How to make a carousel with your own hands

 How to make a carousel with your own hands

The carousel has always been one of the most interesting and favorite attractions for children. It is included in the "classic set" of structures for children. And if, for some reason, you still do not have it on the site, then you can fix this by building an original carousel with your own hands, which will delight your children for a long time.

Types of carousels for playgrounds

All modern carousels are divided into two types:

  1. Mechanical. This type of play equipment is activated by unwinding the structure by children or adults.
  2. With an electric motor. Such carousels spin up thanks to a special mechanism.

There is also another classification.

Disc carousels

This type of attraction is quite easy to assemble and install. It is the most common. It is installed in the playgrounds of the city, they decorate the backyard plots on which the kids frolic. This is because disc carousels not only allow children to have fun, but also contribute to the formation and development of physical skills.

Disc rides, in turn, are divided into several more varieties:

  1. "Rotating mushroom". The seats are tightly attached to the bottom of such a swing, and the handles to hold on are a circular ring.

    The children themselves can drive the carousel

  2. Carousels with rotation on a circular track. They come into motion when moving along a wavy track. The pedals, which are located on the drive wheel, are operated by the baby's hands or feet. Thanks to this, the carousel becomes not only fun entertainment for the baby, but also an excellent opportunity to develop the physical abilities of the child.
  3. Beam carousel. A feature of this type is the location of the seats: they are not installed on a circular base, but on metal pins extending from the axis. Moreover, the child looks at the back of the previous baby.

    It will be very difficult for children to turn the beam carousel on their own.

Of all the disc carousels, the most common among users is the design for 4-6 seats with metal holders. It is compact and practical.

The principle of operation of the disc attraction for children is quite simple. A carousel is a special mechanism that rotates around its axis due to external influences. On the ground, it is installed strictly vertically. The most important part of the design is the metal pin. All other parts are attached to it, which form an angle of rotation, through which the kids begin to spin on the attraction.


  • wear resistance;
  • no need for special knowledge and skills;
  • low price for materials;
  • development of the vestibular apparatus during use;
  • resistance to changes in weather conditions, which allows you to build a carousel on your personal plot;
  • ease of troubleshooting;
  • ease of use;
  • load resistance;
  • long service life.


  • increased risk of injury, because if the child does not follow safety precautions, he can easily hit;
  • the need for external influence in order to set the carousel in motion.

Carousel with chain

The peculiarity of this type is that the structure can be installed at an inclination (but not more than 5 degrees). The principle of operation of the structure is extremely simple: the carousel is driven by an electrical mechanism located at the base of the structure. In order for the engine to function, the carousel must be connected to a 220 or 380 volt power source. At the same time, it is recommended to cover it with a tarpaulin awning. It will perform the function of protecting the electric drive from snow, rain and other weather conditions.

It is worth noting that the chain carousel has a number of characteristics that require special attention:

  1. Rotation frequency. The indicator is measured in revolutions per minute. For very young users, it is not recommended to do it more than 10.
  2. Emergency stop time. This feature must be present in such carousels. According to the norms, it should not exceed 20-25 seconds.

Chain carousels can be found in parks

The chained type of carousel has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


  • the rotation is continuous as the carousel is driven by an electric motor;
  • long service life;
  • strength and reliability of the structure.


  • the need to use expensive parts;
  • the need for electricity, for which you have to pay;
  • the ability to install only on spacious sites;
  • the complexity of the repair work;
  • danger of falling out.

Photo gallery: examples of disc structures

Useful Tips

Almost every family can afford to install a carousel for their beloved children on their backyard. Fresh air, exercise of physical abilities and vestibular apparatus, communication with neighbors' children - all this undoubtedly benefits the child. However, there are several features, knowing which you can make the gameplay for the kid safer and more fun:

  • the carousel should be periodically checked for breakage;
  • when painting, it is recommended to use acrylic-type paints, since they are less toxic;
  • metal parts must be free of rust (if there is no other option, then they must be cleaned and painted);
  • the walls of the main bar must be more than 3 mm thick;
  • when planning the construction and completing the drawing, the age of the child must be taken into account;
  • during the development of the structure, it is worth calculating the maximum possible inertia of the movement, due to which the carousel will easily rotate around its axis.

Listen to your child's taste preferences. As a rule, children have their own view of certain components of the carousel (colors, shapes).

Carousel is a pleasant and interesting pastime

Preparation for work

The success of the final result largely depends on the correctness of the preparation carried out.

Which type to choose

A self-made disc carousel for a personal plot will be an ideal option. Ease of operation will allow your child to have fun in the fresh air without your supervision. In addition, this type of construction is recognized as more comfortable and safer to use than chain. It is easier to build and install anywhere in the garden.

Drawing up a drawing with dimensions

Carousel construction always begins with drawing a diagram of the structure. Before you start doing this, be sure to decide how many handrails or seats the carousel will have. There are several classic options.

The main elements of the disc carousel are two components: an axle and a turntable with seats.

You can make a carousel from wood or metal. The second option is more suitable for the device of the projectile in the country, since such a material is strong, reliable and durable.

Photo gallery: disc structures with a different number of handrails

List of required materials and tools

To bring the drawing of a disk carousel to life, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • metal rod;
  • concrete;
  • cylindrical ball bearing;
  • 4 pipes;
  • moisture resistant plywood.

How to make a children's carousel with a bearing mechanism in the country

There is nothing complicated in the manufacture of this design, if you follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. First you need to choose a place where the carousel will be installed. On the ground, mark the center of the structure.
  2. At this point, dig a hole, the depth of which is 80–100 cm, and the width is 25 cm greater than the diameter of the main rod.
  3. Install the metal pin strictly vertically into the recess, and then pour concrete. The solidification time of the solution is usually 3-4 days. The main thing is not to rush, since only with well-cured concrete will the structure hold reliably and firmly.
  4. Now place the cylindrical ball bearing on the metal rod. Parts must be positioned so that their walls touch each other very tightly. This will allow the carousel to move smoothly. You also need to remember to pre-lubricate the knot.
  5. Weld 4 cross-shaped pipes to the ball bearing. At this stage, you will need a special technique.
  6. Fasten the pipes between each other with corners or a hoop pipe. How you do this will determine the rigidity of the carousel. Then carry out the installation of a platform made of moisture-resistant plywood.
  7. Install pipes or corners on which the seats will eventually be attached. They are usually made of wood, but are welded to the carousel.

The result of the work will surely please you

Features of finishing the carousel that will spin

Upon completion of all work, the carousel must be varnished and painted. It is recommended to treat the base (plywood) with waterproofing agents, which will increase the service life of the device several times.

Before proceeding with the finishing, you should check the quality of all seams at the weld points. The safety of children depends on it.

It is advisable to choose the color of paint for the carousel with a child, so you will learn about his preferences and make the new attraction ideal for him.

Photo gallery: decoration options

Nuances of care

In order for the carousel to serve you as long as possible, you need to periodically check it for breakages and rust, as well as pay special attention to regular lubrication. It will allow the structure to move smoothly without creating loud noise and squeaking. It is recommended to lubricate the mechanism after a certain period of operation. First, every 2-3 months, and then once a year.

The carousel must be safe for the child

Video: how to build a carousel for children with your own hands

This design will be a good addition to the playground on the personal plot. It will allow your child and his friends not only to have fun and interesting time outdoors, but also to train endurance, vestibular apparatus and physical capabilities of their own body. And the bright colors of the carousel will delight you day after day.

How to make a children's house with your own hands: from wood and other materials. Dimensional Drawings | (80 Photo Ideas & Videos)

Once upon a time, we built constructions for games with chairs, pillows and blankets. So why not help the younger generation today and build a real orphanage with your own hands? You can use any materials at hand - wood, PVC or aluminum pipes, plywood, wooden pallets or thick cardboard.

Drawings of plywood crafts. Set of tools. Cutting technology. Mercedes car model. Animal figurines

Sawing out of plywood is one of the most exciting and useful leisure options! It develops creative skills, accuracy and precision, instills work skills and helps to master various tools.

As part of our article, we want to acquaint you with the technology of sawing out of plywood sheets and two simple crafts. All drawings are attached, so if you wish, you can repeat them with your own hands, together with the children, who will certainly be interested in this process from start to finish.

Such a sun will delight any child


To independently create a frame of a garden swing from a professional pipe, we recommend that you adhere to the algorithm of actions, as in the video below.

  • Side support bar - 4 pcs. length of 3 running m, size 100 x 100 mm
  • Beam for the crossbar - 1 pc. 2.5 running m, section 80 by 80 mm
  • Side screed board - 1 pc.

There are several options for choosing a children's play complex in a large apartment or a country house. There are wall and floor.

The latter are simply installed on the floor, and wall-mounted ones need a very reliable fastening, therefore, only capital walls are used, and not drywall. Structures are fastened using long self-tapping screws.

When choosing a sports corner, be sure to be guided by age restrictions and the weight of the child. Corners are metal or wooden.

I have already told and shown many photos of this swing bench model. All ideas for the design and construction of such a swing can be found in my article "Swing for a summer residence - 20 WAYS to do it yourself."

and I also have a step-by-step lesson on creating EXACTLY THE SAME swing with a bench, as in the photo below - ARTICLE "How to make a swing - STEP-BY-STEP LESSON with a photo." There, a Korean dad does just such a hanging bench, step by step.

As you can see in the photo, such a garden wooden swing with a bench can be suspended both on ropes and on chains - I have already told in great detail about the methods of fastening the swing and special carabiners-holders.

The same swing models can be made from Bent timber.

QUESTION - what kind of seat should such a swing with a bench have?

ANSWER - so that there is where to sit and where to lean on ... And the design is at your discretion ...

The variety is great ... so great - that I realized ONE: I will have to create a separate article for this topic.

Anyone who needs a garden swing-bench is exactly where I invite ... to the article "Swing-benches - 12 WAYS to make with your own hands" Ayda ... learn from the experience of foreign artisan thought

Wrote (and in some places and drew) this article - a woman.

Because ... only a woman can inspire a man to create beauty. What I actually did these five days, for 38 hours. So go and create (but I will go and finally eat ...)

And when you succeed (and you will definitely succeed) ... and you will kindle to me with a reciprocal feeling of well-deserved gratitude - here are the addresses of my electronic wallets

(I accept even the smallest gifts))) ... Motivation is a great thing. An encouraged author will always find the strength and perseverance to create good and useful articles over and over again.

I decided to continue this topic, and I will tell you more about other ways to make a garden swing for a summer residence.

  1. article "SWING for a summer residence - 20 WAYS to do it yourself."
  2. article "Swing benches - 12 WAYS to do it yourself."
  3. article "Outdoor swing - STEP BY STEP to do it yourself."
  4. article "Arbor-SWING for four - 4 WAYS to do it yourself."

And also on our site there is a cycle of educational articles dedicated to gazebos. There, I also explain and show in the most simple and detailed way (just for beginners) how an unprepared urban gentle person can FALL IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA to make a gazebo in the country - with his own hands.

The choice of a model is a purely individual matter. It all depends on personal preference. But since at home there is usually not too much free space, most often preference is given to hand-made children's swings according to individual drawings. Today, there are many popular homemade options for children. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Compactness, mobility, ease of manufacture and installation

High probability of falling out, fragility

Simplicity of design, versatility

Only fits one person

Possibility of simultaneous use by two children

The need for a large amount of free space

Rapid wear (if made of plastic)

As a rule, to save space, almost all children's swings for the home have a suspended type of construction.They are attached to the ceiling by means of hangers. They can be made at home. The project should be chosen based on the age characteristics of the child and the availability of building material. The easiest way to make a swing at home is in the form of a hammock. For this, a durable fabric is purchased, which will replace the seat, and a pair of ropes.


High chair

Balance weights

  1. The ceiling is being prepared. Only the overhaul option is suitable, all the others are not designed for high load. If this is not possible, then ceiling beams are used. A hole is drilled at the attachment point, into which the anchor eyebolt is screwed in with an inserted carabiner. This will be the suspension.
  2. A dense, upholstery fabric is taken that can withstand a child. Its edges are pulled together with a strong rope, tied to a wooden crossbar in the form of a tube 40 cm wide. With the help of two chains, the crossbar is connected to a carabiner. Their length is chosen based on the height of the seat from the floor. The older the child, the higher the seat.

How to build a barn correctly

Farming is, of course, a troublesome business, but very popular and profitable. Most often, farming involves raising cattle. Cows are distinguished by good weight gain and, in addition to meat, they also give milk, they are unpretentious in care, they can perfectly live in different climatic conditions.

To keep these useful animals, you need to build a barn. Features of the construction of such a "cow house" differ depending on the number of livestock, the climate of the area and other nuances. In the article, we will consider the important points of building a cowshed for a livestock of both small numbers and decent ones: for 1-5, 20 and 50 cows.

Modern barn standards

In any barn, animals should have free access to drinkers and feeders, and also be able to lie on the floor without interference. Milking and calf compartments need to be made ergonomic and comfortable.

To calculate the area of ​​the barn, the following standards are taken: for an adult cow, 20 m2 of space is needed, for a calf - 10 m2, for an adult bull - 12 m2. These standards are suitable for small barns - from one unit to 20.

Video: dimensions and how to build a farm calf barn for cattle correctly

The video shows how to build a barn:

If the livestock is large, for example - 50 units, then the rates are reduced. So, in a building designed for 50 animals, 6 m2 of usable area is allocated per cow, and if the cow has given birth, then together with the baby they get 10 m2. In total, such a barn is obtained with an area of ​​about 500 m2.

Diy barn project for 1-5 heads at home

In this case, the standards are the most luxurious: spacious and comfortable housing is provided for the animals. In such a small room, mechanical devices are usually dispensed with: a conveyor belt and an automatic milking are not needed here. This can significantly reduce construction costs.

The video shows a barn for 5 heads:

Livestock of 20 cows

A medium sized cowshed provides all the necessary standard rooms and automatic fixtures. Of course, you can do without a milking machine, as well as without a conveyor, but then you will have to hire additional workers, which will lead to additional expenses.

Livestock of 50 cows

In this case, it is better to make the barn as automated as possible in order to facilitate the work. The area standards are much more modest here - therefore, although the general room is more spacious, less space will fall on each cow.

Large barns are often built using the wireframe method, which is quick, easy and inexpensive to build.

It is important to observe the following parameters in this case: the height of the walls should be at least 2.5 meters, and the distance from the ceiling to the ridge should be from 3.5 meters. Windows must be mandatory, but they need to be located at a height inaccessible to animals.

Mechanical equipment in a 50-head barn should make no more than 70 decibels: keep this in mind.

General points

What nuances must be taken into account in order to competently equip a barn for any number of livestock.

The first step is to think about animal friendliness. They live here, so it is important that the barn meets all the requirements for the ergonomic and comfortable keeping of cattle.

If the cow is in cramped conditions, and the room is cold, uncomfortable, dirty, then you should hardly count on impressive milk yield and good weight gain. In addition, in unsuitable conditions, animals can get sick, suffer, even die. It is also important to ensure that there is enough space in the barn not only for adult animals, but also for their offspring - calves.

The foundation of the structure must be reliable and stable: the cows are quite heavy. It is best to construct a base of fired strong brick or strong concrete.

There must be a waterproofing sealed underlay on the floor: roofing material is most often used for this purpose. And along the perimeter of the building, it is recommended to cover the soil with a layer of concrete or asphalt to protect the interior from the penetration of soil and sedimentary moisture.

How to make a rabbit a cage at home, and how they are kept, is indicated in this article.

But how to make a foundation for a shed from tires, and how this structure looks like, is indicated here.

For those who want to understand how to make a shed out of pallets, you should follow the link:

It will also be interesting to know how to make a chicken shed.

For the construction of walls, experts recommend using adobe bricks. This material is able to retain heat for the longest time. In addition, this type of brick is inexpensive, as it consists of simple ingredients: straw, sand and clay. Also, fired bricks and shell rock are well suited for walls - natural, environmentally friendly and reliable materials with high density.

The floor can be made of concrete, and the top must be covered with wooden flooring to keep the cows warm. If the animals are on the cold concrete floor, they will often begin to catch colds, get sick: there can be no question of good milk yield in such conditions. However, if you carry out heating in a concrete floor, then this option will be both durable and quite comfortable.

You may also be curious about what a barn garage looks like.

The video shows how to build a barn correctly:

Cowsheds are often built from wood. This option is more suitable if the livestock is small - 5-10 units. For a large herd, it is better, after all, to choose a brick or concrete version of the room. Building a barn from foam blocks is a modern and quite economical option. Due to the large size of the material, such a building is erected in a short time, it turns out to be quite warm, comfortable for animals.

