Information About Mosquito Fern

Information About Mosquito Fern

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Mosquito Fern Plant Information – What Is A Mosquito Fern Plant

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Mosquito fern does well in warmer climates and can be a pretty addition to ponds and other decorative water features. You need to know a little bit of basic mosquito fern plant information before deciding to grow this water plant in your garden. Learn more here.

What Is A Mosquito Fern: Mosquito Fern Habitat Info And More

By Amy Grant

Super plant or invasive weed? The mosquito fern plant has been called both. So what is a mosquito fern? The following information will uncover some fascinating mosquito fern facts and leave you to be the judge. Click here to learn more.

12 Plants That Repel Those Pesky Mosquitoes

Jose Mari Cariaga / Getty Images

What is the world's most deadly animal? Step aside, saltwater crocodiles and great white sharks—because the mosquito kills more people worldwide than any other living creature. Although most gardeners in developed countries don't have to worry about malaria, other diseases like Zika virus, West Nile virus, and yellow fever (as well as the general nuisance of insect bites) are just a few ways mosquitos can ruin our enjoyment of the outdoors. If stinky chemical repellents aren't your bag, consider growing garden plants that can drive mosquitoes away naturally. One plant not on the list is the citronella plant Pelargonium x citrosum, which was debunked as a mosquito buster by a Florida A&M study.

Merely growing these mosquito-repelling plants isn't a standalone way to deter pests, but you can increase the insect-repelling power of the plants by releasing their essential oils. You may add some cuttings of these powerful plants to the grill (most relevant when the plants are known for their culinary value), or you can roughly chop plants and spread them on your lawn and patio. If you're pressed for time before going outdoors, just add some stems of effective mosquito-busting plants to areas with foot traffic, and release some mosquito-repelling oils with every step you take.

More Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

In addition to growing the plants listed above, you should also practice good mosquito control in your garden so that the pests don’t get out of hand. The best thing you can do is prevent water from collecting and becoming stagnant mosquitoes can lay hundreds of eggs even in a tiny spoonful of standing water. Mosquito rings can be used virtually anywhere you have standing water — rain barrels, birdbaths, water gardens, ponds — even animal watering troughs. They contain a naturally occurring bacterium (Bt israelensis) that kills mosquito larvae.

There are also other natural products available that can help ward off mosquitoes in your garden. These include, citronella torches and candles, as well as essential oils derived from the plants listed here.

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