Bach flowers - How to treat yourself with Bach flower therapy

Bach flowers - How to treat yourself with Bach flower therapy


Flower therapy is part of that much larger branch which is phytotherapy, that is, the use of plants for medicinal purposes. The discovery of the medicinal properties of plants is very ancient and has been known and used by man since ancient times.We must not forget that, in absolute terms, the current medical science has evolved from herbal medicine as natural home remedies and herbal remedies occupied a very important place in the world pharmacopoeia. Today we are witnessing more and more a return to the use of plants as a medicine in an attempt to find alternatives to synthetic or chemical products in favor of natural ones because, reasonably speaking, we try to avoid the toxic effects coming from synthetic medicines; or because it is from the plant world that the most powerful and important medicines for humans have arrived, namely antibiotics, not to mention other natural medicines such as quinine today, the only remedy against malaria; or morphine, the painkiller par excellence that man has not yet managed to overcome in terms of properties ... and just to name a few.

Bach Flowers, discovered by the homonymous Edward Bach, are one of the many branches of natural medicine that wants, through flower therapy, that is to say the use of flowers for medicinal purposes, to improve the life of humans and animals more generally. So let's talk in this column how they were born, what they are for, what they are and how to prepare them. There are also thirty-two monographic cards on Bach's single natural remedies, as handed down to us by their discoverer, who claimed that the disease is nothing more than the result of a conflict between soul and mind and will never be eradicated if not mainly through mental effort. spiritual.

“This healing system, which has been divinely revealed to us, demonstrates that it is our fears, our worries, our anxieties that open the path to the invasion of disease. By dealing with our fears, our worries, etc., we not only free ourselves from the disease, but (...) we are happier and better with ourselves "(Da The twelve healers and other remediesby Edward Bach). In this column we explain how Flower Therapy and Bach Flowers teach us how to do it.

Nature has to offer us all the natural cures we need if we only knew how to use them. As the great Goethe wrote: "Nothing happens in living nature that is not in relation to the whole", perhaps it is a somewhat excessive affirmation in this context but today there is no doubt that the integration of man with nature is gradually becoming more deep compared to the past also in consideration of the fact that it is not necessary to be a passionate environmentalist to realize now that ignoring nature, what it gives us and its signals means both losing something good and going through a mountain of trouble!

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In this section:

  • General information on Bach flowers and its natural remedies
  • The individual remedies
  • Warnings for use

General information on Back's flowers

Individual natural remedies


For those who are unable to express their emotions but hide them under a facade of cheerfulness and courtesy


For those with inexplicable fears, including fear of negative energies emanating from people or the environment.

BEECH (Beech)

For particularly intolerant and uncompromising people who are not okay with anything and who must learn to be more tolerant.

CENTAURY (Centaurea minor)

For people unable to say no to the people around them by denying themselves and their needs to those of others.


For those who cannot make up their minds as they are not very intuitive and with little confidence in themselves and therefore always look for confirmation in others.

CHERRY PLUM (Mirabolano)

For those obsessed with the idea of ​​making extreme gestures, even violent ones, towards themselves and others.

CHICORY (Chicory)

For people who have a tendency to be pushy, possessive and meddlesome.


For those people who have a dreamy character and live in their world and plan the future without building anything in the present.

CRAB APPLE (Wild apple)

For those who are disgusted with themselves, their body and mind and live with the fixation of hygiene and cleanliness.

ELM (English elm)

For people who have a lot of responsibilities and feel they are no longer up to the task.

GORSE (Ginestrone)

For those people who feel overcome by the adversities of life and no longer have the strength to go on.


For those who must always be the center of attention, suffocating others with their speech and never listening.

HOLLY (Holly)

For those who come to experience immeasurable anger caused by feelings such as hatred, jealousy, suspicion and envy.

HONEYSUCKLE (Honeysuckle)

Bach remedy indicated for those people who live in the memories of the past and are disinterested in the present.

HORNBEAM (Hornbeam)

To restore determination and strength to those who feel mentally and therefore also physically exhausted.


It is suitable for those who are always in a hurry and live at a very fast pace. Practice for all hyperactive people.

LARCH (Larch)

For those who think they are less capable than others and therefore do not even try to reach certain goals.

MIMULUS (Yellow mimic)

This Bach flower remedy is suitable for people who are afraid of everyday material things.

MUSTARD (Wild mustard)

It is suitable for people who for no apparent reason become sad, melancholy or depressed but just as quickly find a good mood.

OAK (Farnia)

For those who are strong, with a great practical sense and suddenly suffer a psychological breakdown for having abused their strength almost to exhaustion.

OLIVES (Olive tree)

For people who need to recover the energies that have been lost due to great physical or mental effort.

PINE (Scots pine)

For those who live with a deep sense of inferiority, convinced that they deserve nothing or anyone, with very little self-esteem.

ROCK ROSE (Eliantemo)

For people who are terrified, an almost uncontrolled fear that makes it impossible to do any reasoning.

ROCK WATER (Spring water)

For people who are too strict with themselves and follow strict rules that they impose themselves.


For people who do not know how to decide between different alternatives why not give up anything.

VERVAIN (Verbena)

For those who spend a lot of time and energy to convince others of their own ideas, even exaggerating and bordering on fanaticism.

VINE (Vine)

For people who are convinced that they always know what is best for themselves and others and try to impose their opinion.

WALNUT (Walnut)

To overcome the uncertainty of one's choices and to face the important changes that life presents every day.

WATER VIOLET (Water violet)

For people who have a very intense inner life but cannot open up to others and therefore live in solitude.

WILD OAT (Wild oats)

For the eternal undecided on the path to take in life because, even if they want to do something important, they do not know exactly what.

WILDE ROSE (Rosehip)

For those who have definitively given up and no longer have any expectation from life, they live in a state of complete physical and mental apathy and do not react.

WILLOW (Willow)

For those who feel bitterness and resentment for how their life went as they envy the success of others.


The Bach flower remedy Rescue Remedy is for emergency situations when there is no time to choose a targeted blend.

The contents of the articles in this section are informative and non-therapeutic. The choice of a therapy and the use of what is indicated are up to the attending physician who can evaluate any intolerance, allergies or intoxications.

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