtyard in front of it. "Flower House", as I called it, is very similar to a house from a fairy tale. It seems that he is in the forest. This feeling is created by the centuries-old, widely spreading branches of spruce, tall pine trees and eucalyptus trees that surround it. A waterfall of spotted ivy leaves separates it from the road. Snow-white vases - swans decorate the gate. Instead of feathers, they have a beautiful shape, in the form of roses, succulent plants.

I met the owner of this "flower" house by chance, she just returned from the store with a whole box of cheerful, multi-colored "pansies". In love with flowers since childhood, she even bears a name derived from the word flower - Fiorella (fiore in Italian means flower). In her kingdom, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and done with a soul, and as a result, an impression of perfect harmony and a riot of colors is created. And Fiorella's assistants in this are an innate aesthetic taste and unlimited imagination. And, of course, a great desire to create!

The house and its courtyard are divided into two parts with the help of a green wall, which made it possible for the owners to design it as a "garden" and as an open-air "salon". The role of the wall that divided the loggias of the house is played by the beautiful wisteria of a rich purple color. She sets the tone in the selection of colors for the "garden" in the left half of the house. Drawers of various shapes, vases, hanging pots, made of terracotta clay, add extraordinary comfort and warmth to the house. They are placed at different levels, and the flowers planted in them create the impression of a beautiful multi-colored carpet woven from white-violet and yellow colors. These are balsams, pelargoniums, curly geraniums. The traditional national symbols of worship of the forces of nature, the moon, the sun, on which the life of Italian families engaged in agriculture previously depended so much, have not been forgotten either.

Hanging vases, the so-called "basketball", look very decorative, they are decorated with petunia hats

The first floor of the house serves as a garage, so the courtyard is tiled. Due to the lack of soil there, "mobile" thematic potted gardens were created. They were inhabited mainly by cacti and succulent crops, which thrive in the humid Italian climate. They have a variety of beautiful shapes. These plants are not very demanding on care, they are resistant to many diseases, they can withstand low temperatures without damaging the stems. In addition, they bloom with delicate flowers in winter, while their luxurious sisters rest.

Each "garden" in pots is lined with beautiful stones to clearly define its border. And although stones can now be purchased in every major flower shop, here almost all of them were brought from walks in the mountains. The austere fans and thorny arrows of yucca palms took on an unusual appearance when they were decorated with cascades of seasonal flowers. For example, in spring it is geranium, in summer it is petunia, in winter it is succulent crops. A fountain was installed in the "garden", so typical for the courtyards of the Mediterranean. Mobile kindergartens in vases allow the hostess to often change their compositions, themes, and accommodate new residents - decorative animals. And plants that are afraid of low temperatures can be brought into the shelter for the winter.

Through the lattice door in the green wall, which acts as a vestibule in front of the front door to the house, one can get into the open-air "salon". Here, first of all, there is a different color scale, in it there are more warm, orange - red shades. A cozy shop almost hides under a high dracaena, inviting you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day. And flower vases made in the shape of baskets, so beloved by Italians, only made of ceramics, are always filled with beautiful flowers. They can hold two flower pots, resulting in the impression of a basket filled with flowers. In the autumn and winter period, there are beautiful cyclamens of the Latinia series, which bloom very early - in August-September and bloom for three, three and a half months. In early spring, vases were decorated with camellias, perfect in beauty and shape of their flowers. Multi-tiered vases help to solve the problem of lack of land, they look great, almost like fountains, only instead of water there are cascades of petunias, and in winter they were replaced by “pansies”.

Near the gate, agave decoratively bends fleshy, long and sword-sharp leaves, covered with thorns along the edges. She decorates the courtyard and at the same time, according to popular beliefs, protects her owners from the evil eye and malevolent guests. I watched Fiorella compose her compositions. Among two pebbles, she placed a Kalanchoe with bright flowers, literally illuminating a piece of the garden with this unpretentious plant. A couple more movements - and the flower pot became the center of a small beautiful "picture".