Slate is usually placed on the roof: it is inexpensive, completely sealed and durable. The building must be insulated: take care of high-quality thermal insulation.

It will also be interesting for you to see what a wooden shed looks like.

Construction stages

The first step is to develop a plan for the future barn. For this question, it is better to turn to a professional architect-engineer in order to avoid annoying errors in calculations, and to guarantee to provide for all the smallest nuances, all the necessary premises.

After the development and approval of the plan, you need to tackle the foundation of the future structure. This stage is very important, as a solid capital foundation will make the entire building reliable and stable. Provide a waterproof seal at this stage to prevent groundwater from entering the barn.

It will also be interesting to know about which foundation to choose for a house made of aerated concrete, and how to choose it correctly.

It is better to make the foundation for the barn itself monolithic or piled: such a capital structure can provide sufficient stability and reliability.

The frame of the building is erected after the construction of the foundation. Usually it is a steel grating with reinforcement at the corners and at the junctions of the load-bearing elements. For fastening, not only welding is used, but also additional bolts to ensure maximum reliability of the structure. So that the frame does not corrode, it is important to treat it with a special compound.

The floor in the room is most often made of concrete, brick or cinder blocks. On top of it, it is necessary to put waterproofing and heat-insulating layers so that the animals can lie comfortably.

Then the walls of the building are erected. Mineral wool is best suited as insulation for the barn. This not too expensive thermal insulation is able to reliably protect the room from any frost. The last stage is the construction of the roof, which is usually covered with inexpensive slate.

But how the construction of a shed with a woodshed takes place, and what such a construction looks like, is indicated here.

A little about feeders

For the manufacture of feeders, oak or pine boards are usually used. It is very important to have well dried wood to avoid its rapid decay. In addition, the material must be well sanded so as not to injure the lips and tongue of the animals.

It is important to make the feeder in such a way that not only is it convenient for the animal to eat from it (although this is a primary condition), but also that it is convenient for the worker to clean the box, as well as put new food into it.

Outwardly, a standard cow feeder resembles a medium-sized box that is placed next to the animal's head on the floor. By type of feeders can be:

The fixed option is most often chosen, although lifting or folding are more suitable for small barns, which save space. In addition, the folding version is more convenient for cleaning.


Several important ones that will definitely come in handy during construction.

The floor in the barn is best done with a slight slope (2-3 cm), which will ensure the natural outflow of liquid waste.

If you are building a flooring from boards, then the floor under it must be clay, otherwise the boardwalk will quickly rot. In colder areas it is better to double the decking to provide warmth inside the barn and keep the animals free from disease.

It is not recommended to use stone for the construction of walls, as it will be too damp in such a room, and it will also be cold in winter. Brick would be preferable: this material is drier and breathable.

In the video - building a barn with your own hands:

It is important to make the passages non-slip in order to avoid injuries at work: rough concrete is perfect.

The ceiling should be planked: this will ensure good air exchange, warmth and environmental friendliness of the room. It is important to fit the boards as tightly as possible to each other to ensure the tightness of the ceiling. The grooves between the individual boards can be covered with clay if the climate is particularly harsh. It is recommended to sprinkle sawdust or sand 10 cm thick on top of the ceiling boards. This layer will provide good thermal insulation and, at the same time, will not become an obstacle to natural ventilation.

If earlier windows were built only with wooden frames, now it is quite logical to equip them with practical double-glazed windows. Although this option will cost more at the construction stage, however, the trouble-free operation and durability will compensate for the costs. It is better to make the doors in the building hinged, and carefully insulate them. But how to properly insulate the veranda from the inside with your own hands is described in great detail in the content of this article.

It is also important to provide good lighting in the barn. For this, standard industrial lamps are used, which must work, including at night.

Take care of good ventilation as well. In the barn, a sufficient amount of not very pleasant odors is formed, which must be removed to the outside: in this case, clean air must flow inside.

We examined the features of building a cowshed for milking livestock of different numbers. Now you are familiar with the nuances of this work, and you can take into account the necessary important points, if the need arises. The main thing is to think about the comfort of keeping animals, to make sure that the room is warm and dry. And the cows will thank you for your care with excellent milk yield and stable weight gain.

