How to defend the flock from wolves: methods to keep them away

How to defend the flock from wolves: methods to keep them away

We have divided the article "How to defend the flock from wolves"In two articles.

In the first article we describe the wolf and its behavioral characteristics, in this one you are reading we reveal all the methods to defend your animals from wolves.

We have divided the article into two parts because we believe that it is of fundamental importance to know from whom we must defend ourselves.

Only in this way will we be able to save our flocks, our cows, our goats, our horses and all our other pets.

Current situation in Italy

The wolf has experienced a period of extreme crisis, also risking extinction in our country. The cause of that decline must be sought in extermination hunt conduct towards him starting from the papacy of Gregory III. Indeed, San Bonifazio, when he brought the Church of Rome to the Germanic countries, he was concerned with connect the Wolf with the Devil, this carnivore being considered by all Nordic populations as the dog of the god Wotan (god of death, poetry and war) and therefore made an object of worship (Casanova, Finotello, 1993).

The work of San Bonifazio is rooted in Western culture for many centuries, leading to the creation of legends, fairy tales and proverbs against the wolf. All this was accompanied by the need, on the part of breeders, who wondered how to defend the flock from wolves, to protect themselves independently from the wolf's attacks on their flocks.

All this has caused the extermination of the wolf over the centuries and, more recently, many illegal killings despite being declared a "protected species" already in 1971 with the Ministerial Decree called "Natali Decree" and subsequently reconfirmed in 1992 with the European Directive n.92 / 43 / EEC and our L.N. 157/92, concerning hunting activities throughout the national territory.

But the wolf crisis lasted until around 2006-2010, when at the time there were little more than 100 specimens throughout the Apennine arc.

Then something changed. But what? Let's try to understand this by knowing the importance of the wolf in nature.

The wolf, as a carnivore, is undoubtedly a natural breeder. If until a few decades ago wild boars, roe deer, red deer, foxes, fallow deer and many other animals did not harm our agriculture, we owe this to the wolf. With the wolf's decimation, its natural antagonists were given free rein. As the saying goes, "when the cat is not there, the mice dance". And here it is precisely the case to say it.

So above all foxes, roe deer, wild boars and deer have been able to increase their populations without anyone killing them selectively. However, when food was not enough for all the individuals who were part of it in the woods and uncultivated prairies, they had to "emigrate" in search of new food sources. The consequence of this emigration is reflected in the whole of everyone the damage these animals cause to biodiversity and agriculture, which today is already experiencing a dramatic period! The increase in foxes (the wolf's main food antagonist), for example, has caused a decrease in the number of birds and small rodents that the fox feeds on. The increase in roe deer and wild boar has caused countless damage to crops wine and fruit and vegetables (and more). Not to mention the traffic accidents.

Contrary to how it has always been thought, however, the wolf is a very adaptable animal and in the last 10 years the number of individuals has increased disproportionately present throughout the national territory. The more food available (roe and wild boar cubs, hares, etc.), the more natural it is to have offspring.

In Italy, the wolf is almost forced to prey on domestic animals because its areas of origin (the woods) are alternated with more or less large urban centers and this leads it to organize itself in herds numerically almost unsuitable for hunting wild ungulates.

If you also chose to do one selection hunt to take down some individuals, this could cause a increased predation against domestic livestock as it would break down the pack hierarchy and lead the younger wolves to reproduce unconditionally.

How to defend the flock from wolves

The conflict between wolves and breeders is truly infinite and ten articles would not be enough to talk about the most disparate cases that occur in Italy. Unfortunately, even in this sector things are done "in the Italian style": it is unthinkable to encourage the increase of wild animals potentially harmful to agriculture on a territory where we want to encourage agricultural work and breeding at the same time. Never as today, therefore, is the need to know how to defend the flock from wolves.

Coexistence with the wolf, however, is possible! But how?

One of the leading Italian wolf experts is Dr. Duccio Berzi, who has been collaborating for years with many provincial and regional bodies to defend livestock from the wolf. Putting his strategies into practice in the provinces of Florence and Pistoia, together with the Breeders Association and the administration, he has achieved fantastic results: Wolf attack damage reduced by 94%!

The main solutions were:

  • Electrified fences: nets that must be placed up to at least 1.5 m deep to prevent the wolf from digging and going under them. The height must be at least 3.5-4 meters and folded outwards on top.
  • Guardian dogs: simple dogs are not enough, but dogs specially trained to guard our flocks. It takes big and quality dogs.

ATTENTION: These are methods that only work if they are applied properly. If you want to know how to defend the flock from wolves it is therefore good to contact a Wildlife Technician, in order to achieve real and concrete results.

It is true that these interventions can represent a cost for the breeder, but it is equally true that it should be seen as a small investment aimed at avoiding even more expensive expenses in the event of a wolf attack.

Do you think the information in this article is incomplete or inaccurate? Send us a report to help us improve!

Solo VS Maremmani.


Grazing with a friend, but without my skunk (we never had a problem with mastiffs in the occasional encounter, but they wouldn't accept her to pasture with them for a day rightfully)



show! but is the use of collars with spikes always foreseen? I know it can cause some harm to the dog too, although it can save his life from an attack

on the fact of the name I also know that they wanted to put it in a single category, but that practically the shepherds I met clearly separate Maremma dog from Abruzzese (from what I understand mine is Abruzzese from some physical characteristics, fur, character more mine also has a double spur and some shepherds this is taken as an additional positive factor, although I have read that "perhaps" a better grip on the snow and a descendants of dogs with better performance at work there is nothing else .. then these things I say I do not know how true they can be



show! but is the use of collars with spikes always foreseen? I know it can cause some harm to the dog too, although it can save his life from an attack

on the fact of the name I also know that they wanted to put it in a single category, but that practically the shepherds I met clearly separate Maremma dog from Abruzzese (from what I understand mine is Abruzzese from some physical characteristics, fur, character more mine also has a double spur and some shepherds this is taken as an additional positive factor, although I have read that "perhaps" a better grip on the snow and a descendants of dogs with better performance at work there is nothing else .. then these things that I say I do not know how true they can be

yours is very very beautiful, I don't know about it but I see a lot of it and I can tell you that I like it a lot. among other things, I would really like an Abruzzese, but even if I live in the countryside I have an apartment in a small condominium and that is the only race to which you really do wrong if you do not have even a small patch of land which is why I doubt that I will never have it because I first of all look at their needs.

The one in the picture is not a "vreccale" (the collar with spikes) but a normal chain collar, you can see the vreccale in this other photo (which I did not do with my cell phone)

I had heard the speech of the prohibition but honestly I do not think I have ever found any trace of it, keep in mind that it only goes to a dog in the pack, to the one we say alpha or in any case to what the ram usually does in clashes with wolves and in photos you see here you can also notice the signs. the point is that these are dogs that really clash with wolves, not that "they could", the shepherd of a possible sanction for the ban you know how much it can interest him in comparison to the life of one of his collaborators (because that is what they are).

The shepherds I know here in Abruzzo, as well as some breeders (of working lines, absolutely not expo) do not even make the distinction Maremma / Abruzzo so much because the Maremma simply does not exist as a dog. They say it was a line they tried but that it was a kind of small copy that was ultimately not functional, but the news is fragmentary. they are rather annoyed by the diatribe and now they call it "sheep dog", but then there are some of them and some veterinarians who are trying to get the term "Abruzzese mastiff" approved by ENCI.

If you are on facebook look for the group "Abruzzese sheep dog or mastiff commonly known as the Abruzzese shepherd" which is a group in which most of the visitors are more oriented to the substance (character, functionality) of the breed and not to the appearance of a race.


You can complain or call the forest police, you do

You do not know why the flock is unattended, perhaps the shepherd is crouched not far behind a rock that is making a sudden need that escaped him, you understand that your complaints do not serve to avoid the fact that it may happen to meet a flock with dogs without the shepherd?

We can also talk about "what to do from the bureaucratic point of view if you find a flock with dogs without a shepherd", do you understand that it is something else - and that it does not help us on the merits - from "I am here with sheep and dogs and I have to pass"?

You talked about chilli and I told you mine, if we have to talk about omitted custody or bad governance of animals we can do it, but it will not increase your skills in the field as much as this CAI vademecum of the large carnivores group

Nobody wants to beware of idiotic motorists who run even when you're on the stripes, but complaining doesn't evaporate them or save our skin.



yours is very very beautiful, I don't know about it but I see a lot of it and I can tell you that I like it a lot. among other things I would really like an Abruzzese, but even if I live in the countryside I have an apartment in a small condominium and that is the only race that you really do wrong if you don't have even a small patch of land which is why I doubt that I will never have it because I first of all look at their needs.

The one in the picture is not a "vreccale" (the collar with spikes) but a normal chain collar, you can see the vreccale in this other photo (which I did not do with my cell phone)

I had heard the speech of the prohibition but honestly I do not think I have ever found any trace of it, keep in mind that it only goes to a dog in the pack, to the one we say alpha or in any case to what the ram usually does in clashes with wolves and in photos you see here you can also notice the signs. the point is that these are dogs that really clash with wolves, not that "they could", the shepherd of a possible sanction for the ban you know how much it can interest him in comparison to the life of one of his collaborators (because that is what they are).

The shepherds I know here in Abruzzo, as well as some breeders (of working lines, absolutely not expo) do not even make the distinction Maremma / Abruzzo so much because the Maremma simply does not exist as a dog. They say it was a line they tried but that it was a kind of small copy that was ultimately not functional, but the news is fragmentary. they are rather annoyed by the diatribe and now they call it "sheep dog", but then there are some of them and some veterinarians who are trying to get the term "Abruzzese mastiff" approved by ENCI.

If you are on facebook look for the group "Abruzzese sheep dog or mastiff commonly called Abruzzese shepherd" which is a group in which most of the visitors are more oriented to the substance (character, functionality) of the breed and not to the appearance of a race.

Yes, it is not exactly mine, taken by my parents from a farm that keeps them right against wolves .. I always carry it on the woods and paths behind the house I must say that when it gets home it goes dry to sleep or in the garden or in the room .. they are not apartment dogs ok, but if one is lucky enough to have time And an apartment with a garden can go .. she goes out (2 + in the evening 15 min) from 1 half - 2 hours walking more on weekends out..

but it is a commitment that I recommend to few.

because if you do not "understand" this breed that you have space or not, the damage you do to it ..

Let's say that their best is exactly to be with a flock or animals to guard ..

Things you surely know .. And I really like talking about this breed


unfortunately I too have sometimes come across the Maremma and beyond this, you must realize that I am really afraid of dogs. not of all but of those that I see a little too "lively" or "unpredictable"

however I tell some experiences that I have lived

we are in a gully to go down. practically the passage is obligatory, there are two of me and a friend of mine both quite "afraid" of dogs. there is the flock there right in front of us, I do not hide that we have been about 10 minutes talking about what to do, whether to go back to get around it, even if this would have involved an inhuman effort or try to pass. in the end we tried to go into the flock slowly, the Maremma shepherds looked at us, then luckily the shepherd arrived who waved us and we passed "almost" without fear

another time instead with a group of hikers, we ran into 2 "friendly" dogs who followed us all the way, however during the excursion our "4-legged companions" came across a flock of sheep that they had another 5 or 6 Maremmans to protect them, the various dogs got into a fight, while the shepherd (in this case I would call it badly) instead of walking away with the sheep, he came on us. we were forced to back away a lot and in the end thanks to a member of the group to remove "our" dogs and complete the excursion by making a variant and in any case going back


@ Ciccio74 I state that I do not understand much and that I did not know about these seconds / minute that the pepper spray takes to act, I just knew that it has more effect on some people than others but, in the case of use against a dog, the Should capsaicin not have a greater and, perhaps more immediate effect, since the dog's truffle is much more sensitive than the human one?

Wonder why I found this thing of the time to act of the spray very interesting, and I know very little about it.


@ Ciccio74 I state that I do not understand much and that I did not know about these seconds / minute that the pepper spray takes to act, I just knew that it has more effect on some people than others but, in the case of use against a dog, the Should capsaicin not have a greater and, perhaps more immediate effect, since the dog's truffle is much more sensitive than the human one?

Wonder why I found this thing of the time of acting of the spray very interesting, and I know very little about it.


unfortunately I too have sometimes come across the Maremma and beyond this, you must realize that I am really afraid of dogs. not of all but of those that I see a little too "lively" or "unpredictable"

however I tell some experiences that I have lived

we are in a gully to go down. practically the passage is obligatory, there are two of me and a friend of mine, both quite "afraid" of dogs. there is the flock there right in front of us, I do not hide that we have been about 10 minutes talking about what to do, whether to go back to get around it, even if this would have involved an inhuman effort or try to pass. in the end we tried to go into the flock slowly, the Maremma shepherds looked at us, then luckily the shepherd arrived who waved us and we passed "almost" without fear

another time instead with a group of hikers, we ran into 2 "friendly" dogs who followed us all the way, however during the excursion our "4-legged companions" came across a flock of sheep that they had another 5 or 6 Maremmans to protect them, the various dogs got into a fight, while the shepherd (in this case I would call it badly) instead of walking away with the sheep, he came on us. we were forced to back away a lot and in the end thanks to a member of the group to remove "our" dogs and complete the excursion by making a variant and in any case going back

they are very concrete experiences.

In the second case, the shepherd could do little about the fight between dogs (even calling them they would not have obeyed immediately or perhaps never) because the intraspecific aggressiveness of the dog is known and keep in mind that a dog unrelated to the defense pack can safely prey on a lamb so if the mastiff sees it, he perceives it - rightly - as a threat. In that case, the problem was the stray dogs that joined you and over which you had no control because they weren't yours. sad to say but it is their problem and any unconscious and foolish owners who let them wander, but from a practical point of view the mastiff does not tolerate other dogs beyond a certain distance because they are other predators, if it is a master dog and you have control over it. manages keeping it at a distance from the mastiffs, otherwise the scuffle is not automatic but almost.


you're absolutely right ciccio74 the only note I could make about the shepherd is that seeing us at least he could have avoided coming against us and maybe changing direction. also because initially he was still and as soon as he saw us he "directed" the flock and therefore the dogs towards us

then in that area those 2 wandering dogs are always free is customary, they are always there.


you're absolutely right ciccio74 the only note I could make about the shepherd is that seeing us at least he could have avoided coming against us and maybe changing direction. also because initially he was still and as soon as he saw us he "directed" the flock and therefore the dogs towards us

that then in that area those 2 wandering dogs are always free is customary, they are always there.

Yes, you are right, but shepherds are not always infallible in fact sometimes they make real messes.

last summer I was with my wife and our 10kg mestizo dog bivouacking in an unmanaged but very well maintained shelter under the Gran Sasso when I see about 50m from us a flock with shepherd and dogs descending towards the fountain which is about twenty meters behind the refuge

I cry to the shepherd to stall for a moment so I would have moved away from the side since I have a dog. he replies ok but the flock literally escapes his hand (he has no touching dogs and is on a steep slope, besides I have always seen the sheep rocket when they see water.) and in a moment he surrounds the shelter with obviously the 4 mastiffs that by genetics they are more close to the sheep than to the shepherd who tries to recall the whole crew but there is no way.

Mentds sheep and dogs were running down my mestizo was obviously on alert and I knew that this would make the mastiffs nervous (dogs are terrible when they smell the fear of a similar one) also the space was really tight and I could not walk away with her , the mastiffs came running barking so I told my wife to lock herself in the shelter with our Zoe and she did so practically in conjunction with the arrival of sheep and dogs.

I was left alone surrounded by sheep and with one of the mastiffs barking at me 30 centimeters from the ass (I was giving it more or less my side) for that half minute until the shepherd arrived out of breath and very sweaty.

He apologized, I didn't rage because everyone doesn't always have control, but I pointed out to him that that refuge is always very popular, that today everyone was fine, but if he intended to go there with the flock he had to keep this in mind. . I then also pointed out to him that grazing is fine but 100 sheep had made a pigsty there in front and there were other places to drink more suitable for grazing around there.

This is to say that I am the first to respect the work of shepherds and dogs, who - as I wrote before - who works certainly have a greater credit than a boat owner, but we all have to row in the same direction of good coexistence.

We are surrounded by wolves


Senior gardener


Senior gardener
Agree on everything , I am only doubtful about the third point: I am not convinced that it is so automatic or easy.

I would have a further point that links back to that point:
the current wild boars are not our own wild boars.

Unfortunately, our wild boars are smaller and have almost disappeared from our woods. Those that exist are crosses with wild boars from Eastern Europe, larger and more resistant as well as less fearful. All introduced to regret the vans of the hunters.


Master Florello


Guru Giardinauta


Senior gardener


Senior gardener


Guru Giardinauta


Moderator Sect. Orchids and Water Gardens

I go to various explanations by points.

- Wolves have never harmed humans, nor do they approach them because they are afraid of them,

I disagree. the wolf does not attack humans as primary prey but has done harm to men (I admire wolves but I do not deny their danger) is a wild and powerful animal that hunts in packs, attacks weak prey

what would be the fence that keeps wolves, foxes and martens out? a wall. a normal fence is not enough

if I raise cattle in the pasture. which is eco, bio and nice .. the animals are free and happy.
in my enclosure .. not enough to defend me from wolves .. that you will agree with me they pass over and under in the middle and aside of any standard enclosure

do not underestimate the cost of the fences

against stray dogs at 100% the beating of dogs to be saved from kennels .. always the usual kennels .. is a business that must be cut short.

I see how it works with the compensation from wild boars that devastate the sowing, passing on the tracks to eat the seeds directly

they pay you the seeds the first time
they pay you the second maybe
the third have no more funds .. and you still have not had the harvest, because you are now out of time for sowing

so I'm for containment,
that in cases where the wild population, of whatever species it is, has exceeded the number supported by the intended territory, ultimately it also passes to managed killing


Guru Giardinauta


Master Florello
I'm sure you would, without thinking twice


Senior gardener

If you give me an example of an attack on humans by wolves.
But I can easily remain a little skeptical, if you allow me, knowing the dynamics behind it.
I'll give you an example: a well-known breeding of Czechoslovakian wolf dogs in Serramazzoni (MO). They crossed dogs and wolves to obtain subjects with a more "wolfish" and less "canine" appearance. Result: behaviors are also genetically transmitted to children, so you also found yourself with extremely phobic subjects just seeing humans walking around.
So you understand that I'm skeptical with good reason.
Then fortunately they closed this kennel, because a CLC has wolf genetics, but I think they cannot be classified as dogs if they have more than 5-10% of lupoid genes (therefore a very small part).

what would be the fence that keeps wolves, foxes and martens out? a wall. a normal fence is not enough

if I raise cattle in the pasture. which is eco, bio and nice .. the animals are free and happy.
in my enclosure .. not enough to defend me from wolves .. that you will agree with me they pass over and under in the middle and aside of any standard enclosure

do not underestimate the cost of the fences

Mmmmmmaaaaaaah I'm skeptical as above.
The cost of fences is something to be taken into account, either things are done well or they are not done. And the Maremma? FREE?

I didn't talk about kennels, you did. Kennels are not about a club, sorry, but I don't think you get the point.

I see how it works with the compensation from wild boars that devastate the sowing, passing on the tracks to eat the seeds directly

they pay you the seeds the first time
they pay you the second maybe
the third have no more funds .. and you still have not had the harvest, because you are now out of time for sowing

so I'm for containment,
that in cases where the wild population, of whatever species it is, has exceeded the number supported by the intended territory, ultimately it also passes to managed killing

Yet they never thought about killing humans


Master Florello

We are someone to decide which animals introduced by us see the wild boars that are not local e animals driven to hunger by us do you see wolves must pay the consequences of reckless human choices? Because to me, introducing wild boars from the east for the sole purpose of hunting them seems rather reckless.
No, as a breeder (we were told that wolves also came to chicken coops) I would not consider this option.
I would rather make sturdy, solid, underground fences + electrified fence. It is not really true that electrified does not work, it depends on the height of the wires.
in addition to the fact that there are even electrified mesh nets, which are even better.
I understand very well that when you find the ravaged flock you get a crazy anger, but from here on talking about "managed killing" with a cold mind there is a bit of difference .. besides the fact that I don't like this term "killing" at all, it seems that animals are targets to be killed. no, they are animals and when they are killed they are not "killed", whether they are beautiful wolves howling at the moon or muddy boars.

Look I swear I don't like to argue, please don't mean it that way if I wrote fogata, but it's the subject


Moderator Sect. Orchids and Water Gardens

. then of the wild boars that proliferate in bunches what do we do?

p.s. Sabrina if you look a little further than the 4 sq km around your house and the 4 years of your life, maybe going a little further back in time you will find that wolves attack, and you do not have the answer when you see a wolfdog farm. nor of the problems created now by wolves in Italy. but I would stop here (me) to avoid the fight
p.p.s. someone has thought of eliminating men .. little historical memory even in this
cmq I am not applying for suicide to save a wolf, as much as I admire him


Senior gardener

. so what do we do about wild boars that proliferate in bunches?

p.s. Sabrina if you look a little further than the 4 sq km around your house and the 4 years of your life, maybe going a little further back in time you will find that wolves attack, and you do not have the answer when you see a wolfdog farm. nor of the problems created now by wolves in Italy. but I would stop here (me) to avoid the fight
p.p.s. someone has thought of eliminating men .. little historical memory even in this
cmq I am not applying for suicide to save a wolf, as much as I admire him


Guru Giardinauta


Moderator Sect. Orchids and Water Gardens

tell me how to solve the excess of wild boars without killing, to begin with, then let's think about the wolves (I had written it above)
on arrogance we could open a debate

I'm no longer talking about the wolves part, they attack people or not

try to reread them and also evaluate your answers, maybe answer with a conciliatory tone, but from the way you write it doesn't seem like it, the same goes for me

I would really like to find a solution, but if you do not tear down the specimens in obvious surplus .. what do you do and who pays?

put yourself in the shoes of the grower / breeder who has lost his harvest and does not go around in a ferrari thanks to the reimbursements obtained

and of those who have accidents with these animals ..

only on this I ask to think

and I'm not tempted by the accusation (run away)


Guru Giardinauta


Aspiring Gardener

Hello everybody. I add to the fact that the relationship between man and nature has always fascinated me and I learned a little bit between documentaries and research:
I begin by saying that the wolf does not consider man as a prey, by its nature it escapes only hearing his voice, the attacks occur (did) only by wolves affected by anger, but in Italy (and largely in Italy). 'Europe) anger was eradicated in 2011, so there's nothing to worry about. A wolf can also attack humans when it feels trapped or threatened, so you must always keep the maximum distance and distrust, and if you walk through woods inhabited by wolves (and also applies to bears) you must always talk or sing, in so that the animals hear our arrival first and do not see us suddenly appear. And then of course avoid that they are forced to enter inhabited areas in search of food.
As for the fences, the wolf-proof ones exist all right, electrified, or simply high and with the top bent at 45 degrees so that they cannot climb it. And in my opinion they could also be removed with particular sounds: for example, I don't remember exactly where, to keep elephants away from crops they hang boxes on the trees that reproduce the sound of a swarm of bees, and it works very well.

If it were up to me I would propose to shoot wild boars on sight, because they really can't stand it anymore, in addition to the damage they do when they enter the city and in the fields, there is also what they do in the woods, destroying the undergrowth and preventing new trees. to be born. I did not know that in Italy there were smaller and more timid indigenous wild boars, I believed that they were not present on the territory until the arrival of those from Eastern Europe, if this is the case and if we really care about our native fauna, one possibility would be to eliminate the present population, select smaller and more shy individuals, make them mate until the genome is stable (as for dog breeds) and at that point reintroduce them into nature.
Another thing that should be done urgently in Italy and in the rest of the world to preserve wildlife is to eliminate stray dogs and especially cats. but that's another story.

The management of the population with selective killing is an excellent practice, also to eliminate the hybrids or sick subjects and to preserve the species.
For humans, too, it would take a massive population reduction. and not as you say. but simply by introducing the one-child policy which today more than ever would be useful.

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The leaves fall when it is time.

And winter is only the messenger of spring.

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Dare to keep the mysteries.

Understand the great gift of love to the one God.

to perceive the future unity of mankind.

The only salvation lies in turning the spirit to the light of Truth.

The great gift of love lives in the only vision granted to the fearless soul. You, my daughter, have seen!

