The company "Agro EM" - goods for the garden and summer cottages

The company

Here are the main groups of products and goods that we supply:

- Biocomplexes "Healthy Garden", "Ecoberin", "Zhivosok", "OKO", "LIK", "Mushroom"
- Stimulants
- Means for protecting plants from diseases and pests
- Weed control
- Lawn grass
- Protection against moles, rodents and pests
- Green fertilizer (green manure) seeds
- Seeds of flowers (perennial, annual), vegetable crops more than 1000 items
- Drip irrigation and ventilation of greenhouses
- Onion sets in assortment
- Microbiological preparations - EM
- Mineral fertilizers, AVA

- Soils, top dressing, biohumus, substrates
- Organic Living Farming - OJZ
- Garden sprayers
- Garden tool (self-sharpening)
- Gardening tools (flat cutters, shovels, hoes, etc.)
- Garden tool "Tornado"
- Products for compost, toilets and cesspools
- Chelated fertilizers, Uniflora
- Seeders, greenhouses, fruit collectors
- Soil improvers: Bone meal, fish meal, Coconut briquette
- EM - plastic
- Japanese plant protection drug HB-101 and odor remover Nioinonno

Store addresses

Retail sales in St. Petersburg:
working hours from 10:00 to 19:00, (on weekends from 11:00 to 18:00):
m. "Narvskaya" st. Industrial, 6 "Gardener" section: 24
m. "Kirovsky Zavod" TK "Shaiba" Stachek Ave., 66, letter A, section 12 "Gardener"
m. "Gorkovskaya" pl. Sytninskaya, 3/5 "Sytny market" pav. "Seeds"
m. "Ladozhskaya" Prospect Industrial, 26/24 "Gardener"
m. "Ladozhskaya" st. Kosygina, 21, shop "Narodny" Pav. "Prospect Bolsheviks" st. Kollontai, 28 "Gardener" (from 11:00 to 20:00)
m. "Street Dybenko" st. Dybenko, d. 16, letter B, pavilion "Gardener" - next to the Right Bank market

Wholesale trade:
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+7 (921) 99-21-0-21

E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.agro-m.ru
Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 18:00

Biocomplex "Healthy Garden" - protection of plants from pests and diseases

The effectiveness of the "Healthy Garden" is confirmed by scientists and practitioners: Agrophysical Research Institute, St. Petersburg State Forestry University named after S. M. Kirov, Landscape Atelier "Sakura", as well as well-known gardeners-practitioners in Russia (Kizima G.A., Vidanov A.V.) and numerous amateur gardeners.
Biocomplex "Healthy Garden" - a natural natural remedy - granular fructose, structured under the influence of edible gold, potassium, magnesium and sodium. After dissolving the "Healthy Garden" granules, the water acquires their structure. After spraying and watering with structured "Healthy Garden" water, the plants become healthy. The amount of protein in the cell sap increases, and the content of carbohydrates that attract pests decreases. The amount of nitrates in fruits is below the permissible limits.

The results of using the "Healthy Garden" product in the garden and vegetable garden:
- Restores and enhances the process of chlorophyll formation in plant leaves. Plants take on a healthy look and vibrant color.
- Improves the plant's own immunity, thereby increasing the viability and resistance of plants to various diseases, including scab, powdery mildew.
- Provides effective self-protection of plants from pests (aphids, apple sawfly, apple moth, etc.), reducing by 6-7 times carrion, due to the use of the product to increase the plant's own immunity.
- Increases plant resistance to drought.
- Prolongs the life of cut flowers.
- Enhances the effectiveness of EM drugs (effective microorganisms)

Biocomplex "Healthy Garden" in the kitchen:
When soaking the fruits in a solution from 40 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes:
- More than 2 times cleans (draws into solution) nitrates and toxins from vegetables, fruits, greens.
- Restores ecological purity (cellular respiration), fruits grown near the city and busy highways.
- Increases the digestibility, taste and nutritional properties of the fruit.

Biocomplex "Ekoberin" - protection of plants from harmful substances and influences

The effectiveness of "Ecoberin" is confirmed by scientists and practitioners: Agrophysical Research Institute, St. Petersburg State Forestry University named after S. M. Kirov, Landscape Atelier "Sakura", as well as well-known Russian gardeners-practitioners (Kizima G.A., Vidanov A.V.) and numerous amateur gardeners.
Biocomplex "Ecoberin" - a natural natural remedy - granular fructose, structured under the influence of barberry, goldenrod, ginseng and rose hips. After dissolving the Ekoberin granules, water acquires their structure, which ensures a very high viability of any biological creatures. The amount of toxins in fruits is below the permissible levels.

The result of using the Ekoberin biocomplex in the garden and vegetable garden:
- The effect of heat, excess moisture, cold on the plant organism decreases
- Increases the resistance of plants to high-intensity ultraviolet radiation
Scientific research has established that when using the "Ekoberin" agent in the epidermis of plants, the content of its own protective phenolic compounds increases, forming a screen that protects the underlying chlorophyll-bearing plant tissues from damage
- Reduces stress load on plants when exposed to agrochemicals and pesticides.
- The viability of plants is restored when harmful substances, for example, crude oil, enter the soil. After contamination of the soil with crude oil, it is necessary to irrigate the plants with structured water "Ekoberin", as a result of which the germination of seeds is restored by 51.5% and the growth of seedlings of plants by 89.3% compared to the same indicators in the control group, which was watered with ordinary water.

