Hide and seek

Hide and seek

The game

Hide and Seek is a rather traditional game. It is practiced mainly in the open air, so it certainly represents an interesting way to entertain children. The game involves several children, these are rather simple rules that allow them to approach this entertainment even in a rather serene way. The group of children must know the rules of the game before starting, everyone must have understood in such a way that no one is excluded. Only one child will have to 'blind himself', that is, he will have to face the wall, in such a way that he cannot see what is happening around. While he counts aloud, usually to twenty, or even more if it involves many children, the rest of the group will have to go into hiding. They will have time to hide until their partner has finished counting. Once finished, he will turn around and start looking for the children who are hiding. We must try to hide in such a way that in the meantime that one is found the other can run to make a lair and then free himself. When the game takes place in the open air, the most unlikely hiding places are found. Often when it comes to playing in an open space, limits are set within which it is possible to hide, otherwise it becomes difficult to flush out all the hiding places. The game is able to entertain large groups of children, in some cases they agree with each other to find the best hiding place. The game is very simple, you have fun quietly and take turns taking the place of the child who has been blinded. Children are hardly bored playing hide and seek because every time the game starts again, they have to look for a new place to hide. It is always preferable for children to be supervised by an adult who can intervene in case they have to fight or some child gets hurt. The game interests and arouses the curiosity of the child, who will feel fully involved.

The purpose

All games where the need to use any type of aid is not required, strongly help the child to socialize. The group can also consist of children who do not know each other, who in a short time will have already made friends. The game in its simplicity involves the group who enjoy not only running to make a den, but also hiding. The game will then be over when all the hidden children have been found. In this way, time passes easily and the child has the opportunity to have fun peacefully. Hide and seek is a game that is difficult to make inside an apartment because space is very limited and the child does not have the possibility to find a hiding place. When playing in the open air, often the area to play is also changed, because otherwise the hiding places that are always the same are found very easily. Hide and seek is a very old game that is taught to children from an early age, precisely because it does not pose any danger. The surveillance of an adult also prevents the child from hiding in dangerous areas. The game must be played in an easily controlled open space where there are no dangers. This game can be played starting from the spring period. Sometimes, as well as in the garden, you can also play in the park. Generally it is a game that arouses a certain curiosity in the child, given precisely by having to hide in order not to be found. The child sharpens his wits to find the place that is best repaired.

How to play

When the game is proposed to the group of children, it is necessary to understand if all the children know the rules. These can also be explained by a child who already knows how to play, otherwise an adult can always intervene. To choose the person who has to go blind, ask if there are volunteers and then choose within this group using a democratic method, for example in alphabetical order. In addition, the other children can be reassured that everyone will take turns taking that place. The rest of the group will have the task of hiding in an accurate manner, and it could also be inserted the rule that those who first make a lair is free while those who cannot escape quickly could pay the pledge and have to blind themselves. In the game of hide and seek, there are many alternatives that can be implemented, so it is always good to set and explain in advance what the rules to follow will be.

Garden games: Traditional games such as hide and seek

Fashions change, people change, but with the passage of time, habits and customs return that now seemed completely forgotten. Especially when we talk about the games of the past. One thing, in fact, that has remained over time is the fact that today's children, despite the competition from social networks, consoles and 3D games, still continue to play hide-and-seek on the street. Indeed, this game still has its charm nowadays. Perhaps all this is due to its simplicity, in fact it takes very little to play hide and seek: open spaces, beautiful days and many children with a crazy desire to run and have fun.