Pure art expresses the truth of the radiant spirit.

3 - Those who are obsessed with earthly matter do not receive answers from Above.

Fate is overcome by manifesting Christ, Who sacrificed Himself for the Truth.

4 - Friends! Happiness lies in serving the salvation of humanity.

Throw away all prejudices and, having gathered your spiritual forces, help the human race.

Direct bad things on the path of beauty.

As the tree renews its leaves, so men will flourish on the path of righteousness.

5 - Lead friends to righteousness.

Don't hide Our Messages.

Follow Our Teaching with the heart.

Make an effort and you will see the light.

I will show you the way - the heart will understand Our Signal.

Here it is! The Masters will make a lyre appear, and by wonder its power will give you the gift of enchanting.

Accept the bliss that is sent to you.

Dedication is the requirement of those who undertake the path of ascent.

Whoever fulfills our requests wholeheartedly tends his ear to the harmony of the Universe.

By infusing you with happiness, we demonstrate Our Confidence in your desire for the Good.

The truth is with you - be ready to receive it.

As Heaven is unfathomable, so great is your strength.

6 - Protect your loneliness.

God - the Aum - is the Supreme Being of your inner self.

My Breath is the impulse towards Beauty.

The great offering of your sacrifice will lead you

to joyfully carry out the search for Truth.

Love the sparkling life of thoughts wrapped in divine Radiance.

Strengthen the growing power of your spirit.

Always remember the Doors that we indicate to you.

The pure Breath of Our Bliss is the living support of your daily life.

May the dance of wrath succumb to the power of the Temple!

The fire of courage will shine in your home.

We send light to those who smile at the darkness.

Your spirit is already ascending, and the burning heart is not affected by the cold.

The Right Hand of God affirms itself and proclaims the Dawn of the Day.

7 - Why follow the path of silence?

In life, imbue yourself with sound and color by living, and thus strengthen the mind.

8 - Do not throw challenges in daily life. Be simpler.

Friends, do not let the aura be colored by personalisms.

9 - Stand aside, O Flaming One!

Do not block the Gates of Heaven!

There are souls in joy because they are conscious of the spirit.

Don't belittle the sense of what you don't understand.

Love the signs that are given to you.

Wait for the awakening of the new spiritual consciousness.

In future work, many doubts will vanish.

I believe that the rising and falling of the spirit is necessary and inevitable.

The Voice of Wisdom will open the doors to the Unknown.

10 - Love one another - beware of disunity.

Chatter and frivolity are paid dearly.

11 - Why, Flaming, do you turn your Face?

Seeing Me causes you pain you have not yet spread your wings.

Do not harden the spirit - see the greatness in the small.

Knowledge is not ready when the spirit is troubled.

Don't pick your books at random - be cautious.

In the midst of the crowd, carefully guard the light that is given to you.

12 - Prayer on the way to the sacred and holy abode:

Lord of my spirit, do not forsake the pilgrim!

The Guru does not hurry to shelter me from the approaching storm.

The pain will hit me deep in my heart.

And the veil of the whirlwind will hide the light of Your Face.

With You, however, I do not fear my ignorance.

Ghosts don't show up.

Guide me on the way, o Benedict.

Touch my eyes, let me see Your Doors!

13 - The daughter of the world can change destiny.

The new World is approaching - sacrifices are the steps of ascent.

Growth is accelerated by faith if the spirit is open and ready to receive.

Don't consider phenomena important -

Words of wisdom matter more.

Why want them if you have wisdom?

Why prefer the superficial to the spiritual Truth?

Friends! Take the first steps quickly, so that, purified, you can enter the glory of your nation.

And if I flatter you with gold, or flowers, or jewels - refuse them.

Why give in to the temptations of the superficial when wisdom awaits you?

14 - Armed with the spear of life, breathe the life-giving ether of the sun with a smile.

Take the spear at sunrise and guide the morning coursers towards the burning midday of life.

And the lilies will bloom on the stones.

And at the first ray, open the window,

and the birds will sing the praises of work.

Learn the wisdom of the Creator from the symbols of life.

Those who fulfill their mission unmask earthly existence,

and understands the true meaning of his way.

15 - Be more and more aware of Our presence in your life.

Invoke Our power over your businesses.

Rejoice, you who have understood.

Live a life full of experience.

Whatever your doubts, we will dispel them in life - but listen!

We will manifest miracles in your days - but beware!

May the heart be your judge and faith your strength.

Stick to the true Advice we whisper to your spirit.

Friends! You have chosen a happy path, which leads to Me.

Teach others to search for My World - the World of the Spirit that knows.

Persist, open the Doors to the hearts that seek.

I know when it's time to open the Doors.

16 - Study the higher phenomena that have value for man.

The image of mankind is created by the energy of humanity itself.

17 - As you teach, there will be manifestations of Light.

Teaching and loving are divine expressions.

18 - Think freely follow the shortest way.

But go up with faith in the Blessed and you will not go wrong.

I come to your rescue - why don't you see Me?

Love the power of pure consciousness, and you will win.

19 - Erta is the way to the abode of faith.

Turn your mind to the joy of creating,

may you exalt the spirit, cast off trivial thoughts and be ready to receive the vibrant waves we send you.

20 - The pure thoughts of one who is strong in spirit transform the phenomena of life into reality.

21 - Pure prayer always goes up.

At the foot of Christ it blooms, silvery and radiant.

The Word that calls burns with pure blue flame, and the Chalice of Exultation radiates.

Lord, dry our tears and see the flame in our hearts.

"I will dry the tears with Fire, and I will raise the temple of the heart."

Prepare your heart the Lord is coming!

He transformed the treasure of the chalice

and returns it to you on.

O double Flame, manifest yourself, you who have two points!

Tears of joy - the Lord's wine - radiate pure fire.

Heart, pour that wine on offer but don't leave

may the source of tears dry up. How I will fill Your cup, Lord!

22 - Love the manifestations of harmony.

I am sending you the blessed sign of Gupta.

My Word is like copper that flashes.

Wait and listen, My Lips will speak.

23 - I am the burning heat of the sand.

Rejoice, and see the Light.

Seek the joy of turning to the Creator.

Learn, open the Doors of Knowledge

and dedicate yourselves to understanding the divine plan.

25 - We listen to pure thoughts.

You will have the knowledge and you will march on the path of purity, but beware of anger and doubt.

If you win, you will be enlightened.

If you hesitate, a whirlwind will darken your soul.

Make yourselves perfect, My friends, without getting tired.

Do not deny the Voice of the Spirit, just stifle earthly voices.

26 - Teach with the example of actions without blaming those who are still in the dark.

Many are still ignorant - forgive them, for the spirit is asleep in them.

Never be discouraged - Destined Doors await you.

Despise cowardice - I protect the fearless.

27 - I bestow on you My Wisdom.

I am not a bridge made of promises, but in truth the Light that calls you.

I teach to love. My disciples must realize happiness in the love of Christ.

Love and Wisdom are the same.

29 - Water does not extinguish the Fire that will purify the world,

nor does he wash the rivers of blood.

New scourges will purge the Earth of its evil,

I will show the warpath against today's world market.

Men are at a standstill, but the lightning will show the way out,

And thunder will wake the sleepers.

Hunger shows its face.

Yet the human spirit remained motionless.

Go, teach, give help!

30 - Seek happiness and exalt the spirit.

Self-confidence and the search for truth create harmony.

31 - I have granted you the joy of loving the Homeland of the World.

You will know the love for humanity.

Behold, I am leading you to the celestial joy of the spirit.

Do not deviate from the path of ascent.

32 - Purify the Path with Joy.

As disciples, learn to overcome irritation.

My disciples must see sympathetically.

Look at the good with a magnifying glass, decrease the defects ten times, if you do not want to remain as before.

33 - Love one another - I will send you pure thoughts.

I will strengthen your longing for perfection,

with love I heal those who make mistakes.

Ramakrishna says: "Love, and everything will be given to you."

I rejoice in revealing the complexities of life.

34 - I reveal the power of darkness to those who are capable of overcoming it. Men don't know they are happy.

I am the Keeper of your happiness.

The Messenger of Fire has given you the sword of courage.

Know that the way has been marked, follow it.

35 - Gather the fiery hearts and offer them to Us.

The power of harmony will announce triumph to those who are pure in spirit.

Teach with a smile, create with joy, listen to the song.

Out of pure love I will keep compassion alive in My bleeding heart!

Lord, grant me self-control!

36 - Students must not make hasty judgments.

I rejoice in the ardor of the spirit - but moderate yourself.

The spirit shivers, the northern light shines, nature quivers with life, and God manifests His Mercy.

My Radiant Shield protects you.

37 - Love Me: love multiplies forces.

My smile will enlighten you.

Keep the precious signs of blessed communion.

38 - Spiritual culture is built by us and you, together.

The Truth of the World will stand,

and the Light will penetrate the darkness - I affirm it.

The Gates of the spirit world are wide open.

39 - We have the power to both create and destroy obstacles.

Thought is like lightning.

40 - Beware! Don't forget to turn to the Master.

The cultivation of offenses gives a bad garden.

And neglecting health hinders the search for the Eternal.

The ability to win shows the strength of the spirit.

41 - I Will Steal Your Ear With The Song Of Truth.

Work without complaining.

I have mapped out the ways of the spirit for you.

I love to be a Master in spiritual research.

The other world, where My days are, must kindle joy in yours.

42 - Love builds temples.

I am sending you spiritual love.

43 - Approach Our peaks with a pure heart.

Our Ray will shine upon you

to enhance your daily life.

You carry stones for My Temple.

Teach My Word, and wisdom will blossom

and a new Temple will be built.

Don't see me as a magician, but I can take you on a ladder of dream beauty.

With the fragrance that comes to you from the mountains of Tibet, We send men the message of the new religion of the pure spirit.

It comes and you, gathered in search of light, bring the precious stone.

We reveal the miracle of creating harmony in life.

It will give the world a new Teaching.

44 - Watch out - a lot of time has been wasted.

Remember the hunter's duty.

Interpreting the meaning of My words to understand My advice is a good exercise for a hunter.

45 - The prodigy of Beauty in adorning everyday lives will exalt the human race.

Hold your light up.

Illuminate the beauties of My Temple.

Teach the joy of Beauty.

Teach the happiness of Wisdom.

Teach the bliss of Love.

Teach the glory of union with God.

I will give you the power and speed of Mercury.

Advance without doubts, without fear, without looking back.

46 - Go with a light heart, joyful, take the highest path.

47 - My Smile Awaits You, My Friends.

The spirit feels the agitation, but be wise.

The surest knowledge is that of the heart.

48 - O pupil thrice called!

Bring My Word with your art, put joy in the hearts of the world.

Walk victorious, hunter.

49 - Love and commitment work miracles in life.

We awaken your energy to new thoughts, necessary for transmuting, and for the work of thought in life.

You have to be able to create a new life.

We send you thoughts: sharpen them, but without violating karma.

50 - Hunter, your spirit does not falter.

If the faith is clear, you will overcome the darkness.

Students, spread love and knowledge.

51 - Beware of poisonous vibrations.

Tend to the future, without succumbing to the enchantment of the present.

Climb the mountain the simplest way.

Powerful and elevated visions require a pure and prana environment.

The deeds of Christ were accomplished among the beauties of nature.

He never stayed long in the cities.

52 - I reveal to you the depth of Ramakrishna's simple teachings.

We, all together, promote the Will of the Creator.

Prana fuels your strength.

53 - We have many wonders to reveal to you,

demonstrations on the successful ascent to the peaks of Tibet.

Think and fight, and castles in the air make fortresses of completion.

Give the spirit some respite - don't tire it too much with books

and love, bursting like a sparkling stream,

will reveal the splendor of M.

54 - I have disclosed to you the knowledge in which the Wisdom of Tibet is hidden.

Friends, look ahead, forget the past, think about creating the future and I will come to advise you.

Exalt the spirit of others and look far away.

55 - Strive to Inspire Others with the Teachings of M.

56 - March brave, My warriors.

The spirit needs impetus to grow.

The spirit, once called, does not come back.

57 - You fight with skill - victory awaits you.

Don't rush - it takes time to forge iron too.

It must be tempered in cold water before it flashes in the flame.

58 - Learn to watch in stillness, raising the spirit to the omnipotent eye of the Universe.

Friends, Our answers are ready, but let the flow of Karma flow. Answers given too early can, like an open dam, cause flooding.

Strive for spiritual union.

Strengthen the harmony of the spirit with pure thoughts, so that the Blessed can reach you.

The Light will flood your aura - keep it.

59 - The mole digs its hole while

the eagle soars over the mountain.

The mole stays warm in the den,

the eagle feels the chill of dawn.

You too, fly to joy, My dear ones.

60 - While working, do not think about the danger.

Let the heart open and the eye see.

61 - Work is a guarantee of success.

You have to endure the thorns of the world.

Be strong in spirit and come closer!

Open your heart with kindness.

The Master appreciates every sincere search for a greater Knowledge.

Spiritual reason gives knowledge to those who seek the Truth.

Just follow the path of spiritual realization - the rest will come.

62 - I test different souls.

My spirit is your shield.

63 - Turn your forces to enlighten humanity.

Love Me - Bliss will come like dawn.

Carefully carry the treasure of the Temple up to the Mountain of M.

The Master sends His Blessings.

Learn to understand Me. May your faith not falter.

64 - The woodpecker digs the tree wisely.

My Shield will protect you, My dear children.

65 - My Shield Assures You Joy.

Be like Aeolian harps to the breath of M.

I will give your spirit the strength of cedar.

Only later will you understand with how much sweetness and love I try to shorten your path in the sphere of action that belongs to you.

Lesson 67 - I Will Give You The Power To Lead Souls To God.

I will enable you to give joy to others.

Teach the manifestation of M.

68 - The harmony between you has effects that we appreciate very much.

For important missions we gather harmonious people their current is very powerful.

69 - Learn to love Me and show it.

My Work does not allow indecision.

Take without hesitation what I am sending you.

70 - Do not leave your friends: in My Name you can enlighten them.

Be courageous - true disciples of the Master.

Teach them to love the spirit world.

Sow the wisdom that I send you.

71 - The fog will soon be dispersed and the sun will shine on your path.

Speak My Teaching - I will send you listeners.

Know that by the shortest way I lead you to knowledge, work and joy.

I pass between them, and they do not see Me.

72 - The spirit of Christ breathes on the desert of life.

Like spring water, the way opens up among the rocks.

In the starry sky it radiates in myriads of lights and launches itself high into the stem of each flower.

73 - We lay stones for the steps of the shining Temple.

We carry them in the name of Christ.

Lord, lay your throne in our garden!

But the stones are too big,

And the stairs too steep for the flowers.

He will sit on the grass next to us.

We are happy, Lord, to offer you our garden.

Do not go away, manifest Lord.

Don't leave our garden.

Your Path is adorned with stars:

Should the morning rays scatter Your starry banners,

We will invoke the help of the storm and the whirlwind to darken them.

What good is the sun if it makes your star signs fade away?

74 - I rejoice because the impending fate does not disturb your smile.

I will give you the power to create good not with money but with the spirit.

You have a tiring life, but the joy of future spiritual victory is profound.

75 - banish anger and you will come to Us easily.

It is not the anger that creates, but the ardent impulse.

Be calm - illusions spoil your health, but if you have faith in Me, know that you are protected by M's Healing and Shield.

M. knows of your difficulties, a steep ascent is always difficult.

To overcome fate it takes strength.

Do not be discouraged, as you have passed these rapids many times.

76 - Do not be discouraged if the Master criticizes you.

Students should rejoice at every message.

Contemplate the spiritual guide of the One Master.

Your spirit presses forward

I will warm your hands with My breath and guide you to the Temple on the way to the mountains.

Love Me, and your power will be multiplied, and your strength doubled.

The spirit carries your body beyond the earth.

Rejoice in ascending by pure teachings.

77 - There is no love greater than love.

79 - We can change our appearance.

80 - M. is your smile, your bliss, your strength, your wisdom.

81. Everything your spirit can absorb is given to you.

Even those signs of Our great Trust, Our arrows.

In battle, however, the arrows do not always hit the target

know how to give them more power.

The spiritual life is always conditioned by too many possessions.

You go up - you follow the path of devotion and love.

82 - Love Me - I am your spiritual Master.

You are destined to transmit the inextinguishable Light to burning hearts.

Realize the joy of fighting for My Cause.

Destroying is easy, but it is up to you to build wisely.

Happy is he who is able to help.

83 - Know how to spread happiness - do not condemn.

84 - I Offer You The Ability To Understand Men.

Every word or advice of Mine, however brief, has meaning for your life.

85 - I Smile At Your Impatience, But I Praise Your Devotion To Me.

I appreciate your love, amid the tensions of life.

86 - True calm of the spirit is tested by the trifles of daily life.

Take comfort in the certainty of being protected on the path of Good.

I am sending you My Shield - defend Me as I defend you.

87 - Understand the soul of your brothers

work tirelessly, be understanding, see the power of My Shield.

There are many miracles in the world, and ardent and pure commitment leads to victory.

88 - Not being ready does not mean transgressing.

Love the unhappy, pity the humble.

89 - Each of you is given a blessed Guide, to make you happy.

Turn to Him alone, with all the strength of your spirit,

Otherwise the door will remain ajar and the currents confused.

Invoke Him not with uncertain questions, but with affirmations.

If I send you a message through him, it will be a direct current.

Do not listen to those who approach you when you are not vigilant.

Through a window open to the darkness the voices of the night also enter.

But a call of love evokes the response of the Beloved.

Realize the bond with the Guide and nothing unworthy will come near you.

Love! Discern! Strike the evil! I bless you.

90 - Rejoice when you are able to give to those you have already known.

Happiness comes when old debts are paid off.

If you don't like this symbol, use that of the traveling pigeon.

Mental arrows are energy that, like the electric one, must be concentrated in a single point.

It is easy to imagine throwing an object.

It is easy to imagine an electric spark.

The energy sent encourages those who receive it

92 - Everything in the Universe is the reflection of the divine, and the divine energy plays in every bright spark.

93 - The spirit in revolt breaks the chains of the prison.

Teach to read the Book of Wisdom which shows itself in the events of life.

The prodigy of Our participation in vital phenomena will not escape you.

Eliminate the imperfections of the spirit, and rise spiritually free.

Firmly assert the happiness of living, and the thread of the path will not break.

94 - Prayers to the Creator are offered not only in the Temples - the candle wax also burns during life's work.

95 - I Have Called You To A Great Task.

The Master is confident in your success.

You are given the strength to follow Me.

You have received arrows, shields, swords, and with My helmet I will protect your head.

Fight in My Name and love be with you.

The promise will be kept in due course.

Keep the flame burning - I teach.

96 - Listen to the celestial song and on the peaks of the mountains do not think of the flowers of the valley.

I am delighted to see your creative endeavors.

In life miracles are performed in action and harmonic tension.

Dreams come true not in fairy tales but in happy communion with the Vie dei Benedetti.

The Master is at your side in every moment of your creative work.

97 - Pure actions work miracles.

The spiritual dynamo works in harmony, then My currents flow uninterrupted,

Mood changes do not alter them, but aura fluctuations do

The constancy of the aura ensures harmony.

The candle flame sheds light on everything but, suffocated by a drop of irritation, it falters and must be rekindled.

May your flame be steady and bright -

98 - Knowledge will help you to avoid dangers.

Knowing My manifestations will multiply your strength.

99 - In due time you will understand the happiness that is given to you.

The fog envelops the sides of the mountain, but the summit is always in the glory of the sun.

At those rays the fog is lost, and you see My Love.

100 - The Master Rejoices With You In The Glory Of Creating Good In Life.

The necessary centers do not develop before the age of thirty.

And another fifteen must pass before the effects of the flame are visible.

But sparks of light appear first.

101 - Cautious Judgment Promotes My Cause.

Show understanding and tolerance towards other teachings.

Life events convince where words are powerless.

Gather a select few and get away from the malice of the unprepared.

102 - When worldly life satisfies the spirit

it cannot enter the Promised Land.

True happiness knocks on the doors of the heart, but the Holy Words are not allowed to enter.

Rejected happiness is lost.

103 - Understand the accidental as preordained.

Events that seem random are a page of the future.

Work skillfully and in peace.

104 - The Master wants to reveal to you how innumerable the assaults on the walls of the White Lodge are.

The time will come to understand the Cosmos.

A miracle is like the lighting of a lamp.

Nobody remembers the dark room.

God knows all worlds.

Love and create, and you will be filled with joy.

105 - M. is used to fighting, and My children must be wise warriors.

Unity of nations will come from struggle.

I am glad to see a brave spirit.

Fight wisely, for Our enemies are yours too.

106 - Fight as brave.

The teaching on man is short, it takes a long time for it to be understood.

The veil is removed, and the unknown is made known.

The mind does not understand the ways of the heart, but the heart knows.

I'm not talking about the things of today.

The spirit is full of omens - the currents vibrate.

And the events of the Universe are intertwined with human lives, and His strings resonate complex.

Manifestations of the Creator are not to turn warriors to flight, but to make them winged.

Forge the arrows, I send you Love.

107 - My children, many will come to you.

They will write to you and introduce themselves.

They will humiliate and exalt you.

But you will pass them like stones on the road, and the snow of the mountains will wash your feet.

The Master will adorn your days with laurel, and will refresh you with His balsamic aromas.

108 - Blessed be you who face the assaults of the wicked - it is the proof that you fight for Me.

Do not be afraid of not doing enough, the air is tense and the burning cross of love will cover yours

battlefield and the song of harmony will resound.

109 - Prodigies happen in life.

Open your eyes, and you will see.

110 - Everything will fall into place and many will pass, and We will give the necessary signs.

The eye does not always see the sun's rays, but the sun always warms the earth.

The warmth of love is lavished on you and your spirit cannot contain a cold sterility of soul.

111 - The unworthy will leave.

The great Plan for the birth of the new breed is well laid out.

112 - The Hand of the Master reveals the power of the rays.

Understand the healthy light.

M. fills your being with the vigor of calm.

And when the stillness of harmony envelops you, the strength of your arrows grows.

113 - Begin the great Task in an austere way.

The light of My Flag blesses you and guides you on the path to show My Truth.

It is up to you to begin, and the Master will send you His Shield.

I foresee a good success in the execution of My command.

And with the seal of Solomon I testify - I have given, I give and always will give.

114 - I urge you to be vigilant.

Combine strength and understanding.

My Ring seals the happiness of those who spread My Teaching.

115 - Immersed in the highest vibrations, the body is transformed.

He obeys the spirit as the slave obeys his master.

116 - The Master Suffered For His Words of Truth.

Men oppose the way of the Light.

The eyes of moles love the darkness,

but love and wisdom will win.

Your spirit will rise, and you will swiftly overtake those who do not understand, as with milestones.

Smile at the difficulties of the journey.

117 - My children, you know nothing of the battle raging around you.

The dark ones fight both in secret and openly.

Your spirit is beaten by the waters, like a dam.

Your heart opens and knowledge floods it.

Do not be afraid, heart: you will win!

118 - Wonders surround you, but in the turmoil of life you don't notice them.

God's ways are inscrutable in their infinite ways of carrying the message of the spirit

even a blade of grass can hand down the Tables of Commandments.

The ship encounters the fury of the sea, but arrives in port.

Pure service flourishes when it has strong and deep roots.

Perhaps My Shield is not hanging on their door, but those who come carry My Flag in their hearts.

Do not fear the spear, nor the scorpion no poison will touch you.

I am the Flute of the morning, calling the flock.

I am Acqua di Fonte, which refreshes the lips of those who suffer.

I am the great Pillar of the Temple.

119 - My children, the teaching of life under My guidance is the most direct way to understand the Cosmos.

Distinguish the obstacles of ignorance.

The doctor can only heal if he understands the symptoms of the disease.

Those who have much are often blind to the phenomena of the world.

It is rare for the anxious to see the future.

120 - In the history of humanity the great battle is revealed as the races change. The warriors arm themselves.

Providence guides the nations with struggle and you, My warriors, protect yourselves

with the Shield of God's will, and the divine Song will always find echo in you.

Before the Flood, when men celebrated weddings, celebrated and traded, Noah already chose the best oaks for the ark.

121 - Accept the severe lessons with a smile.

