Information About Banksia

Information About Banksia

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Banksia Information – Learn How To Grow Banksia Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Banksia flowers are native to Australia, where the familiar wildflowers are well appreciated for their beauty, versatility and drought-tolerance. Read this article for more information about banksia flowers and their care.

I have a question

Hi, I recently planted some acacia dealbata seeds and only one sprouted, but the leaves are yellow— I keep it inside in pretty direct light and water it 2x a week. Am I missing something?

Hi Jess, from what you’re saying it doesn’t sound like you’re missing anything, but the plant seems to think otherwise, and somehow its opinion counts more than ours in this case…

It might be damping off. When you water, if excess water has no place to go it’ll start rotting the plant out from the bottom.

I have used merox 5 G for my mimosa dealbate tree which has practically killed it. What do I need to do now?

Hi. It isn’t very easy to save a “poisoned” tree, but here are a few things you can try. You can find them in this post on how to save a tree sprayed with too many chemicals.

Thank you but the sap was on the cement, we had rain, it all washed away from two trees, different locations. A third tree has a bench underneath, and that sap washed away as well. I am wondering if it is sap or something else from these trees.

Well that’s great news! I guess that sap really was mostly excess water. Good thing to know that should rain not be timely, a simple hosedown will do the trick. All the best then, Elizabeth!

I live in San Diego, planted eight of these trees five years ago from one gallon pots. They are twenty feet tall now, are beautiful but are dropping sappy stuff on my concrete driveway. Why is this and how do I wash off my driveway?

The sap is clear and shiney. One of the trees is about 8 feet from a bay window, in a walking garden that gets water once a week. Is this a concern?

Ok, shiny clear sap shows that’s just what it is and not an infection of any sort.

Regular watering or not watering anymore won’t change much regarding the sap issue. I think you’ll find it’s a seasonal problem with more sap in autumn than in the other months.
Depending on what the setup is, if the sap is really an issue you might want to keep the tree from branching out above the driveway too much with regular pruning.

As for the size of the tree near the house, it’s best to take a minute and think about how the tree will grow. Perhaps it might be an option to prune the tree to keep it small, but you can also wait until it gets too large for comfort. If your area is prone to strong winds, consider that branches might come hit the window and break the glass if too close. Hope this helps!

Hello Elizabeth! Mimosa trees have a powerful root system – that’s why they’re such vigorous trees. At times, the roots take so much water in that the tree can’t hold the pressure. Tiny cracks in the bark where tree branches join together are the natural way for sap to bleed off. It drips to the ground.

Usually the easy way to clean it is using rubbing alcohol on a wad of cotton or a rag, since sap dissolves in alcohol like wax. On large surfaces, which I expect since you’ve got those eight wonderful trees, go with either of the following:
– boiling water. Heat the kettle and dribble the water on and around the stains. That’ll make for quite a few back-and-forth’s to the kitchen, so borrow a neighbor’s kettle and pull out the extension wire so you have one cooking and one for cleaning. Take care to follow the runoff up until the side of the driveway as it might “settle” in river-like patterns if you don’t.
– powerwashing. If the sap isn’t too old, a powerwasher might do the trick in a jiffy. Check on natural detergents or environment-friendly concentrates designed for powerwashing driveways, they include special oil and wax components.
– ask your local mechanic what he or she uses to clean their workspace floors from all those grease stains.

Once you’ve found which solution works best for you, make it a regular part of garden maintenance: the older the stain, the harder the clean!

There isn’t much that can be done against the trees leeching sap, though, it’s really a natural response to the overload of rain they get in October/November while the weather is still clement after the dry San Diego summer months.

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