Use of Bach flowers - How to use Bach flowers "

Use of Bach flowers - How to use Bach flowers



Note 1

Bach flower remedies can be used in various ways also in consideration of the fact that flower therapy has no contraindications or side effects (2), at most it can have no effect or, if the flower is appropriate and acts as it should, the so-called "therapeutic aggravation" could take over. In their use it would certainly be preferable to be followed by a therapist, especially for the choice of the most suitable essences for the problem you are trying to solve, but with a little attention, you can also do it yourself.

It is possible, for different essences, to mix them together even if this is not always advisable and the choices are to be evaluated case by case to avoid nullifying the effect as the vibrations of a flower could cancel those of another or the product. that comes out after the mix may no longer be suitable for our problem. In any case, the effect that the single essence exerts is always greater if it is not mixed with other Bach flower remedies, this is because an exclusive relationship is established between the Bach flower essence and the organism for which it is very often recommended to take the individual remedies independently, at different times of the day rather than making a mixture.

The essences of Bach flowers are presented as a lotion, in liquid form and it is always necessary to keep in mind, as a general rule, than in flower therapy the quantity of the remedy you take is not important, but how often you take the remedy that corresponds to the frequency of the energy stimulus that the organism feels it has which causes the stimulus to recover.

It is always advisable to take Bach's remedies away from meals so at least they are taken: in the morning before breakfast, in the evening before going to bed, in the middle of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon.

Another general advice is that the number of drops that are taken is always the same as it has been observed that they have a greater therapeutic effect.

The methods through which it is possible to take Bach flowers are the following:

1) Method of the glass

This method is indicated in cases where a certain pathology has become chronic and in behavioral disharmony.

Pour about 3-4 fingers of good quality, non-carbonated mineral water into a cooking glass, adding 4 drops of the Bach flower remedy from the stock bottle.

In the case of a chronic pathology it is advisable to take 1-2 glasses a day sipping them over an hour or even a little longer.

In the case of acute pathologies it is preferable to prepare 3-4 glasses (or even more) of which you will take a sip every five minutes (or even less) until you feel that the symptoms are easing. Since, in this case, the amount of water you are going to drink is enough, if a person doesn't want to drink it, just hold the sip in his mouth for several seconds, then shake it and then spit it out. In fact, the benefit of the remedy is not linked to the fact that it arrives in the stomach and is digested, but is linked to its contact with the tissues to which it transmits all its vibrational charge.

2) Vial method

The 30 ml vial method has a more introspective action and acts more on the mental level and allows you to mix together multiple remedies to take them out of the house with you.

Take a dark glass vial with an airtight cap and a dropper and fill it 3/4 of the way with still mineral water and 1/4 with a good brandy at at least 40 °, then add the drops of Bach's remedies. you intend to use, close with the cap and shake before each intake.

The drops of the remedies should be taken from the stock bottles and added in an even number (two or four) to the vial.

If you are a teetotaler and can't stand alcohol (which only has the function of a preservative), this can be replaced either with apple cider vinegar or only with pure natural water. In this case the solution cannot be stored for a long time, a couple of days at most and then it must be renewed.

To take the drops, fill the dropper pipette and drop them either directly on the tongue (making sure that the dropper does not come into contact with any part of the tissues or saliva) in a variable number from a minimum of four or even more, and are held in their mouths for some time before swallowing them. Generally it is recommended to take them at least four times a day even if, in this type of therapy, there are no precise rules.

3) Bottle method

Even this method of taking Bach flower remedies is suitable for solving very ancient problems deeply rooted in the psyche, similar to that of the glass only more suitable for those who are away from home many hours during the day.

Also in this case, use natural mineral water that should be taken during the day, preferably between meals, with a clean mouth, not when smoking.

Depending on the size of the bottle, the number of drops (taken from the stoch bottle) to be placed in the bottle could be as follows:

  • for half a liter of water (to be consumed throughout the day): 6-8 drops
  • for a liter and a half of water (can be consumed within 2-3 days): 12-18 drops
  • for two liters of water (can be consumed within 2-3 days): 20-24 drops

4) Wraps

With Bach's remedies it is also possible to make compresses that are very simple to make: you take a glass or small ceramic bowl into which you put warm water and 4-6 drops of the appropriate remedy. Take a piece of gauze or a clean piece of cotton and dip it into the bowl so that it becomes saturated with the solution. It is then applied to the affected area and left for about 15 minutes. The application is repeated three times so that the total duration of the pack is 30 minutes.

It is important that the solution in the bowl is always lukewarm when the gauze is immersed, so it will certainly be heated during the application. Never heat it in the microwave but in a steel saucepan.

The result of the pack is milder than applying the pure essence but has the advantage of allowing you to treat a larger surface with a smaller amount of essence.

5) Ointment

An ointment can help in the case of localized pain and therefore as an aid to the oral intake of the remedy.

Its preparation is very simple: you buy a basic cream in the pharmacy that is a cream that does not contain any essence. If the cream is not already in a glass jar, it is preferable to pour it because glass is the most suitable material to contain Bach flower remedies which are vibrational in nature and therefore does not interfere with the intimate essence of the remedies.

In practice, the formula to use is as follows: 4 drops of Bach flower essence taken from the stoch bottle for every 10ml of cream. Mix everything slowly, clockwise, with a ceramic, wooden or plastic teaspoon (as long as it is not metal) until everything is well blended.

6) Massage oils

The essences of Bach flowers can be mixed with various types of oils to create beneficial massages.

For this purpose you must use good quality oils purchased preferably in herbal medicine such as sweet almond oil, sesame seed oil, sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, suitable in a universal way.

Also in this case, as for the ointment, 4 drops of Bach flower essence are added to every 10 ml of oil.

It is important before using the oil to shake the vial well to mix the essence and oil well.

7) Eye drops

To prepare the eye drops, take some physiological solution purchased at the pharmacy and mix 2 drops of Bach flower essence in 10 ml of solution.

Also in this case a dark glass bottle with an airtight cap and dropper is used.

The resulting eye drops can be kept for no more than 7 days, then it must be renewed.

8) Nebulization

The nebulization method is generally used to purify environments that give off negative vibrations or to try to regulate imbalances in the person's energy field.

For its preparation, a nebulizer like that normally used for plants is used and 1/4 of brandy, 3/4 of non-carbonated mineral water and 6/8 drops of Bach flower essence are introduced for each 1/2 liter of liquid.

It is sprayed at least twice a day (more often in the case of plants and animals), spraying the body by holding the sprayer about 20 cm from the body.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach