Harvest day of the Romanov family

Harvest day of the Romanov family

This gazebo is not at all like many I've seen before. Usually the walls of such structures are entwined with grapes, clematis, hops, ornamental beans, and other climbing plants ...

Here, too, maiden grapes begin to curl outside, but this is only its initial stage, but inside ... The interior decoration will amaze anyone who is not yet familiar with the work of Boris Petrovich and Galina Prokopyevna Romanov. At the top right at the entrance to the gazebo, clusters of beautiful pimpled cucumbers hang down. The owners are not ripping them off yet, because they decorate this amazing structure. To the left, at the very film ceiling, on a wide board, a huge watermelon was safely paved. Several more of the same weighty watermelons and melons found a place under the ceiling in the center of the gazebo. And all the space around is filled with juicy cucumber, melon and watermelon foliage ...

In fact, the film gazebo itself appeared on the site of the Romanovs near Kolpino because this family became quite famous for its amazing results of labor on the ground. So guests and delegations to the garden have become frequent in recent years. And there was nowhere to receive them - the country house is very small. Boris Petrovich had to look for a way out of this situation. And he turned out, like much that is on this site, non-standard.

So a good tradition appeared here: to hold a harvest festival in late summer or early autumn. This tradition is also born of the popularity of the family, which sometimes becomes burdensome. Too many people want to visit the Romanovs' garden: journalists from newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and representatives of gardening clubs and individual gardeners and gardeners who want to learn the secrets of this hardworking family. It turned out that it is much easier to collect everyone at once by the time when it is necessary to harvest. Let them look, study, question.

The next harvest day took place recently, on September 2. Representatives of the Union of Gardeners, the St. Petersburg House of Gardeners, journalists of gardening magazines, television workers, deputies of the local municipality arrived. As in previous seasons, there was something to look at in the beds, in greenhouses and on flower beds. Readers can judge about this by the several photographs offered on this page, although there were a lot of them taken there.

It is no coincidence that the people say: "The work of the master is afraid." Boris Petrovich and Galina Prokopyevna are just such masters. For the second year already, many gardeners are left without a crop or are content with minimal results. Cold summer, rainy weather nullify the efforts of many owners of six acres and backyard gardens. The Romanovs seem to live in a different region: they have watermelons ripening in the open field, weighty tomatoes and peppers, eggplants are poured in greenhouses, leeks, salads and other green crops are juicy green in the beds. For example, only 18 varieties of basil have been grown this season - of various colors, shapes and sizes. You can talk a lot with admiration about the affairs and successes of this family, but it would be better if the creators of the amazing site themselves tell about them. We are planning in the next issues a whole series of their stories about their experiences. Follow our magazine.

Evgeny Valentinov

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