If you look closely at the design of the balconies of this house, you can clearly see that all the necessary plants were used there, both low and ampelous; the color scale of all plants is also taken into account, and all this is done with imagination and taste. This season Fiorella started growing vegetables and garden strawberries in containers, we have already tried the first juicy berries grown there. Of course, it is quite difficult to keep the house constantly blooming, especially during the hot summer period. Plants planted in pots require two daily watering. Plants grown in containers in such a small space also need more intensive maintenance. Therefore, Fiorella gives them special fertilizers every week: for flowering plants and for ornamental greens. This house especially attracts me also because I dream someday, replacing some southern plants with conifers that grow in my homeland, to create my own, similar to this, "garden of my dreams"!

Elena Kulishenko, Italy, specially for "Flora Price"

Project "Kindergarten of my dreams"

Elena Badaeva
Project "Kindergarten of my dreams"

One of the most important tasks of the educational work of preschool institutions is the formation and development of the aesthetic ideal, aesthetic perception and aesthetic taste in children. Organization plays an essential role in the aesthetic education of a child. children's life - cleanliness, order, beauty, where everything is proportioned, consistent in color, shape, size, etc. Every year in our preschool institution contests for the developing environment of the group are held, children's design - playgrounds, design - territories among teachers. Adults and children MADOU "Kindergarten number 11 "Horseshoe" looking forward to the winter cold and the first snow. To make winter walks more productive and useful, according to the tradition that has developed over many years, the teachers of the institution and the children are building snow towns. To create the aesthetic environment of an educational institution, it became necessary to write the project «Kindergarten of my dreams» improvement of territories and creation of an aesthetic environment of an educational institution that mobilize the creative potential of teachers and parents

Statement and justification of the problem

In the territory children's the child spends a lot of time in kindergarten. The kind of children we bring up will depend on how well-groomed, beautiful, reasonably planned, periodically updated, combining admiring the gifts of nature with the solution of issues of environmental, moral, physical, aesthetic education. Site registration children's kindergarten gives our pupils the opportunity to observe, research, conduct experiments, work, and then in theatrical, musical, visual activities reflect their impressions of interaction with nature. With the help of design developments of landscaping and arrangement of the territory kindergartencreated by the participants in the entire pedagogical process, the aesthetic taste develops not only in the child, but also in teachers and parents

Relevance the project is due

the desire and need to ensure the modern quality of preschool education to create the optimal design of the territory kindergarten, 5 implementation of the full development and emotional well-being of each child, the pupils gaining experience of wide emotional and practical interaction with adults and peers in the most significant areas of life for their development. Project implemented through the organization of work on the improvement of the territory, cooperation with the parents of children attending preschool educational institutions, pupils. To date, the form of joint activities of children and adults remains effective - technology - method the projectwhich will allow us to solve these problems. Renewal of the developing environment on walking grounds to ensure better upbringing of children - teachers - parents,is based on principles: The principle of psychological comfort - the creation of an educational environment that ensures the removal of all stress-forming factors The principle of humanization - involves an appeal to the child's personality, providing conditions for learning, upbringing and development in accordance with his interests, abilities and capabilities The principle of activity - new knowledge is not introduced ready-made , and through independent "discoveries" by his children, the principle of creativity - participation in joint activities with adults - is focused on the acquisition of their own experience by children. The correctness and convenience of the location of various functional areas on the territory kindergarten.

purpose the project - aesthetic organization of the territory kindergarten.


1. To educate children about the aesthetic taste and ideas related to the design of the territory kindergarten.

2. To develop creativity, imagination, speech, logical thinking, observation in children.

3. Ensuring the safety of life and preserving the health of children through the creation of favorable conditions for walking

4. To develop curiosity, research abilities, desire to know the world around.

5. Arouse great interest in labor, research in the garden, to form ideas about the diversity of plants, their features.

6. Provide an opportunity for psychological relief and walks, acquaint with the world around, show children the possibility of creating conditions for a second life of old things


1. Ensuring the safety of life and preserving the health of children through the creation of favorable conditions for walking.

