Beautiful new tulips!

Beautiful new tulips!

Autumn time is tulip time - time to plant bulbs. So it is not too late to plan for tulip flowering in the spring.

'Global Desire'. Large, full white flowers with yellow-green streaks on the outside of the petals. Blooms medium late. Height about 45 cm. (Lord Nelson.)

Tulip Mix Black & White. Tulip mix with three varieties in black and white. It consists of the dark purple ‘Queen of Night’ and the two-tone 'Jackpot' in purple and white. The white tulip with green streaks is called 'Spring Green'. 'Royal Virgin' has pure white flowers. Blooms late. (Lord Nelson.)

Candy Club. An ivory white slightly shimmering tulip with simple flowers. The lime leaves have brush strokes of pink. Get several flowers that sit together. Height about 40 cm. (Weibulls.)

'Cracker'. A tall triumphal tulip in purple lime leaves lined with a white stripe. (Weibulls.)

'Purple Prince'. A simple tulip (triumphant tulip) with intense purple flowers. Blooms early. Height about 50 cm. (The Nelson brothers.)

'Ronaldo'. Blooms with dark purple flowers with a hint of blue shimmer on the outside of the lime leaves. (Lord Nelson.)

‘Top Lips’. Tulips with filled flowers in dark pink and white. The leaves have a light edge at the end. Height 30 - 45 cm. (Lilla Fiskaregatan's garden shop.)

Sensual Touch. Filled tulip with orange lime leaves with fringed edge. (Lilla Fiskaregatan's garden shop.)

'Yellow Spider'. The flower is filled with slender yellow lime leaves. They have a slightly lobed edge and green streaks on the outside. (Lilla Fiskaregatan's garden shop.)

'Silverstream'. A Darwin hybrid that blooms with soft cream flowers with streaks in red and white. The color varies from tulip to tulip. The leaves have a pinkish-white border all around. (Lilla Fiskaregatan's garden shop.)

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