Decorating and caring for a metal swing

There is a clear instruction on how to create a metal swing with your own hands. The drawing is paramount. The basis is taken the most suitable one available in the public domain. If something does not suit you, then adjustments are made to the swing scheme. The main thing, when choosing a metal swing, is to adequately assess your capabilities.

After the model has been selected and schematically transferred to paper, the list of necessary materials and tools should be carefully worked out. Otherwise, during the construction process, you will have to contact your neighbors or go to a building materials store for missing equipment. And it will take a lot of time.

Having acquired everything you need for construction, you should start making parts (frame, seat, canopy). When the individual elements are ready, you need to combine them into a single structure and install them in a previously prepared place.

To create a swing from metal, you need to prepare in advance:

  • profile 4-7 cm wide and 0.1-0.2 cm thick
  • rectangular iron pipes with a cross section of 1.5-2 cm
  • wooden bars 3 x 3 cm
  • suspension designed for a load of up to 300 kg
  • grinder
  • welding machine
  • 6 eyebolts with nuts and engraving washers
  • paints and varnishes.

The above list is subject to change. It all depends on the skills and abilities. Someone is able to independently adjust building materials to the desired dimensions. If there are no such skills, then you should purchase materials that correspond to the parameters specified in the drawing.

When making a bench, there are several important points to remember. First of all - convenience. For a more comfortable pastime, you need to take care of the presence of a back, which you can lean on and completely relax.

For the bench, on a special machine, beams are cut out by one and a half meters. Then they are sanded with sandpaper. When the surface is smooth, without roughness, varnish is applied. It will not only add color to the appearance, but also protect the wood from the effects of negative environmental conditions.

Cut the beams of the desired size on the machine

Clean and varnish

From the profile, build the frame of the bench, weld the fasteners for the suspension

Attach the bars with bolts

How to weld a swing? First you need to prepare parts of certain sizes. For racks, 4 pipes of 2.5 meters are cut. For the jumpers, you will need 2 metal rods, 2.1 meters each. Pipes are cut at an angle of 30º and welded in pairs to create equilateral triangles. A jumper is welded at a distance of 2 meters from the top of each rack. Its length is 1.038 meters.

The purpose of the jumper should not be underestimated. She is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the struts during the operation of the swing. The presence of a jumper ensures that the pipes do not separate in different directions. The tops of the posts are connected by a crossbar protruding from both sides by 5 cm. Having welded the crossbar to the posts, the process of creating a frame for future swing can be considered complete.

As a rule, most people choose the classic options familiar from childhood.However, there is a huge number of original ideas that can surprise with their non-standard appearance. For example, a regular tire can be used as a seat. With the help of suspensions, it is attached to a tree branch and becomes a decoration of any suburban area at minimal cost.

Pallet furniture is becoming more and more popular. The swing is no exception. You can make both a single seat and a full-fledged garden lounger, reminiscent of a bed.

An ordinary wooden circle with a rope running in the center is used as a seat. A fitness ball or punching bag will also work. The skiing turns out to be quite extreme, since the amplitude is very high.

The seat can be made from a hoop and suspended from chains. You just need to wrap it with foam rubber and twist it with ropes. This option is also suitable for lying down. There are many ideas. The main thing is to give free rein to imagination. Then unusual swing will become a decoration of any interior.

Everything is simple here - there is a wooden board and a rope.

HOW TO FIX A ROPE on this very board.

Method one - we drill holes in the board of the seat of a wooden swing - we thread a rope through them - so that it goes into one hole and exits from the other.

To strengthen this structure (so that the board does not break in the place of the drilled holes) - we also add a seat under the board - from two edges - along a small board (also with holes). So that the rope passes through the seat board - and through the duplicate board pressed against the seat board.

The second method is when the seat of a garden swing looks like a wooden frame-frame. We tie ropes to the frame (right and left) (as in the left photo below) - and bridge the middle part of the frame with planks.

The third method is when the seat looks like half a cylindrical log (cut lengthwise). A very durable option (only such a log must be well cut and polished so that splinters are not on a soft place).

Method four - you can screw through metal fasteners to the board ... They come in different shapes - look in stores or in a shed.