2. To orient the staff of the preschool educational institution to the organization and support project activities of families of preschoolers.

3. To form an aesthetic taste and presentation among teachers.


1. To involve parents in the design work for the improvement of the territory kindergarten.

2. To increase the level of knowledge of parents in matters of aesthetic culture.

3. To activate joint family child-adult creative activity.

4. To intensify the participation of parents and children in the design of the spatial environment, to increase their interest, to promote a positive attitude towards cooperation

Expected results the project:

Creation of a beautifully designed plot on the territory kindergarten.

Organization of mini-zones on the territory kindergarten.

Creation of a creative atmosphere in the work of teachers, ensuring a comfortable stay and emotional well-being of children, parents and employees.

Disclosure and development of individual creative potential, aesthetic taste of all participants in the pedagogical process.

Expansion of consciousness and horizons

Problem: How to transform a group's walking area with the least damage to the environment and with the greatest benefit for the children?

Material: at the choice of the participants the project.

Presentation location: music hall kindergarten.

Presentation form: participation in the competition projects for the best design of the group's walking area kindergarten layout view (sketch, plan, etc.)

• Involvement of pupils' parents in an active ecological educational space kindergarten.

• Identification of interesting ideas for the modernization of the design of the territory kindergarten.

A long-term plan of work on project

«Kindergarten of my dreams»

Date Name of the event Objectives of the event Form and venue

1st week Family creative project as a form of involving the parents of pupils in the ecological educational space kindergarten... Orient the teaching staff to organize and support project the activities of the families of pupils kindergarten... Pedagogical hour "Round table"

Creation of an initiative creative leadership group project Provide parents and children with advice in working on family projects according to the design of the group's walking area. Develop the application form for the competition and the criteria for the competition, as well as the relevant documentation Consultation, development "Memos"providing the necessary literature (if possible)

Family creative competition announcement projects for the best ecological design of the group's walking area «Kindergarten of my dreams» To draw the attention of parents to the problems of environmental safety of children staying in open walking areas. Promote joint family child-adult creative activity. Identify interesting ideas for modernizing the design of the territory children's kindergarten Colorful announcement for all age groups and at the main entrance to the preschool

2nd week Monitoring the response of parents to participation in the competition «Kindergarten of my dreams» Reveal the attitude of the pupils' parents to the competition; Interviewing parents by the participants of the initiative group

3rd week Performance by family groups of creative projects for the best ecological design of walking areas Compliance of the competition with the proposed criteria Production of layouts, execution of drawings for the design of the site, modules that improve the area of ​​the site, etc.

4th week Competition (the festival) family creative projects for the best design of walking areas of groups Combine the efforts of the teaching staff and parents of pupils, aimed at transforming the territory kindergarten, ensuring the environmental safety of children and improving the design of walking areas Author's presentations (music hall kindergarten)

Rating card of participants in the competition for the best

walking area design «Kindergarten of my dreams»

No. Full name of the child Group Evaluation criteria projects Outcome

Criteria for evaluation projects

1. Variety of forms offered by the author.

2. The relevance of the proposed project solutions for full-fledged walks (conditions for observation, classes, play, creative, work activities)

3. Color solution the project.

4. Variety of used in draft materials.

5. The number of social groups that the author takes care of.

6. Original solution the project.

Application for participation in the competition

«Kindergarten of my dreams»

Who will get better if your project ___

What is it for and how it works (if a are projected any structures)___

What materials will be needed to implement your idea and where can they be found ___

Application date ___ Author's signature ___

Parent Reminder Flyer

Project Is a research task presented to children in the form of an attractive problem situation, the solution of which is associated with an independent transformation of the environment. It can be both individual and group.