122 - For the night march, it is better to rely on the Guide than to grope alone in the dark.

My children, these risky days will pass, and you will arrive safely in the New World, by the established way.

123 - The entire Universe is the Body of the Almighty, and We command the highest manifestations of the Supreme Will.

The servant assists the Lord, and the Merciful

helps us find the best garment for the Festival of Light.

As is our zeal, such is the color of the spiritual garment that is given to us.

O Benevolent One, who suffered on the Cross, testify to the fire of our resurrection,

at the foot of the stairs leading up to the Temple of Divine Glory.

124 - Your happiness lies in understanding the Divine Energy at the base of the Universe.

Let others count the leaves of the mango - you taste the fruit.

Keep the roots and the fruit, and give the leaves, which are renewed every year.

125 - God's Plan Goes Beyond Human Ways.

You still forgot the celestial battle!

You don't go to school when the enemy attacks.

Times are more complex than you think.

Hate has never been more unbridled.

Enemy forces attempt to challenge fate.

The damned persecute Our chosen ones, and We must protect them.

Fate can be alleviated and the end of the battle hastened.

126 - Begin My Work with austerity and pure thought.

Remember the obstacles at the beginning of any great task.

During the battle the doors of the Temple are closed, and the forgotten prayers,

but the flowers of the spirit bloom and intertwine on the old walls.

Nothing holds the Hand of the Creator of the New World.

I tell you: My Shield has received many arrows, but at the Feast of the Spirit We will gather victorious.

Battle to win. Leave all thoughts of peace for now and watch, My warriors!

I know that My Daughter wants to decorate the street of My School with roses, but times are cold and bitter.

127 - By showing courage, you are a noble example to those around you.

I teach you to face the experiences of life with a burning heart.

Let me explain - I accelerate your karma, and on the way I tear off all the masks for you to see.

Your power increases when you understand the soul of others.

You will reach the goal that Christ has set for you.

128 - Strive for the future, and many forces will come to your rescue.

An orchestra consists of various instruments, but the symphony does not last long, and the sounds fade through the open window.

Better to pay dearly, in order to learn the intended path soon.

Instead of brambles, the eye will see a garden nourished by love.

The heart knows about the ghosts of the mind, but it knows the truth.

129 - The Guide of M. on the way is very precious.

The dark ones assault along the way.

Seldom does the light of the spirit assert itself.

The eternal field is far from being plowed.

Hate and discord are everywhere.

Do not fear Divine Justice.

You are like passengers on a short journey into earthly life, in the presence of the Infinite.

130 - The Bliss of the Heavenly Peaks encourages the legions fighting for the Truth.

Truth is wrapped in symbols.

The mind cannot understand their vital value, and their meanings are revealed by everyday events.

Men need familiar images, which lift the spirit to the true Abode.

131 - Whenever Karma permits, My Hand takes dangers out of your path.

The earthly ways obscure the view of the mountains, but you will reach them.

132 - Every right thought helps the cause.

It is important to send arrows through Me, or directly, as long as the purpose is benevolent.

Even a rascal can be targeted.

For the sake of My Cause you can persist, but without anger, and spread the creative force of benevolence.

Anger causes anger, but My children can extinguish that red flame with a blue ray.

With the power of the blue ray you can build a temple, but the red cloud can dry out the noblest buds of your soul.

133 - There are many towers and sentries of M. on the slopes of the Himalayas.

Nobody goes through those snowy barriers without a guide.

Among the ice, Giants watch over the currents of the world.

Glaciers bloom with pure fire, and the air is rich in ozone.

134 - Recognize the appeal even in the fall of a rose petal.

Life is full of calls - fire takes you to the top of the Mysteries.

135 - Pure tears offer roses to M.

136 - My Hands help you - I send you the miracle of Love.

M. manifests His concern in many ways.

137 - My Hands are full of gifts, but those who oppose it must be stopped.

I will manifest the power of my Teachings on narrow minds.

138 - Learn the healing virtue of prana.

The numbness of life dissolves in the pure rays of the sunset.

Be calm and show wisdom.

M. knows that your spirit is tormented by the shadows that loom, but whoever comes to mock will remain to pray.

139 - Gather wisdom from the phenomena of life.

I will show you many, but watch out.

Imagination is nothing compared to reality.

140 - Let Nothing Stop You On The Path Of Divine Wisdom.

Different tasks require different tools.

141 - Flowers of M. in many gardens do not bloom, but they can even open on ice.

Like balms, My leaves heal wounds.

142 - I Will Make You Able to See and Hear.

It is essential that the air is pure and the spirit clear.

143. The knots of life must be undone as quickly as possible.

144. The happy hunter faces with courage the angry ones who torment him.

It is good to judge the profound phenomena of creation with seriousness and honesty.

Don't settle for mediocrity or the clamor of fleeting appearances.

Consciousness grows with the expansion of the life experience.

145 - Inaugurate My Manifestations on pure soil.

I will tell you the moment for each pure beginning.

The need will not confront you.

External laws will not violate the internal order in you.

Consider it a blessing to shed light among the hostile and shadowy hosts.

We have decided to reveal how to light up cruel hearts - sweeten them with the balm of Beauty.

But the iron of the dark spirit is colder and stronger than the words of Bliss.

Only with great pain does the Hand of Truth bend the prison bars.

Words of Truth rain from on high, and men take shelter with umbrellas from the flood of God's Clouds.

But that rain will also wet their dry hearts.

We strike and blind evil, and with lightning we illuminate the path of Good.

To open hearts we send understanding as a gift.

Only the blind doubt - be patient for future steps.

146 - Here is happiness - accept it and know how to understand the Teaching.

We will rush anything that can be accelerated without destroying.

Life shows its teeth, but the spirit is fearless.

Calmly face the new year, full of events.

The tide of the spirit rises. I bless you.

147 - Half of human life passes in communion with the astral plane, but men do not remember.

They seek knowledge, but they do not find it.

Knowledge of the past and the future surrounds you.

Blessed are those who learn about the future in its changing lines.

With love you will know the boundaries of the new structure of life.

Perceiving the future is a miracle that comes without warning, without the thunder of cannons.

But the bell will call the pilgrims lost in the forest.

148 - Don't Be Depressed - The Battle Was Predicted You were forewarned.

The very name of M. provokes the enemy.

It is not surprising that the dark ones want to strike My warriors, but the invisible Guide keeps watch.

Your impulse is natural: the soldiers at the front, not seeing the commander,

they get anxious among themselves but he is with them on the phone, and he watches them with binoculars.

Accept the battle and try to protect My Name.

The roar of the beasts is enough to terrify the fearful, but the strong laugh to see them growl.

149 - We Will Affirm Our Existence.

We will unfold the pure teaching of the beautiful journey of life.

Don't worry about doubts - once you understand the various aspects of Our Teaching, you will go the high road.

Be kind not by impulse, but by constant conduct.

Work with pure spirit, and everything will come effortlessly.

150 - The ray scatters the clouds - a new path appears to the victor.

151 - Messages come faster if the channels are dry.

Smile - tears cut the current.

Only certain glands are needed, and only if they are not irritated.

With clouds of tears, humanity obstructs the beneficial currents.

152 - In the unfathomable turmoil of life We build the Temple.

We always work, and every stone is wet with Our sweat.

As you prepare for school, strive to remember Our Eternal Structure.

The summit is isolated - the sense of loneliness never leaves it.

If you try it too, you are blessed.

You are on the way to Us.

But the snowy peak feeds the rivers of the plain and irrigates the crops in the fields.

It is on the summit that the sun sets its first ray.

And its ice reflects the moon.

And no one knows about the womb of the hot springs, and they amaze at the boiling waters under the blanket of snow.

Do not fear the sacred joy of solitude,

Let me enlighten you with love.

I manifest Love and Lightning.

Lips that give can also hold back.

The Light is given - retreat is risky.

We don't need weak minds.

153 - Smile - I give you the joy of spreading the Teaching of Christ.

The joy of conceiving the grandeur of the Universe,

the joyful effort of doing it.

154 - Carry My Shield.

Divine Glory is pure in every thought.

155 - My warriors will come from east and west,

and among the winners I will recognize My chosen ones.

And you will know which ones I have designated.

Even the grass that grows fulfills the Divine Will.

The human spirit is higher than wheat, and in Our Teaching it achieves more than benevolent thoughts.

156 - You Serve the Cause Beyond the Limits of Your Wealth.

God gives alive the pure offerings to those who offer them in pure faith, just as Isaac was offered on the altar.

And Monte M., which accepts yours, will guard the treasure of the heart thus offered.

Yours is no small feat.

Without pride or selfishness, you have placed everything on the altar.

Could I, the Bringer of Truth, pass in silence those who, in the cold and the storm, voluntarily contributed to the next harvest?

If you observe My Instructions you will be protected.

Indigence will not affect My Manifestations.

Calm is found in the light of Truth.

The mountain in front of you is not a test, but a mission.

157 - The fog blinds the earthly eye,

but whoever observes the realities of life also sees the flow of events.

Our Doors, if passed, open to unspeakable riches.

Each golden ray of the sun is a shield to the moonlight reflected on the earth.

You have to choose between the paths of the sun and the moon.

The sun fills the day with wonders.

The moon creates vague ghosts.

Walk with your eyes open in the sunlight, and the day will become a wonderful fairy tale.

158 - Do not look for water in the sand.

Nor ice where the sun shines.

The high routes lead to the summit.

159 - Stand Firm in My Guide and My Constant Love.

Happiness is built with centuries of work.

160 - I Will Gather New Followers Under My Banners.

Dedicate yourselves to gathering men, with whom to build My Temple

Do not delay at the call of M.

Be constant and build the way that leads to Me.

161 - I teach you with daily life.

Do not fear the feeble-minded - like dry leaves the wind will carry them far away.

Lesson 162 - I Bring You The Joy Of The Spirit.

My Hand is on your pure thoughts.

M. teaches you to implore that the holy Brothers show you the steps of the upper way.

The hand transmits the best current.

The hand can stop the waters.

Dark consciousness does not transmit current.

It is wise to feel your own strength at the moment of contact.

163 - Be like the ray of the sun, like the song of birds.

164 - I reveal to you the great school of life.

By measuring the ways of the world you gain wisdom.

May your pure yearning not waver and I will lead you on the path of the elect.

Be strong, don't delay.

165 - I consider the study of concentration dangerous if the atmosphere is heavy.

People see what they want because often the current is too weak and the images they see are made by their brains.

Powerful visions require an atmosphere charged with electricity and a quiet consciousness.

166 - My Hand Is A Shield That Protects You.

My Hand will disperse the clouds.

167 - The Master puts the bridle on those who have no discipline.

The Master exhorts you to read Origen's words.

You will then begin to understand the transgressions committed by the Church.

The methods of Origen's school will be a guide for these times.

168 - My Name provokes the opposition of your enemies, and My Messengers must help you in battle.

Earthly aid is not reliable, but protected by invisible Allies you will win.

169 - The Temple of M. will gather the noblest builders.

I will strengthen your armor, and the enemy's arrows will adorn the shield of victory.

M. can also come at night.

The faithful discern the voice of the stranger.

Only those who get up early see the morning sun,

and he who loses its light is dark.

but it's up to you to build your path.

170 - Unmask the scourge of vulgarity.

The Hand of Mercy can also strike.

Follow the Teaching of M.,

and teach in an accessible way to men.

171 - A pure task is indicated in many ways.

A multitude of bodies crowd the street, but dim is the light of those auras.

172 - An Inner Sense Is In Everything.

In living your mission, point out that neither home cares nor poverty have stopped you on the path that leads to Us.

They will apologize by saying that poverty and children prevent them.

But children are the flower of the earth and poverty is the gift of purification.

They will tell you, "It is easy to serve God when you are rich."

But you too have known poverty.

They will tell you: “Lucky you, you have friends and people who help you”.

But you too have lived among hearts of stone.

An unwise leader in battle is of little use.

By directing your steps towards the heights, I arm you for the struggles of life.

In giving you a Teaching for tomorrow, I prepare you for a new life.

Avoid those who are dead in spirit - more and more helpers will come.

Your life is not a miracle, but a hardened steel blade.

Much dust and dirt have to be endured on the way to the Temple.

The joy of the beggar is also great at the sight of the sun.

173. Know that one does not advance with one who has died in spirit.

If even the human touch is powerful, how much more is ours!

That may fade away without direction, but Ours gives energy for as long as you want.

Often a simple wooden image is more loved than a gilded one.

Miracles happen unnoticed.

It takes time for a pure teaching to leave its mark.

174 - Yesterday you raised the question of the aura.

Each perceives the astral world through the color of his own aura.

The more harmonious it is, the more faithful the astral image is.

Those with a deep sense of duty will understand this before anything else.

Whoever is attracted by love will have life in that Kingdom, and in elevation will understand the joy of Beauty.

Only that gem that radiates all the colors of Truth reflects the perfect Splendor of the Future.

But the one-color stone must also be appreciated.

We learn to smile at mistakes.

Books, fleeting like human thoughts, are to be chosen carefully.

Many easy things turn out to be useless if you learn from Me.

When you go for strawberries in the woods, you only choose the best.

Let nothing impure enter My Abode.

I will strike those who betray My Plan with lightning.

I will sow terror among those unconscious.

With the Shield I will protect whoever teaches.

We will show wonders to those who pay homage.

We will bless the guardians of My banner.

I am sending you My Word. Pass it on to the disciples. I'm with you!

176 - We have the task of helping humanity.

Often a Yogi, immersed in Nirvana, tends to forget the earth.

177 - The smile of the sun among the clouds generates the radiant rainbow.

You will remember the Aura of the Master, smiling among the dewdrops of that future day of glory.

I can stand it all. My Name is maligned,

My Works attacked and distorted, and enemy hands would tear My Shield to pieces.

But the roots of the new breed are getting stronger and stronger.

Listen to the truth - the heavy mood is caused by knowing that an unprecedented world cataclysm is approaching.

The blind rejoice, the deaf celebrate.

But the awakened spirit is full of omens and pain.

Weak-minded are those who dream of peace in the midst of battle.

In five years, it crosses an entire era.

But to mankind, its ever-faster race seems a disaster.

178 - Here is a consolation. Pure thoughts do not die, they flourish even if the earth freezes.

179 - Do not be too severe in evaluating events are a chain that leads you to the Gates.

To overcome the obstacles of the way, pure thoughts are needed.

Those who consider themselves kind are not

but those who blame their own cruelty demonstrate spiritual progress.

The soul does not rust and the spirit begins to take on its true aspect.

180 - In future schools the ways of spiritual growth will be taught by those who have reached the top.

My chosen ones will bring My simple Word on what is to be rendered to the great nation.

Then personal, national and universal love will give praise and offer sacrifices to the Creator of Love.

We bless you and send you our help.

181. Pure music helps to transmit the current.

We pray with sounds and symbols of Beauty.

Heart and mind do not clash when navigating the Ocean of Creative Work.

And the wings of the spiritual bird, quivering, rise on the breeze of harmony.

And the steel of the word flashes in the furnace of Truth.

Miracles come unexpected.

Every new thing has its own value.

Often a grain is worth more than a mountain.

183 - You have to use your imagination.

It opens windows to new perspectives. Whoever desires - receives.

184 - Miracles are forged in the struggle for the future life.

Who fasts but desires in his heart has little merit.

Future salvation is not prepared with food, but by growing in spirit.

186 - Do not worry - it is better if you enjoy every creative grain of the spirit.

Creating has placed even among the dark ones.

Look into the microscope, and life will reveal myriads of wonderful forms.

In the dark, the eye bears the spiritual light better.

187. It is wise not to worry and to fight joyfully.

Think, as thoughts create facts.

188. See the foretold battle in the new events.

You know that everything is placed in tension.

We give happiness - woe to those who reject it.

189. He considers the actions of violent enemies to be preferable to those of indifferent friends.

Knowledge without love is dead, but the radiance of the rainbow includes all fires.

190 - The full spectrum of light

it is sometimes painful for the human eye, due to its high vibrations.

191 - The details of the way vary with the karma and the aura of whoever meets.

192 - The bird ruffles its feathers in the cold, but the heat of the sun spreads its wings.

193. The character of men will be illuminated by the beauty of the spirit.

Do not cry useless tears, it takes arrows to pierce the dark spirit.

194 - You have sacrificed much for Our Mission.

Let others now face mockers without fear, in the Name of the Lord.

Rest before the new assault.

The last doors are close.

My Teaching is not peaceful.

Remember My Shield in battle.

195 - Each new day brings new possibilities.

The bird, before taking off, does not know how it will cross the ocean.

196 - If all impulses were satisfied, the Universe would be destroyed.

Do not be afraid of bad moods like leaves the wind will carry them away.

The pure water that gushes from under the snow will quench your thirst.

197 - You are tired of waiting, but try to understand how discouraging it is to see the building still without a roof.

The human spirit is opposed to good.

I want to help you, and I will go into battle.

198 - The impatience of the passengers cannot speed up the train.

New circumstances call for new flights.

Don't rush - everything will come.

199 - A Miracle Has Happened - Your Service Is Important For The Manifestation Of The Future Life.

The difficulties of the task are similar to those of honing a diamond.

A hostile will must be directed to the good, like a current to the mill.

But how many dams must the miller build before he can control the current.

The hand must be strong, and the eye must see well, to see the new possibilities.

The best work is done with your own hands.

It is the work that opens the Doors of the world you yearn for.

Anything is possible, but remember that the promise comes true at the right time.

Learn from the phenomena of life.

We send you images of people and events,

which reveal to you the lines of the plan of marvelous human evolution.

Here is a talisman for everyone:

Whoever proclaims Beauty will be saved.

200 - We are ready to help, if not hindered.

We open the doors only to those who knock.

The arrows of those who act for Us direct the energy.

All worlds are tested,

and the results are engraved on the Tablets of the Creator.

And the Sun of the Suns shines in the everlasting Song of the great Work.

201 - Seek the true meaning of every manifestation of life.

Prepare the arrows, as you must fight the destroyers of mankind.

The attack is imminent, and you must find the right way even in the midst of the battle.

202 - On the Mountain of M. sacrifices were offered.

It is difficult to pray when the mind is full of worldly thoughts.

Your will must guard the place of prayer.

You have to know men well and not be fooled by their masks.

If human hearts were filled with beauty, no sacrifice would be necessary.

But few are the enlightened ones.

Therefore the way that leads to the truth is thorny.

203 - Light rays easily disperse the penumbra.

Learn to solve the problems that money cannot solve.

204 - Think about the future, don't dwell on the present.

My Help is great and not late.

205 - I Have Shown You New Pictures - Learn To See Them.

It can be painful to see the real faces of friends,

but knowledge and truth are above all.

206 - The horse rears under the whip.

Purusha trembles in the presence of injustice.

Blessed are the righteous and the brave.

The only judge is your spirit, which is divine.

207 - The Cosmos is reflected in all the pupils.

And God dwells in all hearts.

Better not to know than to betray.

The Master appeared, and the Name of the Messiah was pronounced in My Abode.

You will not be witnesses of small things.

The cloud on the divine mountain will be dispersed.

The lightning of His Voice will illuminate the abysses.

New, new, new, beautiful, intelligent, elevated people will come.

The Master has commissioned you to manifest Him.

Gather people under My Roof.

The Mountain of M. is erected, supported and surrounded by the work plow.

208 - Do not degrade yourself with trivial judgments,

and approach danger smiling.

Could there be danger under the Shield of M.?

209 - You Must Burn with Faith,

and look forward without expectations.

Expect nothing, yet grasp the motion of even a blade of grass.

210. I feel the dust blinds you and the battle deafens you.

But knowledge will come to overcome your weakness.

Know that the path of Good you have chosen leads to the Source of Wisdom.

From the signs you will learn to rhythm the pace of the ascent.

And everything that exists will be the book of life for you.

I reveal every step to you, and the path leads straight ahead.

The Creator seeks new forms.

Blessed are the struggle and the search.

Be fiery, shine and give light.

The juice of knowledge grows as the fruit ripens under the gardener's hand.

211 - The spirit cannot die, nor the mind can destroy the Miracle of the Creator.

A tree shelters many under its fronds, but only the gardener knows how each branch grows.

The branches are sometimes twisted, but the tree appears powerful to the traveler,

and the shade of the foliage refreshes him when he is tired.

Pure thoughts intertwine like branches.

They are all different, but as they grow, they strengthen the tree.

212 - So that My strength may not be spent in vain,

obey me. You have to understand it.

213 - A talisman protects pure thoughts.

Its use is as scientific as that of a magnet.

214 - There are many paths, but the heart recognizes the safest.

Understanding well means learning a lot.

215 - The foundations are deep.

Whoever makes them does not know how high the future tower is, but the architect has already designed it.

Certain structures only grow in austerity, and with many difficulties.

Let cowardice disappear and let treason prepare its nest as well.

Tearing down those nests with lightning and sweeping cowardice away with the whirlwind,

thus We forge the way. Go, and work.

216. Unfathomable is the Creator's Calm amid the whirlwind of events.

A period of calm follows a second.

217 - Do not be troubled when fatigue overcomes the body.

The spirit always remains free.

Between one battle and another you are granted a truce.

218 - Compare the attitudes of the newcomers with those of the elders.

You will understand why I say to leave the old ones.

Open the Gates of the Way to them, with a welcoming smile.

219 - We must disperse the darkness of ignorance.

Pure thoughts accompany My Enterprise.

See that the unaware do not desecrate My Name.

Know how to find successors who appreciate the meaning of My Mission.

220 - My Hand consecrates those who are worthy of it.

Learn to judge according to My Teachings.

221 - We know the tides of the ocean,

and not a single drop will overflow the banks.

222 - Times are complex, and forces are dark,

but Our Ray always shines.

The Hand of the Creator adorns the shields of the elect with manifestations of the spirit.

The will of the enemy will not resist the Will of the Creator.

223 - Our Shields Do Not Rust,

and the way you follow always leads to Us.

You measure all events forty times, in forty ways.

224 - Rigid knowledge is better than being moved by feeling.

I teach the truth of life.

Before you are capable you must know,

and you must be capable before acting.

And you will only do what the spirit justifies.

If the boat is sturdy you will come ashore.

The sail is deployed and the rudder is severely tested.

My Shield will protect you on the battlefield.

Be ready to fight.

With pure thought you will win.

225 - The fable of life will be affirmed,

but listen to the appeals that come.

Between letters and encounters, look for diamonds

of the possibilities that are sent to you.

You have to look beyond, far away.

Understand this, My warriors.

226 - Each takes one step of the ascent and carries out the task assigned to him.

227 - I weave new threads, I look for points of contact.

I place on your head the crown that belongs to you,

and in silence I prepare you for battle.

Rejoice, the brave choose the right path.

228 - The din of ignorance does not stop people building.

229 - Yes, yes, yes, every word of harmony is like the seed of a beautiful flower.

Growing a beauty garden is open to anyone.

But where are the gardeners who know which seed is best?

We will teach them to pluck the fertile stems.

We will decorate the ground where God has shown himself with flowers.

But where the flowers of harmony are, keep their petals.

The night obscures the purest images.

Why test yourselves, if not to erect the Temple?

The plan is in Our Hands and the foundation is in place.

God's Name be praised.

230 - Strive to the utmost,

you have to build the power of the future with your hands.

I will help you, I will help you, but contribute with your strength.

231 - Spear and Shield! God blesses the warriors.

Everything will come. Twilight will end.

Don't you see that the cosmic Consciousness is boiling?

We follow the unfolding of the battle: the Creator's Plan is unalterable.

From the beginning the dark ones opposed it.

From the Beginning We won.

232 - The way of value is not a song of psalms, but work and service.

If karma was violated, it would react on you.

The travail of the spirit is the only ladder on the shortest path.

The penalties of a decade are crowded in a single day in the life of the elect.

Better a cup full of suffering than a life of mild sadness.

Pay your bills in the inns on the street, with a bow they will take your luggage to the ship.

233 - A miracle happens without warning, but nothing happens by chance.

It's a new attack, but don't worry.

234 - In life it can happen that you pass through predestined places without hearing their call.

With a single gesture We remove obstacles and give help,

but this does not cancel Karma.

Our Shield will protect you from the onslaught of the dark ones.

But it is inevitable that the old accounts are settled.

