Gargano National Park - Puglia

Gargano National Park - Puglia


The Gargano National Park is located in the province of Foggia and was established with article 34 of law no. 394.

Roman writers remember the Gargano covered by an immense expanse of forests, the Numus garganicum. From century to century, man has never stopped affecting this forest heritage of which today only 13% is preserved, the current one.Umbrian forest.

The Gargano, the spur of Italy, has been compared to an island. In fact, this large limestone massif has nothing to do with the surrounding landscapes, surrounded on three sides by the Adriatic Sea and on the fourth by the plain of the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

The two coastal lakes of Lesina and Varano fall within the park which extends over the entire promontory. The four small Tremiti islands are located off the northern coast of the Gargano; the most interesting from a naturalistic point of view is San Domino.

8 state nature reserves and 8 regional wildlife oases are part of the protected area.

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