The Monsters - Strange and curious news

The Monsters - Strange and curious news

Help! A man

I am always amazed by the news that I find in the press and that leave me very perplexed.

I recently read an interesting article about the last "monsters" of the ocean! As a dweller of the earth who aspires to be a dweller of the sea, I find it very unfair to make such claims.

In short, the news reported concerns sightings of animals of decidedly enormous dimensions (for the measurement of humans).

For example, we speak of a turtle, sighted in the distant 1883 in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean which had a length of 12 m; or the remains of a marine crocodile-like sighted in 1915, about 20 m long, off the North Atlantic.

No less singular are the sightings of 1973, off the Australian coast, where a jellyfish whose tentacles were 60 m long or a sea snake, caught in 1996 in the Californian waters 12 meters long, was sighted.

Even decomposed remains (the so-called globster, organic masses, shapeless) are even classified as "monsters", which perhaps belong to large unknown animals.

What funny men! Why must they always attribute the qualification of monster to everything that does not fall within their canons of measurement?

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