The Hand of Destiny leads to Good.

235 - Whence dreams are born,

where sacrifices are offered,

where the Invisible Light glorifies work,

from there come My Blessings.

In the whispering of the leaves,

in the murmur of the breeze

Among the cruel and the dark,

in the betrayal of the spirit,

Lesson 236 - Bring the lamp and do not look back.

237 - Love also the weeds, it is created by God.

Understanding is hidden in the heart.

238 - To cut ties, to weigh Our Forces, to prevent oneself from coming to Us is dangerous.

Approaching the Light is a serious matter.

Hostile powers surround your every action

when the morning consciousness gives way to twilight, the wings of darkness can touch you.

Darkness can suddenly envelop those who leave the way.

It's easy to miss a step in the mountains.

Better not to refuse the Hand of the Guide,

than to wait anxiously for the rescue lanterns.

Those who are lost are grateful even for a dog's barking.

Isn't it better to follow a guide, in the sparkling snow?

You have to understand, you have to remember, you have to know.

239 - The common main road does not lead to the sacred mountain.

I consider betrayal as the most heinous gesture.

240 - Joy manifests the power of the Creator, and illuminates a dark world.

Our Teaching allows everyone to take part in it, with work.

241 - The dawn of a new day rises on the earth.

This hour is not a current, but a vortex.

Each personal world reflects the sky in flames for the Fire that burns the old forms.

The Wisdom of the Creator is a prophecy of a new World.

By destroying with fire, He creates.

Can we, witnesses who understand the great plan, consider ourselves unfortunate?

The deaf and the blind, and the many sedentary, are but spectators. The Creator Comes!

242 - Isn't Your Life A Fairytale?

The flying carpets are ready,

and you will soar in spirit.

Even bears know they have to swim together.

How many useful examples are scattered around you!

You must resist together, knowing full well Who is the Shield that repairs you.

243 - Have no doubts, no regrets, no fear: the future awaits you!

You four Guardians, protect the Chalice of the Archangel!

The Ark that appeared there is filled with new wisdom.

At the mouth of time I have commanded to lead you on My Way.

I hid your true faces under earthly guise.

I have filled you with the joy of ascent.

I recalled the memory of the forgotten writing.

I have exalted your perception and I have opened the books to you.

A prayer: "You who gave me a voice and a shield,

send a Master on my way: my heart is open ”.

244 - The newly elected will express their thoughts in a short and clear way.

His manners at each age.

Sometimes the stone is deprived of its setting,

sometimes it adorns itself beyond belief.

245 - The idiosyncrasies of the spirit imprisoned in a foreign body

they force us to allow conditions that are not necessary for us, but desirable for humanity, which prefers the paths of a garden to nature.

246 - Aum and Jehovah are two Pillars of the same Portal.

They are all symbols of the only corridor of life.

Lesson 247 - At Night We Teach.

During the day, then, men write it to themselves.

The essential part of human existence is at night.

The abyss is more perceptible to the eye and the whirlwind is closer to the ear.

Guardian, remember the treasure that has been entrusted to you.

Here, Our Appeal transmits to you more wisdom than the ancient traditions.

Calamity is upon us. I teach you to bear it.

The Hand of the Creator reveals the two worlds.

It is prescribed to choose the way.

and the owl's eye flashes in the dark.

I send a shield. Beware, and do not reject happiness.

248 - Often the morning is foggy and the cold penetrates the heart.

But you know that happiness is on the way.

Warm yourself to the fire of the consciousness of the future.

Horses are heard pawing.

249 - We speak scientifically, but courteously.

I speak of trust not for us, but for you.

But Our messages crash into locked hearts.

When useless words are said, the currents become confused.

The emanation of irritation blocks access to Our thoughts. The porcupine does not feel to be touched!

Here is the difference between those thorns and Our Feathered Shield.

The benevolent arrows, like feathers, draw the circle of salvation

but if the needles of doubt do not allow Our Message to enter, serious difficulties arise.

Superiors send us bliss.

But what if we and you refuse it

we would be submerged by the wave of evil.

The best apparatus is hidden in the brain.

Soon man will get back the use of the dormant centers.

The tree of knowledge will blossom again.

250 - Twilight is not eternal.

The storm passes and we have to bear it with patience.

After that, however, we must hurry.

251 - Rivers of joy flow into the ocean of Thought of the Creator.

And you, who pour drops of joy into the human soul, bring gifts to the Creator of the Worlds.

The light will never cease to enlighten you.

Make no mistake when you talk about joy.

Every tree blossoms in joy,

and when it loses its leaves it does not suffer, because it remembers spring.

252 - Even during the battle you can admire the flowers.

But humanity doesn't care.

Say and laugh at Beauty, even in tears, to the point.

253 - Sometimes the earthly emanations are heavy.

People will come. Light the fire, they need it.

One should not hesitate when one sees that one can bring them light.

Do not block the way for new knockers.

The old forms are useless.

He who understands Beauty guides the wayfarers on the path.

254 - The essence of man needs prana.

The tired body is more affected by external forces.

Think of the one source of all the faiths in the world.

255 - Dim is the light of the world.

Therefore, we appreciate any impulse to serve.

But know that good will and action help us best.

I call you not to work miracles, but to serve.

Fire is not dangerous for the wings.

256 - Be spiritually ardent, knowing that the Truth is of the spirit.

Don't think about falling when you are given wings.

257 - Take care of yourself and resist until the end of the battle.

The trenches of evil must be submerged with a great wave.

We must invoke the god of power,

and with the talisman to bring down the fortresses of the enemy.

258 - I turn to you, I command you, I fill you with the desire for great service for the Teaching.

The strength lies not only in trust, but also in building.

Your trust makes me the architect,

It is the reaper who gathers the grain.

To have figs you need a fig, and to cultivate it.

259 - Racial Differences Will Disappear in the New World.

Don't talk about races. The drops of different seas are the same.

260 - Consider the manifestations of My Shield as predestined.

Consider the expressions of Wisdom among the new generation as happiness.

Consider the manifestations of enlightenment among men as a step towards the new World.

Consider Our Events as the time set by the Guardians of the World.

But keep Our precepts,

adhere to our Message,

and learn to express the grandeur of Beauty.

For the wings touched by the sun,

for the steeds before dawn,

the way is neither terrible nor cruel.

The star is next to whoever found the talisman.

261 - Whoever is at home does not see it, because he is inside.

262 - Character must be pure, and tense the strings of the heart.

The Teaching continues, you won't have to wait long.

Steel is tested with fire, and the strength of the spirit grows with the breath of life.

There is a lot to learn, even from the flight of the crane.

But there is a lot to endure to fly to Wonderland.

263 - Among foreigners, among dangerous destroyers, it is difficult, and you would like to flee.

It is difficult to pity them, to reconcile them, to welcome them.

Sowing with difficulty, reaping with joy,

Our messenger works miracles.

264 - Teach by example to be rich in resources.

Each circumstance offers various possibilities, but the mind must be turned to the light.

265 - Venerable is the dust of books,

but without dust the spirit flies better.

Sing! The song scares the wolves.

Singing is good for travelers.

Sing a secret song, and don't give in to sleep.

266 - Personal karma matters, but it is more important to be chosen.

Karma is but the circumstance of choice.

Only the elect are entrusted with a mission.

The Smile of the Creator is the crown not out of gratitude, but out of the ardent gladness of the heart.

And on the heads of the elect the sign of fire shines.

As the trunk is strengthened if the branches are pruned,

thus the spirit is purified if habits are abandoned.

he who has courage affirms himself,

Better to hurry than sleep in anticipation.

Cut the beams and build the house.

267 - In daily life, the moments of primary importance, which seem dust, are not perceived.

But the Hand of the Creator is felt not only in mighty phenomena, but even in the motion of a grain of dust.

The Doors are open - keep the light!

268 - it was after the time of the pupils of Origen, that the false clerical religion began to spread.

269 ​​- Learn the power of the spirit,

The word is the infinitesimal part of it.

As the whirlwind is but the visible sign of the wind,

and snow the harbinger of cold,

and lightning the eye of the storm,

so the word is a grain of dust blown by the impetus of creative thought.

The source of thought shines in the eyes of the beholder,

and the string of tension resounds in the sensitive ear.

I too, terrified, was overwhelmed at the sight of my nothingness.

But the Creator's greatness equates the grain of sand to the mountain.

Understanding the Principle and the Eternal fills hearts.

Be ready to open the doors.

The leaves grow every day, but the flowers have their seasons.

270 - The hawk in flight does not release its wings.

The deer that leaps over the abyss does not linger.

And those who have to come at the right time will not be late.

Not high or low tide, but the golden current of the Cosmos supports the boat.

The sails are set and the port awaits.

My Shield shines in your hand, and on your shoulders

the rays of achievement shine.

I will strengthen My Light and give your feet wings.

O you who lengthen my path, I will find the lightning bolt and on that I will cross the abyss!

I'll wrap myself in the whirlwind and leap to the top!

Where is the dust of the street?

Where the heat that annihilates?

Where is the torrential rain that concealed the rise?

My foot is firm and Your Ring is safe in my hand.

Look, Lord, my falcon approaches.

I support you - My thoughtful care rains on you.

My Cares are your joy.

271 - I promise the development of consciousness.

It grows gradually, unnoticed, like grass.

First, despise superfluous food.

As the fallen fruits are collected in a basket and carried away, so too overgrown thoughts are discarded.

So you have always known that man is imperfect, but even this fruit has fallen.

The people flock to the gates of the new world,

Yet the steps of the spirit are easy.

Just wanting it to see worldly things as they are.

Blessed are you who aspire to Beauty.

272. All the forces of the Cosmos must be consecrated to the blossoming of the spirit.

Fatigue renews the body.

Knowing one's goal gives meaning to every expression of the spirit.

All winds serve the miller for better flour.

Learning the effusions of natural manifestations and understanding them as Beauty means giving wings to the human race.

To open the prison you need the key,

but only the wings bring you to the light.

A key implies that a cell is closed,

but the time has come when man will detest the keys.

I must strengthen you in knowing the powers of the spirit.

After the great waves we reach the billows of human thoughts, and even of plants.

Then the tuned ear plunges into the ocean of cosmic harmony.

Exhaustion of the body is caused by the effort to reach the goal.

Victory is there. It grows with experience, like a crystal grows by immersion.

We keep a watchful eye on Our swimmers: if salt water enters your ear, fear not - we are with you.

274 - Extend your arm over the abyss.

There is no fear on the abyss.

The spirit is more repelled by the limits of the room and the carpet.

Direct the spiritual search towards Us.

You do not see the clouds that We see.

Fervent commitment works wonders - but let us judge.

275 - What was a fragrance becomes a stench.

The song of the past becomes the screeching of a wheel.

The shield of the past changes in the door of an oven.

This is how the spirit grows when it turns to face the universe.

In a small room, on a small mat, you have left the skin of the past.

What cannot be washed in the snow of the mountains and in the heat of the sun?

The wisdom thus liberated will wear a new skin.

We appreciate how you observe the ways of man, unmasked and naked.

As if, once the curtains were opened, the most hidden recesses were revealed.

It's easy to give advice when reading an open book.

You are growing under My gaze.

Your constancy strengthens Us.

It is easy to walk on the edge of the abyss when you know about the flying carpet.

276 - While you were at the market a merchant knocked on the door.

She wanted to change her necklace to yours.

Your red stones with others, of blue fire.

Mother, it was not clear which ones shone better.

The merchant was tall, with a raven beard.

Why are you so thoughtful, Mother?

The merchant wanted to deceive us.

Blood red are your stones and your necklace shines like fire.

Why are you so thoughtful, Mother?

We won't let him in anymore.

But why are your tears falling?

One of them shines like a blue flame.

The hands of the children do not distinguish the best stones.

Often they choose the red ones.

277 - In everyday life, look for a flash of Light.

The growing focus on the Blessed Forces strengthens the conscience of those who knock.

Having despised, slandered and belittled the spirit, the insignificant are blocked by the Fortress of Good.

The sign of eternal life will penetrate even the lowest minds.

Oh shopkeeper, what's the point of defrauding yourselves?

Poor rulers, why on earth do you build prisons for yourself?

Ruthless sages, are you not ashamed of violating your beliefs?

And you, of the crowd, remember that the star that shines between the houses is not a lamp.

You dive, fly, listen,

but where is the pearl of your spirit?

You have lost your way and a bad thorn has pierced your wings.

Dust damages hearing.

I say this as a doctor. But My remedies are not complicated and My Trumpet does not deafen.

The growing grass is more audible.

In solitude, let yourself be bathed in tears.

278 - The blades of grass rejoice in the sunlight.

Why is it that only the human eye avoids the light?

A shield does not hide leprosy for long,

or a helmet an empty head.

Our Call is simpler than a child's call.

Accept the treasure that is prepared for you.

As muscles hold physical strength, so the spirit must embrace the divine.

A fool's crop is always meager.

But Our wheat is the best, and it's cheap.

Is it possible that you want to annihilate yourself with your ignorance?

I implore and warn you: there will be revelations, as the veil is lifted.

But glasses are useless, if the eyes are full of dust.

279 - The hand of the night guards the pearl.

The clear eye of the day sees that treasure.

The sight of the eagle penetrates the darkness.

Bring a new treasure every day.

Express what is predestined day and night.

I feel that happiness is near.

280 - Driven to fight and destroy evil, aren't you a fanatic?

Where are the boundaries of justice?

But those who have been raised in the school of harmony recognize the precepts of the heart.

Our disciple decides every blow of the sword with the spirit turned to Us.

He does not hesitate, and strikes the lies of the enemy.

As a rule, Our soldiers do not rest, because they are full of resources.

They have open and bright eyes.

Tell anyone who thinks we distract them from work.

281 - I teach you to consult your destiny.

You have to understand the revealed dates.

That knowledge will show the structure of the Cosmos.

If the will is in harmony with the dates, there can be no destruction.

The Hand of the Guide hovers over your spirit,

and as a pilot directs it between waves, seasons and elements.

Therefore Our disciples must know how to listen to the breath of daily life.

The darkness of ignorance and the grimace of discontent are not for you.

My Shield is a Refuge for those who are pure,

My Arrows are Wings for those who are faithful,

My Sword is a Torch for those with courage,

My smile is bliss promised to those who are wise,

My heart is your Home.

Your temple is a prodigious offering for Me.

Know how to find Antonio and Ursula in life.

I believe you will understand my directions.

282 - You will learn about Our Aspirations on the mountain peaks.

Read about Our manifest dreams.

You will hear of Our manifestations, but you will not believe.

We only teach those who knock.

We firmly reject those who betray.

Speak of Us in an austere way.

Listen, the novices show signs of understanding.

Do not let the enemies approach, they are dangerous for them.

Listen with a smile to the objections of the pedants, who see nothing.

The Eagle's Eye overlooks you.

283 - Take the opportunity to listen.

The great Silence envelops the intent ear:

in the din is invulnerable,

and in the battle his presence is even more surprising.

The open ear turns away from the earthly world.

What is not feasible today will be easy tomorrow.

The difficulties of the path are caused by earthly habits.

Therefore protect the children.

Those habits are to be destroyed like mold rising on the walls.

A beetle nest swarms in the corners and poisons the walls.

The darkness has chained humanity, but the lightning of the sword will tear them from top to bottom.

284 - The current needs pure air.

It is like electricity after a storm.

Miracles can happen anywhere, but your progress in learning depends on that of your spirit.

285 - The Predetermined Dates for the Spirit Are Near.

At the edge of consciousness, the manifestations of happiness and darkness merge.

The eye does not catch the transition from night to day.

Sanctify the divine abode.

Bring no dust, no anger, kill earthly appetites to face divine Knowledge.

The aspiration of the spirit is the sparkle of bliss.

Blessings temper the armor.

Look for the doors to open for them to go up.

Look after the feathers of the arrows, which otherwise fall inert and as if extinguished.

287 - Do not welcome those who think that the trial lasts too long.

288 - Lay the new foundations to express Beauty.

With you we begin a new Teaching.

Ebb and flow follow each other, but the ninth wave is the highest.

I want to show you the great battle of Our day.

289 - You who reject the teaching of hope, action, and courage,

and fear the knowledge offered,

and do not dare to look at the face of love,

and fear the wings of an angel,

we don't need you!

The temple shines and Our Path is decided.

Each morning brings us closer to the sun.

Blessed are those who paid no attention to the day and caught the pearl of the spirit from the stars.

It is always bright, and you wretched ones, where will you find a more lasting treasure?

We appreciate values, but without insisting on money as a measure.

The underground crypts are filled with them.

I will cancel the earthly gold with a new metal.

A gold shield cannot be trusted.

290 - Show wisdom - I speak of action.

The rays of every day renew the forces.

Protecting yourself is not a personal act, when darkness rages on the defenses of a pure dwelling.

The divine Hand of the Sower surrounds the firmament with its motion.

And the hands of all His Sons will rise in common accord to sow their seed.

I will tell you the time of the action.

Consider the next few days as the threshold of winter activity.

Hurry to act. Gather your forces for action.

Never have warriors found themselves in such a melee.

O sharp blade, O beating hammer!

I come, Master builder, I come!

291 - Be Whimsical - Act!

Lesson 292 - We Only Speak Once.

What is not understood or is not heard is lost to the Earth.

You will find other ways to understand and climb, but in a new way.

Fatigue is not dangerous,

but frivolity and insensitivity are poisons for man.

As always active massari, do not fear a few drops of sweat.

Even an unsuccessful act is better than apathy.

Reach the port. Everyone is given a ship.

293 - Is it difficult to manage justice?

A child administers it better than a judge.

So only the elderly and children are the arbiters of the Earth?

Men are seriously wrong.

Laws block access.

Judge outdoors, under the stars,

learn to measure distances with your eyes closed.

Everyone could see the light with their eyes closed

but laziness, ingratitude, ignorance and brutality unseat you.

O blind travelers, how will you obtain the justice of children?

Wash away the dust of habits.

294 - Who lives in a cellar, who in an attic.

Others are content with a room with others.

But someone has a whole house.

I want to give a home to those who stay with us.

It's not bad to own a home.

It is glorious to watch the sun rise from the garden terrace.

And We sell the house at a low price:

a word from the heart and a gesture of beauty

Understand it at least in the earthly sense.

Lesson 295 - O Creator, May My Spirit Revive When The Storm Ceases.

Thunder shakes the silence of the night, and lightning crosses the window.

Will the Messenger come on a night like this?

But the question is useless: the Messenger comes.

Master, my mind is numb with sleep and my eyes do not see in the dark.

I'll leave a hammer at the door.

Let the Messenger break the latch.

What use would a lock be for me after your arrival?

296 - Why, Lord, don't you charge me to reap the fruits of Your Garden?

But where are your baskets?

Why don't you, Lord, pour the flow of Your Bliss upon me?

But where are your jars?

Lord, why do you whisper, and don't proclaim Your Truth amidst the thunder?

But where do you have your ears? Of course, thunder is best heard in the mountains.

297 - Men Gather.

Rescue is easier.

So the ship, with full sails, hastens the race.

In ease, lightly, uphill, unnoticed, you carry the burden of life, like flower pollen.

May the crossing be good.

In ease, uphill, with joy, in simplicity.

Don't bother with the soles when your wings grow.

But be careful not to be like Icarus.

298 - Why does the eye become presbyopic at the end of life?

Experience directs him away and the present is veiled.

Thus you receive knowledge of the future.

Go through the present without sinking into the mire of the swamps.

Be active first!

In truth, in truth, the flight of a sparrow is sometimes more effective than a numb man.

299 - I see that the enemies will be destroyed by a prodigious fire.

The time for action has just begun.

Be devoted, faithful and courageous.

I will protect you with a helmet of faith, a breastplate of devotion and a shield of victory.

And on the flag will be written: Love, the winner.

300 - The mind expands every day.

Goodness flies to joy.

But between you and Us is the bridge of the spirit.

With the spirit mountains rise,

but that bridge can be destroyed in an instant.

All the mountains of creation will not be enough to fill the abyss.

So keep the Adamant flower,

that does not bloom on ice.

But if the Creator has granted you the power of this bridge that leads to Us, step forward and guard the flame.

“We know where we are headed”.

301 - My mouth will be mute, and I will not understand the Shield of Mercy, if love leaves me.

I will be forced to the ground in the morning, if the wings sag at night.

And what will I unfold, to greet the morning sun?

What brand do I wear on my forehead?

What is the luminous word to greet the light?

What is the most precious thing? I cry it out, I affirm it: it is Love.

302 - Do not value the words they explain too much.

Instead, take care of those of the Primo Maestro.

303 - The Word of the Master Opens the Door.

Place your heart on the threshold of the morning ray and I will give you shelter.

Open your eyes, face events, and I will protect you.

I am happy to keep the treasure.

304 - The time to crown the Temple is near.

Turn respectfully to the Temple.

And when I walk around the walls with you,

we will raise a prayer to the Creator of the Universe,

and we will have reward according to work and merit.

Divine services are not bought.

Faith was suffocated by gold.

A gold shield is not reliable.

New and capable men will come.

And the tree of union will blossom.

305 - They will ask you, “Where is the evidence? There are many false prophets ”.

You will answer: "We judge only by works,

and we measure only on the basis of the results ".

and the lie is done in evil.

The trace of the dragon is then seen.

Therefore, take into account only the works.

The Master knows our way, and we leave the voices that hold back to His Mercy.

306. To reap the sickle is needed.

The ears are placed in the barn with the hands.

Pure wheat must be ventilated by the breath,

So We choose the flags of the future.

Lesson 307 - Nothing Is Destroyed Without Reason.

Each is destined to be called.

But he who sleeps does not hear the trumpets of angels.

More impregnable than the walls of Jericho are the structures of meanness.

Do you have dust in your ears?

308 - What To Do With Who Threats You?

What to do with those who don't move?

What to do with those who chat and think they know the future?

Many are these known today.

But I will tell them: "Open your ears".

I will say, “Wash your hands before writing. Clear your throat before speaking ”.

I myself will put an end to that, in due course.

But now go, My Hand is with you.

309 - In chains, in slaughter,

in silence, in revolt,

Power is always with you.

O disciples, does the shell fear the velvety waves of the sea?

Lesson 310 - I Believe The Spirit Finds Time For Everything.

If a lighthouse is always a sign of salvation for sailors,

the more My warriors always burn with the fire of salvation.

And the flame of action ignites other fires.

311 - You already know that courtesy and intellect are not enough to come to Us.

This quality appears when the spirit is ready.

Nothing can anticipate the affirmation of the path.

It is even useless to address the call to others.

So do not seek followers,

but be careful to welcome whoever knocks.

It would be shameful to sleep while ignoring even one heart beating at the door.

Better to risk failure than to neglect a winged desire.

312 - Pupil, Why Do You Think About What Can't Be Done?

Do not waste your strength in the languor of the spirit.

My Lotus is joy for those who visit My Garden.

My sons! Action, action, action.

Thoughts of good raise your vibrations to those of the Master's Soul.

Remember, the Master's Soul is your home.

Do not forget him in the struggle for bliss.

I am speaking to you in the name of humanity.

The Master is always at your door, but leave it open.

Wait for Him, and He will answer your call,

like the flower in the morning sun.

Live in My Name, and you will conquer the darkness.

The rain will not wet you, nor the burning sun will make you suffer.

Because I am the Guardian, the Friend and the Father for you.

313 - My children, children, my children.

Do not think that Our Community is hidden from men by impregnable walls.

The snows of the Himalayas that hide us are not obstacles for true seekers, but only for the curious.

Distinguish the seeker from the arid skeptic.

Immerse yourself in Our work, and I will lead you on the way to the World beyond.

that the stones tell the truth,

let plants and trees announce the joy of creation,

Because the fruit of human effort is contained in the action.

The birds do not remember their acts, nor those of others, so they return to the old nests.

Therefore, let man forget his mistakes and fight on the path of great Silence and Bliss.

The great Silence is like the roar of the ocean, like the quiet of an empty house.

315 - In the rays of the morning we decide to send you Our Word.

Not in a dream or in desire, but in union of spirit.

Aiming for Bliss, go as heralds of Our News.

Don't contemplate too much, but create and discover -

and I Myself will help you.

316 - Avoid Those Who Do Not Listen.

Don't worry about those who don't see.