A few tips to help you integrate successfully designthe activities of children in the educational process of the institution:

1. Technology designing helps to orient the child to the desire to solve emerging problems on their own.

This can be achieved in the following ways:

• Make the child an accomplice in the creative process of another person (the same as himself in age, a little older, an adult)

• Create conditions (subject environment, moral and informational support, in which the child could realize internal stimuli for development

• Teach to courageously endure failures and not be afraid of obstacles and mistakes

• Explain how important it is to respect the rights of others.

2. Give the child the opportunity to independently decide whether he will participate in the work on project.

3. Support him in his creative search and do it by giving a socio-cultural assessment of each independently performed action or the results of this action.

4. Remember that the level of tasks solved in project, should be slightly higher than the child's capabilities, so that he feels the need for help from adults (teachers, family members).

5. Engage in evaluation children's work as many people as possible. Remember that the assessment must be positive.

6. Think in advance about the criteria for evaluating the final results and announce them to the children. The criteria should be educational and understandable to the students.

IN project The national doctrine of education in the Russian Federation emphasizes that "the education system is designed to ensure ... the upbringing of patriots of Russia, citizens of a legal democratic, social state, respecting the rights and freedoms of the individual, possessing high morality and showing national and religious tolerance." Love for the Motherland is the natural basis of patriotism, which is formed from an early childhood... Therefore, the moral and patriotic education of children is one of the main tasks of our preschool educational institution.

The sense of patriotism is multifaceted in content: this is love for their native places, and pride in their people, and the feeling of their inseparability with the whole world around them, and the desire to preserve and increase the wealth of their homeland.Therefore, this work includes a whole range of tasks.:

• Raising a child's love and affection for the family, home, kindergarten, native street, city (village)

• Formation of respect for native nature and all living things

• Fostering respect for people's work development of interest in Russian traditions and crafts

• Formation of basic knowledge about human rights

• Expansion of ideas about Russia, its capital

Acquaintance of children with the symbols of the state: coat of arms, flag, anthem

• Developing a sense of responsibility and pride in the achievements of the Motherland

• Formation of a sense of respect and sympathy for other people, nations, their traditions.

These tasks are solved in all types children's activities: in the classroom, in games, at work, at home, etc., because it brings up a childnke a patriot his whole life: in kindergarten and at home, his relationship with adults and peers.

The development of feelings lies at the heart of moral and patriotic education.

“Nothing, not our words, not our thoughts, not even our actions, so clearly and truly express ourselves and our relationship to the world as our feelings ...”, wrote KD Ushinsky.

A special group is made up of moral feelings.

Moral feelings develop in children in the process of their relationships with adults and peers.

Feeling of the Motherland ... His upbringing in a child begins with his attitude to the family,to the closest people: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather. These are the roots that connect him with his home and immediate environment.

The feeling of the Motherland is also connected with admiration for what the baby sees in front of him, what he is surprised at, and what evokes a response in his soul ... And although many impressions have not yet been deeply understood by him, but, "Passed through baby heart», they play a huge role in the formation of the personality of a patriot.

From infancy, the child hears his own speech. Each nation has its own fairy tales,and they pass on basic moral values ​​from generation to generation: kindness, friendship, mutual assistance, hard work. Thus, fairy tales, riddles, proverbs, sayings lay the foundations of love for their people, for their homeland.

Its immediate environment is of great importance for raising children's interest and love for their native land. Gradually, the child gets to know kindergarten, native street, city or village, and then with their own country, its capital and symbols.

In this way,the system and sequence of work on the moral and patriotic education of children can be represented as follows:


• Country, its capital, symbols

• Rights and responsibilities - the Constitution.

We will focus on the topic "Our Kindergarten».

On this topic, a creative project "My favorite Kindergarten»dedicated to the Anniversary of our preschool institution. The project fully meets the tasks of moral and patriotic education of preschoolers.