Organic Live Farming

The OZhZ system proposes to use soft organic fertilizers. Gradually giving nutrients to plants, these fertilizers do not burn the roots, and a specially selected composition of nutrients for individual vegetables (cucumber, tomato, onion, potato, etc.) allows not only to safely increase the yield without accumulating nitrates, but also to improve the taste and keeping quality.

Fungal and bacterial diseases literally attack cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, fruit and sugar beets. Warm, humid - ideal conditions for the development of diseases. Often up to 50% of the crop is lost. There is a simple, environmentally friendly, natural solution - to surround the plants with friendly phytobacteria. They are in a mutually beneficial symbiosis with plants and protect them from disease-causing fungi and bacteria.

In the range of GUMI, Fitosporin

HB 101

HB 101 is a concentrated non-synthesized nutritional composition developed from plant extracts known for their longevity and great vitality: Himalayan cedar, cypress, pine and plantain. Available in liquid and granular form. It is completely safe for people and animals. It is a completely natural product that supports and stimulates plant growth and their immune system. It helps the plant to make the most of its internal potential and environmental resources.

Vitalizer HB 101 improves seed germination
- strengthens the protective functions of plants, reduces the risk of being damaged by viral diseases
- increases the resistance of plants to adverse weather conditions: sharp temperature changes, frosts, spring return frosts, heat and drought, waterlogged soil, strong wind
- significantly increases productivity
- the color and shape of leaves, flowers and fruits are improved
- earlier harvest possible
- re-planting of the culture in the same area is possible
- increases the content of beneficial microorganisms in the soil

EM plastics products

For several years now, gardeners have been successfully using EO plastic products. The well-known EM container (organic waste bio-utilizer) is a mini-factory for the production of excellent fertilizer. Studies have shown that the properties of living organisms can be transferred to clay, plastics, and fabric. The process of obtaining EM plastics is lengthy and consists of several operations with elements of nanotechnology:
- Initially, clay is mixed with an EM preparation (effective microorganisms) - a symbiotic self-regulating complex of specially selected natural living microorganisms for growing products without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, that is, to obtain environmentally friendly products.
- Clay is kept under certain conditions for about one and a half years
- Then the clay is fired and EM ceramics are obtained;
- EM ceramics are ground and added to the polymer, resulting in an EM granulate
By adding EM granules to the raw materials for the production of plastics, we obtain products with unusual properties. The impact of EM plastic is expressed in an increase in the mass of plants, the number of microorganisms, the size and brightness of flower buds, the suppression of pathogenic microorganisms, the safety of food, the content of vitamins in food, etc. We supply a range of unique products made with nanotechnology elements. All products are patented and certified ..

Siderata - "green fertilizers" and seeds

In our retail stores you will find vegetable and flower seeds (perennial, annual) from different companies - more than 1000 items. The Agro EM company carries out wholesale and retail sale of lawn grass seeds and green manure seeds.
Siderata are "green fertilizers". In the era of enthusiasm for mineral fertilizers, from the middle of the last century to the present day, green fertilizer faded into the background and was almost never used anywhere. Now, with the revival of organic farming, it is gaining importance again. Siderata are seeds of plants intended for their subsequent plowing into the soil as fertilizers.
Packing from 100g to 500g in small bags. Double bag in between, full description color label. The assortment is more than 20 items.
Lawn grass seeds: Versatile, sports lawn. Packing: in transparent containers, colored label on top - 0.5 kg. White buckets - 2.5 kg; 5 kg (6L and 11L). See our website for a detailed assortment.

Bio-silicon is a real find for a gardener!

The lack of silicon in the soil is one of the main causes of plant diseases, attacks by insect pests, and fungal attack.

The results of research carried out by many scientists prove the indispensability of silicon as an important plant nutrient.

For plants to show the maximum genetic ability for fruiting and give the highest yields of environmentally friendly and healthy products, it is necessary to provide the plants with silicon available to them and restore microbiological symbiosis in the soil. It is possible to solve these problems at the same time by applying the organic fertilizer "BioSilicon"

Organic fertilizer "Biosilicon" contains natural zeolite, in which up to 46% of silicon available for plants, as well as 3% potassium, 0.3% phosphorus, 1.4 magnesium, 2.9% calcium, trace elements (boron, manganese, molybdenum, copper, zinc).

Zeolite is enriched with effective microorganisms of the Baikal EM1 preparation, culture liquid of the producer fungus and plant extract. When applied, such a biocomplex improves the quality of soils and grounds, increases the microbial diversity and microbiological activity of the soil, plant nutrition, increases plant resistance to diseases and pests, low temperatures, drought, significantly increases the yield and safety of the grown products. In the biochemical composition of fruits, vegetables, berries, the amino acid composition improves, the level of total sugar and dry matter increases.

To improve, improve the soil in the greenhouse and on the site for feeding all types of plants;
When planting vegetables, berries, potatoes, add to the holes, you can simply dust the roots and tubers.
When planting and transplanting indoor flowers, "BioSilicon" is mixed with the prepared
When planting trees and shrubs, large trees.

Gardening tools and equipment

Tillage is perhaps one of the most time-consuming and physically costly operations at a summer cottage. In order for the land to give a good harvest, it must be dug up twice a year, loosened (to saturate the soil with oxygen), remove weeds and weed out the growing shoots. For all this, many country lovers have neither the time nor the energy. We offer you a large selection of handy tools to facilitate monotonous work.
In assortment:
- Titanium tools, (shovels, hoes, hoes, shovels, etc.)
- flat cutters, weeders, rippers, forks, rakes, etc. with the effect of "self-sharpening" of the cutting part and much more.
The tool is very lightweight, durable for a long time.

Wholesale and retail
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