317 - Be the one who observes and listens.

Lord, strengthen my heart and my arm,

In Your Rays I will learn the eternal Truth of Being,

in Your Voice I will hear the harmony of the World.

I offer you my heart, Lord.

Sacrifice it for the salvation of the World.

Know the truth, the great truth of the everlasting bond between Father and Son, and between son and his son.

The flowers and fruits of My Garden are for everyone, and it is up to you to keep it.

I will place you to guard My Gates, and you will speak in My Name.

My Word be with you.

318 - We make revelations to the sensitive ear.

And your desire bring you Our Voice.

Our Ray explores the darkness, like a lighthouse,

and with the help of its light the ship enters port.

Twilight doesn't have to exist for you.

They will ask you how to seek perfection.

Respond: with Love, in Beauty, in Action.

These three paths are enough.

Even under a tree you feel protected,

Even at the foot of a cliff you feel like you are safe.

But how more protected you will feel under My Ray!

In silence and turmoil your voice reaches Our Summit.

The sea mist dims the light of the lighthouse,

It shines, and in the silence of the ocean you can find Us.

319 - They will ask why your book is so different from all the others.

Tell them those books expound static doctrines as We call into battle.

In Our explaining, teaching, encouraging the invitation to fight and action resounds.

Each season allows for new routes.

The spirit leaps over the abyss.

Help to you, who run on the path.

Help to you, who have forgotten both time and body.

Help to you, who answered.

A Watchful Eye watches you.

The eagles rise up high, like messengers.

And the tortoises offer themselves shelter.

A miracle, a miracle is accomplished.

The Warriors will hear the appeal.

320 - Even in the fog you will find the way, because I am with you.

Learn the unfathomable nature of the eternal creation.

Form without form, Sound without sound.

See the joy of creation and rejoice in the Creator's Wisdom.

The glory of the eternal Being radiates in the stars, and His power is symbolized by the highest peaks of the earth.

In mountains and valleys, in forests and plains, seek the Master.

Fools, why are you looking so far?

I am here, I, your Master.

Nourish thoughts of service for the Good in your hearts.

Lord of my prayers, have mercy on my struggle.

Don't blame my shortcomings.

My spirit sings your song,

but my body is tired and the limbs do not obey me.

Student, find the energy to do your job. Be brave!

The body must not hinder you on the way.

Master, I see Your Face, I see Your Grace.

Student, I am here, but in your blindness you have forgotten My Presence.

Truth is eternal, unfathomable, great and sublime,

but the seeker approaches lightly, and conquers it.

321 - Contemplate Nature.

Hear the creation in every desert sound.

The Master looks after every expression of your spirit.

In His Rays you will discover the joy of creating.

Children, do not regret the time spent searching for the Truth.

The great Sages found it with intense research.

Trust in your strength, knowing that Whoever is Father in spirit has chosen you.

If in a moment of weakness you falter on the way, stretch out your hand, and help will come.

if on the way you see a heart - a chalice overflowing with spirituality, know how to see it.

Recognizing it, get as close as possible.

Remember that the spirit, like a flame, kindles new fires and attracts like a prodigious magnet.

Therefore, do not discard the happiness that awaits you.

We launch an appeal, but we do not repeat it.

The way must be clear.

I speak to those who suffocate in the prison they have built.

Come, you who seek joy, his day is near.

323 - Think of the stars, which continually shed light on humanity.

Be like that, and give love, wisdom, and knowledge.

Only when everything has been given can it be received.

Work in My Name, don't forget it.

Wherever you go, take My Light with you.

What good is a messenger hiding behind an impassable wall?

The Master is with you, and you must be in harmony with those who follow you.

Do not complain about the path, forget worldly pride and open yourself to the New.

324 - I urge you: have your heart kindled with compassion.

In it is buried the great pearl of Secret Knowledge.

All Bodhisattvas, all Saints and all Martyrs advance on that Path.

Remember the legend of the Seven Doors.

The thorny way is not difficult for everyone.

For some souls a crown of thorns is sweeter than a king's crown,

and a rough garment is more precious than the royal purple.

325 - Look for My Signs in the forest.

Hear My call in the mountains.

Hear My whisper in the waves of the river.

No, I am the roar of the ocean, the thunder over the peaks.

I ask you, where is the slingshot to hit the enemy?

Be ready to fight.

326 - You must remember the spark of Our power.

But as the fireflies gradually become dim, so it is easy to extinguish Our spark.

327 - Remember the vigor of dawn.

Its morning coolness is a sip that renews the spirit.

Oh Gem of the Lotus Flower,

Seven-pointed jewel!

The knowledge of the universe is contained in you,

The impulse to discover the mysteries arises in you.

Secret Temple of the Unknown,

great Healer of the Universe,

soul ever alert to the terrors of the world!

Your faithful servant immerses himself in Your Light,

who chose You as the only one to have.

Wise Lord of the Heavenly Gates, place the throne on the highest peak.

From there you will see better the fears and anxieties of human hearts.

Oh Lord of compassion,

look at your children in the darkness.

Without darkness the light would not be,

But where you live, Lord,

Misunderstood by man, it remains clear,

but if it is intended by the human mind, it blurs.

Follow the battle flag.

328 - For deserts, seas and mountains

And there we meet, face to face.

There is no distance. Time does not exist.

The power of knowledge is revealed.

Is it easy to fly if you have wings?

I'll say it's easy if you know you have them.

But those whose world cup is sweet don't fly.

Chained to their idol, to their good, where would they fly?

You will learn from experience that earthly desires do not bear fruit.

It's simple, as everything is simple.

Ascend high with thought. Fly for affirmation.

You will understand the joy of flying.

The gulf of life will be far below you.

And a miracle of flaming colors will radiate near the splendid Southern Cross.

329 - Why mortify the body?

Why destroy what is given to you by the Creator?

Find your way amidst the difficulties of life.

I am here - the Master speaks to you. Open up to us.

Supreme of Heaven, Glory of Glories!

Great Unmanifest in the Beginning,

Where is the Beginning? Where is the End?

Acknowledge your commitment.

Rejoice on your path.

Be grateful to the One who gives every Treasure.

He will hear your prayers even in the noise of the street.

Knock on the door. It is always open.

And the Master awaits you in His House.

Do not eat at the Lord's table,

but listen to His Word.

330 - My Children, prepare yourselves for much ingratitude.

You will donate the most precious things and they will not notice them.

Travelers, renounce the possessions that hinder you.

The more you give, the easier the way will be.

Be grateful to those who have taken from you and are ungrateful.

In fact, those who walk light reach the summit easily.

And you will know how to reach the top.

So be grateful to the ungrateful.

I said it. I am sending you Bliss.

331 - Work, the way is open to work.

You have been given the best chances.

Keep My crown, as I have given it to you.

Be vigilant. Expect our help at any time.

Don't expect rewards.

Earthly rewards are not for you.

Carry on boldly, without thinking about the dangers or future joy.

Remember what I told you.

Do not accept the best fruit from the Lord's table, even if he offers it to you.

Take only what is given to you to fulfill the mission.

The reward comes, but the wait doesn't appeal to her.

Did Christ think, on the cross, of the salvation of His Soul?

Be like him, albeit to a small extent.

Compassion, compassion, compassion.

Many times I have urged you to be compassionate.

Children, pupils, My children, be happy!

The greatest joy is near.

I myself affirm it, attest to it.

332 - When the splendor of your spirit shines through the rags of your temporary bodies,

are you not filled with joy and strength?

And are you not intimately united in the joy of spiritual work?

Then hear the soft sound of My step.

May My Name be a talisman for you.

May the resources of Heaven help you.

Look far away, like the hawk.

Dream of the future and you will see the regeneration of the world.

Don't forget compassion as you struggle.

Remember that art is the only vital means of the new culture.

The access route is guided by Beauty.

I commission you to affirm Beauty.

And you, My Son, say Action.

If you want the doors to open to you, use My Sign.

I said Beauty, in the struggle and in the victory.

I said Beauty, and the failure was covered by Beauty.

The mountains bloomed with beauty,

and you must open yourself to those flowers.

Bow down before the One who brought the Beauty of the great Universe.

Know that there are no possessions, no decisions, no pride or repentance.

There is only one thing: Beauty.

keep it, affirm it, express it.

With Beauty I will move towards those who come to Me.

334 - Your Joy Is Ours.

When the enchanted flower of tenderness blooms on the earth, a new star is born in the Infinite.

The Milky Way of happiness surrounds all worlds.

Lord, the bird of happiness sings on my balcony.

I do not understand the language, but I will try.

In the morning a word will come to me, and my heart will sing:

forgiven, forgiven, forgiven.

Is it possible that for a single word, for a single kind act,

From You, Who have woven the web of the eternal Universe and Glory?

My son, kindness is part of the Truth.

And the Truth lies in Beauty and Love.

Understand this, My son, in the hour of the night.

At dawn I will knock on your door.

Your flower grows day by day,

and in simplicity you pronounce the words that erect the Temple.

I see a smile I even hear a laugh.

Blessed are you, if by placing the stones you succeed in cementing them with rice.

Joy to all worlds! I said.

335 - Travelers, why do you hurry?

Where are you going? Do you have a destination?

We go where the river is lost in the clouds, where the forest disappears on the horizon.

Do you want to drink pure spring water?

No, we must reach the goal.

Twilight already envelops the farthest mountains

and the nightingale sang in the nearby forest.

Travelers, proceed. The coolness of the evening will give you strength on the way.

The wayfarers advance. The goal is approaching.

But the road is long and night falls.

Lonely pilgrims: look ahead!

A Stranger marched on the way:

May the Lord have mercy on you.

336 - Waterfalls and blades of grass, birds and winds sing for me.

And on the way a song is born.

But when the wind is silent and the birds fly away and the grass reclines, what will I do, my Lord?

Since the mountains always show new peaks, and the abysses crossed reveal only other mountains,

when I have traversed all the deserts, and climbed all the peaks, what shall I see, Lord?

Chains of happiness and chains of slavery.

The slave drags his heavy shackles,

The chains of joy ring with gladness.

How to distinguish the chains, Lord?

337 - Whoever is with Us will live his hour of battle,

but he knows he will always be the winner.

Look at those who call.

How beautiful! Not only do they see the beauty, but they want to share it with you.

Sharing is a guarantee of victory.

The words that open the doors are simple.

Few, however, know how to apply them to closed doors.

We see that the work is festive.

Throw prejudices into the purifying flames, with the obstacles of material life.

A great bonfire lit in the mountains lights the way!

you fled from Me with the same diligence with which you first built My Abodes.

You fled, trying to hide in the sanctuaries of the temples, behind the staircases of the thrones.

Changing your appearance, you hid yourself in the folds of the curtains.

You tried to get lost in the earthly sounds of flutes and lutes.

Now you stand in front of me, and I tell you:

You have found My door again.

You saw how pale your mind had become, how your joy had dispersed.

And you have understood that whoever knocks will be welcomed.

And whoever is admitted is acquitted.

Now you have found the right door and you have come knowing that escape is useless.

You who knock, I welcome you and tell you: I have kept your joy.

Take your cup, and work.

Now you know that escape is in vain.

Now you stop, you approach the door,

and your cup awaits you.

339 - Joy! There is no present hour of glory.

There is an hour of past happiness.

And I have arranged hours of future bliss for you.

Nothing that holds you back has value.

Live in the hour of future happiness.

340 - Learn to Guard the Shield.

Win for wealth of resources.

The new is difficult, the old unsuitable.

The clouds must not hide the mountains.

Excuses and loopholes are useless.

Only creative work leads to victory.

Understand the work with breadth.

The whirlwind blinds the eye, but not the spirit.

341 - Guard the Spirit.

Devotion is shown in the acts.

I will say my prayer, facing the sun.

If the eyes will not hold the Light of the Universe, I will close them,

and, filled with the sparks of His radiance, yet I will say:

I see the path and walk it struggling with my deepest being.

I reject the enemies and I renounce all possession, and I come to You.

The word I address to you is my prayer.

I will repeat it day and night, at work and in the night vigil,

when the eyes no longer distinguish the boundary between heaven and earth.

How much preparation, and thought and vigilance, to tell you my only word: “I love you, Lord”.

I have been preparing for a long time.

I have long sought my mantra.

"Don't turn away from me, Lord!"

I can't add anything else.

And now my invocation: “Lord, do not leave me.

I will find you. I know all of Your abodes. You are in everything! "

Mercy, Lord. My prayer is simple.

My mantra is short and the invocation is pressing.

But as I cannot leave You, so You cannot hide You from me.

My ear hears Your step. My mouth is sweet with Your divine taste,

Will I be able to call on You, Lord?

I'm afraid my prayer displeases you,

and the mantra is not acceptable.

But I will cling to Your Robe.

and with courage I will conquer the ocean of happiness.

So I say: Create, understand, clear the way to the gates.

Others will crowd around you, but you will pass by, entering smiling.

You who know, go and win.

343 - Some boast of receiving messages from Us.

But they haven't stopped a single bad habit.

They drag their steps in doubt,

they speak bitter and treacherous words.

They bathe in a pond and think it is an ocean.

Especially beware of traitors.

344 - The new ones will manifest themselves in action.

They will reveal the Shield of Beauty,

and filled with love they will open to those who knock.

The earth will sink under the foot of the blind, and the deaf will be scattered.

to wet your eyes and ears.

The Miracle will take place, and a Bridge of Beauty will guide you on a new path.

Lord, how miserable my garment is!

Look where fear has taken me!

But in these violent times, from the darkened sun, while everyone closes in the house,

I will venture alone, and with courage I will reach the Gates of Your Abode.

I will knock on Your Gates until the Luminous Guardian approaches.

And I will tell Him: “Here I am! I'm not going away, because I have nowhere to go ”.

And if the Guardian, in His Splendor, closes the Gates, I will not go away, Lord,

I will wait for the Righteous One, and following Him I will pass the Threshold, since it is given to the Righteous to enter.

So I will reach the Light of Your Abode by following in the footsteps of Your Chosen One.

Lord, let's all sound the call to battle!

The sound of my trumpet is faint, but all together, the call to battle will be like thunder.

345. In ancient rites there are always traces of very ancient spiritual teachings.

Even the old choral dances in a circle rested on spiritual foundations.

In the center was the chosen one, usually a woman.

The ritual figures of the choir circled around her.

The chosen one, in the center, stood motionless,

and all movements and invocations were aimed at her.

She assumed in herself the true meaning of the circular action.

This is what happens when the Spirit is taught.

The disciple is illuminated with joy,

and makes the endless quest his own.

Accept the chill of loneliness.

And so he has to take charge of being the center of the circle.

bears every burden.

So in the quiet, in the freezing solitude, he waits and readily accepts the impact of all the appeals.

As the foundation of a factory, in silence, it lets itself be loaded.

Multiplying the hands by ten magnifies the heart

its spiritual growth must be

such that he can respond to all who turn to him.

He knows his time is approaching.

Those who knock, who threaten and who oppress must come and meet them.

And for some time they surround it, with no way out.

As the possibility of the innermost path approaches.

Such is the burden of being in the center.

And it is good if friendly hands are stretched out,

if the choir is filled with good will.

346 - Do not look for the evening at noon.

Behind the plow, oh farmer, don't think about rest.

347 - I can say of love that in pure souls it always tends upwards.

Compassion, on the other hand, flows downwards.

one can see Him as a portentous Martyr Who thinks and creates the Good of the World.

One can knock courageously and even confidently on the door of His Temple.

If one knocks on purpose, one receives new strength, even if not immediately recognized.

348 - There is little understanding of humanity in the ocean.

The spirit knows, but it is necessary to manifest signs on the fire.

The fire of active life makes the wings of the spirit grow.

but only the motion of the currents reveals it.

The nightingale egg contains the embryo of that singer

but its song spreads only at the completion of the vital process.

Singers of happiness, sing for the glorious smile of the Creator!

Nobody is small, nobody is big

a feeling emitted into space returns like a boomerang to where it started.

The Master has the strength to hold the shield until happiness is achieved.

The Master understands when it is necessary to help.

The Master is ready to help.

The Master can send new people.

The Master can issue the Teaching.

For him an act of courage is a success.

The Master gives strength to those who are faithful.

350 - The ancient heroes were taught to the people.

At the change of races, shouldn't achievement shine again?

The Shield of Our Brotherhood is ready to protect those who seek the light.

We treat your best actions as seeds.

Blessed are the ways of beauty

the thirst of the world should be satisfied.

The miracle of the new Life is covered in rags, but it lives.

Don't fear the foam of life

when the water boils, the impurity comes to the surface.

On the path of ardent commitment there is no fear,

and the fire of the heart illuminates the way to truth.

The eternal Truth lies in the beauty of the spirit.

351 - The New Human Round Will Know No Pain.

The child will draw the sword with a smile.

The people will raise the icon high.

I carry the chalice covered with a shield.

Why is there dust in the place of sacrifice?

Neither recreation nor play has a place where the Temple is built.

There is no commitment, there is no research where the power of beauty is betrayed.

Do not leave anything harmful between the cracks.

352. If you hurry, you will easily remove the dust.


By what power will you strengthen yourself?

How will you accomplish Our Work?

Should I speak of power, when all madness, ignorance and vanity seek it?

I say and testify that Our Power is different.

Our Power is sacrifice.

When Kurnovoo, the emperor, erected the Golden Gates,

he longed to enter the Temple.

Nonetheless, He ended His sacrifice.

Solomon sought the power of Beauty,

when the symbols of the Supermundane Truth were revealed to him through Sulamith,

but he remained to reign and finished His sacrifice.

A-lal Ming, spiritual master of Tibet, yearned for his mountains where the Lord appeared to him for the first time,

but he remained in the valley and accepted the cup of sacrifice.

Sheikh Rossul Ibn Rahim intended to pass powers to his son,

but he heard the Voice and sacrificed everything to serve to the end.

Origen, the Master, committed body and soul and dedicated everything

to spread the last precepts of Christ,

and endured a long life of teaching.

Sergius of Radonega renounced the throne of Metropolitan, tried to communicate with animals,

but he remained to build monasteries,

and to surround himself with disciples.

Akbar, called the Great, laid the foundations of a unitary religion,

yearned for the Tree of Wisdom

where he received enlightenment.

Nevertheless he remained on the steps of the throne.

Knowing the heroic commitment,

knowing that power is sacrifice,

affirm victory by saying:

"Lord, take the cup of triumph away from me."

You will attain the right to create,

and your spirit will be invincible.

Remember this Book of Sacrifice,

indicating the Doors of Consummation and Readiness.

Then, well prepared, you will know everything.

Everything will be opened to you, given and told.

And above all, read and reread.

Often the physical form obscures the knowledge of the spirit.

When you see the aforementioned explosion, you will say:

“That's why I abandoned my possessions yesterday”.

And at the sight of the thunderbolt, you will bow your head, venerating the Will of the Lord.

I said it, I taught it - keep it in your heart.

354 - Light up the light of beauty with love,

and by working you manifest the salvation of the spirit to the world.

355 - When the spirit finally fulfills the service, new wings grow, and the air around sings at night.

The path of light appears to the astonished gaze,

and the mental decision erects the steps of the Temple of the One Truth.

Improve your brain, clean your ears, wet your lips,

otherwise you will be witnesses of your folly.

356 - Teach My Way.

Help to understand the nature of man.

They will understand the nature of the Service.

They will understand the joy of Beauty.

They will know the simple truths that turn life into a miracle.

Our Shield is invisible,

but at night you can hear the affirmation of the hints and whispers of the day.

For us, a time has never been more complex than this, with the changing of races.

We have to spare our forces

it is bad chemist who to pour an empty drop the bucket.

The invisible conflict has never been so intense:

it involves the entire earth's orbit.

Do not take world unrest lightly.

The forces are so strained that a torrent of omens pours over the planet.

Tomorrow, when I say the book of Joy, do not forget the cries of battle!

if it has deep and invisible roots in the soil.

I told you about beauty, love, action.

I have told you about devotion, readiness and compassion.

Open the window, I showed you the battle.

I explained what courage is,

and finally I have called you to the great Service.

And where is the robe to climb the stairs of the Temple?

Where is the noble mantle to cover the impure nakedness of our bodies?

Throughout the Universe the veil of the vital principle palpitates.

The noble Mantle is widespread throughout the Universe.

Joy vibrates, quivers and resounds.

With that mantle of joy you will go up to the Temple.

That robe will wrap around your body.

They tear the mantle of the Lord.

But the daughter of the world and the Mother of the Universe will mend them,

and you will be ready to receive your garment.

For what good are power and sacrifice, without joy?

What about compassion, devotion,

and love for creation,

if the Mantle of the Mother of the World does not cover your back?

And when you erect the Temple of Beauty,

and arrange My Garden of Joy around it,

give that garden My Name,

And, crossing the line between power and sacrifice,

dressed in radiant joy,

we will tell you, tomorrow, about prayer.

The Book of Prayer and Ardent Commitment will close this trilogy.

and therefore the joy is with us

therefore our faces radiate joy ”.

Sending Joy, Benevolence and Truth.

358. Destroyers must be opposed with creative power.

Learn to call others, new, to build.

In this way you will accomplish your work of unification.

The Days of Darkness are approaching.

I commission you: keep the shield and have faith,

for I have already shown you My Token.

You are full of happiness, but take care of it.

And wings bring the happy fulfillment of Our Plan into the world.

Distinguish the manifestations My shield is strong.

359 - We affirm the teachings of the prophets.

We guide you along safe steps, and no one has regrets as the new breed approaches.

Its primary task is to introduce the spirit into life.

And the fragments accumulated over the millennia will fall into place.

The ray of understanding of the wonder of life will glow with simplicity.

In the new flight, the spirit will surround the world.

Times are difficult, but without equal.

Dark clouds surround you, but My Ray is with you.


Warrior, would you enter the Holy of Holies of the Temple with spear and sword?

Friend, I walk the path of achievement how could I leave the armor?

Warrior, I will guard your armor on the steps of the portal.

Friend, I come to consecrate my possessions: how could I leave them here?

Father, it dries up my hand if I raise it in an unjust act!

Father, incinerate my brain if I think of cheating!

Father, demolish my being if it turned to evil!

Son, I won't hit your hand.

Son, I will not burn your brain if you proceed in your heroic endeavor.

But in the tension of achievement he devotes time to the silence of the spirit.

Then I will come to your inner being.

From the seed of the great Silence the knowledge of the great Service sprouts.

Father, from now on I will shorten my psalms,

I will reduce the duration of my song.

The ardent commitment will be my prayer

Brothers, at the beginning of every action, remain silent.

Then the messenger of the teaching approaches.

In this way, prayer and the fire of commitment happen,

glorified by beauty, understood the power of sacrifice,

361 - I will teach you to apply your sensitivity in life.

So watch every event around you.

We must be able to distinguish Our Indications from accidental events.

New possibilities will improve understanding of what has been sent to you.

This is how the building is erected: without losing the stones given.

Not hope, but work guides the builders.

The purity of the tuning fork corrects the crude disharmonies caused by human weakness.

362 - At dawn we will explain our flags.

Let us illuminate the Shields of the East with the light of the sacred Union.

We will wave the flags protected by Our Shield.

And the sound of the Voice will cover the daily din.

We want to say things of great importance.

Don't get lost in the daily dust.

363 - Your pure spirit gathers at the hour of prayer,

and gathers its scattered spirit particles.

The eye sees Our Help, the ear hears it, the mind understands it.

The fallen spirit does not quickly rise from the dust.

Extend your hand to those who sink.

The flame of the smile cannot be extinguished, because it is fed by the divine Fire.

At your side you have hung the keys to the doors of trust.

But how many have approached these doors,

and tried to turn the key,

without being able to open them.

The lost opportunity does not return.

When you approach the lock do not invite the old wayfarers.

Do not call back those who have already shown their ignorance.

At every crossroads new people await you,

and all building stones have My Token.

And when you walk in and start building the tower,

evaluate the base, on the foundation rock

because from that tower you, builders, will see far away!

because you have to learn and remember.

Remember, remember, remember, what I tell you.

365 - The Secret Must Be Securely Revealed.

Don't destroy anyone by trusting them too much.

Often a heavy load only suggests the back.

366 - Approaching the mountains one sees a chaos of rocks and sharp boulders.

Beyond, you can see stony abysses.