The main purpose projectactivity is:

• Formation in children of a spiritual and moral attitude and a sense of belonging to the family kindergarten,

In the assigned tasks, whatthe development of moral and patriotic feelings can be traced:

• expand the horizons of children through the knowledge of the cultural heritage of their people,

• foster respect for the work of employees of a preschool institution; foster respect for others, love for them

• enrich the relationship between parents and children with the experience of emotionally rich communication

• evoke an emotionally positive response in children and adults,

• to interest each child in the topic the project

• maintain a steady interest in the problem

• improve the level of accumulated practical skills,

• activate the speech of children, expand and enrich their vocabulary,

• develop creative imagination and imagination.

By the participants project are: children of the preparatory group and their parents, educators of the group, music director, employees kindergarten.

Preliminary work done:

• guided tours of the premises children's garden in order to get acquainted with the work of employees kindergarten,

• a walk along Pushkin Street in order to obtain a geographical representation (address kindergarten, its location in relation to other objects,

• walks around the territory children's institution, examination of green spaces on sites, equipment,

• visit to the mini - museum "Izba" in order to get acquainted with Russian folk life,

• viewing photos of the first graduates,

• memorizing poetry, ditties, learning songs, dances in the style of Russian folklore.

Parents took an active part

• acquired attributes to decorate the band and the music hall,

• selected photos of graduates to create an album “My family and friends are graduates kindergarten»,

• assigned roles and responsibilities in holding a festive event,

• together with the children made crafts, toys as a gift kindergarten,

• organized a tea party with the children,

• purchased gifts for children.

The project took place in stages.

At the 1st stage projectactivity was formulated a problem:

• how you can organize the celebration of the anniversary kindergarten?

Planned the activities of children, parents, employees.

Stage 2 the projectchildren engaged in practical activities:

• with great imagination, the children made a building out of building material «Kindergarten in the future»

• in manual labor lessons, we made gifts for employees "Cheburashka" (thread applique)

did our best in drawing lessons: In an unconventional way, we made invitation cards for parents for a holiday, drawings on the topic "My favorite Kindergarten»

• desire to make applications "My favorite toys"using different materials (fur, cardboard, fabric, etc.) every

• created a stand from the best works "My favorite Kindergarten»

• compiled creative stories in writing mode and, at the suggestion of the children, designed the book "I love my Kindergarten»

• organized an exhibition of handicrafts "With your own hands as a gift kindergarten», with pride the children told how they and their parents did the job

• designed a stand with photographs "Where we were, we will not say, but what we did we will show", which captured the moments of excursions around kindergarten, congratulations to employees on the Anniversary

Open lesson "City of my dreams" Educational areas: "Social - communicative development" "Cognitive development" "Speech development" "Artistic and aesthetic.

"My dream city!" (photo sketch) My dream has finally come true! This summer I visited St. Petersburg. There were unforgettable impressions from visiting museums and historical ones.

Children's creative research project "In the circle of my family" Relevance of the problem The family is central to the upbringing of a child, plays a major role in the formation of the worldview, moral.

Photo report "The boat of my dreams!" A boat of my dream competition has been announced in our garden, and my children and I decided to make an applique out of fabric. My children are small, and therefore all.

Photo report of the creation of the layout "Kindergarten of my dreams". On September 11, we all celebrated an important event in our garden - the birthday of our garden. He turned 9 years old. We celebrate in different ways every year.

Site of my dreams (junior group) Photo report "Site of my dreams" in the junior group "Kolobok". Educator Novikova Viktoria Yurievna A walk in the kindergarten is an important stage.

The project "District of my dreams" for the senior group of kindergarten Relevance: The feeling of the Motherland begins with admiration for what the child sees in front of him, what he is surprised at, what causes a response in him.

Wall newspaper "Kindergarten of my dreams" Here is a large and bright house, the windows in it shine brightly. In the morning we are here together with my mother. What's this? What's this? Nobody here will know. This is ours.

