Strawberry jam - a recipe

Strawberry jam - a recipe

Number of pots:

6 - 8 pots.

Preparation time :

15 min.

Cooking time :

30 min + 10 min.

Rest time :

2 hours or 12 hours. (time not compulsory but it allows the fruits to make juice and engulf the sugar)

Ingredients for the strawberry jam:

• Strawberries: 1kg> we use organic strawberries because they are those from our garden; )

• Cane sugar powder: 750 g

• Lemon: 1

Information: The jam rule is 1 to 1 (so 1kg of strawberries for 1kg of sugar), but I lighten the amounts of sugar, to leave more room for the fruit flavors.

Utensils needed for the jam recipe:

• A small knife (stainless steel blade).

• A salad bowl.

• A large saucepan / a stainless steel Dutch oven / copper jam basin… You don't have one, uh, neither do I.

• A wooden spatula.

• A spoon.

• Baking paper (baking paper).

• A funnel (option for potting) or a ladle.

The step by step recipe for our strawberry jam:

Fruit preparation:

• Wash the strawberries in cold water.

• Remove the tails.

• Cut half the fruit in half.

Preparation of the strawberry jam:

• Add the strawberry sugar in a bowl and mix gently but for a long time;))!

• Place a sheet of parchment paper in a (more or less) waterproof manner.

• Add the lemon juice to the strawberries and mix.

• Book at least 2 hours - 12 hours optional, it's a long time, but it's better !.

• The sugar will mix with the strawberries and their juice.

Cooking the jam:

• Put the strawberry-sugar mixture in your stainless steel pot.

• Turn on a low heat, then gradually bring the heat to high until it comes to a boil.

• Keep boiling for about 20 to 30 minutes, stirring very regularly, always with your wooden spatula.

• Skim with a spoon, be careful, it's hot!

• Check the hold of the jam. (see tip below)

• If the jam does not yet hold, keep the heat on high and test regularly ... (do not forget to put the plate back in the refrigerator between 2 tests).

• When it is perfect, stop cooking.

• Skim the jam. There should hardly be any scum left after your passage. ° /

• Give it a final high heat to boil it one last time.

• Mix!

• It's almost done ! There remains the ...

Tip: To check the good performance of the jam, take a plate that you have placed in the fridge while the fruit is cooking (20 minutes) with a spoon drop a few drops on it. The jam should set and not run when you tilt the plate.

Potting jams:

• The jars will have been carefully cleaned and sterilized.

• The advantage of the funnel is that it does not dirty the edges of the pots ... But if not by being attentive, careful, precise, it is largely doable with a ladle.

• Fill a first pot, almost to the brim.

• Close it good hot> Be careful not to burn yourself!

• Turn the pot over.

• Repeat the operation with each pot.

• If you want, just below to download the labels!

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