Then the plateaus begin, irrigated by the snow.

But behind the snowy peaks you will see great distances shine.

Walk down a corridor of life

and with every step you raise dust.

How serious is the burden, how many sacrifices, how much fear!

Where is the Treasure of the World left?

But if you brought a precious stone or a rare pearl - would you forget it?

No, you would keep it with every care.

You would rummage in the pockets, close the buckles, for that earthly treasure.

You will ask: "How to remember the Treasury of the World among the struggles of life?".

Smiling I tell you it's simple:

choose a stone rounded by the sea on the beach, and take it with you, as a reminder of the Treasure of the World.

And when they crowd around you, covering you with dust,

take that stone in your hand,

and remember the Treasure of the World which I have commanded you to bring to your destiny.

Remember, remember, remember.

367 - Shepherds have had revelations,

while emperors have sought them.

Dogmatic academics have opposed them.

Powerful men feared them.

The Voice of God overpowers all things when the spirit is ready.

368. The pulse reveals a synthesis of vibrations.

Each organism, up to the Universe, has its own pulse.

The human wrist is capable of moving a sensitive apparatus.

The pulsing of the atoms creates an energy whose formula can be simply expressed,

but it is still forbidden to declare it because it would only lead to destruction.

I speak of the dust because it penetrates deeply and serves as a glove for the enemy's hand.

Indeed, men leave gray gloves, still warm, for the gloomy visitor.

369. Earthly clamor damages the growth of the spirit.

But you must march beyond the Doors of Patience, and you will pass through the Doors of Service.

And above all, remember the Lotus of Trust, day and night.

370 - Read and think how many times even Christ drew back into solitude.

Even His Spirit needed prana.

Observe - everyday phenomena are filled with a profound meaning.

I want you to come to Me joyful and radiant at the time of the great Darkness.

I have given you times and warnings,

I gave you the chance to win,

I have revealed to you the secrets of Our Decisions.

You can win, be enlightened, but give Me your offers.

If you are afraid, offer it to Me.

If you doubt, give Me your doubts.

If you are angry, give Me your anger.

If you will offer me trivial items,

I will also accept those dusty toys and reshape them in My Tower.

Truly, if you still want to use your gifts in life,

do not forget how unworthy he is who takes back what he has given.

So I accepted your fear, and doubts and anger - I take it upon myself.

To you I give the path that leads to the Light.

In fact, I want you to come to Me joyful and radiant at the time of the great Darkness, at the dawn of the new Day.

Lesson 372 - I Know Who You Are, You Scratching At The Door.

You hope to enter My House on the shoulders of a guest.

even more than many of Mine.

You closed the buckles and prepared the clothes.

You have even studied My expressions.

I heard you talk about Joy.

You will not dare to utter the joy of Love.

Yours is the joy of hatred.

Behind the hatred is the filthy wave of doubt.

And doubt does not serve as a shield.

I will receive your arrows on My Shield.

smiling I will send you one - only one.

373 - The sufferings of the body reveal truth to you.

The rider can give spur, but the wings would be faster.

374 - Why Is The Earth Wasted?

Why did the temple tear down?

The paternal anger will pass.

The morning bird is ready to sing the dates.

The prophecy of the days is about to be fulfilled.

And the chalices of the Archangels are filled to the brim.

Hallowed be the Name of the Lord!

The spirit will uplift the people.

The essence of the miracle is simple:

Love is the miracle, Beauty is the miracle.

375 - When the clouds darken the sky and it flashes, isn't it better to stay within the walls of the house?

Although the rain slips through the shutters,

If you only knew: you learn it with the experience of action and silence.

When I say to act, throw every resource into action.

When I say silence, seek it by any means.

But if the work is long, the silence is short.

But, if you want to show the impetus of the action,

gather the children - they are of the future.

By working with them you will not fall into the traps that are set for you.

Time is running out, and you know the dates.

376 - The best remedy, the most effective weapon lies in understanding Our Concern.

Siding with Us, go on invincible.

By setting a successful example, you will grow like giants.

There are those who are terrified by the destruction, others rejoice at it.

But for you every collapsing wall opens a new path to the Light.

Lesson 377 - I Will Show My Shield To Those On The Way.

I will show it to anyone who breaks down any manifestation of selfishness.

I will show it to those who observe the established dates,

to those who feel the way of the Service.

I will show it to those who cover their tent with My Name.

I will show it to anyone who raises his shield up high.

I have revealed My Will to you - observe it.

I lead you, do not leave the way, do not tear the web of ardent commitment.

378 - Look only to the future.

It is therefore necessary to address the children.

Only with them is it legitimate to start the work.

In pointing out the new way, only in children will you find the power of trust.

379 - The heart of the dawn advances, among the thorns.

Reflect, reason, weave the web of thought.

Hear the unceasing Command.

Miracles are not undone,

nor are the chosen ones thrown out of their new houses.

And you, who know the course of the Luminaries, go away!

I know you, you sow confused thoughts.

I tell you, go away, with your arrogance!

380. It is often good to postpone a decision until the morning. The morning is filled with prana.

After dark, the tension is bad.

Evening is the right time to give.

The morning is suitable for receiving knowledge.

381 - Who Said You Should Madly Give Up?

One thinks: I have already given up.

Others think: I donated and got close.

A third thinks: I gave, and therefore I deserve a lot.

But all their gifts are in stormy depths.

There is no need to offer the possessions of others.

You cannot give what you have received in custody.

If you entrust a friend to look after a property,

and, when you come back, you ask for it, what will this friend feel?

Only the joy of being able to give back what it has kept.

Rejoice therefore, and pray:

Lord, you have given me Your Bliss in custody.

You taught me how to do it.

Teach me now how to return what I have kept for Your invitation, Lord.

382 - Like elephants, which cross the forest breaking shrubs and crashing trees,

so you go on in the great Service.

So know how to defend.

Many are called to Knowledge,

the secrets of Our Decisions.

So know how to defend.

You will see My infamous Shield.

You will know that My Treasures are being counterfeited.

Then give your hand to the sword.

Beware especially of betrayal and vanity:

So learn to defend.

383 - Doubt destroys armor.

Any loose stone weakens the tower.

384 - My Hand Protects Only Those Who Are Firm.

Weakness and vanity feed treason,

which is judged not by causes but by effects.

Everyone is free, but judged by his actions.

Initiation is not reached with heartless acts.

Happiness is in work.

The time to carry out the Teaching is near.

The hour is set: he will manifest the shield of the Law to the world.

The night of confirmation and the day of reason will bring joy.

It is time to understand the Scroll.

It is the time of the Testimony.

The wing of the Archangel appeared:

The Heavenly Forces There are witnesses.

It was decreed to make known to the nations the new Word: Love.

385 - It's Time to Think About the New World.

My Teaching opens the door to action.

Men run like crazy, not knowing the future.

Crowds of the damned throw themselves to destruction.

Their conduct is leading them to the abyss.

Watch where those fools go.

A chasm of new transgressions has opened.

Obvious phenomena do not alarm the brains of weak minds.

For the mad this time is silly,

it is serious for those who see the Light.

386. I urge you to sharpen your will: it facilitates the flight of arrows.

Will is the bowstring of consciousness.

I see dark clouds over Europe, the Abyss shows the bottom.

387 - It is necessary to know how to understand the times.

You don't live as always when even the mountains tremble.

388. Also examine the stones that resonate with your step.

Maybe they have traces of My Advent.

You who wait, who wait,

you too may not recognize the hour of My Advent.

I will not come at night, and in the hours that the sun's rays do not touch the Earth,

calmly raise the spirit to the Abode of the Creator.

I will tell you how to wait in the hours of the day.

Do not wait for Me with hymns and exultation,

but intensifying the work in My Name.

Not in sleep, not while you eat

I fulfill your hopes, My dear, but as you work.

In the morning repeat these seven words: "Help us not to neglect Your Work".

And by repeating My Name, affirming yourself in My Work, you will see My Day.

Love and read My Words.

In these difficult days you will be supported by work,

389. The world will be renewed not by factories, but by the laboratory of the spirit.

What has occluded the pores of life, like wallpaper on the walls,

he will be washed away by a torrent of severe benevolence.

Lesson 390 - So You Will Meet Me At Work.

Quickness, determination, self-denial.

But with speed and decision you can go to the abyss.

But your path leads to the top.

In the morning, starting the day,

ask yourself what you can add to the work entrusted to you,

so that My Name pervades all your actions,

and is not an obstacle, but a help

without distracting, without complicating,

but as part of your decisive thoughts.

Therefore work wisely,

and, accepting the Shield of My Name,

you will overcome the obstacles of the ascent.

This is advice to apply immediately.

Exact and simple I say then:

read and understand My Teaching in simplicity, do not miss the dates.

391 - Remember how necessary it is to follow the Teaching especially in this hour of general disturbance.

Count the days until you are safe beyond the explosion.

I extend my Hand to you, I lead you unharmed.

But be reasonable, and don't reject it.

By following My Directions, you will see for yourself the magnitude of the fire.

It is reprehensible not to see the frontiers of the new World, and to advance with the noose around our neck.

Open the window to the new sun!

392 - The tail of disobedience leaves a long trace.

393 - They do not love their country, they do not perform acts of valor,

they march driven by malice.

Sound morality is swept away by gunfire.

The hand is used to hold the rifle.

What about the divine image?

The new Beauty suits her.

394 - Those who are safe and sound remember what happened with gratitude.

The strong looks to the future with the sword raised.

The wise man sees the task that awaits him.

Those who are beautiful in spirit thrill at the harmony of the world.

Explain to yourselves with the thrill of the planets the rise and fall of the spirit.

The world is one in the consonance of the spirit.

Every rational being has by nature the admirable gift of receptivity.

But knowing those currents, we do not consider them oppressive:

we look for other work beyond their reach.

The moon by night, the sun by day.

Even the fool lives according to these luminaries.

The World is unlimited, the colors of Light are innumerable.

Immersed in its harmony, the spirit sings the song of all hearts.

Rejoice, then, if you can hear it.

The sleeping spirit is of no use.

395 - Respect the hierarchical principle.

In all the Fraternities, large and small, the actions are prescribed through the Elders.

Teachings and inspirations are possible, but the actions come from one Source.

Do not expect gifts, but collect treasures.

I could give you all the pearls in the world,

You would put them away in the most ironed, most moldy, most grave cellar, and that gift would perish.

It would be another thing if, under My guidance, you strung a necklace of human souls, according to value and measure.

Wait for the new ones, they are designated and guided.

Don't refuse them if they knock.

396 - Treasure every hour devoted to My Work.

One has to grope to find the door of the Light.

397. With deeds, worship the guiding hand.

If you take up Our Shield you are strengthened.

At the crossroads, choose only the new route.

My judgment is ready, but gather your resources and do not waste energy.

The river must be fed by streams, not soiled with waste.

The clouds have thickened

you don't have to keep piling them up.

The truth is simple, understand.

Learn to listen to the Master.

398 - In the first place, do not act out of anger, but out of indignation of the spirit.

The fire of anger tears the veil of the Universe.

But if one acts out of indignation of the spirit, in defense of the Name of the Lord and the power of the Master,

even the blows inflicted will be justified.

In everything, therefore, choose between the fire of anger and the purifying flame of spiritual indignation.

399 - Wisdom does not grow for centuries, but from hour to hour.

When whole countries collapse in an instant,

when the prison walls collapse, stand firm.

400 - If you remembered the ecstasy of the spirit freed from evil,

you would rejoice instead of complaining!

The spirit heavy with malice does not rise.

But liberated kindness rises into the radiance of the Light.

401. Only those who have a stone in their heart can violate the joy of the spirit.

Wings of happiness are given only to those who think highly.

Multitudes and armies are not needed:

it is achieved with a single flight of the spirit.

The manifestation of unity defeats even armies.

402 - You advance on the path because service inflames you.

I send you strength, because your way is long,

and it will be strewn with stones as you approach new gates.

But have you seen the color of My Ray and,

by marching with Me, you have already mastered the Luminaries.

Union is a great power.

403 - When the great Path has been decided,

be careful not to deviate.

404 - Each by himself, each in his own way

but all united in spirit so that the cup does not overflow.

Remember, friends, that in life

anyone can change place and time.

Those who work for humanity must change places:

the atmosphere of the old houses is oppressive.

405 - Your books will be a joy for many,

but even the printer will give you trouble

the setbacks are innumerable.

406 - Visions Are But Details.

The world is not built by telephone.

407 - Seeing the fire of harmonious hearts, engaged in the task of the Creator, is a prodigious reality.

408 - The flame of the heart is precious.

Ebb and flow guide the Earth's orbit.

The same drop acts in both phenomena.

Stagnant water is bad, it feeds the rot and blocks the production of energy.

409. No more energy needs to be expended if the blow has been well prepared.

It is not possible to describe the Brotherhood.

Could a blind man tell of an apple tree in bloom, or the height of a tower?

the strings of the harp are broken.

410 - How to measure your actions?

If they are useful to the world, their measure is great.

How to evaluate the quality of your works?

If they benefit humanity, their essence is good.

411 - Know how to understand the rest between activities.

It is a truce that builds up strength.

412 - Do not be afraid, what has been well designed resists.

413 - Do not speak badly and do not swear.

The hail of curses falls painfully on the head of those who send them.

Learn to defend My Name and My Works from traitors.

You will have many opportunities to silence slanders.

It is time to act, Our Trust is with you.

414 - You Must Forgive Those Who Fail To Understand.

Good men often err in judging.

It is imperative to be forgiving of beginner mistakes.

415 - Avoid places haunted by anger and discord.

People’s imagination is clouded there.

Pass up on the hands that draw down.

On the boat you don't think about the house key.

416 - What You Let Escape Never Returns.

The night thinks in a nocturnal way.

karmic messages and instructions.

The teaching is for the whole world, for all beings.

The better you understand it, the more it becomes yours.

We send karmic messages for the concern and love that I bring you.

We admonish you, so that by knowing you can face the wave of karma.

Don't be surprised if the signs related to karma are not always clear to you.

The directions are always understandable, and must be carried out without delay.

418 - I want to give a name to your illness: it is called occult fever, a manifestation that We know well.

It is increased by fatigue and changes in the organism.

It is a phase to be overcome with caution.

During this fight, I enveloped you in a dense aura.

It is similar to chloroform, after which you have to rest.

419 - Now Go Like Elephants,

knowing that Rays of concern and love overwhelm you.

Remember all that is good, and despise obstacles.

In fact, you know how to notice the avalanche of signs that I send for the first time and in a hurry.

And if you are wounded in battle, heal yourselves and do not be discouraged, warriors of the Light!

420 - Already Fly Through the World in Thought.

You are already beginning to conquer the expanses of the ocean.

You already know the joy of creating.

You already feel the ecstasy of making life wonderful.

Much has already been accomplished.

Friends! Why not resolve to live your whole life as a hero?

And if I say: "You can rest a bit",

it is because I know, because I watch over you.

421 - Who harasses a long-awaited guest with personal matters?

On the contrary, you run to open the doors to him, let him enter.

Those who don't know fill the space with tears and pleading for help.

On the other hand, those who have understood go along with events.

Often a hand is extended,

but the blind man tries to reject it.

Thus, suppressing the conception of children is worse than murder.

It is not right to accumulate personal desires.

Before the guest comes, it is good to ventilate the house, and in the quiet,

repeating a prayer, direct your gaze to beauty.

Innumerable fantasies and plans are not necessary and the spirit moves freely.

The burden of the Earth must be alleviated.

Waves of effluvia envelop the cradles.

Blessed be the mother who pulls the curtain aside, so that light may enter, and offers the first flower.

Quietly, in beauty and smiling

wait for the new ones who try to enter the world.

422 - Spiritual help is the most powerful.

423 - Knowledge and solutions to the problems of Being bloom like flowers.

Before any new understanding, the heart suffers particularly

if it is pure, that punishment signals the arrival of new knowledge.

Fatigue disappears, and the discoveries of the spirit sprout from the seed like ears of wheat.

Beyond the astral there are worlds in which it is easier to communicate with the many levels of evolution.

The legend of the ascent to Heaven has a scientific basis.

424 - Today we meet four types of men:

the first fights under Our shield.

The second fights without Our protection, but is already finishing paying his karmic debts.

The third wanders blindly, blindfolded by the dark veil of his destiny.

The fourth is of the enemies of the Light.

The first type will understand your call.

The second will tremble in anticipation.

The third, indifferent, will turn his head.

The fourth will respond, blow for blow.

Therefore do not impose the Teaching.

Every word falls on the right ground.

Also, don't reject, don't deny.

Every opinion is already a manifest action.

What is the use of denying a fire that is already lit?

If you cover it, you choke it.

Similarly, nothing is acquired by refuting the opinions of others.

But cover the negative judgment with Our Teaching,

and the whole enemy citadel will be under the dome of Our Brotherhood, which welcomes everything.

I give you refuge, I give you reinforcement.

I show you a way of beauty.

425 - Men are tried all the time.

The tests must be repeated until a drawing is imprinted in the brain.

It is easier, but futile, to write with your finger on your forehead.

Truth is better than illusion.

High is the Truth of the World that comes.

426 - In order for My new disciples to understand the Teaching, I must repeat what has already been said several times.

Every stone they throw at you raises your tower.

427 - Only time strengthens knowledge.

428 - On the Holy Evening of the Highest Holy Day,

in the Name of the universal Symbol, I tell you: you are allowed to build the new World.

I tell you: strengthen your sight, that it does not blind you when I lift an edge of the veil on the Future.

If confusion assails you, lift the shield of devotion,

And repeat My Instructions - I tell you: Repeat them.

I can raise my hand on the elect.

Denarius, accursed offspring, do not obstruct the way of the Light!

Denarius, do not pollute a pure manifestation!

Don't miss to see the clouds:

life is joy for those with wings.

My Smile protects you.

429 - The victory of loyalty is certain.

If you look far, you will also see near.

430 - I teach you to show Our Triumph to strangers and petty hearts.

High above you, in purity, I hold a prodigious cross.

431 - The Master sees in a mirror the image of your every move.

The signs of fatigue surround you, like smoke.

But from your shoulders you emit resolute rays that pierce that cloud of weariness.

Your head is adorned with silver rays.

Foreign auras flock to your feet as if behind a bridge.

The power of courage forces these auras downward, with arrows of purple.

The blue flame of the heart disperses the smoke of exhaustion.

The work continues and the rays rise higher and higher.

432 - Every Day I Read Your Thoughts.

The Master controls the creativity of the beloved disciples.

And if the fatigue does not tighten the lips

the dialogue flows like a Himalayan torrent.

433 - The vortex does not swallow pure thoughts.

A vast compassion protects,

The value will take you to the goal,

and the victories of the spirit that sacrifices itself will turn into the scent of freesias.

The Master's miracles will grow.

In the garden of love, the illuminations of the spirit bloom.

Wear Me, charge Me more, give Me the weight of the world.

And My Daughter's strength will grow, as she goes to My garden.

Urusvati, have you heard? The burden will bloom with roses,

and the dewy grass will be adorned with the morning rainbow.

When I enter the beauty garden, I don't feel the weight.

434 - Learned from the fir it does not change in summer or winter.

435 - They will come to tell you: "We already know".

You answer: “Very good! If you know, go home ”.

Others, more aggressive, will say:

“We know who you have behind you”.

Tell them: “Good! But if you did, you wouldn't talk like that ”.

Others will come to play dice on the steps of the Temple, to read the fate.

Tell them: "Go away, before the lightning strikes you."

But here's one who comes saying, "I don't know anything,

and I have with me what I own

Tell him: “Come in. We will make room for you at the long table if you don't know, you will learn ”.

Therefore I repeat to you: tire Me with all the weight of the world.

I will not tire, I will not give in to fatigue I don't know what it is - I despise it.

And I will ask you to burden Me, because otherwise you will not reach the garden of beauty.

436 - Smile when they belittle you: it is a sign of a true miracle.

437 - Seek light in the manifestation of darkness.

Who is pure demonstrates that he understands the Shield, since God is with Us!

For His eternal manifestations drop drops of the sacred World.

Think that the treasure of those drops and the sparks of consciousness will unite Heaven and Earth as a new bridge.

Exposed to the light of sparks, we smile.

Mastery is achieved by overcoming oneself.

Then the victorious rises.

Give breath therefore to the trumpet of victory because God is with Us.

438 - A miracle works best on an empty stomach.

You love the world better if your brain is clear.

Avoid too much food, just as you avoid disputes.

439 - Empires of evil were created from a single word.

The creation of the Lord will delay

if all the Heavenly Forces have risen?

By decree of the Most High

rays penetrate the solar sphere.

Waves of the ocean of the planets obscure the currents of the luminaries.

The weather is threatening but beautiful!

440 - New Flag Wants New People.

441. Whoever arrives ignorant will sit down at the table and be filled with knowledge.

Everything is saturated with signs and approaches.

If you commission a passer-by to carry a message,

you say to him: “Friend, bring this message”.

Then, you are often unable to recognize the messenger.

Thus, in life, you look at what you receive without caring about the appearance of the wearer,

especially when everything around is full of signs.

Verily, lucky you who know what is about to happen, and the dates set.

So wait in joy.

Lesson 442 - Long Fleeing Is Not Pleasant.

Self-love comes at a high price.

443 - Why consider us a volcano of passions

if the flower we prefer is freesia?

Leave the crimson heat to the enemy,

the diamonds of the peaks suit us.

You already see his tricks.

How much effort! How to convince him that he is building his prison?

Prisoners always dream of escaping.

What joy is there in dragging prisoners with you?

But he thinks differently.

The obvious Alberichi have accepted his teaching.

444 - The sacrifice is necessary, and the flame of the offerings is purifying, like ozone.

Even savages burn as a sacrifice, a crude symbol of an offering.

445 - In the Name of Eternal Motion,

As the roots of the tree take strength from the ground, so your knowledge strengthens over time.

So know how to recognize the dates,

not to grasp ahead of time.

What is grasped premature or late has the same meaning and result.

446 - Truly I say: even crumbs are useful in the great Service

and from yesterday's bread a basket of common work can be filled:

gift of My spiritual Teaching.

Your only defense is in My Name

I have called you to build, I have stretched out my hand to you, my beloved standard bearers.

Always remember the Hand that guides and saves.

448 - Wisely We Will Turn Everything To Good.

449 - I will gather My daughters,

that help to arrange the garden of beauty.

May they fill it with new flowers.

I see that a rapid burgeoning of life in the new World can be expected.

450 - The new world manifests itself in the miracle of life that is renewed.

My Hand is present among the daily events.

It is happiness to watch miracles while standing on guard like shields.

I seriously confirm My Words.

451.First Find Who Can Hide.

The waters calm down by pouring oil in due time.

452 - If a girl works evening and night for the good of the world,

is it perhaps something detached from life if it dreams of an exalted and ineffable beauty?

If those dreams are beautiful, won't the answer be beautiful too?

Why seek changes in life?

Why break with the old if a single breath reveals a wonderful new land to us?

My daughter, you were terrified, as if imprisoned

it seemed impossible for that iron door to open,

Learn to turn it how many times I have told you no more and no less than necessary.

Ferocious beasts are not needed

My son, you took the spear, and called the world into battle.

And the world comes: sharpen your weapon.

False oaths and spiritual disputes are useless

pronounce the sacred vow of Truth.

My daughter, whom you can see, I say to you:

add a drop of My Work to the drink,

dip the bread of fulfillment in the wine of knowledge,

Climb the new step of time with joy.

Let's finish the first book.

New disciples will show themselves in action.

They will reveal the sign of Beauty, and, full of love,

they will open the doors to those who knock.

The ground will sink under the foot of the blind,

and the deaf will be destroyed.

to wet your eyes and ears,

and a bridge of Beauty will open a new way.

They will ask you how to navigate life.
Answer: Like an abyss, on a tightrope:
In beauty, with care, and enthusiasm.