Essay "The Shore of My Dreams" In ancient Russia, children were called "grains". This had a deep meaning. In order for a seed to germinate, to give good shoots, it must be carefully looked after.

Essay "The Profession of My Dreams" I have always been attracted to work with preschoolers. This is the most grateful age when the closest is established between a child and an adult.

The garden of my dreams. DIY beauty

When you say the word "garden" - beautiful trees and flowers immediately appear before your eyes. Yes, flowers are obligatory, because what a garden is without flowers.

But we had no flowers.
Our garden, like the house, is very, very old, there were very old apple trees, cherries, currant bushes, raspberries ... but there were no beds with cheerful bright flowers in it.

And now - hands have reached! Since we had renovated the house, we decided to take care of the garden.

Rest area in front of the house

So, let's begin. We started by removing and uprooting old trees and shrubs.

Our garden

When our grandmother was alive, the whole plot was planted with potatoes, and of course, the beds, beds ... like everything before, they planted vegetables, and almost no flowers were planted at all, only peonies, daffodils and asters. So we had to start all over again.

Of course, we had no experience in this, we had to read and learn a lot. Many, of course, made mistakes, well, as without them. We started to make our garden from the gate. We are very lucky that my husband has golden hands, and we do everything ourselves. This is great happiness. They began to make paths, flower beds.

Flower bed

We decided to decorate the entrance area with flower beds and garden figures.

Entrance area

DIY path

For many years I have been buying various decorative bushes and flowers.

We bought new apple trees, currants, raspberries, but decided to update the cherries. The trees were very large, we cut them to a height of 1 m 20 cm. Of course, we were two years without cherries, but we reaped so much in the third year. Now we do not let the cherry grow high, we follow it, and there are always a lot of berries on it.

I really dreamed of planting roses, but many friends told me: "Oh, it's so difficult with them, they get sick, they freeze in winter." But I said to myself, until I try it myself, I will not calm down.

My pride

And so I started buying roses. And what can I tell you ... these are just gorgeous flowers, and it is not at all difficult to care for them. But when they bloom, it's just an explosion in an area from such beauty.

For the sake of this beauty, you forget all the hassle of caring for them!

Our beauties

And what a smell! Divine!

Now we are surrounded by roses of various varieties and colors!

Blooming and fragrance begins in spring.

Ornamental shrubs

Handsome peonies

Gentle spirea

And again roses.

I love roses. But my favorite flowers are lilies. But I'll tell you about them another time!

If you don't have flowers on your site, be sure to plant them! You will see how much joy these delicate and infinitely beautiful plants will bring you! Everyone loves their colors, their fragrances, but there are so many flowers on Earth!

How to draw on the theme of the Kindergarten of my dreams with paints, pencils?

How to draw my dream kindergarten with my child in stages for the competition? Photo with step by step description or video master class.

Drawing on the theme of the Kindergarten of my dreams with pencils or paints is very interesting, especially if a child helps you. More precisely, you direct the child to develop his personality with the help of creativity.

First, talk to the child, what kind of kindergarten in his fantasy. My oldest daughter is already attending school, but she enthusiastically joined the drawing process. I remembered children's fairy tales and based on them I came up with a whole children's city, where the kindergarten is a green oak with a gold chain, a mermaid and a cat. Children's plots with characters from fairy tales. The nursery group has a kolobok, Masha and Misha, a turnip. Older children have geese-swans, and characters from Aibolit. And a very senior group: teenage mutant ninja turtles for boys and ponies with princesses for girls. You can list it endlessly :) but the meaning, I think, is clear to you.

Here are some children's drawings on the theme of my dream kindergarten.

