Outdoor ceiling lights

Outdoor ceiling lights

The outdoor ceiling lights

The outdoor ceiling lights represent an element of lighting for the garden but also for the balcony. To be fixed they need a wall, which is why in the garden they are usually placed on the wall of the house. They are quite useful when choosing a pergola leaning against a wall as a dining area: the outdoor ceiling light will be fixed right on the wall of the house in such a way as to appropriately illuminate this space.


The outdoor ceiling light has a shape that can generally be round or rectangular, and consists of a support base made of plastic which is fixed to the wall and a part, also in plastic, front, which fits into it and which must be removed when inserting or replacing the bulb. The assembly is quite simple, you just need to connect the power at the point where you want to install the outdoor ceiling light. The lighting of the outdoor ceiling light takes place through a switch. If the outdoor ceiling light is placed on the back of the house, it is preferable that the switch is inside the house, if instead it is rather far from the house, it is preferable that the switch is placed right in the space where the ceiling light is find. The luminous intensity of the ceiling light depends a lot on the intensity of the bulb. It only creates a light point, and in the garden, to have adequate lighting, it is often necessary to place more than one.

Used materials

The outdoor ceiling light can be made in different colors, but the most used are white and black. In addition to the use of plastic, the outdoor ceiling light can also be made of glass. Plastic is mostly used because it is resistant to sudden changes in temperature and above all easy to clean: just remove the outer part of the ceiling light and use a rag with a cleaning spray. In the event that we are referring to an outdoor glass ceiling light, it will certainly be necessary to have greater foresight, because if it is violently bumped it could even break. There are also models of outdoor ceiling lights in glass and wrought iron: the structure for fixing to the wall is made of wrought iron and the external part of the ceiling light is made of glass.


In this case, the glass can also be colored and the light it emanates reflects the color of the glass itself. Surely today the outdoor ceiling lights made of plastic are more used because they are much more practical, but the ceiling lights made of glass have a completely different charm. The latter are also a highly decorative element for the garden, they can be considered a very important piece of furniture. Some have the outside painted with different shades, and all this, even if in a rather discreet way, allows the garden to take on a very particular style.

Number of ceiling lights depending on the space to be illuminated

The outdoor ceiling light used on the balcony, if the latter is rather small, is only a light point. If, on the other hand, it is a terrace, it becomes essential to install a greater number of ceiling lights to have adequate lighting for a well-lit space even where you can dine. In the case of plastic, the choice between white or black is a matter of taste, but certainly the plastic ceiling light fits a more contemporary style of home, while the outdoor ceiling light made with different materials adapts to a more contemporary style. rustic. Generally on the balconies of the houses the ceiling light is never missing, which is the only way, among other things, to have external lighting. Nobody gives up using it on the balcony, especially if the house is located in a rather isolated area where there is no public lighting.

Practicality and convenience of the plastic ceiling light

The outdoor ceiling light continues to be an element of garden furniture that has its own identity, even if today plastic has completely invaded this sector and when you buy it, in most cases you do not even think that alternative solutions may exist. to this material. Even in the case of the glass ceiling light, cleaning is quite simple but you will need to be careful to avoid breaking it.

The cost

Within a garden, since there are also other lighting elements, the outdoor ceiling light becomes an accessory element that is used only when strictly essential and especially only when it is possible to fix it to a wall. In other cases it is mandatory to choose other lighting systems. The cost of the plastic ceiling light is certainly different from that of a glass ceiling light, therefore, being a rather resistant material, the choice will be oriented more on the plastic outdoor ceiling light. However, those who wish to have an eye-catching lighting element in the garden will do well to consider other types of ceiling lights as well.

Outdoor ceiling lights: Garden lighting: The use of outdoor ceiling lights

The outdoor ceiling lights are a very popular piece of furniture and consequently used in gardens. Plastic ceiling lights are cheaper but very tasty both in terms of shapes, color, and intensity, in addition to this they are also cheaper in order to satisfy those who cannot afford large sums of money. The glass ceiling lights, on the other hand, in particular, can also be made of blown glass that varies in shape and color and are more expensive but they adorn and greatly improve the aesthetics of the garden you have.

Outdoor ceiling lights

Large oval ceiling lamp with white lid

White oval Shelly LED ceiling light 15cm x 22cm x 8cm

White 45 ° inclined oval ceiling light

LED ceiling light with double 10 W light emission mode

Oval ceiling lamp with white ring

Ever LED ceiling light in anthracite gray plastic round 17 cm x 17 cm x 8 cm

LED ceiling light with double light emission mode 20 W

Oval ceiling lamp with white cage

Taormina round ceiling lamp with gray cage

Intec ceiling lamp ever integrated LED 20W round white with eyelid

Intec ceiling lamp ever integrated LED 30W round white

Intec ceiling lamp ever integrated LED 30W round white with eyelid

Intec ceiling lamp ever integrated LED 20W round anthracite with eyelid

Large oval ceiling lamp with black eyelid

Round white Ever LED ceiling light

Black oval 45 ° inclined ceiling light

Ever round white plastic LED ceiling light 17 cm x 17 cm x 8 cm

Shelly LED ceiling light oval anthracite

Intec ceiling lamp ever integrated LED 30W round anthracite with eyelid

Oval ceiling lamp with black cage

Oval ceiling lamp with black ring

LED ceiling light Shelly anthracite gray plastic 15 cm x 22 cm x 8 cm

Intec ceiling lamp ever integrated LED 30W round silver

Round LED Taormina ceiling light with black cage

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Outdoor ceiling lights: find out more about Westwing

The soft but present light of the outdoor ceiling lights is indispensable to illuminate all those special occasions in the moonlight. Register for free: many proposals for furniture and accessories online every day to furnish your home with style Register for free: everydayВ onlineВ many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home with style.В Get inspired by Westwing!