Agni Yoga Society
Общество Агни-Йоги
319 West 107th Street, New York, NY 10025
phone (212) 864-7752

Net to keep dogs from digging

Tenax TR Grass Guard Net, Prevents the Dog from Digging

TR GreenSaver is a plastic net for the protection and reinforcement of the turf. An anti-excavation protection net ideal for avoiding dog holes. TR GreenSaver is produced with a rhomboidal mesh in first quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), it is non-toxic and suitable for dogs of any size The Tenax TR plastic net, spread over the grass, protects the lawn and blades of grass and creates an excellent deterrent as a support in educating the dog not to dig holes. The TR net is non-toxic and is not very aggressive with the dog's nails. Non-toxic, does not harm the dog Protects the garden and the grass Makes the lawn accessible to vehicles

To protect the lawn without hurting your dog, the rhomboid mesh plastic net is perfect. Lying on the grass, it reinforces the lawn, makes it suitable for vehicles and prevents the dog from digging holes in the garden. Positioned near the fences, it prevents the dog from escaping by passing under the boundary. Thus, it protects the blades of grass and creates an excellent deterrent as an aid in the education of the dog not to dig holes. You can put an electrified net (found in home improvement stores) about 17 cm above the ground, to prevent the dog from approaching and digging. Just touch it once to desist. You can fill the holes near the fence with concrete (pour it dry and then put the water in, do not allow the dog to stand in the garden while it hardens). Try burying a swollen balloon - when your dog burrows it he will find the surprise very unwelcome. Alternatively, you can try hiding some citrus peels under the ground - most dogs hate the smell of citrus fruits and will not stand the risk of finding grapefruit, orange or lemon peels.

Finally, you can intervene directly on the ground: for example, you can place metal gratings under the ground, since the digging dog does not like the sensation of iron under his paws. Or you can place flat stone slabs, to prevent it from going beyond a certain level. Finally, another method to prevent a dog from making holes is to install an irrigation system in the most battered areas: by activating it, you will see your dog splash away. The dog can escape from the fence in different ways. He can try to pass it with a sudden jump, taking advantage of a moment of distraction from the owner, or to dig into the ground, so as to build an escape route through which to move away from the delimited area. Whatever the methodology adopted and as far as the dog is concerned. always tends to return after having tasted air and places. What It Takes To Build A Dog Fence The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the size of a dog fence - by law! - must respect a perimeter of at least 8 square meters. In addition, dogs may not be tied to the chain inside the enclosure. Find Dog Fence Net For Sale from a large selection of on eBay. Safe at home Puppies are more prone to this behavior, but even dogs that don't get enough exercise often tend to dig. What to do: Spend more time with your dog. Running, swimming and playing with the ball are very useful activities for releasing nervous energy

Buying Guide for Animal Enclosure Nets Buying an animal enclosure. If you are the owner of pets or farmyard animals, you cannot do without the animal fencing net which is needed for their safety and safety. The enclosures are specially made with a targeted study for puppies of various species such as cat nets, wire nets for. Dogs on the run. In the collective imagination, the dog is associated with the loyal company of man, but the origins of this particular animal are to be accompanied more than man by the more real belonging to a herd or to a well-defined group this is one of the main reasons for which the dog unconsciously feels he has to run away from home and reunites with a group of similar Digging can also be an excellent remedy for boredom (I would like to remind you that dogs kept as garden gnomes often get bored to death, while their humans are convinced that they are happy leaving them out of the house and out of the family pack) and also an anti-stress practice: I met a dog who used to go to the Grand Canyon in the garden because he had to undergo the nice attentions. Another slightly more complex technique (certainly more unpleasant for you) is to fill the cavities with earth mixed with the excrement of your dog friend: except for those who like to eat their own feces, the fact does not seem to be appreciated by most of the faithful friends of man some trainers suggest combining this technique with the feeding of pineapple: it seems to make everything even more repellent for dogs The first thing to do is to know your dog and its habits. is different, but the breed's attitudes can also change its attitude. Newfoundland and Retrievers love water, dachshunds and terriers tend to dig, while beagles love to escape

Tenax Walkable Grass Protection Net for Dogs - in Offert

  1. The fox climbs on the fence net or digs with its paws to slip into the chicken coop from under the ground, for this reason it is advisable to create a very sturdy fence, with a dense mesh net at least 3 meters high and that in the upper part has a flare towards the outside very pronounced (at least 50 centimeters) so that the predator cannot pass it
  2. Continue by digging a track from pole to pole about six inches deep so that you are careful to turn the knots outwards so that the dog cannot get hurt. The net must be well stretched so that it resists better in case the fundamental thing is that the area chosen to make the fence is safe for the dog
  3. THEdogs they dig holes and in doing so they get their paws dirty, with synthetic grass not Their ritual passage in the most beaten areas is no longer possible not allows you to keep a real garden. If the garden is small as well as you would take out the feces in a natural garden for not step on them, you also do it on the synthetic that you can also wash and sanitize if you want, without danger of doing.
  4. The dog is never taken out for a walk and is a dog that needs new stimuli and to walk. Bitches in heat. Presence in the vicinity of other bitches in heat. Some dogs are more sensitive than others to the presence of heat, regardless of whether they have ever had a riding experience. Bad habit learned

What to do if the dog digs In the event that it is very hot outside, the dog will probably dig for some coolness. You can help him by providing him with a small swimming pool or a more ventilated or ventilated kennel. Sometimes access to a cool marble floor is enough How to Stop Cats from Using Your Garden as a Litter Box. Plant something thick where cats usually dig, Put up a real barrier to keep cats from digging, such as a chicken coop, mosquito net or stones. 5. Invest for.

Dogs that dig. If your dog is slowly turning the garden into a moonscape full of craters, don't despair, as it is an instinctive attitude that can be corrected. The first step you will need to take is to try to understand the reason why it is digging The fascination that cats exert on humans is ancient is undeniable. Mysterious and solitary, cats are elegant animals with a free and adventurous character. Deciding to share their spaces and their lives with these miniature felines is certainly a choice full of adventure, yet the cat does not have the same disposition as the dog nor the same predisposition to domestic life. If the dog digs near the fence, To protect the lawn without hurting your dog, the PET TR rhomboidal mesh plastic net is perfect

If Fido digs on the sofa, in the kennel or on the carpet, don't ignore him: that's why. Most dogs do this. You have certainly seen it: your four-legged friend begins to scrape his. Small dogs and short-haired dogs suffer more from the cold and cannot be left out in the cold. If nothing works.If, in spite of everything, the dog continues to dig, all that remains is to provide him with an area of ​​the garden in which he is allowed to make holes The best offers for Tenax Tr, Prevents the Dog from digging holes in 1x5 m are on eBay Compare prices and features of new and used products Many items with free delivery If the dog digs near the fence, we can run the risk of escaping by passing below the boundary. The holes also ruin the garden and make it difficult to maintain. To protect the lawn without hurting your dog, the rhomboid mesh plastic net is perfect

Plastic net prevents the dog from digging holes in

  • Find dog fence net for sale from a large selection of on eBay. Immediately at home, in complete safety
  • the predators you mentioned are almost exclusively nocturnal, apart from the fox that on rare occasions could also make daytime visits, especially if it has puppies to feed, if you have a free dog at night the problem does not arise, the fact remains that even if they do not pass through the net they can always pass either above, climbing over, or below, digging
  • In the case of nets, higher nets must be used or, as in the photo below, equipped with an overhead, an electric sling hoisted on extensions of the posts. Breeders who enter the hellish circle of wolf defense will never get out. There are also dogs, fladries, sound deterrents and headlights
  • Also remember that the net must be buried for at least 40 cm because dogs have the instinct to dig and go under. Regards Pedru Re: Fence / Hedge for the dog. 21/11/2015, 7:41. The network, if you have dogs of a certain size and therefore potentially dangerous, is also this, always legally, it cannot be done, because.
  • In doing so the dog gets close to the fence and starts digging but will not be able to make the hole because he finds the net under him. This was the most effective way to solve this type of problem. The current system may be more effective if it tries to override it by applying it to the top of the fence
  • For me the electro-welded net to discourage dogs has been working for a long time, only it must be buried and not left visible. For everything else I don't know but at least once I would go down to Gliphosate, putting dogs and humans in safety for a few days.
  • The area is fenced with an electro-welded mesh that acts as a margin and border to the recreational space of our dogs. The fence is made of wire mesh (1.5 m high) with painted iron poles on each of the four sides, buried for about 20 cm, so as to prevent dogs from digging along the fence

Plastic Grass Net For Dogs 1x5 M Green Tenax

  • The dog tends to dig holes under the fence from which to take the escape route. For this reason, it is generally recommended to place the mesh at least 30 cm below the ground and to cement it. In some cases, where there is a pre-existing fence, it is possible to insert welded mesh cuts by digging a straight line flush with the fence
  • To cope with this type of problem you can rely on the DogTrace D-Fence 101 invisible dog fence. The set with 100 meters of cable supplied is sufficient to cover an area of ​​about 600 square meters
  • How to stop dog digging holes in the yard, under the fence, gate, rug and bed. To know which method to use on how to stop dog digging holes it is important to find out why the dog is digging in the first place

How to Stop a Dog from Digging: 11 Steps

Dog areas, pass and fail: give your votes. Among the 324 spaces reserved for the four-legged, there are some in critical conditions, also because of the owners. (photo N. Vaglia) Let's start a. The table below shows the average prices of the most common garden fences, including labor costs. Typology. Information on costs per linear meter. Dry fences. € 120 - € 150. Brick fences up to 1.2m in height. € 40 - € 50. Metal fences. 10 € - 20 €

Dog carrier: how to make it appreciated! We have already seen indoor dog kennels and outdoor dog kennels. The kennel is often confused with the latter categories: in reality a kennel is a simple place where the dog goes to rest, while the kennel is an accessory used. to transport, which sometimes the dog decides to make his kennel with little network money solve. Remember that dogs know how to dig very well, under the fence you have to put something underground or a dig-proof flooring. -to take a 4 galvanized panel, cut what is necessary to make a wooden door which, however, I would not know how to support. If you plan to make the dog live inside an insecure even for humans, build a menagerie with a rusty net and games. The sand is softer and easier to dig. There are outdoor dog fences and indoor dog fences. Often the latter are removable and easily transportable even outside the home. Building a dog enclosure becomes necessary when the animal lives outdoors and the house is not equipped with a fence that prevents the dog from leaving the house

How to fence off agricultural land: useful tips and legislation. by dr. Giuseppe Pepe. There are several reasons why one wonders how to fence an agricultural land will be to protect oneself from animals such as wild boars or porcupines, or simply to delimit one's area or build a small pig farm The rabbit in the garden: design guide. Pucciosi animals 24 June 2016 4-legged design. Rabbits are animals that love to jump and explore, so it is important to give them large spaces and large cages (in which to leave them as little as possible) • The network was physically built in 1969 by connecting four nodes: the University of California at Los Angeles, 4 the Stanford SRI, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. the verb to google was born with the meaning of doing If the dog digs for other reasons We have examined the natural reasons why a dog digs holes in the garden, but there are also those induced by coexistence with humans and other dogs. For example, a dog may dig a hole to get out of a playpen or fenced garden

Dog puppies, what to do when digging holes in the garden. by Redazione 21 July 2011 2. is part of the WELLNESS AREA of the IsayBlog network! whose publishing network includes thematic independent information sites that count on the contribution of enthusiasts and experts in the sector Better to do one thing and do it well. It is tiring to stretch a net. MDS. Posted on 20/4/2018, 22:41. ZEUS. I also suggest a cable along the base, to avoid dog intrusion or dog escape. Dogs do not dig to pass under the nets, the dog sticks his muzzle and lifts it with his back. . MDS. Posted on 12/6/2018, 12:33. ZEUS. Grou You could make him a fence of earth to dig, here you can in some corner of the garden and try to get him used to let off steam only there. However, it is a difficult, if not impossible, undertaking. One of the things I learned is that dogs tend to wreak havoc in the garden mainly because: - they are bored (this is the main reason) - they are jealous

then: quoto the idea of ​​digging and putting bricks and rubble put the double net in it (outer layer large internal meshes use the rabbit net) and then fill well with fresh compact and hard earth .. I want to see how they do it !! unless they have a degree in building engineering .. in which case .. well .. there would be no construction that would hold! placing it half on the net vertically and the other half on the ground, horizontally (the difficult thing is to make it do the ELLE L while unrolling it!). Then you can use rods to keep the part on the ground next to, in fact, on the ground. The wing on the ground of the L goes to the side where the dog is. The dog digs near the net • Dig the earth on both sides at the bottom of the fence. Line the bottom of your fence with chicken wire. (Dogs hate the feeling of when digging, so discourage further digging.) Lie the flat wire, which extends about 2 meters to either side of the fence Dogs can trample plants and break stems, they can dig plants, and they may just decide that your prize peony is their favorite potty spot. Keeping dogs away from garden plants can seem like a never-ending battle. Find out more here

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  • Site that deals with the basic education of the puppy and adult dog. Practical advice on how to intervene on the dog's behavior. Not training but education. Form for the individual request for suggestions
  • uti. Observing the dog yawn, many Pet Owners have wondered if this action has the same meaning as it does for us humans.The yawn in dogs is still the focus of numerous scientific research by veterinarians and animal behaviorists. The reasons for this gesture are not yet unambiguous but this behavior can be found in.
  • Dogs are pets par excellence, faithful 4-legged friends who often become real family members. At the same time, however, for safety reasons or related to the behavior of the quadruped, it becomes necessary to install a fence for outdoor dogs.These are structures that can be purchased from specialized shops, or that can.
  • Myths to dispel, part one: THE GARDEN: A dog's grave. Posted on 05 November 2012 by debora. 05 Nov. Today I want to address one of the most discussed topics with dog owners: the garden. I think that the condemnation of many dog ​​owners, as well as of the latter, is to have a nice garden available on the street.
  • Is there a way to keep cats from digging in pots out on the balcony? I can't keep plants outside on the balcony that cats immediately lie down in it or dig into it! Do you have any solution ?? Kisses. Update: Guys, putting aside the solution of killing them, nothing else comes to mind

I imagine that in the morning you find those 2 kg of litter around the house: the result of your hamster's nocturnal mission, which is to dig. Actually no, sorry, I correct myself, the hamster's nocturnal missions are 3 in all: running, digging and munching the seeds. The solutions are different: it is quite normal that, if you have a cage with bars, material comes out.You can raise and reinforce the gate as much as you want but if the dogs are not well they will continue to escape anyway, either climbing over or digging under it. At this point I advise you to review your relationship, to work a little more to make them feel good, to do some activities with them that you commit to for at least a couple of hours a day, preferably more When the dog runs away . The fence. How to make it. Since you have taken a Czechoslovakian wolfdog you must also consider that your subject could be one of those who, in order not to be alone, tends to escape from your home, or to reach you or to find the company of some other dog, but it might even happen that he runs away to mind his own business While there are some independent races, most dogs thrive on the inside. Domestic dogs are less likely to engage in problem barking, digging, and other unwanted behaviors, such as jumping the fence, once their needs for exercise and mental stimulation are met

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As the title suggests, I wanted to ask you if the clc is a destroyer dog. Let me explain: having a garden at my house I wanted to know if the clc digs a lot, if it flay the trees or whatever. Obviously we mean the general appearance of the breed, then I believe that each specimen has its own typical peaceful or lively character which is -Place your dog feces in your dog's favorite digging areas. Most dogs don't like the surprise though, if your dog savors his own feces (coprophagia) This may actually encourage you to dig deeper.

Hi, I have two dogs that never stop digging holes in the garden, especially near the roots of plants and they leave it to me as a battlefield. What do I do to make them stop (apart from taking them to the kennel) ?? The situation is unsustainable because in addition to being dangerous it is also dirty everywhere. Thank you mill What to do if I find a hedgehog, The box should be placed in the house safe from cats and dogs and covered with a fly net. but if it's bigger it's even better. Hedgehogs need a lot of space to roam, dig, explore and search for insects. btr How to Discourage a Dog from Digging in a Flower Bed Dogs dig in gardens and flower beds for a variety of reasons, including boredom, looking for a cool place to escape the heat and a place to play. Left unchecked, canines can cause serious damage by stepping on plants, chewing A desperate mother who hears her puppies whining under the rubble and who tries everything to save them. This is what is seen in a video published in network by Animal Aid India, an association that deals with the rescue and protection of animals. Impressive images, that not can not far move and tell a story that has its happy ending thanks to tenacity.

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  • DIY Dog Fence. Even the desire to save can push us to build a dog fence with our own hands. To get an idea of ​​the expense that it entails, we can say that indoor fences are cheaper and cost from 30 euros up to 150 euros.
  • Dogs love to dig holes, but their owners aren't always happy with this habit. But this time the story is different. Because this dog digs holes in his backyard to plant plants with his best human friend. None of us would ever let our pets ruin the garden by digging holes.
  • iere of bitcoin. Now the electricity grid is on its knees by Pasquale Agizza - 08/02/2021 15:32 0 Ancient Persia is one.
  • The only one I found useful for me was to cover the areas to be saved (or at least the most delicate ones) with a rigid net. And TNT in the garden. Until the earth comes together and is no longer so irresistible .. My blackbirds have never been scared with silver cards bottles scarecrows .. Even my dogs make a mustache
  • Garden nets. 10pcs / set Anti Dig Insulation Scat Mat Tingling Cat Dog Deterrent Devices Square Outdoor Indoor Safety Sting Spikes Straps 0.0 Store: 21 Life Store. US $ 12.92. US $ 15.02-14%. US $ 3.00. New coupon.
  • Garden nets. 10pcs / set Spikes Cat Dog Straps Anti Digging Square Pest Control Safe Scat Mat Insulation Outdoor Indoor Garden Deterrent Devices 0.0 Store: SuYuan Store. US $ 16.06. US $ 3.00. New user coupon on orders.

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In most cases, what you need is a dog fence, especially ideal for large dogs that may want to wander around the garden, but not too much. The fence must be placed next to the kennel, always tailored to the size of the dog, in order to create his own corner of privacy and freedom that he himself can feel like a room all to himself at Virginia Wolf There are different strategies to transform a unpleasant digging experience. Here are some of the more effective methods that can discourage your dog from doing his favorite digging job. -Place some wire under his favorite digging places. Most dogs don't like the `` feel '' of chicken wire and nails against their legs. The RANCH fencing net has considerable advantages compared to metal nets: ease of installation, lightness of transport, inalterability to atmospheric agents, which make them perfect as permanent fences. It is available in different heights and can satisfy any need, both for temporary and permanent fences and its green color guarantees a low impact. The simplest method of making a fence is to use plastic corrugations. The fence must be of a good size, at least 3x4 meters, but bigger is even better. Hedgehogs need a lot of space to roam, dig, explore and search for insects

We have divided the article How to defend the flock from wolves into two articles. In the first article we describe the wolf and its behavioral characteristics, in this one you are reading we reveal all the methods to defend your animals from wolves. We have divided the article into two parts because we believe that it is of fundamental importance to know who we are from. we must defend Hounds and uncastrated dogs often dig the ground under fences. So they get small games, food, look for mating partners. But young dogs (i.e. the age of one and a half years old) dig because they are active, passionate, in a good mood and there is simply nothing to do.The Fabotex Boston Sofa dog and cat bed is a comfortable fabric sofa, with internal padding in ground polyurethane foam, a material whose smell acts as an excellent disincentive for Fido's bites: in addition to not being particularly appreciated by dogs, the polyurethane, combined with the highly resistant external fabric, makes this mattress particularly suitable for all four paws that tend to dig insistently and bite their kennel WHAT IS THE PET FOOD MARKET. Pet food is the industrial sector that deals with the production and marketing of packaged food for small animals such as dogs, cats, birds, ornamental fish, small mammals and terrarium animals. This market is made up of two main recipients: dogs and cats. . For each of them a specific line of.

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Digging holes, however, has to do with retirees in particular, who crowd the places where one digs: a construction site, a line that lays cables, a failure in the gas network or the aqueduct. They are sewers, foundations, treasures, dog shit, the dead. Then holes suitable for extracting: water, potash, peat, kaolin, potatoes. Dog garden net | Product Ranking (Best & Reviews) 2021 - The following list, constantly updated, shows which are the best Dog garden nets | Product Ranking (Best & Reviews) 2021 in terms of market popularity How to Build a Fence for a Digging Dog Dogs dig for a variety of reasons, but if they dig a lot around a fence line, it often means they're trying to escape . If successful, they could run away, at least for a while, so its important to find a way for fences with rolled wire mesh, can be of 2 different types: with stakes applied and in concrete, or driven into the ground. . We see in the image below, that the 1st figure on the left foresees a wall or concrete cube, so the height of the net to choose must be h + 25 cm in the second figure, with poles placed in the ground, the height will be h. Accommodation house terrace balcony enclosure to keep a rabbit free and in safety use of the litter Lavocedeiconigli is a complete and informative site on the care, feeding and accommodation of the rabbit as a pet. You can also find rabbits to adopt, photos, videos, forums, facebook list of veterinarians, diseases, hygiene, care, vaccinations all about.

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2 - The underground net to avoid escaping from the enclosure Turtles dig Ground turtles are able to dig deep holes and in some cases they can create real underground tunnels able to overcome the barrier of your enclosure some dogs have the whole hunting sequence intact, others stop in pursuit (herding shepherds) others sniffing (hounds, etc.) .. some dogs will have the sequence intact to create a den, others turn and dig just others turn a little, others a lot and some do not turn at all .. for example mine turns only if + in the post heat phase otherwise it lies down directly. stray dogs. advice on what to do (too old to answer) enso 2006-04-02 12:01:30 UTC. a few days ago we met 3 dog friends in a common and internal area of ​​our condominium. they dug a hole under the net d

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Moles reappear on the surface in spring, ruining the lawn with ugly mounds of earth. Hunting them is not the solution: it is better to make our space less pleasant and have them move elsewhere my dog ​​digs in the garden and often close to I know that dogs have this habit of digging, I have seen him do it too but only when I give him some bones that he goes to hide. how can i make it stop? I tried to fence the area with plants but ripped off the net more than once. the problem. Rabbits Are Digging Under My Fence And Nesting In My Backyard Wild rabbits can quickly destroy a garden, lawn or trees by removing the bark. Rabbits must be kept out of a yard by chicken wire mesh fencing. The yard also needs changes to discourage

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Basically the dog digs to get away from an unpleasant place or to reach something or someone who is outside a fence The reasons can be different: there are those who dig to go out and go for a ride, there are those who dig to make a den, there are those who do it to bury food and those who simply go hunting for rodents (in the latter case. The Fox easily climbs over the metal nets but, by digging, it can also pass under them . Poultry is its favorite prey. Small livestock The predation of lambs and kids is rarer, occurs essentially during the first days after giving birth and is often traced back to an individual who specializes in this type of prey.

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Sometimes he has this unwanted and unpleasant behavior only because of his instinct to dig, or because he wants to do his business in the earth, or just for fun or spite. What to do If the cat digs the earth from the plant pots, the pots can be protected with a wire mesh to get rid of the cat's habit of using that place The Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England, an English charity dedicated to dog training rescue, posted a video in which one of the volunteers hid under the snow while one of the trained dogs rescues him, digging.These type of animals are trained to save those in need in the wild and the video uploaded to the net did the around the web, leaving everyone. Anyway yes, the breeder told me that they dig very little, more than anything else a problem is the crows .. So for a few years it will stay in an enclosure with a safety net 30-06-2013, 16:14 lucio7 Cats and plants in home: a combination that is not always simple; those who live with a cat are probably aware of how curious they are, especially when buying a plant which for them represents an environment to explore and a new pastime

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This will make the dog feel like an important subject, indispensable for the family and therefore with a very specific role. You will see that once he understands what he needs to do, he will stop running away and wandering around. For hunting dogs or explorers who have written in the DNA what is the task assigned to them by mother nature, the discourse changes it is not possible that if I leave her out to play, after a while she begins to dig or move the net with her teeth of plastic and you go for a spin. then as soon as you see me leaving the house, from where it came out, you come back and crouch next to me .. but I can't stand it anymore of huge holes and troubles. his games and his amusements, he always walks with me and I do not know .. maybe given what he is. If you plan to make flower beds with mulch or pebbles, put a wire mesh just under the chosen material, so when the cat wants to dig to do its business, it will become unpleasantly entangled and will leave. Sudden noises Well, a principle peacefully affirmed by administrative jurisprudence has always been that the wooden or wire mesh fence of a land does not require any concession.