Wall newspaper "Kindergarten of my dreams"

Olesya Pushkarskaya
Wall newspaper "Kindergarten of my dreams"

Here is a big and bright house,

This is our Kindergarten,

Kindergarten "DOMASHKA" is located in the center of the Volodarsky district of the city of Bryansk. I really want to childhood was bright and memorable for a lifetime, so we try to make the premises and areas colorful. In the summer, educators, together with parents, create the most favorable conditions for the stay of children in a preschool educational institution. See how beautiful it is!

The first thing that will attract your attention when entering the territory is the lake. Here plants, birds, fish, turtles.

There is also a vegetable garden. In our children's there are many different trees in the garden, so the garden turned out to be in the shade. We grow only unpretentious vegetables and herbs. Chefs add parsley to the first courses.

A kind and very beautiful cow Milka grazes on the green grass near the garden.

Painted barrels turned into a real family: dad, mom, son, daughter and dog. All together, and the soul is in place.

In the summer on the site, children love to "steer", dad made a car with a revolving steering wheel for two Saturdays.Children began to fantasize while playing: how they cross the road, who is giving in to whom - pedestrians or a car, disputes began to appear. The children prompted the idea that it was necessary to add "Zebra" and a traffic light - this is how the traffic rules corner appeared on the site.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet will make friends with you in the cartoon corner. They will invite you for honey to the bees, as well as visit the house of Winnie the Pooh where "outsiders B"

They used to be giraffes. But paint, twine, plastic bottles, a screwdriver and skillful hands made zebras out of them. Children are happy to collect and dry hay for them (after mowing the plots, and also play around with various plots.

The old sawn-off poplar has turned into many funny figures. Estimate - an octopus, why not handsome?

Also beautiful is the "wooden" lake with swans.

Funny cartoon characters emerged from the wheels. Meet NYUSHA and KROSH.

The heroes of the fairy tale "KOLOBOK" invite you to a tea party.

Little pink pigs will ask you to scratch behind the ear.

And the watering elephant will pour on the flowerbed to make it even more beautiful in kindergarten "CHAMOMILE"

Cozy and good in kindergarten for our children! It happens that they do not want to go home. Apples growing in our garden seem the sweetest to the neighborhood boys. Unfamiliar children bring their relatives to the territory, the latter are asked to play at least a little. Passers-by slow down, consider what is new in "DOMAIN"? We, educators, believe that this is not the limit. And we will delight everyone again and again,so everyone can say: "Yes, this is a kindergarten of my dream"!

Wall newspaper "House of My Dreams".

The project “The house in which I live. The house of my dreams "Family is happiness, love and luck, Family is summer trips to the country house, Family is a holiday, family dates, Gifts, purchases, family.

Open lesson "City of my dreams" Educational areas: "Social - communicative development" "Cognitive development" "Speech development" "Artistic and aesthetic.

"My dream city!" (photo sketch) My dream has finally come true! This summer I visited St. Petersburg. There were unforgettable impressions from visiting museums and historical ones.

Children's project "The Fountain of My Dreams" Text for the presentation of the children's mini-project "The Fountain of My Dreams" Developed by the teacher: Meleshkina K.V. The project was defended by a preparatory pupil.

Photo report "City of my Dreams" During the work in the camp, a camp event "City of My Dreams" was held. This event is also very well held at the school (like.

Open lesson on the topic: "Kindergarten of my dreams" Purpose: to form generalized ideas about buildings in children, to create a building that meets certain requirements to consolidate knowledge about.

Festive program "City of My Dreams" Artist: Hello my little and big friends! My name is Artist. And these are my friends clowns Pencil and Brush! Pencil: Hello.

Project "Kindergarten of my dreams" Project "Kindergarten of my dreams" "The beauty of the surrounding world will become a powerful source of faith in kindness" V. Sukhomlinsky "Why?" - this is for children.

Project "Magic Garden of My Dreams" Project type: creative in content - "Russian folk tales through the eyes of children" Problem: to invent and create a "Magic garden of your dreams".

Watch the video: Garden of My Dreams