Outdoor ceiling lights, stylish light

Ah, the good fortune to have a terrace or a garden to pass by moments of relaxation and fun! A summer afternoon dedicated to sunbathing, a few hours of spring with a book in hand and a light breeze in your hair, an aperitif with friends to the sound of pretzels, spritzes and finger food. But when night falls, the sweet and romantic light of the moon is not enough illuminate our evenings outdoors: the time has come to bring out candles, torches and lanterns to warm the atmosphere. But a flickering flame is not enough to bring all the light you need during a barbecue on the balcony or a special dinner on the porch of the garden: in these cases you need all the lighting that only outdoor ceiling lights can bring. Just turn them on immediately the light conquers the outdoor table, the rattan chairs and the wrought iron gazebo: also LED, there is no comparison with simple spotlights в "the lighting is more airy, the shadows more nuanced, the atmosphere more dreamy.

Outdoor ceiling lights in all shapes

Elegance outdoor ceiling lights are unmatched: for walls or ceilings, a ceiling light becomes an integral part of your exterior, embellishing them with all their beauty. Lamps that fit virtually any style:

  • outdoor ceiling lights in liberty style colored glass are ideal for bringing a touch of art nouveau to the terrace В furnished with wrought iron accessories: shades of yellow, red and green are reflected in the stone tiles and flower boxes, filled with geraniums and violets
  • choose a lampshade in glass and metal for the outdoor ceiling light means going without fail: from traditional furnishings to more modern ones †"perhaps in polyurethane вЂ" there is no armchairВ or outdoor table that does not match
  • the fabric, perhaps rice paper, is perfect for evoking ethnic atmospheres †"in oriental details: just choose a ceiling light to make the difference
  • delleВ outdoor ceiling lights with spotlights directional downlights, in addition to having an extremely contemporary look, allow you to direct the light where it is most needed: directly on the terrace table, or perhaps on a particularly colorful flowerbed

Why buy outdoor ceiling lights on Westwing?

Outdoor ceiling lights are an indispensable accessory for your home, especially if you are looking for an object that can be functional and aesthetically valid. Westwing is the first shopping club in Italy specialized in the sale of home furnishings that offers you a very wide variety of furniture and accessories to buy comfortably online with unbeatable prices and discounts up to 70%! The outdoor ceiling lights can be chosen in different sizes, colors and models so as to meet the most diverse needs. Buying on Westwing is easy and fun: sitting comfortably from the sofa in your home, select the products of our thematic campaigns and add them to your cart with just one click! Proceed to purchase by selecting the safest payment method: we will take care of sending them to your home in a short time! What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

External prices and online catalog

Wide assortment of lamps from external useful to efficiently illuminate the external areas of the house such as balconies, terraces, paths or even suitable forgarden lighting of your home or villa, with excellent energy savings thanks to the latest generation integrated LED technology or with traditional compatible LED bulbs, always maintaining the best quality / price ratio.

All our outdoor and garden products are covered by a 5 year free warranty directly to the customer's home.
The outdoor lighting of your balcony or terrace is a choice not to be neglected, focusing on the type of lighting you want, such as direct or indirect on the wall, but you must also take into account the design of the applique for aesthetic reasons, and its degree of protection and insulation from rain or solid bodies such as dust, especially for safety reasons.

For the outdoor lighting of your garden you will find a wide choice of solutions at very affordable prices such as outdoor spotlights, lampposts and LED light poles with a modern or traditional design, allowing you to shed light on your lawn or to illuminate an avenue or a bright path.
The garden lamps in our catalog are very bright for outdoor lawn lighting or even on the ground at the edge of your swimming pool to be able to create luminous atmospheres.


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Lighting - Vases

If you are looking for the right lighting for a design garden, certainly the proposals in the “Potsв category by Sovil are perfectly relevant. In fact, in our online shop we offer outdoor light vases made of resin and therefore extremely resistant that perform the triple task of acting as planters, as elements of furniture and design and as sources of light.
The luminous vases are important complements, often led, which bring a touch of novelty and beauty to your night garden. Our solutions, which also include floor luminous spheres, are truly splendid: at dusk and at night they reflect their own light creating a wonderful show!

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting in Rome. The lighting that will give light to your evenings.

If you are in doubt about the type of lighting to be given to the outdoor space that you live in moments of daily relaxation, contact without hesitation the competent staff of Priolo Arreda Garden: a specialized and available team will be able to assist you in any type of choice, giving exhaustive answers to your technological, aesthetic and economic questions.

Choose the right lighting garden lighting is not easy: who better than expert and competent personnel can advise you on the right arrangement of garden lamps? And if you are looking for adequate balcony lighting, you will be guided in selecting the best outdoor ceiling lights.

The wide range of branded products is a guarantee of safe purchases: outdoor wall lights add atmosphere to the terrace lighting. In our shop in Rome in Via Aurelia 1334 you will find hospitality and professionalism you will be guided step by step in purchasing the ideal lighting for the garden, balcony or terrace you can choose from many prestigious brands, design icons and safe quality.

Balanced and safe lighting gives your evenings outdoors that pleasant party atmosphere that welcomes and involves: do not give up the professionalism and experience of Priolo Arreda Garden you can go to the store in Rome and admire live all the garden lighting items, balcony lighting or terrace lighting!

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