Home »Dogs» Never fall in love with a woman who loves dogs: the letter explaining the reasons has enchanted the social networks Hello everyone :) my little four-month-old kira digs me in the garden in very specific places, on the roots some plants -_- once she gets there she tears off a piece and brings them to me .. I patiently go there and cover them without saying anything. he does it even when we play chasing each other or fighting if he smells a root underground smell is stronger than she has to dig too. In order to escape, the monkey attracts the dog's attention, which somehow understands what to do to get it out. Start digging a hole, but it's not as easy as expected. The dog interrupts his work several times, but the monkey urges him to continue by shouting and touching him.In the event that the rabbit hutch rests directly on the grass, keep in mind the fact that rabbits tend to dig a lot: therefore make sure to bury a net of metal in the ground, about 20 cm deep, so that the rabbits cannot escape even dig deep

"A coexistence between wolf and man is possible"

BERN - Result decided for a stone's throw in the vote on the amendment of the hunting law. In the end, the wolves can breathe a sigh of relief: the "no" won with 51.9% of the votes. The stake stood at 59.3%

Initially, the "yes" seemed to prevail, albeit slightly, but in the course of the scrutiny the experts of the Gfs.Bern Institute noticed an increasingly favorable trend towards opponents, a fact later confirmed by the final results.

Both in Ticino and in the Grisons the text was accepted, respectively with 51.45% (participation of 60.25%) and 67.3% (participation of 61.99%) of the votes. However, it was not enough, with clear "no" coming from large urban centers, such as Basel City (63.90%), Geneva (63.06%), Bern (60.30%) and Zurich (58.63%) .

The law currently in force dates back to 1986, when there were no wolves on Swiss territory. Since then, the population of these animals has grown steadily. The new text aimed to regulate the cohabitation between man and the great predator allowing, in some cases, their killing.

A good compromise - Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga had immediately labeled the law as "a good compromise". The wolf would in fact remain a protected species, but with the possibility of controlling its population. All this could have led to a decrease in conflicts. "No region must be forgotten," the President of the Confederation commented today. The project, in his opinion, did not convince the people because it did not sufficiently take into account the protection of nature. “I understand the disappointment of the Alpine regions, where the population is most affected by the propagation of the wolf. Now a balance must be found between city and country cantons, ”concluded Sommaruga.

But the proponents of the text obviously have a bad taste in their mouth. According to Nina Gansner, of the magazine "Schweizer Jäger, there was a vote on a well-made law, but unfortunately there was almost only talk of the wolf, which evidently attracted the sympathies of the citizens.

Killed only because they exist - The environmental associations at the origin of the referendum, which during the campaign spoke of a wrong and unacceptable law, are absolutely not of the same opinion. The reform, they say, would in effect weaken the protection of endangered species.

These associations have repeatedly stressed the fact that with the acceptance of the text, protected animals could have been killed simply because they exist. If wolves, beavers or lynxes had disturbed farmers, hunters or politicians, they could have been killed without causing any harm.

Satisfaction with today's result was expressed by Urs Leugger-Eggimann, General Secretary of Pro Natura. Speaking to SRF, he said that the environmental organization remains open to dialogue: "We are convinced that farmers can live with wolves and lynxes and that a meeting point can be found," he said, appealing to a pragmatic attitude. .

The councilor to the states of Zurich Daniel Jositsch, while admitting that the problem of the conflict between wolves and farmers must still be addressed, spoke of a text that went too far. According to him, it is possible to find a sensible solution that can solve the problem.

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. For this reason, guard dogs are usually not suitable for attacks. Attack dogs are typically used by police, trained to attack on command and to respond aggressively to potential threats.Before we begin guard training, let's start with basic commands. The dog will have to learn the Earth, the Sitting and the Still. Then it will be time to start training for the guard: we choose a command, a classic word to teach him. Bark or Warn will do. Training and advice To start a training for watchdogs and improve their instincts, it is important to enhance their skills, praising whenever any alarm situations are reported. It is essential to learn to recognize the language, both the type of barking and the non-verbal dialogue of the body. How to train a defense dog and a guard dog. Training a defense dog is much simpler than training a guard dog. The first, in fact, will simply have to learn to warn the master in case of danger. The second, however, will also have to learn to stop the threat and not allow himself to be corrupted .. In both cases, the training must take place. The guard dog is not trained for the attack. Its role is to protect property and to supervise. As with any type of training, teaching a dog to defend property is a process that requires patience and time. The dog must be trained to be vigilant and to report intrusion into the property

Guard dog training generally acts on instinctive natural behaviors, which are activated and directed towards certain behaviors, such as barking in the presence of a stranger. This happens both in guarding and surveillance and in hunting. Guard dogs are exemplary with an innate sense of control over the territory. They are animals linked to a single environment: the house, the garden, the courtyard where they spend most of the day. There are breeds that, both by instinct and by training, represent the guard dogs par excellence. How a watchdog must be, even if in reality it does not need a great education because it already has an excellent character

The Kuvasz is an ancient breed, and it is a dog from guard fearless and among the best in the world. Since they are not easily trained to obedience, Kuvasz are not recommended for inexperienced people How to train a dog to paw and guard. Training a dog to give the paw, is one of the most beautiful and jovial teachings to give to the dog, it is a way to allow him to greet your family and friends. Not only is it also a way to strengthen your relationship with the dog .. Some dogs also give the paw spontaneously, to be able to strengthen this. Training a German Shepherd as a Guard Dog The German Shepherd has a strong territorial instinct and by its nature protects the home and property, including the family who live there. Therefore, with the help of an experienced trainer we can teach him to fulfill the task of a real watchdog

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Guard dogs are typically those for keeping the flock, which have an innate predisposition to guard and act autonomously potentially any dog, however, can be trained in defense, that is to execute precise orders given by the owner Dogs of this size are perfect for making the guard there are many, first of all the Boxer. This type of dog is often (erroneously) associated with a violent and dangerous temperament, unsuitable for a family with children, but in reality, despite the tough appearance, the Boxer is extremely affectionate. How to train a guard dog? To train a dog to bark or growl at people it does not know, it is necessary to contact specialized dog centers.The education of the dog to the commands taught, the socialization with the trainer and his owner and the excellent understanding that is established between these last and the animal is the right and sure key to his success as a dog from. For guard dogs we mean all those specimens belonging to breeds trainable to fulfill this task, that of guardian precisely 3) German Shepherd: it is impossible not to include it in the top 10 of the best guard dogs. It is a very versatile dog, which lends itself to the most diverse uses. One of his first tasks, of course, was related to herding. Today the German Shepherd is used by the police as a dog breed, to find traces of drugs

The Korean Mastiff is easy to train so it makes a great guard dog but is also great in the family: it is affectionate and loves children. Much appreciated in Japan is the Sanshu Ken, a breed of acute and intelligent guard dogs, always alert and attentive, also used as a companion dog. Bullmastiff Guard Dog The Bulffmastiff is without a doubt one of the best guard dogs. It comes from Great Britain, and has been specially bred, for almost two centuries, with the aim of guaranteeing a perfect guard dog. Now it is quick to say guard dog, in theory today they have all promoted them for this job. It is enough to open a site that talks about a medium-large dog that you will surely find mentioned somewhere: Also suitable for guarding. Less than a year ago, a famous Italian dog magazine even included the English Bulldog among the 10 breeds. Training a dog like the Airedale Terrier is necessary precisely to keep this side of his character at bay, which could otherwise take over. The Airedale Terrier can be trained as a guard dog, also because it is a very courageous dog that does not flinch. Male German Bracco born in July 2018, regularly registered with enci. Very energetic and exuberant dog but balanced with other dogs both male and female, perfectly healthy, he stops the quail in the cage and returns, having just gone out hunting, he gives in for personal reasons. Contact Salvatore 334752461 for more info

A few days ago, a doctor from Turin called me to whom I had sold, only at the end of the summer, one of my Central Asian shepherd dog puppies, selected for the guard. He was a little frightened, but also very enthusiastic because during the night, his little guardian of only 8 months, had foiled an attempt to break into his villa that he owns in the hills, which took place during. . Generally these dogs are trained to guard and defend a limited area such as your home. The guard dog, on the other hand, is trained not to get distracted. Furthermore, his decision-making power is really high (let's remember that we are talking about an animal, and not a person): it will be his instinct to lead him towards strangers, and it will be his head to tell him how to behave.

I love guard dogs, especially my Doberman who cares about us who live in the countryside. from the first day I have not estranged him in the garden but I have created a real relationship between him and the members of my family. I taught him the classic commands stop, sit, bark. at first it was not easy but then gradually he learned. without him today there. Then the dog should preferably be trained at a professional school. But how much does it cost to train your dog? The first basics of dog training. If we decide to adopt a puppy and decide to have it trained, it is not resolved only with a phone call to one of the various schools. Working dogs: guard, defense, civil protection, competition. When we talk about working dogs we refer to breeds or varieties of breed - called bloodlines in jargon - selected in such a way as to obtain a lively dog, ready for action, eager to get active and to play, all characteristics. that make them suitable for training If what you are looking for is to train your dog to guard yourself, I do not know if you will succeed in the enterprise, or at least you could only partially succeed, as the dog is an animal that absorbs all the behaviors that he observes and that they are granted to him, right or wrong as they are, and therefore one must always have a correct behavior and always use the principle of non-contradiction. First of all you will have to get a puppy dog, in. How to teach a dog to guard: 3 tricks. Once, between your faithful furry companion and you, one is born. Every dog ​​has.

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren Link Not only intelligent, but also an attentive observer and an excellent guardian, he binds easily with everyone - both humans and other dogs - and therefore training is easier and faster. Once trained it becomes an excellent watchdog WATCH DOG TRAINING - Personal Defense La Castagnola - YouTube. HELP GROW THE CHANNEL WITH A DONATION DOGS DOG DEFENSE TRAINING. The Romans trained them for herding and as livestock guard dogs, then they were used to help soldiers in rescue and search operations. An excellent animal for personal and property protection, it is a medium to large dog, extremely intelligent and easy to train

Character, training and standard of the Rottweiler: guard dog and personal defense, read the complete training and sale of truffle dogs. Today we only breed Lagotti Romagnoli, the only breed recognized in the world for truffle hunting. Ours is a complete project that begins with the breeding of puppies, continues with the training and ends with the natural outings, which help the new owners to become familiar with the dogs. Guard Dogs and Defense Dogs: when the owner is the most important thing . Dogs have always been man's best friend, historically these animals have performed various tasks and still continue to do so, assisting human beings and carrying out various jobs based on their inclinations: hunting dogs, companion dogs, dogs guard and defense dogs The Corsican dog has nothing to do with Corsica: according to some, its name derives from the Latin cohors, the Roman praetorian cohort, which underneath suggests a bodyguard function. the direct descendant of the Roman canis pugnax. The Cane Corso is very intelligent, energetic and very balanced, all qualities that make him an excellent guard dog. The Cane Corso, with its marked intelligence, is a relatively easy dog ​​to train. They tend to be very affectionate towards their family and form very close bonds with children, making them a great watchdog for the family

Guard dog training. Let's start by saying that the guard dog hardly trains (especially if an adult), most of the teachings on the territory and on the guard learn them thanks to its genetics. You simply have to wait for nature and its genes to make a difference as you grow up. Yorkies are long-lived and intelligent and make excellent house watchdogs, even if they have a habit of having a little too much. This is a true breed with character, offering years of laughter, love and play. But if he is not well trained he will often do his own thing! Average Weight - Male: 3-4 Kg Female: 2-3 K 10 dogs that are easy to train. Training is the best exercise you can offer your dog, thus simultaneously stimulating his body and mind. It is also a fundamental practice, to prevent in our four-legged friends, the most common behavior problems in dogs, and thus be able to enjoy a healthy and balanced routine.But the strength of the dog, even outside, is to warn the minimal noise with barking. A good guard dog warns before the thief even approaches to give him the poisoned morsel. They are just my thoughts, I believe, to conclude, that the guard dog is still a valid aid for our safety

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If the dog it's a dog from guard, it means that it was trained, quite right? He does dog training every two weeks, we have two certifications. The dog he is educated Guard dog, finally, it is the dog that although not born with this precise purpose can do it very well because it combines an adequate body with the distrust of strangers (typical of defense dogs), with a high level of vigilance and with its own territoriality of the dog as a dog, with rare exceptions Classical guard dogs are, instead: Rottweiler Dobermann (mostly due to his size and his fame, I noticed that they are usually sweet, but it is undeniable that they make their figure) Beauceron (they don't necessarily have to be trained to guard, but they live very well outdoors

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is today considered the best breed as a guard dog thanks to a proud temperament, a powerful physique and an innate predisposition to follow and protect the master in every situation. Selected for generations in Great Britain, it has been specifically trained to guard, but is capable of scaring enemies with its sheer size. With his jaw, he is capable of breaking even bones, but he is a protective dog and a great companion. Another super intelligent and very active watchdog is the akita. Cattle watchdogs are desensitized to sheep. Train the dog not to chase sheep. Start with basic obedience training. Teach your dog all other impulse control methods so that he is used to obeying you in all situations

15 dogs that are easy to train. Published on: 02/11/2017. Rating: See all the photos. Easy to train dogs. Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. Dogs need a safe environment, a quality, nutritious and balanced diet, and they need veterinary care Training a guard dog is not a simple mission: although it is possible to do it at any age, the advice is to start from puppies. First of all you will have to get him used to responding to basic commands, because only in this way will the dog be prepared to listen to you and learn what you want from him. Guard and Defense Dogs. Dogs and humans can be said to have evolved together, from nomadic populations to settled societies, from wolves to the many dog ​​breeds currently widespread. Ancient men already hunted together with dogs, which were also their companions in war and faithful defenders of properties

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In short, the safety of our dog must be protected and to do so it is good to make sure in the hands of whom we are entrusting. Of course, training a dog has a cost, and the cost varies depending on the type of training we want for our canine friend. From € 2,000 upwards you get great training. The important thing to note here is that although your watchdog may be well trained, some factors would inevitably affect and agitate him. Remember, when your dog seems to love everyone but the postman, know that you should be looking for a way to re-educate him. No dog should bite the postman or the pizza chef. 3 Drug dogs: how these 4-legged heroes are trained. They are animals specially selected for their qualities: drug dogs can recognize different drugs, even when well hidden. Breeding. Dog training is an activity aimed at teaching the animal particular behaviors.

The Boxer is an incredible companion dog. Medium to large in size it measures around 60 centimeters in height and around 30 kilograms in weight. Ideal as a family dog, to exercise and be with children, who will protect without thinking twice.This wonderful guard dog is friendly, affectionate and loves to please his owners Training a German Shepherd is not difficult to to do. This dog is in fact known for its docile character, which makes it an animal suitable for all people, even children, and which is used as a rescue dog, due to its nature, but also often as a guard dog. You are looking for how to train a German Shepherd The litters are few in order to better follow the growth, socialization and training of the puppies, which will be sold: • at two months of age for company • at three months of age look for truffles • at five months of age trained to look for truffles So be careful when garden dogs are guardians, that they are trainable and do not follow their personal criteria of sympathy in barking and growling. Welcoming and training a dog from an early age can help us get better results, but sometimes it is instinct and it is therefore important to choose a breed that is already inclined to behave well in the garden Dog training is one of the first things to deal with when you decide to adopt a dog or buy a puppy from a kennel. Let's find out what types of training are best suited to the dog breed and where to go to get them. Contents. 1 Dog education and training methods

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  • Find dog defense for sale from a large selection of on eBay. Immediately at home, in complete safety
  • Faithful and helpful, dogs can be the best guard animals to protect people and property. Well trained guard dogs can protect children and objects better than humans. Man has always used dogs to defend himself and his properties
  • These are the ideal dog breeds for guarding according to the American Kennel Club: Airedale Terrier: excellent guard dog, barks to warn of danger, loves children, but does not like to be alone Potentially aggressive with other animals Akita Inu: very protective dog, they bark only when they have a good reason, they must be socialized correctly both with people.
  • The Cane Corso is majestic and athletic and, if well trained, becomes a perfect bodyguard. Its simple presence inspires respect and when it senses danger it does not fear man, weapons or large animals

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  • This dog is also called kurzhaar and is distinguished by its short, bristly, shiny coat, always alert attention and powerful muscles. Despite being a hunting dog it can also be bred as a family pet. So follow some tips on training a German Hound to learn to follow your orders
  • Dog trainers. Dog training courses in Italy. Dog training centers list. Search dog trainer, educator, dog training course. Page
  • Very easy to train. Poodles, both miniature and toy, listen carefully to orders and are very fond of play. This makes them perfect dogs for training, learning with great ease and requiring no great effort or experience.Even novice owners can easily train their Poodle, which he will do whatever it takes for.
  • Look for guard dog in your city. Thousands of announcements of puppies as gifts, dogs and cats to be adopted by individuals and kennels
  • It is often believed that the Staffordshire bull terrier is a good family dog ​​and that, if necessary, it can do a bit of guard and intervene in defense of the owner. . . in my opinion we should first of all make a little distinction between defense dog and guard dog which are two very distinct things
  • It can be successfully trained, not least by virtue of its extraordinary intelligence and memorization ability. The Corsican is one of the breeds that the world envies us: phenomenal guard dog, it shows all its character in the defense of people and things. But be careful

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  1. A true watchdog, he is born with that instinct without any training. Let me give two examples: the Fonnese Dog and the Maremma / Abruzzese Shepherd, but there are also others. Anyway Ernestino is right: if the dog does not have an innate instinct to guard, contact a good trainer Greetings Pedr
  2. Dogs employed in the canine units of the Guardia di Finanza: dogs sniffing banknotes arrive by the summer to counter illegal currency trafficking. In fact, the first cash-dog will soon take service to the company of the Guardia di Finanza of Ventimiglia, nothing more than a dog trained to sniff out banknotes.
  3. The German shepherd dog, commonly abbreviated to German shepherd, sometimes also called the Alsatian dog, wolf dog and police dog, according to the FCI cynological classification meets the standard nr. 166 / 10.08.2010-D (D = Germany) belongs to the 1st group of dog breeds (shepherd dogs and cattle dogs) with reference to section 1, shepherd dogs with a patent for work and use as a dog.
  4. Because some dogs are better at processing these types of procedures than others, it follows that some dogs will be better receptive to guard dog training as well. It is important to recognize that there are some downsides or potential risks to training your pet as a watchdog

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  2. A guard dog trains you to protect your property and family. Contrary to what I might think, most watchdogs are not taught to attack. I. Satisfy: Steps Method 1 Prepare to train your dog to be a guard dog Method 2 Train your dog to bark on alert
  3. steel. The defense instinct will do the rest but, with the correct socialization, you will have made him a stable, balanced and not dangerous dog for the family.
  4. If the dog looks confused, wait and order again. Usually, your dog should bark once or twice, but if he continues barking, don't give him the reward until he stops barking. Practice is key to training your German Shepherd to be a guard dog, and there is no such thing as giving up.
  5. ati environments. List of the most famous guard dogs. In this 2020, a list of the most purchased guard dog breeds and others that are the most has been drawn up.
  6. Download this Premium photo about Guard dog trained behind a toy on the playground. cynologist companion during outdoor training and discover over 7 million professional Freepi stock photos
  7. They are excellent guard dogs, but they need to be trained and learn to socialize from an early age for them to become happy, well-balanced dogs that are nice to be around. The Puli. This very docile dog is indeed an active and energetic dog, originally bred to lead sheep - something he is capable of doing very well.

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Jealousies and guard dogs. A Sicilian, obsessed with jealousy towards his wife, decides to buy a watchdog trained to monitor wives. He has been so well trained that he is able to answer the phone and answer questions. Throughout history, one of the main tasks of the domesticated dog has been to protect its owners from unwanted people or animals. There are some breeds known for being excellent guard dogs .. Some breeds are better suited to carry out this task, thanks to their temperament, physical strength, courage, loyalty and resistance to pain. Often, for different circumstances, we need our beloved dog to be also a good guardian, perhaps even suitable for living in families with children.Let's find out which are the 10 Best Guard Dogs. # 10 Giant Schnauzer or Riesenschnauze Follow me also on my Facebook pages: .. The one-year-old dog that wanders in the garden, despite having assumed a powerful physical appearance, in reality has the behavioral maturity equivalent to that of a 10-year-old child, therefore he will not have his function as a guard dog is still very clear and he will not have understood that he has to defend his territory

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  1. cite as soon as possible, in order to make the animal understand what are the acceptable behaviors. Whether they are puppies or older, Rottweilers respond well to training if they are followed early in the relationship.
  2. Beagle guard dog - second part of the answer. In light of all of this, let's complete the answer to the question can a beagle be trained to stand guard ?. Watching is an absolutely opposite job to what the beagle was selected for
  3. The first course for avalanche dogs was held in Passo Rolle (Tn) in January 1966 by a non-commissioned officer (Brigadier Carlo Arici), who had attended a specific training in Andermatt organized by the Customs Directorate of the Swiss Confederation. Shortly thereafter, the first eleven stations of the Alpine Rescue of the Guardia di Finanza were equipped with a canine unit

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we return to the initial discourse. the untrained dog tries in every way to get to the throat, because it is the way in which the defeated dog demonstrates his submission and the winner demonstrates his superiority and clemency by not raging. what interests the dog is to assert its supremacy, not to annihilate the opponent, which is also counterproductive in a pack. Find out HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DOG TO WATCH AND DEFENSE by John Chapmann: free shipping for Prime customers and for orders from € 29 shipped by Amazon

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Complete cards of all watchdogs, with details on standard characteristics, disposition and advice for selection and training. - Page 2 of The German Shepherd, also called the Alsatian Shepherd, is a medium-large dog of German origin. The German Shepherd is a very intelligent dog and, for this reason, it has always been used for various types of training, especially as regards its possible use as a rescue and guard dog: in fact, the German Shepherd is often used as a dog . Each dog is different and shows different traits, from the more general point of view but specifically of the various breeds, some have a strong history behind them as guard or defense dogs, they have a natural tendency to show these traits without them being trained in particular way This breed, among the best guard dogs, is of medium-large size. It is a very athletic and elegant dog, it has a uniform short coat generally black or tan in color. A male can reach the height at the withers of about 68 - 72 cm and reach a weight of 40 - 45 kg. Bullmastiff. Dog of English origin

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  1. and in fact it does not appear in the official classification of ten groups of ENCI (Italian National Dog-loving Body)
  2. However, other excellent guard dogs such as the bulldog, which are not remembered as particularly intelligent dogs, are difficult to train. Identifying Your Dog's Traits If your dog belongs to a specific breed, researching this will help you figure out right away if they are guard or defense dogs, or if they have a combination of both.
  3. Dog training for utility and defense. Centro Cinofilo Giubo is a reference point for training guard and defense dogs in Treviso, Venice, Castelfranco, Montebelluna .. We train our four-legged friends to be obedient, prepared, strong and safe. So that your dog, in addition to being a trusted friend, also becomes useful for the defense of the family, of the.
  4. A well trained dog is enough to save a flock from wolves In the Cuneo area the Italian selection center antonella mariotti Published 01 September 2017 Last modified 19 June 2019 20: 0

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  1. For the safety of your family and home, but also to have a little more company, dogs fromguard they are a perfect solution. In this guide you will find the 10 best breeds ever: however, always remember that these animals must be trained with care and from experienced people
  2. The goalkeeper of Tottenham and the French national team, Hugo Lloris, has bought a Belgian shepherd worth 17 thousand euros. He is a guard dog trained by security companies
  3. How to Train Your Dog Awake! 2004 Dog Insight into Scripture Study, Volume 1 Other. Wake up! 1975. g75 12/8 pp. 25-28. They keep dogs for protection.
  4. A dog that is not a guard dog by breed can be trained to become one
  5. buy how to breed and train the defense and police guard dog: practical guide. free shipping on eligible orders

Guard and defense dogs to scare thieves. to purebred and trained dogs. There is no better alarm than a talkative and obedient dog Cà San Marco German shepherds breeding German shepherd puppies and training German shepherd dogs, German shepherds Consult our list of dog trainers who hold the training course Guard courses. Click on the name of the training center that offers the Guard courses course you are looking for to enter the dog educator card and view the list of training courses available, addresses and telephone numbers, the map to reach the center. The best deals for Hoepli HOW TO RAISE AND TRAIN THE WATCH DOG - 1939 are on eBay Compare prices and features of new and used products Many items with free delivery

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