And that's not all of the tricks ... In my article "Swing for a summer residence - 20 ways to do it yourself" you will find several more ways to attach the rope to the board ... Everything is also in clear pictures there.

If your child is still very small (so much so that it is dangerous to be left alone, even on a stool), then ... you can add another protective structure to the classic board swing, which will prevent your baby from falling out of the swing.

The design of such a children's wooden swing is very simple. Look ... Let's say you have a board swing ... And you want to make a swing-with-a-barrier out of them. Here's how we do it ..

  1. You need 4 tubes (metal or plastic, or even cardboard paper towel tubes will work great, or a piece of solid garden hose).
  2. And we also need 4 planks with holes at the ends (the length of the planks should coincide with the width and length of our board - that is, 2 planks equal to the length of the board 2 planks equal to the width of the saddle board. Drill holes in them so that the rope can climb through.

  1. We put the rope into the board, the harness - it comes out of the 4 holes in our seat.
  2. We put a tube on each rope - and then we put our boards on top of each tube through the rope - in the order that is visible in the photo.

That's it - It's easy and quick to make a garden swing for kids with your own hands.

Or ... you can do it like this ... I will tell you about this in detail in the article "Children's swing - with your own hands"

Or you can sew such a children's swing from fabric and wooden sticks.

I will tell you about this too ... but separately ... I will tell you step by step how to sew such a children's swing by yourself in a special article "CHILDREN'S SWING - for the smallest SEW YOURSELF" There will be all sizes and a detailed pattern and sequence of actions. That is, it will be an article for moms ...

And at the moment dads are reading us ... And so we run on ... Now the most interesting thing will come.

Of course, you already have a question ...

But that's not all…

In order for the swing from the pipes that you made with your own hands to serve as long as possible, we recommend that you pre-decorate them and, after every six months or a year, tint with a special paint for metal.

Here's what else you can cover metal:

  • rust remover
  • paint-enamel for metal
  • surface treatment primer
  • paint with the addition of metal powder (yellow).

After the construction is completed, you can decorate the structure:

  1. Sew the seat covers. A dense fabric is suitable for them, which is not afraid of contact with moisture.
  2. Paint the side racks with patterns or drawings. To do this, you will need a stencil with patterns or figures, paint for metal and a brush (or sponge). Place the stencil against the walls. Take a sponge and wet it with paint. Blot the stencil and remove. Repeat the procedure several times.
  3. Decorate the playground next to the homemade outdoor iron swing. Plant flowers, build a small decorative fence, arrange sculptures.

Placement and installation guidelines

Consider the options for placing the stairs in different options:

No specialists are needed for installation, just follow the instructions

Experts recommend taking into account some points when placing a structure:

  • for the construction of a hatch, an impassable corner of a room or a wide corridor is better suited; when choosing a place for a hatch, it is important not to touch the floor beams
  • the best option is between the ceiling beams
  • The structure of the stairs and the hatch cover must not come into contact with the walls and ceiling in the attic room
  • the opening should be located in the direction of the attic rafters
  • the hole in the ceiling must exactly fit the size of the hatch, otherwise, due to leaks, drafts may appear and, over time, cracks in the ceiling may form
  • to assemble and install the ladder according to the attached instructions, no special knowledge and skills are required. It will be more convenient to do this work together.

When installing the ladder on your own, the following instructions must be observed:

  1. Prepare tools - boards, screws, goniometer, screwdriver, screwdrivers, keys.
  2. One person with the tools goes upstairs, the second remains below.
  3. Fasten temporary support from the boards and support the product on them.
  4. To maintain right angles, install spacers at the screw attachment points.
  5. Secure the box with screws on both sides.
  6. Remove the temporary boards and open the door.
  7. Fasten the structure from above from the sides.
  8. Extend the legs, tilt and tighten the fasteners.
  9. To fill in the space between the box and the ceiling.

The box and the opening must fit snugly together

The instructions for assembling and operating the product will help to adjust the correct position.

You can feel all the advantages of comfortable access to the attic in the house only with the installation of an attic staircase with a hatch. Whatever is in the attic - a warehouse or a cozy room - you can easily find the best option for any interior. Installation of the product is quite simple, but if necessary, you can use the video instructions.

Stainless steel railing - practicality in cold aesthetics